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  1. Actually it is going to get better as it learns from its mistakes.
  2. Who else had some bills come play basketball at their highschool. Lol im sure others in here had that. Got to hang a bit w them after signing autographs. Kelly, Tasker, cant remember who else off the top of my head. Reed maybe... Anyone else?
  3. The older I get the more nostalgic I am that is for sure.
  4. I guess I didn't realize people existed that didn't have Amazon Prime.
  5. Honestly I just think it is his youth coming through. Nothing wrong with it, I am sure I was way more cocky when I was his age as well. Just not a huge fan of his personality that came across in the conference. Hell it could have been nerves and he really isnt that over the top in person. I have no idea. I have been in a certain industry for 24 years now. As I have aged and been involved for a long time I have grown quite turned off by people who come down on the side of being cocky...which shares a very fine line with very confident. I see it quite a bit in my line. One persons "that dude is extremely confident" crosses the line and is in the cocky realm for others. A very fine line and everyone's threshold is slightly different. What I see on a very regular basis, I favor the humble kid who comes in for a session or just lets his skill do the talking on stage. As I said previously, I KNOW for a fact I was very cocky when I was his age(my father likes to remind me on occasion). I was just making an observation of my first impression. I have no ill will towards the dude and wish him nothing but the best for himself and for the Bills. I guess I am just an aging person who is growing closer to "get off my lawn" lol
  6. I don't know...I was indifferent about the pick but optimistic. Reading the banter here I assumed he was going to be the worst WR ever drafted. Hoping for the best and feeling a bit better about him after watching and reading up a bit on him last night. But I wish I had not watched the conference. His personality kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Still gonna root for the guy.
  7. Because people believe 2 "unnamed scouts" who trashed him.
  8. Agree, If he is a type 1 diabetic(which I don't know 1 or 2, havent looked into it other than message board banter)... if he isn't managing it well he would not be able to do anything at an optimal level which he has shown let alone live very long. Most people dont understand the difference between type 1 and type 2
  9. I think that big dude really messed him up when you bear hug him and picked him up he had to go in the back and do something to numb the pain LOL
  10. Happens to me all the time....I always just stick w/ Go Bills. Normally get the same in return. Every once in a while it tends to throw them off and they don't know what to reply with. But I travel to and from Florida a lot so half of the people in and out of that state are from NY it feels like.
  11. I had the youtube sunday ticket but never used/had youtube tv app. I just used it via reg youtube app. Must be u did something differently as mine was just a one off purchase.
  12. Thanks for putting all that together man.
  13. slow down there...you are making way too much sense.
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