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  1. All I'm saying is if there is initial interest by the time the USFL starts back up it may have waned some and that could cost them.
  2. is that a promise? 🤤
  3. So he's blaming the Covid lockdown....did he at least thank the Buffalo shooter for giving him the idea or does he consider them square for helping him with the whole replacement theory thing?
  4. If the USFL is going after the XFL that might work against them if the XFL basically kills interest in spring football.
  5. Hopefully, but I mean it's OTAs with no pads, can't really put to much weight to it yet.
  6. Only to get picked up by the team that'd beat them in the following Super Bowl?
  7. But the overall roster size at that point hasn't been made bigger, those same players could be brought in any way to the offseason roster.
  8. Loved that he voiced himself in this bit.
  9. Doesn't the practice squad only exist during the season when those leagues don't play?
  10. Heard died on the stand again, apparently she can't remember her own earlier testimony from where her team apparently used the same picture for damage done on two different incidents.
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