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  1. Its really just the win the 1st playoff game so we shake off all of our fears and the "please god.....dont let unfortunate things happen to us".
  2. Meh. Year 1 had me worried because of how poor he was with short passing ball placement. Year 2 he was miles better at it...I knew the sky was the limit for him cause it showed he wanted to get better at everything and he was willing to learn.
  3. Lol take it easy man. But yes...hes def over FLO at this point. Fins are in a good spot. They have a top 3 pick lol. They need a ton of WR help. That will help Tua get to where he wants to be. Those fins WRs are god awful. They all need to be replaced.
  4. Thats not how it works though. Everyone knows that. Lol
  5. Its hard for me to have an expectation as I have never seen the Bills win a playoff game. Thats where I want to start. I know the team believes in more than that and I hope they continue to keep themselves fired up and playing great football.
  6. Rodgers has been killing it. I would put them both on the same level. I think its a better story for Rodgers winning it. The selection for MVP is a biased one. People have hearts. So they will pick what I think is a good story for an aging QB. Voters will say....well Josh is so young he can win it some other year. Rodgers dont have much time left.
  7. That makes the pick incredibly ballsy doesnt it? To think that we just drafted a guy 7th overall who made some really big throws in college and thats it? Tough to think that he would go anywhere near the 1st round if that were the case.
  8. I mean Beasley is week to week because of a dog ***** throw by Barkley
  9. Id cry if we lose the 1st game fans are allowed in. Id shut the whole stadium down from fans lol.
  10. Would be a lot harder without Beasley. Honestly what he does to find the soft spot or help Allen in tight spots cannot be replicated unfortunately. We need him back against a formidable defense.
  11. There no player that can replace Beasleys knowledge and synergy with Allen. Beasley out will be huge.
  12. Never thought he would be as good as he has been this year. I thought he would be good, while still playing hero ball and getting burned a few times a game. He really has taken his game into an elite level by doing the little things (reading defenses, making the right throw, taking what the defense gives you).
  13. I think Ill make another one of these threads in two weeks.
  14. Yes. For all you know the division can be super competitive that year and they could have a very hard schedule that year. Too many outliers to just say...losing record should not go.
  15. I want two upgrades at guard for sure.
  16. Can we stop ***** sucking against the Pats....jesus ***** christ
  17. This is a reminder of how we need to get real bruisers on our Oline.
  18. Agreed. Freakin Billy B always does well against us.
  19. I just want to avoid the Ravens at all costs. Their gimmick is something that could easily end our season. Rather play against a more "normal" team.
  20. Havent seen JA have a good one against the Pats yet. Also would love JA to crush them just so there isnt anything on film that could give away any secrets on how to slow down JA in the playoffs.
  21. I think if you told me Tre didnt make a probowl, i would have accepted it. Edmunds....dunno how he snuck in that one. Poyer over those 2 for sure.
  22. Stafford. Never had a good coach, never had a good defense. He might not be the best, but he will be miles better than Cam. I think any decent aging QB will put the Pats in a decent spot.
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