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  1. 16 points were left on the board yesterday. Brown (6), Duke (6) & Hauschka (4)! Heck - If Hauschka does not miss that extra point - we are all celebrating a WIN right now. Lighten up, Francis!
  2. For all intents and purposes, there were 12 points left on the board yesterday. Two dropped TD passes, one missed FG, and one missed PA. The girl scouts played defense the second half. This loss is NOT on Josh Allen!
  3. If we are going to "celebrate" at the airport EVERY return from an away game, it CHEAPENS the whole event. What on earth do you do differently to actually celebrate an accomplishment?
  4. Brown and Hauschka also left points on the board! All in all - 16 points were left on the board (2 TDs, 1 FG, 1 PA)
  5. Add to that IF McDaniels leaves... Although, I wondered if the Pats did not lure McDaniels back with a promise to make HIM head coach when Belicheat leaves. I must say, I hope I live long enough to witness the "Dante's Inferno" that Pat's Fans will fall into once the B&B show ends....
  6. Looks like drapes to me...
  7. Seems like a process guy to me... NOT! Browns' Kareem Hunt Suspended 8 Games for Violating NFL Personal Conduct Policy https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2825870-browns-kareem-hunt-suspended-8-games-for-violating-nfl-personal-conduct-policy
  8. It's like getting a crate with all the parts to build a brand new Ferrari. How many have the talent to put it all together THEN fine tune it to excellence? The Browns have a lot of good/great parts but no one capable (coaching) of fine tuning... 😉
  9. SHADY was not here to light a fire under his ass. Seems like Foster has a motivation problem. Some people on this board talk as if we have coaches that know nothing about football. We as fans do not know what goes on in the locker room and practice. Perhaps, these "flash in the pan" players we fans clamor for do not learn their routes. Perhaps they have too many drops during practice. Who knows? The coaches know!
  10. The Pats will NOT make it past the Ravens! (if they even get that far...)
  11. I don't feel that will be the case anymore - the refs pushing for the Pats. Logically, that ship has sailed. The league has to focus on FUTURE match-ups, rivalries, and "villans". I think focus will be all on building the NEW stars of the NFL. The Pats are history as far as "favors" go... This is based on my constant surprise while watching Pats games this year. Surprised at the number of penalties called against THEM (for a change). Just a feeling...
  12. That is not necessarily true. There were enough who did not like the weather that games were Blacked Out cause they were not "sold out" by Thursday afternoon. Bills games were blacked out (too often). The "Greatest Come Back" game was a playoff game and it was BLACKED OUT!
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