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  1. People saying that the new PI rules are going to ruin the game, wasn't that the same thing people were saying around this time about the new helmet rules?
  2. This is kind of the entire point of instant replays if you're not going to slow it down why even have them.
  3. I guess Pats fans are a little sad about this.
  4. I'm worried as well, with all the improvements to the team will his hands last through the season.
  5. For a guy that seemingly came in late as camp fodder he played well with the 2s in a preseason game that's a pretty good statement for him to make.
  6. Right Shady got the reps with the 1s and there was no point in having Gore in with the 2s.
  7. One guy reported it and some other reported him reporting it but then it turned out to be crap and he got so much ***** for it.
  8. Wasn't Gore in against the Colts? I know they didn't use him against the Panthers but that was more moving reps around and not wanting him to get hurt.
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