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  1. Great example of how hit or miss things are. People forget how extremely productive zay jones was in college. Ncaa records even if i am not mistaken.
  2. No ads on my end. Don't understand why it is a problem even if so.
  3. I REALLY hope McKenzie Milton shines this year. Kid was awesome and his leg almost broke the f%(* off.
  4. Think you are right here....I had heard this from a few different places.
  5. I see Beane inquiring but his set number will be to low. I appreciate the way Beane sets his offers and then lets it ride. Right or wrong he sticks to the plan.
  6. Best friend found out he had a half brother nobody knew about. Lots a questions. Ha
  7. This is a really good discussion and one of the best thought provoking ones I have seen on here in a while. Page 5 and it hasn't even turned into a pissing match yet.
  8. Absolutely! It is just not sports. It happens all the time to people in many different professions. Just part of growing older.
  9. I mean, it is Florida, so there will be a large group that are not vaccinated but we will be. ha Science tends to be a evil word here.
  10. Anyone else gonna try to go to the Jax FL. game? Going to try to take my wife and son. Would like to sit w/ some other bills fans.
  11. Gene 1973 look at the poll. You clicked you disagree. Simple math when i posted this: 55%+ 1 victory 22%+ AFC Champ Game. This = over 77% of people responding. You are absolutely wrong to say you disagree with my post above. Math.
  12. Just thought I would bump this for taking a quick peak back. Over 77% should be happy w/ how the season shook out according to poll response.
  13. They showed over and over again how the WR's had no separation and there was no one to throw to.
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