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  1. Sorry, it was 4th and a long 2. It was the Bills second drive in the Titans game.
  2. Maybe not tonight, BUT the day IS coming and I pray to GOD that I am still alive to watch it!!!!!!!! Go Jets!
  3. Really? Third down 4 yards to go and he calls a QB sneak? It seems to me that Daboll has done this a lot and maybe he thinks NO ONE would ever suspect THAT play and the Bills could score BIG.
  4. I will have to give him a "we'll C +". I am half thinking that it is Daboll that is letting games get in HIS head. Possibly the motive behind all the "trick type plays". Perhaps a little MORE confidence and he would just try to pound it down their throats. If that does not work THEN resort to smoke and mirrors. IMHO
  5. I re-watched today's game. Josh Allen played pretty well. It was the Bills defense that struggled today. I suppose if you have to have a bad day, the game against the Dolphins was survivable. If the defense stinks it up again next week, our record will tell the tale.
  6. Here - It looks like Phillips was totally unaware that the ball had come out.
  7. Silly, you shorten the playing time, and the broadcasters will just have that much MORE airtime to sell to advertisers. If you do not want to spend that much time in front of TV then watch "condensed" games on NFL Game Pass or Tivo.
  8. THREE little words - Music City Miracle! - Sixteen Seconds left on the clock... ^^^^^^^ This is why you go down before the end zone. If Hyde gave himself up the Bills would have had the ball 1st and 10 at the one yard line and would have been able to run out the clock to end the game. I remember clear as day nearly 20 years ago, I was jumping for joy that we had won the AFC Wildcard game. The next thing I look over and wonder what the hell was going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIXTEEN F___ng SECONDS! This is a Chess vs Checkers thing.
  9. Oh well - Someone had to replace Zay... 🤪
  10. Removed yet another Bills Hooded Sweatshirt. Apparently, me wearing Bills gear is detrimental to Bills scoring. Ugh, next week I will not be repping my team I'll just be rooting in civies!
  11. OR... They have been so focused on working on the short range throws, he has not practiced many loooong passes yet this season.
  12. BILLS Trying too hard to LOSE THIS GAME!!!!
  13. McKenzie will take one to the house!
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