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  1. Ding ***** the witch is dead-- for today!!!
  2. Denver is just giving this game away. Why do coaches loses their mind playing the Pats, like ATL and SEA in the Super Bowl. Amazing.
  3. Of course. But I think 10 wins gets you in. Only 9 in 2017.
  4. Maybe. Prediction on North seems right. 2nd in East will be competing for slot likely against Raiders and Colts, neither of which are great and Bills already beat Raiders.
  5. Looking at the schedule, Bills "should win" against @Jets, Dolphins, @Broncos and Chargers. That's 8. Should be able to win 2 or 3 of remaining 7. 10-6 11-5 could easily win division if Bills at least split with Pats. Nothing to panic about.
  6. All this doom and gloom is depressing. It was a bad game last night, but it does not wipe away the 4-0 start. A few observations-- 1. On offense, the team found itself in a hole for the first time this year. Titans were playing D that gave up underneath stuff, not readily allowing some big plays so the team could jump back in the game. So needing sustained drives, too many mistakes-- drops penalties etc. Josh overcame it sometimes, like on the first TD drive. But then he started to force things to try and change the trajectory of the game, i.e., he tried too hard and that is when he makes mistakes. Still did some good things like TD pass to Yeldon--amazing throw-- but Titans scheme and falling behind did them in. 2. Mistakes. Too many short fields for the Titans. Got a lead and never had to get out of their comfort zone. Made them seem better than they are. 3. Defense was bad. They need to fix it. They have had stretches like this every year. I recall one 3 or 4 game stretch in mid-season 2017 including the Chargers where they gave up like 130 points in three games. Losing White in particular really hurt the schemes last night. I think they can get this defense back to mediocre, which should be good enough to make a run with the potential the offense shows. 4. It really was a piss poor game. But as somebody wrote above, it is never as good or bad as it looks. Need to see a better effort against KC, even if they lose. Get the Jets after that so 5-2 playing the Pats will be fine. That game will show us if the train is on the tracks. In the meantime, don't fret too much and enjoy the ride. Hell it seems the world is falling apart some days, keep football in perspective.
  7. God, who would have thought that fans from a blue collar town could dribble down their legs after one loss and be such weenies. It's embarassing. Flush this game, move on and grow a set. Team is 4-1.
  8. Time for a Sunday KC game is undetermined at this time per media reports.
  9. I don't agree. The extra point makes it an 8 point game, so you get two chances to stay ahead-- prevent a TD and prevent the 2-point conversion. It's a 50-50% chance, and I'd rather force the other team to do that, because worse case scenario you are tied and have the ball. I definitely see how you feel, and thought about it at the time but thought the Bills made the right call. But of course Bass missed the PAT so....
  10. That was just excellent writing!!! Thanks for the read.
  11. The corner was still holding/engaging Davis when the ball was in the air. Makes it PI.
  12. Totally agree. If you look at the Board comments after the Philly game last year, they read much like current comments on the defense. Front is too small, big lines will run it down our throat, etc. But they fixed it last year. I'm pretty sure they will fix it again. In the meantime instead of getting blown out when the defense is down, the offense is picking the team up and getting the win. I think that is the step the team is taking from being a good team in 2019 to being really good in 2020.
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