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  1. All but one of them, let them keep the one that Gronk dented using it as a bat.
  2. Definitely Orlovsky sounded like an idiot and Stephen A. sounded like a guy who just wants to watch the world burn. What a brilliant disguise. 😂
  3. It's as if a great many cell phones cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.
  4. I mean if they were spying on the Bengals I'd say there's a good shot they also spied on teams they were actually worried about.
  5. Which is why you'd go for it on the first one so you know what situation you're in. If you're saying they couldn't get a 3rd drive that's not going to magically change on the second TD. Going for it on the first TD tells them whether they have to try and have another scoring drive so they can manage their time and timeouts accordingly. If you're saying that they couldn't get a 3rd drive no matter what then the entire question is pointless it wouldn't matter which TD you tried the 2pt conversion on. On the off chance you're wrong though you should still go for it on the first TD.
  6. Sure if they didn't get the 2pt conversion it's a long shot to get two more scoring drives but I sure as hell don't want our team/coaching staff conceding to that and making decisions based on it.
  7. it's a degree of separation from being a member of the Patriots team.
  8. You need that FG whether you fail to get the 2pt conversion on the first TD or the second. The only way you don't need a FG is if you get the ***** 2pt conversion.
  9. Lose some #1 picks it's a good thing Brady is playing at such a high level and they don't need to worry about finding his replacement any time soon. 😂
  10. I must of missed that law of physics where if something is ruled impermissible in court it spontaneously ceases to exist.
  11. Maybe he's been giving Garrett terrible advice. 🤷‍♂️
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