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  1. cd1

    Allen not showing progress

    Ghosts! THIS is the problem with putting a rookie, who needs to be developed, on the field behind and offense that is not good enough to help him! GHOSTS! Ghosts are making for hurried throws and Ghosts are chasing him into the backfield instead of him climbing the pocket. Our "developing" QB is developing GHOSTS. Bla, Bla, Bla...
  2. If the offense continues to be a "NO SHOW", I can't see the defense continuing to play it's heart out. "Why Bother" will rule the day. For GOD's sake something has to happen on offense. Some measure to make players and fans alike believe that McBeane is at least trying to field an NFL level offense. YES, McBean seems very close to losing the whole locker room.
  3. cd1

    Derek Anderson to start vs Colts

    Actually, he played last January... While with the Carolina Panthers So, really, he just missed a training camp and a couple of games.
  4. What about these decisions? Vontae Davis Cory Coleman Jeremy Kerley Anquan Boldin AJ McCarron Naw, I don't believe for a minute that they can be a GOOD judge of offensive talent. SAD!
  5. cd1

    2nd half thread: Wk 6 Bills at Texans, 1 pm on CBS

    The Bills proving that you CAN ruin a quarterback.
  6. Last season KC trounced the Pats 42 to 27 in Foxboro. This year KC is 5-0 so far don't think for one second that Andy Reid has not gotten into BBs head. I am looking forward to this game!
  7. cd1

    PFF WR rankings

    What makes ths sooo much worse is the McBean isn't even looking to improve a thing on offense! In fact they are now trading away offensive personnel to make room for more DEFENSE. I have lost any hope or optimism for this team. McBean seems like a rudderless ship.
  8. cd1

    What is or was your expectations for 2018

    I did not have high expectations but am now really bummed because McBean has displayed very poor judgement in talent. At least offensive talent.
  9. He is auditioning to be the next Belicheat!
  10. cd1

    Songs that remind you of the Bills

    It's A Heartache, - Rod Stewart
  11. cd1

    Bills vs. Packers 2nd Half Game Day Thread

    No No No - With Benjamin between normal and concussed is too close to call.
  12. cd1

    Bills vs. Packers 2nd Half Game Day Thread

    Benjamin needs to hang it up. He's not an NFL WR anymore. HaHa - Surely we have plenty of other players on this team that CAN NOT CATCH, I don't see a problem here!
  13. cd1

    Bills vs. Packers 2nd Half Game Day Thread

    It was a "Freudian Pass"
  14. cd1

    Bills vs. Packers 1st Half Game Day Thread

    WOW - I actually had to turn the channel 😵
  15. cd1

    Bills vs. Packers 1st Half Game Day Thread

    I want LAST WEEKS Bills!