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  1. Well there goes their offense lol 😂😂😂
  2. Ladies an gentlemen allow me to show you an example of the term “fall guy”
  3. Not saying you said he was a lock but a lot on here seem to think he should be
  4. Idk why McKenzie is a lock for everyone - dude missed his opportunity see ya
  5. Sheesh no no we dont having a wr is going to do nothing. what would a line that gives Josh 3-4 seconds after drop back look like ? one that can open a hole for the running backs? oh what would that look like? Not forgiving for McKenzie - he was terrible and coke Beasley not playing all year then coming in and making more of an impact is a clear indication McKenzie should be gone
  6. Lots of things to call out personnel wise but I don’t think Tre is on top of it at least not from me - safe this year in my eyes. Now he sucks next year we have a problem when von went down - that was it. No pressure up front unless we played subpar opponents…none! that’s on Leslie Frazier, Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane. beanes personnel is horrible upfront and everyone knows it. frazier and McDermott didn’t change anything and just felt their guys could do it “oh we believe in them “ the “inconsistent” comment isn’t legit. They aren’t good enough and can’t be consistent when they go against good teams that’s why.
  7. Ummmmm no No he shouldn’t be a candidate
  8. Now I get why people defend edmunds im just not sold he is worth too LB money he may command Poyer will be a cowboy
  9. Anyone can see the issue with the offense is the trnches what would a solid offense do that gets a push and gives Allen time? WR, RBs and Dawson are actually fine in my opinion yeah gabe drops a lot I’d get someone to compete with him maybe it was an off year - if he wants to get more $$$ go ahead i don’t see an issue with our backs and skill players - the issue is offense and defensive linemen beane had whiffed terrible on dline though so idk if you can trust him on that now
  10. Don’t let him leave your building without a contract
  11. The tape and the eyes are saying TRENCHES!!!! need nasty dudes up front - or start coaching these guys to be nastier
  12. I think we are all seeing it now accept the FO and it’s going to bite them in the bummmmmmm sorry we aren’t winning a championship with Sean mcdermott
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