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  1. He doesn't he just likes to use the word "math".
  2. I mean I think people pretty much agreed they both got thrown into ***** situations. If Allen had an advantage it was being used to it coming from Wyoming and his attributes being a more mobile gave him some more wiggle room compared to Rosen who needed a secure pocket more than Allen.
  3. So wait Josh Allen is playing for the Buffalo Bills one county to the West of Wyoming?
  4. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/sanders-tax-plan-52-percent/
  5. I thought it was because it was a stupid idea.
  6. So wait Adam Gase has started calling his players fat now? Truly he is a gift.
  7. Oh god I left and ate dinner and coming back there's only 3 points scored so far yeesh.
  8. This game is looking kinda rough.
  9. McGloin got the hell off the field pretty fast.
  10. The entire point is to get rid of the gimmee point from extra points and put a level of strategy to it. I mean if they do that everyone will kick until they have to go for more just like with two point conversions now.
  11. It usually works out that whole thing was just a giant cluster*****.
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