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  1. wait til I get back with my popcorn... https://www.wgrz.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/no-fans-allowed-new-york-state-issues-guidelines-for-reopening-of-pro-sports/71-58246890-54cd-4bc0-8ae3-5b4f5b4f8496?fbclid=IwAR1OUJo1OoAPvWCd2fImNrKnQdBacuPuszQeSsup4nLkfmcT6EQSDnM0zRw
  2. This is why we cannot have nice things! New Yorkers who are envious of Floridians, Texans, etc. Yeah, the good old days. What about your freedom to drink and drive?
  3. Belicheat can work magic but... He couldn't fix CRAZY (AB)! It has been a while since Cam had to buckle down and concentrate.
  4. If reality equals doomsday it is a very sad world we live in today.
  5. The players may be young and healthy, but what about coaches and support staff? Who wants to take bets on Andy Reid's chances? How about Romeo Crennel? It is not just about survival either. Survivors are reporting long lasting issues. What if some young and healthy players recover but never have the endurance required to play pro football anymore. This is not chicken pox. It just isn't that simple.
  6. Check this out - https://www.cityandstateny.com/articles/policy/criminal-justice/black-buffalo-cop-stopped-another-officers-chokehold-she-was-fired
  7. ... then again the Dolphin'$ MONEY i$ ju$t a$ green a$ any other team$
  8. If you just asked about veterans that were Bills fans - no problem. My uncle died in WWII. He did not live to be a veteran. Memorial Day is to honor all of those who DIED in service to their country. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE To fight about this shows that you are the JERK...
  9. Just to be a stick in the mud... Memorial Day is to honor those who died in war. Veterans Day is to honor all those who served.
  10. This kid (JA) will NEVER, EVER, live this down. I have been watching a lot of last years Kansas City games lately. Their QB GOD can also stink up the place when another team can bring pressure. FCOL!
  11. http://montgomerycountypolicereporter.com/buffalo-bills-defensive-tacle-busted-fordwi-by-montgomery-county/
  12. What is the lesson learned when you find out that there are no consequences (get off)? Understanding that there ARE consequences for our actions is what keeps us from "running RED lights". THIS screams "not a process guy". I suspect he will be on a very short leash with the Bills and McD. The best ability is AVAILABILITY!
  13. Ha Ha - Just wait for the SPARKS TO FLY in Tampa when Brady & his Gronk take over the BUCS!
  14. I suspect "there will be trouble in river city" (Music Man reference)... I just can't see Brady taking orders/plays from Leftwich. After all, Brady is very full of himself. I suspect that the internal power play may hamper any success the Bucs may gain from acquiring the "Dynamic Duo". IMHO
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