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  1. Warcodered

    Robert Foster nominated for NFL Rookie of the Week

    Must of died of a broken heart when McCarron was exiled to Oakland and Foster was dropped to the practice squad.
  2. to pee in the Kool-Aid just like he does after every game.
  3. Warcodered

    Is Josh Allen your QB?

    I'm not gonna be impressed until he sees it in slow motion and claims Allen shouldn't of greased the ball.
  4. Warcodered

    Is Josh Allen your QB?

    Yeah Allen should of dropped that ball swaddled in a hand made blanket directly into his hands.
  5. Warcodered

    Is Josh Allen your QB?

    Huh that's a weird place for a human to have their knees.
  6. With the O-line as bad as it's been they were kind of gelling and doing a bit better. I think the switch at center from the injury somehow made them worse.
  7. Warcodered

    Week 14: Bills vs. Jets Postgame

    Yeah he's done that and it's worked usually people on here saying they're glad it worked but that it was terrifying.
  8. It's going to be kind of awful on here for at least a week.
  9. This is less throwing shade at Crossman and more stating an irrefutable fact.
  10. Right first half of the game Allen leads the Offense across the whole field and they get two TDs. For the Jets they get 13pts starting from past the 50. I don't think it was a coincidence he was running less in the 2nd half he was taking a beating.
  11. I'd say what makes the assessment difficult is it felt like they were playing the game at two different difficulty settings.
  12. Warcodered

    Robert foster will impress today

    Really how many times did he miss Foster?
  13. Warcodered

    Week 14: Bills vs. Jets Postgame

    That was a questionable call at the time because the Bills had been rolling but I still wanted to see Allen go for it. With the rest of the game after, it seems worse.
  14. Warcodered

    Second half: Week 14 Jets at Bills, 1pm CBS

    Well they're going to have to let Allen throw it now.