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  1. I saw Dolphins fans using Josh saying that as an excuse for their ***** Thursday game.
  2. For Tua's sake you got to hope it's mostly a PR decision, though I guess it's not very good if that's interfering with football decisions.
  3. I guess a tie would be ideal, but besides that watching these delusional Porpoises lose is a close second.
  4. What does that stat look like 3-4 years out though?
  5. From what everyone saw it makes perfect sense, from what they said it doesn't exactly line up, usually nobody is eliminated especially this early they give them time to see how they progress.
  6. How was his punting yesterday, wasn't exactly great weather was it?
  7. Just a guy trying help people get a head start on traffic.
  8. It's certainly punishment for making a thread about it.
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