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  1. Last season 4 out of 6 were HOME Actually, of the last NINE games of the season, SIX were HOME
  2. Looks like TODAY is the day! https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2019/04/16/nfl-schedule-release-date-time-regular-season-games/3482898002/
  3. Kelvin might not even be in shape to work out for a team... He never seems to motivated.
  4. Shady not only has a little something left in the tank, he is a seasoned LEADER for this young team. It seems like he was credited with helping to Foster turn around. McBeane loves them TEAM LEADERS.
  5. Ha Ha How many members here are "Fans by birth" rather than "Fans by choice"? By that I mean that they are fans because of dad, mom, uncle, etc. If someone "inherited" a team, they might secretly envy other fans right to choose. All that said, it is kind of sick that there are so many "closet Pat Fans" here.
  6. Imagine IF the AFCE consisted of - Bills, Jets, Dolphins, Browns. How long do you think our drought would have lasted? How many playoffs would we have been in?
  7. A dream come true would be the game ends with a Brian Hoyer pick six! RAMS take it in for the WIN!!!!!! Ha Ha, I won't even watch the game until it is over and only then IF the Rams win. What I will do tonight is re-watch LAST years wonderful Super Bowl DEFEAT of the Pats. :-)
  8. Brady is no great athlete. What he is best at is reading defenses and picking them apart. I bet Brady utilizes this method.
  9. ...and PLEASE let it start tomorrow!
  10. Pat Fatigue is one big reason that I won't be watching. Indeed, the Super Bowl was much more of a "thing" when it was the LAST time most would be able to watch football for NINE MONTHS. With today's technology, you can watch the SB or any football game whenever you want. I will only watch this SB if the Pats get spanked!
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