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  1. Holy hell .. that's just insane , and way unfortunate.. yikes
  2. One year deal why not he would instantly improve Olivers play and others
  3. I question if anyone is actually a bills fan if they say they're rooting for tampa. Did you not see the torture over the last two decades that ***** put us through?
  4. I was definitely dissaponted, but being 30 years old this was by far the most exciting season I can remember. Thanks two bills drive and the bills for a year full of memories. All love
  5. I've had such an odd sense of calmness compared to regular season games even. Think it's because I've never experienced it, doesn't make a lot of sense though. Go bills !
  6. That's how I feel. To be honest , being thirty and not old enough for the glory days I'm just thrilled to be here, suffered a long time so this is just welcoming to me.. I want them to win it all obviously but emotionally Im drained and just going to enjoy the game Sunday
  7. Well we won , so yes we probably do troll. Like you to want to play Mahomes in kansas city. ???? Wtf lol
  8. Man I feel for browns fans. I've never personally been victimized by one lol - their struggles always reminded me of ours. That's really a tough, selfish play there.
  9. I'd say Chris. He pretends to be briliant, buck is kind of just there for his voice I feel lol.
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