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  1. The Jets Just Made a Mistake

    Yes, it drove it up a lot, but it was always going to cost us a lot to move up into the top of the draft. Maybe this just increases our chances of staying put at 12 and drafting whoever falls. As long as that's not Allen, I'm good with that. I'm sure McCarron is ecstatic right now.
  2. The Jets Just Made a Mistake

    McDermott and Gettleman have a relationship. Maybe they already have an agreement to trade even if they haven't agreed on trade capital, yet. Maybe all this did is drive up our price a little bit.
  3. Jets just traded with Colts for #3 pick in first round

    Giants and Gettleman are our trade partners, anyway. I'd wait until draft day to execute it, though. See what the Browns do with pick #1.
  4. , which means we don't. Awesomeness
  5. Josh Rosen: will he want to play here? ESPN discusses

    Yes... Bruschi's a douche. He's also a Pats homer, though, so I suspect that's at play here. I don't like Rosen as much as some, but he's going to play in Buffalo if he's drafted. If he weren't going to, McDermott and Beane will figure it out beforehand.
  6. Nah, not can't argue... won't... at least not with you. See, it's not an unwillingness to back up what I've said, which I could easily do both here as well as in that Tyrod thread that was nearly a month old you shamelessly bumped in such a sad manner. It's a refusal to participate in the inevitable ridiculously circular and narrow-minded arguments you're bound to bring in while presenting it as strong evidence, even when it's refuted time and time again. Yep, I've been wrong about multiple things on this message board as it relates to Taylor. I'm aware. So have you. Are you aware? Or is your extreme arrogance (glad you could admit that... good for you... it's a step) clouding your judgement here? Oh, and just to let you know: Tyrod Taylor now plays for the Browns, not the Bills. Why do you keep talking about the Browns QB? Sour grapes?
  7. Bills GM: Not certain we move up to take QB

    Rudolph over Jackson at 12???? You're nuts
  8. Bills GM: Not certain we move up to take QB

    Sooooo.... here's an interesting statement by Beane that, to me, might be a slip by Beane that the Bills are targeting Lamar Jackson: "There are some guys that we were talking about right before we went to the combine with our scouts, and I'm like, 'We're wasting our time with this guy. He ain't falling to 21. This guy is a top-10, 12 -- he ain't getting past 15." 15, huh? Who has been the team most linked to Lamar Jackson? Just try googling "team most likely to draft Lamar Jackson" and right now this is the 1st link: https://www.google.com/amp/s/draftwire.usatoday.com/2018/02/04/2018-nfl-mock-draft-lamar-jackson-carson-palmer-cardinals/amp/ Very interesting. I still think we're pretty clearly moving up, but specifically referencing the Cardinals draft spot might be a sign. Mayfield/Darnold/Rosen in a trade up or Jackson at 12 and I'm stoked!!!!
  9. Who is your favorite free agent signing so far?

    Lotulelei, obviously. Fills a need with plenty of talent and should anchor this team at DT for years to come
  10. Keep on goin with your feigned arrogant objectivity, Thurm You must be stalking me, now. Are you secretly hoping the team drafts Allen so we can keep up our relationship?
  11. Bucky Brooks Mock Draft 2.0.

    Nooooooooooooo!!!!! Allen is seriously the ONLY QB I won't be excited about if we draft. I'll get behind the pick eventually, but I really really don't want us to draft him. Mayfield/Darnold/Rosen/Jackson damn well better be our targets. No more of these raw talents drafted purely based on physical potential!!!
  12. Who is the better bridge qb Tyrod or AJ McCarron?

    McCarron with this contract because it makes it that much easier for a rookie we draft to start at any point, including potentially week 1 in 2018. We got McCarron for less than 1/3rd of the price of what Taylor would have cost us this year. We have a great QB situation for a 1st round rookie to come in and compete against some legit competition rather than a JAG like Savage or Moore so that if the rookie wins the job out the gate, we have a really good backup QB. Win win
  13. THE ROCKPILE REVIEW - Free Agency Was Over Before It Began

    I'm just so freakin excited! Even in signing McCarron, it's very obvious that were still going to draft a QB at worst at 12 if not trading into the top five, which is still what I think we're going to do. As long as we can get Mayfield or Darnold or Rosen or Jackson, I'm super stoked! If we trade up to draft Allen, I'm running head-first into a wall.
  14. I say we will not draft a QB round 1

    Yes we will. That's what all these moves acquiring draft picks has been for. QB at 12 if not a trade up into the top 5.