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  1. Sarcasm noted. Maybe it was just my perception but the net gain seemed to be positive on those plays more often than not. Would have thought Ken would have kept aspects that worked instead of abandoning completely. Just my opinion of course.
  2. For the life of me I don't understand why we stopped doing the Jet Sweep with him
  3. I love this board! Sometimes it's like going to Walmart. Fantastic! It would probably get old pretty quick though... would love one round like that. Awesome idea.
  4. I didn't believe it at first but more and more it does look like we're rolling with a linebacker that's already on the roster.
  5. I agree for sure. Been on east coast for decade now. Here for a few reasons that have me kinda rooted for a bit longer.....I would much rather be on the west coast side too.
  6. You surely have the right to not be thrilled by this and quite a few reason to believe it wont work. But, I am looking at it like quite a few on here appear to be that it's all on him now for sure. Do what you are best at and deligate others who may be better at what you didnt excel at. Thats the rub the way I see it. This is my hope. You may be correct as well.
  7. Def a more cost effective way. Good service for sure.
  8. I get it...as much as people complain that they are pros, blah blah blah, Sometimes you just have nothing left to give and you find yourself just going through the motions. It happens to everyone even at elite levels. I'm a musician. Sometimes at the end of a long run you just run out of gas. Night after night and after while you hit that wall. Not saying its the same but sometimes no matter how bad you want to have your biggest performance you just cant. Dont get me wrong...those times haunt you. It's haunting them now. Its a ***** feeling when you look at the crowd and they know it just as much as you know it on those.
  9. It does bring up a hypothetically interesting question that we would never know the answer to. What would have happened if Daboll never left and he stayed for this year.
  10. Money, weather and people often forget that family is involved as well. Wife may have wanted it just as much or more. A lot of these decisions are not made in a vacuum. Just my 2cents.
  11. Cook better learn to be a better blocker in the offseason if they let him move on. Blocking is a MUCH more important element to a RB in our system than people give credit.
  12. Though not a top tier back, I do think that his ranking is partially due to the offensive scheme. Only my opinion of course but I believe he is a slightly better back then you give him credit for.
  13. As much as I want him to come back, Mitch should hang it up and spend the rest of his life with his family while he still can without serious concussion related issues.
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