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  1. Knox should of had 3TD maybe 4 with that play where Josh missed him being wide open with nothing but green in front of him.
  2. Not sure Stevenson did enough to keep him inactive.
  3. Dawson Knox basically had 3 TDs today. See this is why we need White to still be out there he nailed the steal a bite on his first try last time.
  4. Got to hope they were being overly cautious with such a big game coming up.
  5. Josh out there getting his former Wyoming teammate Granderson's jersey.
  6. Oh so that's why they haven't been throwing a ton despite Tre being out.
  7. Really with the low hits you've not called that's a roughing penalty?
  8. McKenzie has done pretty well as a returner, feels like benching him was an overreaction especially with Stevenson not really seeing the field on other plays.
  9. I mean he literally threw a TD the play before that got wiped out by a pretty meaningless to the play penalty, then someone smacks his arm on a throw completely ***** up the throw and suddenly he sucks?
  10. What was he looking at....someone hit his arm ***** off Brees.
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