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  1. But when are we going to blow up this front office and Coaching staff and bring in people that know what they're doing? 🤔
  2. My usual suspects would be Dolphins and Chiefs fans.
  3. There's likely a lot of intake and outtake in scouting staff, it's one of those positions where guys make their way into the league.
  4. The worst safety on the 53 is a backup, if that's what Hyde's role is, wouldn't be surprising especially at this point in the decision process if it was, he's got to decide if he really wants to put himself through all the hell of training camp and a season to be a backup safety.
  5. I know just the name titles are frowned upon, but I didn't really need anything else, just immediatly was like "well this isn't going to be good."
  6. I mean yeah technically, but is it really for a first contract supposedly franchise QB....hell technically later round QBs and backups don't really get a pass either if they're trying to make a team or prove they can actually be the guy. Josh is getting to the point where he could because he's an established guy, some people would moan about it sure but as long as he still plays at a high level no one will care, except for the obvious thing we're all obsessed with the team getting done.
  7. and if we hadn't gotten metaphorically kicked in the nuts by injury at LB last year it would have been a homerun, Benford and Milano were starting to look like a terror.
  8. and he was perfectly fine after a little ambulance trip to get checked out for the injury we figured he must have after that horrifying display of forced flexibility, Hyde took a little tap out the rest of the season with a terrifying neck injury.
  9. Haven't watched yet but I think it's about the community and his charity softball game, but wouldn't be surprised if it gets into stuff relevant here.
  10. On the one hand careful what you wish for, on the other this may be his one shot at a big contract, odds are nobody else is falling for it so get what you can get.
  11. I highly doubt this is true, Josh came in through the draft process as a guy who needed to improve on his mechanics, he marketed himself as someone who would sure that's part of it. But teams and media are always extremely interested in what these young QBs do starting out. If Josh got more attention it's a combination of him being a project and the fact that it ***** worked. Nobody cares about who Josh Rosen worked with in offseason after a year or two. Have we not seen stories covering the Texans QB working out in the offseason?
  12. To be fair be fair the way he lists people and then that "..." that implies he just kept going so they skipped ahead, it sounds like he was high as hell. Which isn't exactly a great look either.
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