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  1. Well today Amber Heard's team decided to go with a deposition where they asked Johnny Depps former attorny questions he couldn't answer, computer scientist forensic expert to try and connect said former lawyer with popular hashtags after supposed leaks by him. That maybe worked a bit but also showed that Amber Heard is really unpopular, and "Justice for Johnny" was the most popular hashtag by far. Also got it so someone said "Amber Turd" multiple times on the stand and Depps lawyer got to end cross of that guy with "I'm a big fan of Justice". Also at this point Heard's team only has a few hours left and Depps team has 10 more hours than them.
  2. Didn't he lose the job twice last year to both Boettger and Bates?
  3. In that draft they got Tre White, Dion Dawkins, and Matt Milano.
  4. That doesn't change anything there was still only one hole so anything with less would be 0.
  5. All your needing is a number, how hard is it to just ask them for one? I had less issue with how they got the data in this one because yes, it is difficult, but it's not impossible and it would be better if they did. More of an issue in how they switched how they presented their data from showing the range of responses to showing an average.
  6. Again giving those numbers does nothing but make their data less accurate. Your goal is to find out what they think, giving them suggestions is counterintuitive. Right but the people they were asking don't need to know that. Their goal should be to get the data with having as little effect on the result as possible.
  7. Yeah, I was going to add another number in the middle, but I figured it'd be simpler to just do one less. Doesn't change the fact that people would be less likely to pick 1,000 if it was the number at the end of the spectrum they gave. The second one wasn't great either, they shouldn't have asked about a specific race when getting the number, just ask them to assign percentages based on race and take the data from there. They also changed how they displayed the data suddenly we're not allowed see the range of opinions from each group just an average. Yes, that's exactly why it's a terrible way to get data. You're not supposed to be trying to get data that proves your point you're supposed get your conclusions from the data.
  8. Just kind of wrong on several levels here. 1.Giving those numbers as options absolutely increases the odds of people choosing them, that's just obviously true. 2. What they really do is make 1000 seem more reasonable. Do you really think the number of people that picked 1,000 would be the same if they gave the options like this A)10 B)100 C)1,000 D)>1,000? The only thing giving possible answers can do in a survey like this is make it less accurate. It's like with "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" if you're going to ask the crowd never give your opinion first. It will skew the people that don't know, and make some of the people who do second guess themselves and change their mind.
  9. Seems like a terrible way to conduct an accurate survey, why give them numbers at all, just ask them to give their estimation and then you can get your information from that data? I mean giving people a multiple choice with the options of: A)10 B)100 C)1,000 D) 10,000 E) >10,000 when the actual number is apparently 27 seems intentionally skewed for people to overestimate the number. Also nice how it glosses over how 25% of people killed by police being black when that's twice their percentage of the population is terrible.
  10. There's one hole so I'm not sure how they get into and out of their cheese factories in Switzerland.
  11. I'm not sure how it works, if they're punishing him for it then they're punishing him for something that makes you question him being allowed in the league at all.
  12. If they find a way to get from point A to point B faster than light would, absolutely.
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