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  1. Only person who might be as annoyed by that graphic as Bills fans is probably Belichick.
  2. Glad Oklahoma State won but OU looks to have a pretty good QB again.
  3. I mean both could return any day now or not at all we just don't know.
  4. Leslie Frasier and McDermott are going to get tested on how well they scheme this defense.
  5. I mean the play where Josh had his legs taken out from under him wasn't a run play.
  6. Stevenson only got 1 snap on offense and that was probably with Mitch, is this really just an over the top message to McKenzie?
  7. To put a positive spin on it at least he's not going to get jinxed with the "never thrown a redzone pick" comment every game.
  8. You put the right amount of force/pressure at the right angle and *****'s just going to happen.
  9. hey I get it, if this how well they block when they like the skill position players, I'd hate to see how they block when they don't.
  10. what does it have adhesive properties when he runs his hands through it?
  11. don't seem thrilled? about getting benched I'm sure, the game McKenzie is basically dancing and I'm not going to fault Moss for not wanting to take a bite out of that who knows how many people having bitten leg.
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