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  1. Could the Chargers move some of that hit down the line and extend him though?
  2. And Lamar was never going to play in that game with a recovering knee when if it got hurt worse they could just walk away from him. They needed a deal whatever it was going to be, not getting it done bit them in the ass.
  3. Not having that deal done earlier really ***** the Ravens in the playoffs.
  4. But then who would the Rams trade those picks for? It's not like they use 1st round picks I think they might be allergic.
  5. Apparently their weather balloon technology must be pretty ***** terrible if they keep going "off course". 🙄
  6. We should just shrug our shoulders and say we have no clue what weird weather event caused their balloon to burst over our coastline, but we'll be sure to let them know if we find anything out from the data recovered from the debry. I mean if we're all just going to be peddling bull####.
  7. So there's no point talking with you about any of it because you've already decided you're not going to believe anything even if it proves you wrong.....that's really ***** productive.
  8. If the comparison we're suppose to make is the one in the OP, then not to imply a difference in the worth of either life, but I think we can see the reason why there'd be more National News coverage of an attack on the at the time Speaker of the House's home and family than the murder of a city councilor.
  9. If I had to sum things up, I'd say China came off looking stupid in all of this, they sent a giant camera attached to a balloon to spy on us, what are they a ***** cartoon? Seems like we knew about it, because how could we not, weren't worried about it seeing anything, I mean how hard is it to hide anything we want before the big slow ***** balloon gets overhead. We probably learned more by seeing where they were looking than they did actually doing it. More than that China doesn't exactly look great getting their hand caught in the cookie jar.
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