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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2019-nfl-breakout-players-heres-a-look-at-10-who-are-poised-for-big-things-this-season/amp/ 2019 NFL Breakout Players: Here's a look at 10 who are poised for big things this season By Pete Prisco May 13, 2019 VIEW PROFILE Josh AllenBUF • QB • 17 What he did last year with a horrible supporting cast was impressive. Yes, I know the completion percentage was bad, but he had poor play from his receivers with a ton of drops.
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2019-nfl-breakout-players-heres-a-look-at-10-who-are-poised-for-big-things-this-season/amp/ 2019 NFL Breakout Players: Here's a look at 10 who are poised for big things this season By Pete Prisco May 13, 2019 VIEW PROFILE Josh AllenBUF • QB • 17 ... With the improvements this team made on offense in the spring in free agency and in the draft, Allen's play will get better. For all those out there who considered him a draft reach, this is the year they will begin to regret those feelings. Allen will be a big-time player in the league for a long time, and it will start this season.
  3. I guess we pay attention to different media and political pundits. The whole idea of criminal conspiracy was always a very high bar that I never thought would be undeniably proven. What was undeniably proven was that Russia interfered in our election, trying to tip the scales in Trump's favor, and he knew about it. The obstruction of justice was always the biggest and most visible thing for Trump. And an incredibly strong case for it was laid out in the Mueller report. One that would have had the impeachment process begun--and possibly ended--already if we didn't have a Republican Senate so hilariously hypocritical (*ahem*...Lindsay Graham) in their undying loyalty to this President. All that's just the Mueller stuff. Then you have all the investigations into Trump's personal business and background, which are completely warranted and constitutional. Trump broke precedent (and his word) of sharing his taxes the way every single other Presidential candidate has done for the last half century. Are you seriously telling me you aren't the least bit curious as to why he's so ferociously protective of his business dealings? The Emoluments lawsuit going (slowly, of course, because Trump's an obstructionist) through the courts is maybe the most important among the plethora of issues with the guy. The guy is just out in the open corrupt. He always has been. I'm one of the silly ones who really thought he didn't stand a chance in the election. But unlike a number of those other silly people, I actually went out and voted. Trump won't be impeached and will remain in office for another year and a half, barring some kind of unbelievable and unforseen flip or something so ridiculously and outright in the open illegal that even the Senate can't ignore it. But again, I don't expect that will happen because Trump has basically had his whole life to build a working knowledge of how to be a crook without getting thrown in jail. The guy knows how to use the courts, that's for sure. However, when it's Biden (almost certainly the Democratic candidate, I believe) vs. Trump, I believe Trump will not only lose the popular vote by millions of votes AGAIN, that he'll also lose the electoral vote this time.
  4. This bodes really well for this season that this was his primary focus in the offseason. I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict Allen makes a gigantic leap in completion % to 62% or higher https://billswire.usatoday.com/2019/05/23/buffalo-bills-josh-allen-aims-to-improve-accuracy-during-offseason/ Josh Allen aims to improve accuracy during offseason “Consistently, delivering the ball where it needs to be. Ball placement is huge, especially in this league,” Allen said. “That is something that will never change, you always want to try to work on ball placement. Every day you come out, it’s kind of a new thing and sometimes the ball comes out of your hand a little bit differently. You have to make adjustments and understand what your body is trying to tell you and try to go with it.” “Just trying to get the ball to the playmakers because we can’t do anything if they don’t have the ball in their hands,” he added. Throughout his rookie season, Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott pushed aside the notion that his QB’s completion percentage was worrisome. While McDermott fell short of addressing Allen’s accuracy on Tuesday, he did say he believes Allen knows where he needs to improve upon in his game. “Yeah, first day. I’ve been impressed with his methodical work ethic and approach. It seems like he understands the work that he has to and that we have to do this offseason to get us to where we’re trying to get to as a football team,” McDermott said.
  5. Definitely not. This is the only username I've ever had, here or at BBMB or over at Billievers. Decade and a half probably now running with the same name.
  6. by whatever name? Are you implying I'm lurking on this message board under other usernames? That might be the dirtiest shot I've seen anyone take at me on here. No, this is and always will be my ONLY username.
  7. I know. The poster above made a false claim, though. Flaccid wasn't the reason he made the playoffs. But he absolutely was the reason they won all the way through the playoffs. And any sane Ravens fan acknowledges that.
  8. Geez. This place really just is a cesspool of conspiracy theories. I have a question... if/when Trump loses the election in 2020 (said "if" for your sakes... sadly the broader pronoun "your" is necessary in this case considering, despite the fact that some of you might protest this, you're nearly all clearly in this same boat over here at PPP), will you accept the fact that the American public woke up in a "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me" moment? Or... Will you hope Trump not merely resists the peaceful passing of power but goes even further and actively resists in the manners a sitting President could do so? I worry the latter is the case. And I fear you'll get your wish.
  9. Flacco was absolutely the reason the Ravens won the Super Bowl... were you actually paying attention to that historic run he had in the playoffs? 0 interceptions.
  10. I was talking about the 58%-60% completion percentage, not him being in the running for MVP. I think his career completion percentage will be higher than 60%. And yes, I still believe he's going to be in the running for league MVP this season.
  11. Yeah, I don't think we ever have to worry about Allen being Captain Checkdown. The guy threw the ball like a yard farther on average more than any other QB in the NFL. And with Allen's style of play, he can hover in the 58%-60% completion percentage range and still be very successful. Not saying I want that or am even predicting that, but Cam Newton won an MVP at less than 60%.
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