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  1. Don't know if I agree with these guys but they take some shots at Daboll.
  2. So I was looking at music on YouTube and came across something weird. How did Fitz end up on the cover?
  3. We're probably not going to know much until Wednesday.
  4. I'm sure that's what all those guys that dogpiled on him were saying.
  5. Man, why can't Ed Oliver fumble like that.
  6. a guy angling for a job at PFF?
  7. If he's seriously out the IR and here comes McCloud until they can trade for someone better. If he's just out for a bit then maybe he's swapping his active spot with Foster.
  8. Honestly he came up big the whole game they just started throwing his way in the 4th.
  9. They ate one of the weaker ones.
  10. Better get better at that Wentz likes to move.
  11. I'd be more concerned about Kroft being a ghost out there but it's his first game back so I'd give him a break.
  12. I think Fitz is just real great at getting in a Defense's head you can't take it too hard when he connects on those because it will happen but if you keep playing your game he's going to give it to you eventually.
  13. He's a rookie needs time but yeah he needs to work on it and to focus on catching before running.
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