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  1. Remember those days as a young kid 14-7 game late into the fourth against the dolphins - bills trailing by 7 inside the 10. kelly drops back to throw looks around a second fires a layer to his right for the front pylon for - I believe Lofton - only to be intercepted and taken the other way in a crushing early October loss we went to the superbowl and crushed them that year in Miami twice since they won the division but anyways - that has no connection to this game Taking the bills 34-20 yep I said it - our defense holds this offense to 20 and shocks the world
  2. If you want a Higgins as a number 2 then it’s a pipe dream - Higgins ina bonafide number one for any team on the league gabe is just fine as a number two if he keeps hauling in the tds
  3. Your hatred is focused in the wrong direction here i get you want someone better but 60 yards a game and 2 tds in the last two games shows some improvements
  4. Eh whatever catching touchdowns I don’t think Elam is even active this week again
  5. Actually felt different I think he has an acting future if he wanted it after. Just has the quirky personality for it
  6. Wow after back to back solid outings by wr2
  7. Was thinking Napoleon…short French warrior …Bernard is French right ?
  8. This is exactly what I was referring to snells really similar and then they played us and….with backup defensive backs in Miami - eeeek wasn’t pretty
  9. I actually think that had the patriots had any form of offense they would have beaten the phish and if the chargers played any sort of defense they would have beaten the fish both are below Mediocre
  10. Such a knee jerk bs reaction this defense just had 5 turnovers!!!! Harassed Howell all day - with no blitzes meaning? Ohhhhh. Backend coverage!
  11. Sooooo…everyone remembers the Bills won the AfC East the last couple years right? like hasn’t been close despite every year people gushing over the dolphins and jets during the off-season? just checking
  12. I don’t get the criticism really ”Allen is selfish and cost us the game” they said after the first loss “our offense isn’t putting up huge points!!” they say now with a conservative Josh Allen and balanced running attack.
  13. Our coach actually has character and ya know - well dignity unlike mcdaniels in miami se could have dropped 40-50 on them on the road but we didn’t
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