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  1. I'd rather we work on our run blocking and pick up another good TE.
  2. I mean it's kind of nice to have a unique identifier, but at this point the horse is out of the barn, no going back at this point.
  3. So this incident happened miles away and hours after the protest had ended that day. His daughters seem to of had different feelings on this whole thing. http://www.stlamerican.com/news/national_news/david-dorn-s-daughters-oppose-father-s-widow-speaking-at-rnc/article_da760964-e7fe-11ea-81fd-8f15f591da91.html Wasn't at a protest and they haven't actually identified the shooter. In all this I'm not seeing who is exactly advocating for violence?
  4. Huh I wonder if there was anything going around in November and December to make things worse. 🙄
  5. So this guy was already being looked at before the election. At this rate of discovery they might find significant fraud by the time Kamala is finishing her second term.
  6. I mean that kind of feels like the opposite of how that'd work.
  7. Has my DNA been tested...hopefully not the bleach should of taken care of it.
  8. I mean is it possible sure, should we expect it no.
  9. including post season. Regular season we're 3-3 without him.
  10. Sounding like he's getting back into shape/confidence after his injury.
  11. "The conditions were set up perfectly for the Ravens to win this game." finally somebody ***** said it.
  12. I mean to be fair we'd just given up a bunch of rushing yards in the Colts game and were now going up against probably the top rushing team in the league.
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