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    Prediction: Nathan Peterman Bills Starting QB Wk. 1 vs. Ravens

    There are actually 3 QBs battling for the job, not 2. And I'll be 100% supportive of whoever is under center for the Bills, despite whatever level of apprehension I might feel about that player. It's good Peterman has been working on arm strength and velocity, because if his arm strength remains the same from his rookie year through the rest of his career, he won't ever be more than a backup.
  2. Obviously all is TBD, but there's no doubt that Allen is very smart and handles himself well. He also operated an NFL style offense at Wyoming. I would say my long term excitement about him largely stems from (and I've said this time and time again) just how much of a late-bloomer he was, and not just physically but also in terms of how late it was he was truly immersed in high-level Football. He played in college, but he was a 3 sport athlete rather than concentrating year-round on learning and honing his skills and knowledge as a QB. He played at a JuCo, so he didn't get a ton there. Then he was at Wyoming where he really was exposed full-steam ahead to the game. I already posted that quote at the top of the page from the Buffalo News article regarding Allen talking about never going to QB camps the way the other prospects did, but I think a couple of these quotes from an interview with Brent Vigen are also telling and respond a bit to what you bring up: https://www.google.com/amp/s/draftwire.usatoday.com/2018/05/07/josh-allen-nfl-draft-bills-wyoming-brent-vigen/amp/ JM: You’ve worked very closely with him for a number of years now. He’s had his fair share of ups and downs as a player. How do you feel he grew during his time at Wyoming? BV: I would say he grew in every which way. When he arrived here, he was about 205 pounds. He was probably still 6-foot-4. He grew physically. That was significant, because he’s about 240 pounds now. He hadn’t really found himself in the weight room before he got to Wyoming. Once he got more comfortable in there, it made a significant impact on his physical ability. Mentally, having played just one season in junior college, that was small-school ball in California. His baseline for what they did wasn’t very significant. His understanding of the game and the nuances of both offense and defense, those ideas in his mind really grew in his time here. I would say maturity-wise, as well, but that’s probably the same for all our guys. You just see them through that phase of life where they mature and start to figure things out. I think it was a great benefit in a lot of ways for Josh coming back for an additional season. I think the biggest thing was maturity. It was about having to deal with the expectations that were placed upon him from the early part of last year. It doesn’t always go as planned, but you learn how to deal with those things. I would say that he grew a tremendous amount physically, mentally and emotionally throughout his three years at Wyoming. JM: At this point in time, which aspects of his game would you say are the most developed? His understanding of a fairly sophisticated offense that we ran at Wyoming is there. There’s not gonna be this dramatic shift for him. He can speak the language. He can recite a play. He can make decisions at the line of scrimmage. These are all things he’s already done. For some kids who go from college to the pros, that’s a transition for them. He is not perfect by any means, but he’s already been exposed to a lot of things. I don’t think the transition is gonna be great as a lot of people out there seem to think.
  3. transplantbillsfan

    Prediction: Nathan Peterman Bills Starting QB Wk. 1 vs. Ravens

    Yeah I saw that, I'm just skeptical of how much he improved it in thread 4 or 5 months the offseason was. But we shall see.
  4. I think this is an interesting tidbit... pretty good indication of his room to grow: https://buffalonews.com/2018/06/22/josh-allen-says-michael-strahan-give-him-the-best-pre-draft-advice/ The most interesting answer from Allen came when the quarterbacks talked about the rise in personal quarterback coaches and a growing camp circuit. “I never did that growing up,” Allen told host Robert Klemko. “I came from a small town. I didn’t really go the camps. I was too busy playing different sports. … Watching kids grow up and play different sports, allowing them to develop different parts of their athleticism, to me was a big part of my success in college."
  5. transplantbillsfan

    Prediction: Nathan Peterman Bills Starting QB Wk. 1 vs. Ravens

    As I stated a few times already, if Peterman significantly improved his arm strength, that could be a game changer. But it would have to be a significant improvement. And muscle-mass doesn't necessarily mean he's developed those quick-twitch muscles an NFL QB has in his arm in order to release the ball quickly and with velocity. And if this is just the media watching him throw the ball around to his own teammates in shorts with no threat of being hit and using their own judgement on improved arm strength... well, I'll wait at least til the pads come on to start getting excited. Soooo... you're SaviorPeterman, riiiiight??? His last post was late February. You joined during the draft... actually the day after Josh Allen was drafted was when you became a member. Been to any high level business meetings lately?
  6. transplantbillsfan

    Prediction: Nathan Peterman Bills Starting QB Wk. 1 vs. Ravens

    So now I started the comparison despite the fact that I was directly responding to the comparison you made while simultaneously claiming you didn't make a comparison that you clearly made??? Man, you bring up straw man arguments I'm supposedly making and go on to make such an ugly one yourself. Manning started his first 4 games of his rookie year, thrown right into the fire and threw 146 passes for 992 yards. He took over for a team that was ranked 19th and 20th in YPG and PPG in 1997, and helped bring them up to 12th and 19th in 1998, precisely as you point out, though conveniently leaving out the team he took over. Yeah, he threw 11 INTs in those 4 games, but this was a bad team (including offense) the previous season coming off a 3-13 campaign and Manning had the arm talent and football smarts to be the most sure-fire Franchise QB to come out in a decade and a half. Peterman had half the season to sit and learn and watch before coming in and throwing a grand total of 49 passes in the 4 games you cite for a whopping 252 yards. His first live action came when the team was already blown the !@#$ out and the other D was in prevent mode. His first start was a sheer and utter historical disaster throwing 5 INTs with a 6th dropped... all in one half. Then he ended the season with this pass to Jalen Ra... I mean, Deonte Thompson: 6 Interceptions in 52 attempts along with getting himself knocked out of another game. A 7th INT that would have likely been a 2nd pick-6 dropped. But the numbers really aren't what bug me the most about Peterman. It's the sheer lack of an NFL arm, and I posted that clip because you can see it there. 2 of his 6 Interceptions (plus the one that the Charger DB dropped) are because of guys knowing the kid doesn't have the arm talent to get it to the sidelines quick enough. This is about physical ability he just doesn't have... or certainly didn't at least last year. And I thought even in the preseason when posters here were praising his play I was here saying his arm looked too weak and that in regular season action defenders could and would pretty easily jump routes. Manning had the physical ability along with the mental makeup from the get-go. While his arm was never a Cannon, it was always considered "good" in his early years by NFL standards. All of that disregards the pretty significant "different era" argument when it comes to how a QB like Manning or Aikman did early on vs QBs today. Back to stats alone, you just don't find QBs who are successful in the NFL start out absolutely sucking right off the bat anymore. Do you? Maybe Goff is the best example because he threw 5 picks in his first 4 games, but he also threw 4 TDs... and again, this was on 136 pass attempts, not 49. That might be the closest example there is... and yet again, it was with the 1st overall pick--a guy with all the tools, physically and mentally. But if, as you claim, Peterman's improved his arm strength, I hope it's by a lot, because that could make him at least interesting. I just have a hard time believing he improved it that significantly in a single offseason.
  7. transplantbillsfan

    Prediction: Nathan Peterman Bills Starting QB Wk. 1 vs. Ravens

    2017 = Longest Playoff Drought in Sports BROKEN The answer should be yes for any true Bills fan purely for the moment it happened.
  8. transplantbillsfan

    Prediction: Nathan Peterman Bills Starting QB Wk. 1 vs. Ravens

    1st overall pick with both physical and mental talent regarded as the most can't-miss prospect in a decade and a half with NFL pedigree playing on an absolutely atrocious team throws 1 TD and 3 INTs in a game... game #1 of his rookie year... on a team that finished 3-13 the previous year Vs Late 5th round QB with some mental talent but below average to terrible NFL physical talent with no pedigree coming from a relatively small college program with minor success starts game #9 of his rookie year and throws 5 INTs in a half for a team clinging to a playoff spot Jesus... what a leap. Yeah... you're all Devil's Advocate Thurm, so not really a surprise you'd say you're excited. The appropriate word, if Peterman starts, is anxious... the true definition of that word.
  9. transplantbillsfan

    Prediction: Nathan Peterman Bills Starting QB Wk. 1 vs. Ravens

    And all 4 of the guys you mention here were good to excellent from the very beginning. None of them threw 5 INTs in their 1st start. Hell, none of them threw 3 INTs in their 1st start. Warner threw 2... but he also threw 3 TDs... so did Bulgaria, without the INTs. Brady and Romo these ZERO INTs in their 1st starts. Peterman had his shot... he epically failed... twice.
  10. transplantbillsfan

    Prediction: Nathan Peterman Bills Starting QB Wk. 1 vs. Ravens

    Actually I think Kirby's question was a pretty good one. Jeff Tuel was a preseason star, much like Peterman. And he was lauded for a number of similar traits. Then when the regular season came and he faced real NFL teams, he was exposed... but not as exposed as Peterman was against the Chargers and then by Ramsey against the Jags. Why is the Peterman situation so different? It's not like he's loaded with physical ability. Peterman was a late 5th round draft pick for a reason just like Tuel was a UDFA for a reason, right? Your attempt to use preseason as any sort of validation for Peterman is a very empty one: See EJ Manuel Preseason 2015 followed by regular season stinker in London.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/billswire.usatoday.com/2018/06/19/buffalo-bills-adam-schein-nathan-peterman-josh-allen/amp/ CBS Sports host says Nathan Peterman is 'terrible at football,' thinks he'll lose QB competition "I could not believe my eyes this weekend when I saw a report that Nathan Peterman–yeah, Nathan Peterman–who threw five interceptions in the first half of his first NFL start, still in the mix to win the Bills’ starting quarterback job. Wait, what?” Schein said. “I mean, first of all, Mike Rodak, who had this story, is a superb reporter. I have a better chance to start in Week 1 for the Buffalo Bills than Nathan Peterman. It’s not going to happen. Mainly because Nathan Peterman is terrible at football. “Josh Allen? He’s never thrown a pass in the NFL and he’s already better. This is why they traded up and gave up everything to get Josh Allen. Josh Allen is going to be the Week 1 starter. I’ve been saying that for a long time. And by the way, AJ McCarron, and I’m not a big AJ McCarron fan at all you guys know that, but he’s better than Nathan Peterman."
  12. The sheer irrelevance of this post is incredible. Soooo... McCarron? Are you saying you believe McCarron starts week 1?
  13. 1) Yep 2) Not when you don't have base-level NFL QB arm strength like Peterman. Rumors are he strengthened his arm in the offseason. Let's hope he did a lot, because otherwise he's never going to have a chance to start more than a handful of games in the NFL as a backup. And Allen is reported to have extremely high Football IQ. 3) I remember Peterman was called "Nate Favre" by Hyde. That, while seemingly intended as praise, to me seemed more like a Freudian slip of an insult, because that's exactly what Peterman seems to be, half of Favre, just not the talented half.
  14. BWAHAHAHA!!! Shady must be in love with me or something What a stalker
  15. transplantbillsfan

    Sports analyst Michael Salfino on Tyrod Taylor/Bills offense

    I see you aren't ignoring me. Look Shady!!! You're almost at 2,000 rep points! I'm gonna be so proud to be the guy to get you over 2,000 the way I got you over 1,000.