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  1. All white in a rainstorm on a grass field. Time to get dirty!
  2. No, you're supposed to do your own work rather than believing what other people say. Cross reference and confirm things that other people tell you. Here are links to 3 websites that are not "random guy(s)" on the Internet you should have looked at after hearing whatever you heard from "Professionals" before making a fool of yourself here. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/awards/ap-nfl-mvp-award.htm http://www.espn.com/nfl/superbowl/history/winners http://www.espn.com/nfl/superbowl/history/mvps Maybe you should stop doubling and tripling down. It's a bad look.
  3. Through 3 games he might be the best LB in the NFL.
  4. Your agenda is blinding you. Pretty sure agendas on this board violate CoC. Just ignore me already. Save yourself some face.
  5. Yeah... that whole "Google" thing that confirms you're completely wrong via multiple triangulated websites should be trusted less than those 2 or 3 talking heads you blindly trusted 1 play out of 70. If we wind up 12-5 to 16-1, this is going to be looked back upon as the Herculean effort it was on Josh's part and a notch in the MVP cap
  6. Stupid line of thinking when it comes to facts. Really stupid. Stop. Just stop. You're making a fool of yourself
  7. Yes... trust what they say on TV. It's good practice on your part to not think critically and look things up before trying to convince other people it's true.
  8. No, he wouldn't be. Try to avoid latching onto stuff Shady says. He often says things that are just blatantly false. He really needs to learn how to use Google. Bart Starr Terry Bradshaw Joe Montana Emmitt Smith Steve Young Terrell Davis Kurt Warner All won NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP in the same year
  9. Bruh... are you going senile? We've covered this. The simple answer is not none... unless you're living in your own made up world. Bart Starr Terry Bradshaw Mark Mosely Lawrence Taylor Joe Montana Steve Young Emmitt Smith Brett Favre All were the NFL MVP and won the Super Bowl in the same year. Terrell Davis Kurt Warner
  10. https://theathletic.com/3628838/2022/09/25/bills-dolphins-observations?source=user-shared-article 2. Allen played the part of a horror movie villain to the Dolphins Although the Bills blew plenty of chances to win the game, you can’t help but be impressed by how Allen constantly refused to allow the game to get away from them in the second half. Outside of his mistake that missed McKenzie in the end zone, Allen continued to keep drives alive even when it seemed like the Dolphins were finally about to get him off the field. It was quite reminiscent of a stereotypical horror movie villain. Regardless of all the times a viewer thinks the villain had perished — even in the most definitive of ways — the main character would turn around to see the villain standing right behind them, waiting to strike once again. Unfortunately for the Bills, that villain script remained accurate right to the end, as eventually Allen and his team fell short and lost. It was a remarkable performance by Allen, and one deserving of a victory in most games. Despite three separate offensive linemen leaving the contest due to injury, Allen was mainly unflappable against the Dolphins’ pressure. He threw for 400 yards and rushed for 47 more. Allen converted on eight separate third downs in the second half alone, and all eight were by his doing. The running game, outside of a random 43-yard gain by Zack Moss, was inoperable for long stretches of the game. Allen completed a pass to 11 different Bills receivers, the full amount of running backs, receivers and tight ends the team made active for the game. Heck, it even looked like he was injured at one point, only for him to come back on the field for the final offensive series and got into Dolphins territory in five plays. And while the Bills had a rotating cast of characters almost everywhere on the field, Allen remained the constant all day. Now it certainly wasn’t perfect, and there were a couple of questionable throws from Allen during the day, this loss does not fall on him. He did almost everything he could for a win. To help Allen, the team needs to figure out what’s going on with their rushing attack and how they fell short so many times during the contest. But one thing is sure, Allen is a special player who nearly served up a Bills victory despite an unusual number of injuries around him. If he plays anywhere close to how he did against the Dolphins most weeks, the Bills will have an opportunity to win every game they play this season. Bills MVP: QB Josh Allen – He did almost everything for the Bills, and nearly helped them win a game where the odds were against them.
  11. Absolutely loved seeing that. Team really cares from coaches down to players
  12. Ummmm... so what would you call Allen’s performance today, then? Just give us a grade: A, B, C, D, or F
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