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  1. I mean I'm pretty sure that's because he'd already gotten the call and we just got to see the second reaction to hearing it on T.V.
  2. Geezus it's bad when whoever controls your twitter sounds like they've given up.
  3. Carr really trying to give the ball away out there.
  4. Come on you got to take it when Mahomes gives you a gift like that.
  5. Wow did Kelce catch Knox's broken hand?
  6. Dereck Carr: Eh I'm sure someone will catch it.
  7. what a swing, go from potentially getting a TD and being down 3 to now being down 13.
  8. I mean it'd be awfully hard to look worse than him suddenly compulsively giving the ball to the other team.
  9. I mean if the AFC West winner is the Chiefs and we tie them we have the tie breaker I'd guess.
  10. He seemed to be scrambling searching for a way to ***** it up, luckily he found a way.
  11. What are you implying he has to actually watch him play to evaluate him, that is madness sir.
  12. The commentators are going to jinx us on this enough on their own we don't need to help.
  13. I mean she's probably fairly pretty when she's not taking a picture for jail, on the other hand the whole killing you thing is kind of a deal breaker.
  14. Especially since the Chargers apparently are tripping on their own hype.
  15. Gonna need a pretty significant momentum shift if the Chiefs aren't going to just runaway with this one.
  16. Josh keeps shoving it in their face with the whole MVP candidate run, Oliver has the decency to not have the gaudy stats despite wrecking peoples *****. That sounds OBJ related.
  17. Have the Raiders not collapsed into themselves completely yet?
  18. Vikings getting ready to choke? First game back with that kind of injury in a cold and wet game has to be pretty rough.
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