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  1. 34-20 buffalo rolls and no one saw it coming except bills mafia 34-13 part way through the 4th they get a late TD - bills show how KCs last 8 - no wins over 10 pts - was a legit concern sane as their redzone woes. you will see them get frustrated after driving the field a couple times in the first half and only getting three...Mahomes isn’t as mobile and gets pressure all day - jerry Hughes is a maniac with 2 sacks. Milano gets one as well taron Johnson gets a sneaky pick as they try to force a ball to kelce Tyreek gets some yards b
  2. ANOTHER AWESOME stat for Bills fans. SINCE WEEK 12 KC - 26th ranked in the redzone Buffalo Defense? Number 1! Lots of 3 point trips for KC - Ill trade 3 for Kc to 7 for Buffalo. LOVE it! Go Bills 34-20
  3. All the two about no run game all the talk about our defense wait hold up - before last week what was the talk? ohhhh that’s right - “red hot Lamar jacksonnnn gonna light up buffalo!!!!!” poof 3 points i laugh all day at these “ohhh wow Kansas City looked good last week - effortless when Mahomes was in...” it was Cleveland !!! And before you give me “oh they are a good team” no not their not. They beat the crappy Steelers and had a terrible points for and against all year. They were lucky to be in.
  4. Bills shock the world buffalo - 34 chiefs - 24 if Mahomes doesn’t play defense KILLS henne buffalo 34 chiefs 17
  5. had the whole arms and legs thing too How many of you said in the back of your mind "oh man, we just may be going to the superbowl!"
  6. I dont care if he plays or not either - win the game with him or without him. if they want to play henne - ill take it! Luck of the situation...i dont want to see mahomes hurt - but hey its an advantage you cant deny that
  7. I think everyone knew that with protocal that if the chiefs pulled that game out (which they did) Mahomes would miraculously make it through all the hoops to play this weekend. I mean, I dont care. i think turf toe is going to end his career if that is what is going on with him hobbling around. That doesnt look good either. Definitely dinged up and not 100% Cleveland just did not get aggressive when he went out on offense. I have no idea what stifanski was seeing to make him feel those play calls with 8 minutes left would win him that game. He coached to keep it
  8. HELLLLLL NO. Certain players/teams get certain treatments. If he can go without a headache - he is going. The Bills know it. Concussion or not. Ive never seen a "pinched nerve" cause that....he was knocked the heck out!
  9. its a game of mismatches. Maybe im giving Daboll too much credit - same as McDermott - but they knew they couldnt cover our air attack - soooooo WOW, rocket science, you go through the air!!!!!! But hey what do I know. I guess in order to be an "effective" team you have to run the ball - BUT we are a hail mary away from 12 game win streak - i think they know what they are doing. Dont fix something that isnt broken.
  10. didnt like all the drops - Davis definitely shouldve caught the TD. Another TD the national narrative isnt "buffalo cant perform..." Right now its we only put up 10 points on offense yadda yadda yadda - there is 14 points here we left on the field. They will fix it and beat the cheifs.
  11. this pinched nerve stuff is absolutely bull ***** - look at him!!!!!!! Whatever, beat the man - but give me a break you care about player safety. KC can piss on 500 million i guess - they dont give a ***** about him if they try to sell it that it was a pinched nerve...
  12. Take note they aren’t calling any sort of pass interference tonight noticed it last week too
  13. This is what a high ranked offense does to a high ranked defense take notes...
  14. It’s below average for sure but last week they changed it up so they could get something on the ground and still got 96 yards
  15. Do you feel we just couldn’t? or we abandoned because they were giving us lanes for josh to tear them up with their 5 v 5 and 6 v 6 scheme they were running
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