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  1. He was very close to blocking this kick I just watched it on video
  2. Damn didn’t realize this until now. Makes the loss even worse
  3. Haven't heard yet I would expect in the 3mil-5mil range
  4. Man Beane is the best GM in all of sports. Great interview, love how he said he talks with Allen and keeps him in the loop on players and gets his opinions on guys
  5. Will be 33 in a few weeks still a solid player. Would be good signing on a 1-2 year deal low cost
  6. I am guessing he decided to leave bc he was never looked at as the guy. Bills kept trying to bring in competition to steal the job from him and he never let it go. Steelers made him a priority to be a starter
  7. Damn was looking forward to him he is very good threat out of the backfield something we could use for sure
  8. Panthers release CB A.J. Bouye. Have to think Bills are interested
  9. Where was that int last week Patty
  10. Oh hey looks squib kick what a concept
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