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  1. BB is 63-75 without Brady, including 1-1 in the playoffs. This stuff about the next 10 years of Pats dominance while BB turns 80 is silly. Let's see how this season finishes first before BB and Mac are anointed the chosen ones. For now it is just a media meme.
  2. Not until Wednesday. McDermott gave them 5 days off.
  3. The Bills have infrequently had their A game this year. They are due. If they bring their A game, they win. Belichick has done a great job with the Pats this year, maybe his best coaching ever given his losing record without Brady. But watching the game carefully, the Pats are highly choreographed. Jones arm strength is average at best, and on the rare throws over 10 yards, he typically hits only when his man is wide open. Pats have not been thrown off their choreography in this 6 game winning streak. An early punch in the mouth and making them improvise will be the key.
  4. Prediction-- winner of the AFCE will be the one seed. Really bold.🙂
  5. Who could possibly look past this game? Winner almost certainly will win the Division, especially if Bills win.
  6. OK, so the Bills are deemed a point better than Pats, not 1/2 point. Is that your point? What is a big alls?
  7. Wow. Is your name big balls or big alls?
  8. It is 3 1/2 Bills. Why lie over a point?
  9. AFC is so wide open now. Ravens lose tonight and everyone has at least 4 losses. 6 game season.
  10. Don't be a weenie. Teams have two games to play which will decide everything. No need to troll or speculate. It will be decided on the field.
  11. I'm great. But don't you folks have your own Board? Why be a troll? No future in that. Love you man!
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