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  1. James Randi died last week. World's a little bit less without one of the greatest debunkers of frauds and con artists. Something he said while being treated for cancer some years ago, he got through it, was this: "One day, I'm gonna die. That's all there is to it. Hey, it's too bad, but I've got to make room. I'm using a lot of oxygen and such — I think it's good use of oxygen myself, but of course, I'm a little prejudiced on the matter."
  2. Yeah I mean with all the opt outs and them actually being bad this year they might have some good draft picks.
  3. Diggs went down at one point but went back in.
  4. 3rd and 9 let's run it that's the last thing they'll expect. I'm jealous of their punter.
  5. Hey there's nothing wrong with being 5-2 Bears fans.
  6. eesh your not supposed to stretch your leg like that.
  7. Man I'd trade last year's schedule with this year's.
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