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  1. Weren't we bigger underdogs against the Vikings?
  2. Only reason I wouldn't dismiss it is that conference is a graveyard, who else is there the Eagles, the Buccaneers?
  3. Man how'd they figure that one out, it's almost like they knew who the ball was going too....🤔
  4. I don't know, and he probably doesn't remember now either.
  5. I don't know, I think it would have been nice if he was doing it earlier, but now would be nice too.
  6. That's fair, it's still got to be one of the worst non offensive team names though.
  7. That tackle attempt by Ramsey was embarrassing.
  8. What I don't understand is the team left, then they got another one and doubled down on the Browns?
  9. Are the browns in Peacekeeper for that sense of serenity you have after taking a dump?
  10. Man his Dad and coach? are going to really have to work at telling him it wasn't his fault this week.
  11. Just a reminder in this super exciting game, both of these teams went to the playoffs.
  12. I don't understand? Who threw him the ball? 😉
  13. Jalen Hurts really gambling with that undefeated start with an appearance on the cursed Manning cast. They were that team when we beat them last time, and we're better now.
  14. Practice doesn't start until Wednesday right?
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