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  1. No question that the officiating was vastly different yesterday from AFC Championship game in terms of letting the CBs be physical. KC got away with mugging Bills receivers. When they did it yesterday, it was flagged. Turned KC's great defense against the Bills into a shell.
  2. Excellent read. He really breaks down what happened well. Shows how it was a total team loss, and how one phase impacts the others, e.g., Allen losing patience when the team fell behind.
  3. The defense was a complete sieve. The pressure the defense put on the offense to score almost every drive was significant. It was a team loss, as our D was no match for their O, and their D played well. Putting any of that on "nerves" is absurd.
  4. I've been told we are 0-17 in those colors and Kim Pegula thinks they are due for a win.
  5. Rex Ryan's wife. Seriously, he just twisted it on a throw.
  6. Ravens are the "it" team. They were so good last year, and completely flopped in the playoffs. Then that flop extended into this year. Then they won their last five, and now they are "back" as the team that was touted last year in beating their nemesis Tennessee, with Jackson as the second coming once again. The team is still flawed as they are not built to pass or come from behind. Yesterday was the first time Jackson rallied them from a 10 point deficit. Get these guys behind and they will be in trouble. If it's close, they can hang with anyone. But that is the narrative IMO.
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