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  1. I don't think they know he is the "answer" but I think they think he can be, if that makes sense. Last year was only his second year at tackle, he was a guard until his senior year. Still learning to play tackle AND then adjusting to the NFL was a daunting task. I saw enough improvement that he will get time. If something great falls into the Bills lap it may change the equation, but even good tackles are hard to find. I think he ends up being a solid RT. Dawkins worries me more. He's good enough to be an LT, but not really good enough yet. Tough position and a great guy, but he really needs to take another step up if it is to be his position long term. But finding a LT that is really good is so hard.
  2. Totally agree. Not playing in a major college program, Josh never got any real coaching until he hit the NFL-- same is true for Oliver. That's why he was a project as he had no real training to play the most difficult position in sports. Given where he started, the kid has made remarkable strides, and I can't understand how some people can't see this. I've watched this team for 45 years, and I know a fraud from the real deal, and Allen is the real deal. His athletic ability, combined with his intelligence, determination to win, heart and charisma give him everything he needs to be great. For those that can't see that, you will eventually. He'll be more than good enough to win a SB if the rest of the team has sufficient talent. I know we live in a world of instant results and gratification, but that's not how it was ever going to be with Josh.
  3. Yeah, but the whole division has largely the same schedule. Wild card spots are for losers, need to win the division and 2020 should be the year.
  4. According to Kubiak, the kill to the run at the end of the 1/2 was the right call and would have been a big gain but there was a missed block that blew up the play. FWIW.
  5. It was a great playoff game and a tough loss. Best game of weekend from entertainment perspective IMO. Change anyone of about 10 things and Bills win-- of course Houston might say the same if we won because the game was that close. I'll try to take the what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger view. Maybe this stinging loss is what they needed to become a championship team down the road. You learn in adversity, not success. They were not good enough to win it all this year anyway IMO. So maybe this is short term extreme pain for long term gain for both the team and us fans. At least that's how I see it 20/20.
  6. I am tired and depressed today. Always been that way. I remember Ferguson limping around and getting nipped by the Chargers and I can feel bad. The tougher the loss the greater the depression. A good night's sleep and tomorrow things will be better. The future is bright for this team. But in everything I do I want to win, and the funny thing is the winning feeling is fleeting. The best thing about winning is avoiding the awful feeling when you lose, and all the "what ifs."
  7. Local stations will carry the game. Usually on CBS/Westwood 1. You just need to find the right local sports channel as you lose signal strength when the station fades as you get too far away so you need to pick up a new station.
  8. Yep. Certain people cannot get past the two most terrible words-- "what if?" No way to live
  9. No. There is no dark cloud except in your mind.
  10. You are too young. There used to be toilets you had to put a dime in to get in. Capitalism at its finest.
  11. Nobody takes Mayfield and Darnold over Allen unless there is an ax to grind. No one.
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