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  1. People do remember how long we were in qb purgatory right?
  2. Gilmore is over rated but is we your point - dudes a punk
  3. Other than lynch I can’t think of a player the bills had then left that actually did something excellent
  4. Damn if I was a jets fan I’d be annoyed they are always duped and it’s ridiculous how they fall for it every year.
  5. So much for meeting Mack at Tim Hortons pshhhh. Probably likes ranch am I right? The savage
  6. Tyreek Hill 2.0 this is gonna suck I see where you’re at but cmon man Andy Reid is going to scheme Hollywood much like they did tyreek may not be AS FAST - that missing element is back now for KC
  7. Text chain read like tjis BB: hey Stef Diggs: don’t even think about it BB: alright - have a great summer - see you in June!
  8. Chicken wings with blue cheese she said too
  9. I know the fans are convinced they are going to go WR becuase they “need to” but I’m not convinced the bills brass feels this sentiment at all they see Josh being Josh with whomever he has - another mvp worthy year with what he had (no number 2) in addition they also see where they keep losing - on defense - to the chiefs would NOT surprise me if come draft day - everyone is disappointed because it’s defense heavy again
  10. May not be popular but I don’t think young Patrick would have blossomed without Andy reid
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