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  1. So, last years SB champs get the easiest schedule? 😅😂😆 Only in TB12 world. For the love of GOD when will they let that ship sail?
  2. Every time I see WFT, I first read it as WTF. I guess it is all the same... 😉
  3. I don't know - maybe its like a "chicken or the egg" thing. Maybe Knox can't catch because they did not throw him many balls in college... OR Maybe Knox can't catch SO they did not throw him many balls in college! Actually, I am surprised Allen gives him as many chances as he has. Does Allen have to second guess throwing the ball Knox's way?
  4. You could also imagine that in normal years, super bowl parties would see many people gathered to watch one television. The lack of super bowl parties should have predicted that those "many" are now left to watching on "many televisions" and not as groups. I, for one, did not even tune in. In fact, I must confess, once TB won, I was glad Buffalo did not have to play against them. I am absolutely sick to death of the "Brady thing".
  5. I paused the game and did a screen capture on my computer. But, I found this on google: https://www.facebook.com/DARImotion/videos/the-technology-used-to-assess-josh-allens-throwing-mechanics/3673596372678864/
  6. I was just re-watching the Bills - Steelers game from week 14. At one point they started talking about Josh's vast improvement in passing accuracy. They showed footage of his digitalized throwing motion. I was stunned at what I saw... I added the bills logo but the red outline is his real motion. It must be some kind of sign...
  7. I'm sorry if I offended your fragile sensibilities. 🤪
  8. Just when we have all bought into this "process" thing... they go and work out someone who would be the worst example. This leaves such a BAD TASTE - ugh.
  9. The last person that I would want anywhere close to my team is someone who you could not trust his "social distancing skills".
  10. Could Pittsburg have "overlooked" Washington? ( asking for a friend...) 😉
  11. He is the FIRST QB... But 5 QBs are " the ONLY OTHER players with multiple such games." What am I missing here?
  12. The thing is - QBs don't play against QBs, they play against DEFENSES. I would say the Mahomes had an advantage as he only had to beat the western NY girl scouts. 😉🤪
  13. Knox said he purchased a Jugs Machine and practiced catching the ball all off season. I was hoping to see some improvement. You would think... https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2020/08/how-josh-allen-george-kittle-helped-buffalo-bills-dawson-knox-grow-this-offseason.html
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