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  1. And you absolutely had to tell us you weren't giving him the time of day cause that doesn't feed into it all right ? 🥴
  2. Having most my family come from Chicago including myself, it was pretty funny hearing them complain about how incompetent the bears as an organization are after this went down. Got so much ***** my whole life being a bills fan from my uncle's lol
  3. Holy hell .. that's just insane , and way unfortunate.. yikes
  4. One year deal why not he would instantly improve Olivers play and others
  5. I question if anyone is actually a bills fan if they say they're rooting for tampa. Did you not see the torture over the last two decades that ***** put us through?
  6. I was definitely dissaponted, but being 30 years old this was by far the most exciting season I can remember. Thanks two bills drive and the bills for a year full of memories. All love
  7. I've had such an odd sense of calmness compared to regular season games even. Think it's because I've never experienced it, doesn't make a lot of sense though. Go bills !
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