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  1. Warcodered

    The AAF Thread

    Peterman went to where all 2018 cut Bills Qbs went a nice farm in Oakland...or Las Vegas?
  2. Warcodered

    Bills have only 5 players left from before McDermott arrived

    The FO was not in a position for that to happen in that draft call it bad luck or poor timing for regime change but you really can't blame Bean, wasn't here yet, or McDermott, a defensive HC hired a few months before the draft.
  3. Warcodered

    McBeane's Moves Now Are For 2020 Success

    I think I pretty much agree with you though I think we might get pleasantly surprised this season. But I think it's like this last season the team seemed somewhat designed to not be good yet but the coaches and the players went into with the mindset to win. Bean working on the outside to put the team in a position where that mindset can get results on a consistent basis. This season I think there could be a lot of improvement but I also think that if they're adding a lot of new pieces on offense it might take a little while to get them to coalesce together.
  4. Warcodered

    Bills have only 5 players left from before McDermott arrived

    I'm not really sure being disappointed is all that much worse than being this depressingly pessimistic.
  5. Warcodered

    Bills have only 5 players left from before McDermott arrived

    Eh I don't really think they've made too many moves at receiver yet Zay Jones I thought was still a little up and down this season and Foster has made some awesome progress but he feels less like a focused effort at improving at WR and more like they saw a really cheap possibly boom or bust player and it seems like it might pay out.
  6. Warcodered

    Best/Worst QB - Kelly/Van Pelt?

    Maybe Peterman was disqualified due to being a top candidate for league worst.
  7. Warcodered

    Daboll should eliminate designed QB runs from our offense

    Those are probably some of my least favorite plays from this last season but I also don't like removing anything from the arsenal.
  8. Warcodered

    Jogger kills Mountain Lion Fort Collins CO

    Apparently not the article says the mountain lion was suffocated.
  9. Warcodered

    Rookie Grades series at NFL.com

    I mean sort of he was still the 3rd QB picked with the Giants taking Darnold.
  10. I think using his running ability as a check down will shrink if things progress well in the next few years. A lot of the running check downs comes to a combination of being less comfortable in his short game and not having enough trust in his recievers which will hopefully improve as he works with them more and gets better ones.
  11. Warcodered

    The AAF Thread

    McKay did play well I think though he did seem to get shut down in the second half but I really liked when he called his shot and was there but the ball just didn't quite get there.
  12. Warcodered

    The AAF Thread

    This seemed good any players standout to anyone?
  13. Warcodered

    The AAF Thread

    McKay called the shot just didn't quite get to him. The amount of interactions they let us see and hear is kinda cool.
  14. Warcodered

    The AAF Thread

    Where'd they get their refs anyway?
  15. Warcodered

    The AAF Thread

    Hope they aren't watching the game on defense.