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  1. Yikes about our CBs dropping like flies..need them to stay healthy, definitely a strong point of this team
  2. Reddit works fine on a firestick Google Reddit NFL stream find game thread follow the link carefully close ads and Bam
  3. If you have a subscription you can download the Sunday ticket app like mentioned before , on nearly anything.
  4. Even with the fact that I'm a bills fan and Gordon played highschool ball where I went to school. Still no
  5. Im in Kenosha Wisconsin which is actually closer to Chicago then green bay, so 50/50 bears pack fans, so i don't mind going out to the bar wherever there's a Sunday ticket. Hardly ever get ***** from their fans .. my firestick works well too at home lol
  6. Should be a great fit for him. Happy he's on a winner, he balled out in buffalo it just sucks to me. Hope the bills are right about this & singeltary
  7. At the time no , brutal beyond all hell ? Yes It's not like AW was afraid to hit either , loved his energy on the field. That clearly effected the rest of his career tho .
  8. Everyone does coke grow up
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