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  1. So I'm trying to understand you're saying it's not illegal, which it is ^^^^, but even if it was it's fine because Democrats did it too? That's not how laws work. Also I'd say there is a pretty clear difference between hiring a company headquartered in D.C. to do opposition research which Republicans had previously hired, which apparently since both sides did it it's okay, and accepting intel from foreign agents who decided to give to you for funsies. I swear if I looked back a few weeks or a month I could still find this same quote.
  2. Pretty different Schedule this year than last. Last year we didn't play a conference opponent until week 8, this year we'll be playing the conference game by week 7.
  3. I think it's important to remember this is what Thad said directly following the Vikings game. Not the Chargers, Packers, or Patriots the Vikings.
  4. I mean if you're going to push your limits on what you can and can't do it's best to do it in practice than in a game.
  5. I've also seen coverage that said Singletary slipped and questioning whether he overthrew Knox or threw it away either way I'm fine with Allen having two misses.
  6. Did that happen a lot today because I don't remember seeing anything about it.
  7. There weren't really any better options. The Browns maybe but they weren't doing the same team two years in a row. The Jets, Dolphins and Cardinals might be good but all three have new coaches so it couldn't be them. The Texans I guess were making an emergency bid but too little too late.
  8. https://www.buffalobills.com/news/what-fans-can-expect-from-buffalo-bills-embedded-season-two Interesting it seems to be running from offseason free agency through the draft process and then through OTAs and mini camp. Wonder if it's going to continue or if they'll do something different during training camp.
  9. "Bring him to Buffalo and let him kick their ass twice a year" Was that Beane talking to Andre Roberts agent?
  10. Huh the youtube version is actually twice as long as the one they put on twitter.
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