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  1. Same thing can be said about both sides...but hey... go ahead and keep your us vs them mentality. It seems to really be working for America right now.
  2. Bravo sir. In the country today it seems everyone would just rather hate each other instead of considering a moment in someone else's shoes. Proceed with the tribal hatred.
  3. Seems like some are taking odd pleasure in this.
  4. Why would this type of thing bother someone so much....betting you are a bit to young to have had long past glory days of your own to reflect upon with a smile....or it could just be one if them banged your mom back in the day.
  5. I have watched a lot of UCF. Wish he would have stayed one more year...but i agree with everything you posted. Would liked to have seen Milton throw to him. Not sure how he will adjust but he does seem to use his size to go get the ball pretty well.
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