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  1. They got spooked when the O line forgot what they were supposed to be doing against the Bengals and Allen took a beating.
  2. Wouldn't a security hole be a weakness in the software?
  3. How is that not hacking?
  4. I also think that what happened with Foster last season could be a factor. They may think they can coach up his weakpoints so he's worth the risk with his high ceiling.
  5. I think in one of the Bills embedded last year he talks about a team dinner and putting phones in a basket or something so they're paying attention to each other.
  6. It was interesting from a lot of people it seemed that he was a good guy who worked really hard. Just didn't work out and even reached a point where it seemed cruel to put him out there.
  7. He's pushed A.J. McCarron out of another city.
  8. The only real logic I can think of with a sophomore slump is if with more game film other teams are able to game plan for him more. As long as he continues to improve as a passer he should be fine I think I'd be more worried about Lamar Jackson.
  9. To be fair I think they were planning on trading up higher with Denver but the Browns threw a wrench in it and Denver had someone they really wanted available when it got to them.
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