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  1. I don't think your premise is correct. If we lose to Pittsburgh and beat NE, it is unlikely we could have the 5th seed locked up-- impossible I think. If we lose to Pittsburgh, we would both be 9-5 and Pitt would have the tiebreaker. But your scenario seems right if we beat Pitt.
  2. I think the Bills may have started a book on Jackson. We shall see, as most teams do not have the Bills' defensive talent, but they made Jackson look ordinary. Keep him in the pocket and he is not that good.
  3. Totally agree. Because Jackson is perceived as better than Allen right now, Jackson is lauded as playing great and Allen regressing, but they both looked like second years if you look at it objectively. And that is not factoring in the key drops of several Allen passes. Hopefully this is another growth experience for Allen. He works hard and has shown the ability to learn.
  4. I disagree that the difference between Jackson and Allen "made all the difference in the game." Jackson was as pedestrian as Allen yesterday. Outside of the pass to Hurst, Jackson threw for 84 yards (145 total), Allen for 146 total. Jackson did little with his legs. A great play by the corner on Brown at the end of the game was the difference between a flat out tie, as well as the defensive breakdown on the Hurst play. It was two heavyweights playing yesterday and exchanging punches, and we just came up short. It was not all on Allen, nor did Jackson outplay him overall. It was a team loss against a very good team. Move on and get into the playoffs and who cares. This is not our year to bring home the Lombardi. The window is just opening on that. But I hope we get a rematch in the playoffs this year against the Ravens, that would be fun to watch.
  5. People really need to tap on the brakes here. After Cleveland it was all gloom and doom, and now with a win over Dallas people are getting too high. This team is a work in progress, and people should temper their expectations. The Dallas win was great, but Dallas is not a great team right now. There is a decent chance the Ravens make us look bad, and people should not be going bat-***** crazy when they lose. At this point if they beat just the Jets they should get into the dance, and that would make this an excellent season. Anymore than that is a bonus this year. It's OK to dream about more, but don't get too upset if all these dreams don't come true this year.
  6. They have four shots to get a win before NYJ. Forget Cleveland, if they can't win one of four, they don't deserve playoffs.
  7. All their receivers are hurt. He does not look great, but he has no one but Ertz to throw to and he is triple teamed.
  8. The play I loved the most was the 3rd and 10 TD pass to Beasley. When Allen came to the line, he saw something in the defense and changed the play. I said to my buddy, "he thinks he sees something" right before the snap. Then he hung in the pocket and and threw a perfect pass and then getting hit. He's growing!
  9. Ford is only in his second year playing tackle. Tough moving outside and he is holding his own. He'll be a beast in a year or so.
  10. No. Ravens will have a bye wild card weekend. Wild card opponent will be Chiefs, Raiders, Colts or Texans, depending on who makes the playoffs, assuming the Bills make the dance, which is by no means assured at this point.
  11. BN article by Kelly today. Hilarious how it captures the emotions on the board.
  12. Are your frustrated with the offense? I mean he answered as best as anyone could, I'm frustrated if we are not moving the ball and scoring. Lot of scintillating journalism there.
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