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  1. Ha. Feel your pain. Had an interesting situation last week with my inlaws in town. Had a feed on, one of the ones w/ the porn cartoons in the corner ad casting on my tv in my office. Father in law walks in and doesn't say a word, just turns around and walks back out. Needless to say been an interesting couple weeks.
  2. I'd bring him in as well if interested but I would imagine that this close to Christmas he will just relax and spend time w/ his family for the holidays. Probably hasn't been able to spend a lot over the years.
  3. I think they are going to blitz the hell out of him.
  4. Jordan Phillips is an interesting guy. I never really know how to take him.
  5. Yes...Yes it is. "understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed"
  6. Hmmmm....Where have I heard this kind of comment before..."Some people are saying.....Fake news"...ha
  7. "He's a guy you bring to a bar fight" Gotta love that comment. Though he mentioned his 2 previous QB's, probably don't hear that a lot about QB's.
  8. Can you please post the chart with all? Wonder how close all are and how many haven't had the bye yet. Quite a few teams haven't had bye yet...or does that go against your narrative... If i am not mistaken 18 teams or so haven't had the bye yet...An extra game does tend to help...
  9. I agree he seems to excel in this but all to often a 3 and out happens a few times in a row and the D gets way to tired. Finding a balance in that would be the key...If it works awesome...If it doesn't the D is smoked by halftime.
  10. It is kind of odd. Would be an interesting question for a reporter to ask in a press conference if he relies on a single individual.
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