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  1. I mean this is great, but maybe a different ending from that movie?
  2. Or maybe it's just that they have essentially the top experienced QB in the league who is refusing to play there so it's the top sports story this summer.
  3. I've got a bucket of dirt I'd like to trade for some gold. The team has been fairly clear that they want to keep things in house and avoid making this a distraction and he's repeatedly disregarded that, now agree or don't with his opinion but McDermott isn't going to like being ignored.
  4. It's a game of bluffing right now someone's eventually going to either have to call it or cave in sometime soon.
  5. are there limitations on his retiring like he can't come back immediatly afterwards to be traded by Green Bay if he does this to show he isn't bluffing?
  6. still got what 2-3 years on his contract with the Rams.
  7. He's 32 someone's going to need to take his job at some point in the near future.
  8. I mean didn't Allen incorporate a hopstep last year that seemed to work well? I don't think Allen would just abandon that.
  9. If there is a big difference between them I'd say it's that Josh coming up through college and into the NFL was told he'd fail that he wasn't good enough he's been working to prove himself right the whole time.
  10. Hughes gave a rebuttal but was as diplomatic about it as possible.
  11. Well I mean if he doesn't think he's going to have Aaron Rodgers throwing to him he might want to bounce.
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