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  1. It is hard to remember but the Bills have many players (already) that are playing with INJURIES. Perhaps it is due to this that there is an intentional effort to NOT involve "hobbled" players the majority of game plays. Knox is on injury report for "Back/hip" injury. https://www.buffalobills.com/team/injury-report/
  2. Just the kick... Tipped! Slow the speed .25 https://www.youtube.com/clip/Ugkx82aaelstYQmQ3_HhS9T7PpD7fscr3L1m
  3. https://www.cwsdefense.com/blog/2020/june/exceptions-to-californias-statutory-rape-laws/#:~:text=In California%2C it is illegal,informed consent to sexual activities.
  4. Some people here don't seem to understand that: 1. Simply attending a party (regardless of age) does not imply girls/women are fair game sexually. 2. No means no. Just because a woman consents to oral sex does not equate to "anything goes sexually" after that. 3. Rape is rape regardless of the age of the victim. This whole situation is very disappointing.
  5. So, what you are saying is that if she was 18 or older that would negate GANG RAPE? Rape is rape regardless of the age of the victim !!!
  6. He kind of reminds me of Marquise Goodwin - Fast but fragile. He needs to bulk up. IMO edited to emphasize fast and fragile not talent.
  7. I am outraged. I can show that outrage by not watching games that Watson plays in. I have heard of Browns fans who are finding other teams to root for. Likewise, I do not punish all of my children because one of them was bad. Would you punish the whole family if only one misbehaved?
  8. Ha Ha Ha - there now don't you feel all grown up?
  9. ME TOO - when I was younger. Frankly, the stadium experience becomes too difficult for aging fans. Cold, hard seats, bathrooms too far and lines too long, etc. That's why I for the last several years, I'd get my fix going to training camp. But that seems to be a thing of the past too. Well, at least geezers like me have our memories.
  10. Kelvin Benjamin thought he could "pull it off".
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