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  1. I mean all it would require is a scene where he's aiming towards or just off camera when it goes off for it to happen.
  2. Right but if they did that he wouldn't be much of a decoy in the passing game.
  3. I mean this is pretty much true, but at the same time does kind of ignore some things. If these guys want to play at the highest level of this sport with the best players around them and against the best competition this is the only place they can do it. There isn't some alternative less high paid league with the best of the best they could play in to keep their privacy.
  4. I can't imagine blocking is somehow easier on his hand than catching a pass. I mean I know Josh throws the ball hard and we make jokes about it but come on.
  5. I mean it makes a lot of sense since he knows the system, but at the same time what happens when Knox is back? Are we trading picks for a guy we'd cut when he comes back?
  6. I mean you could say that only worked because Josh is a freak who can jump over LBs and ward off sacks with other would be sackers. Rosen and Darnold haven't faired all that well.
  7. did they get they're running game back this week?
  8. So what are we debating the current offense with Sanders(one of the best offenses in the league) against some hypothetical better offense without him? I mean really?
  9. I mean if they're confident it'll take him 4 weeks to come back sure, other wise probably wait and see how things are going next week before making the decision.
  10. I mean if they make the trade with that in mind they're basically giving up this season feels pretty early for that.
  11. Been hot so long it's got to be pretty burnt by now.
  12. Man this sucks he's been playing so damn well.
  13. I think our main problem is we didn't score more points than we let them score.
  14. I meant more funny stupid ones, like I watched the game from the wrong chair or I walked beneath a ladder today or something.
  15. I feel like people took this way too seriously. Guy is a freak, running up the gut and falling down he gets like at least 3yards.
  16. That's not a bye you still have to field a team and play them.
  17. Only one team in each conference gets the bye anymore.
  18. I mean it definitely doesn't hurt, plus a bye is nice.(especially on the getting healthy front)
  19. Clearly Josh should never be allowed to catch a pass in a game again, it's clearly cursed. Any other terrible reasons things didn't go our way?
  20. I mean we have typically stopped the return inside the 25 which is a net positive I guess.
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