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  1. YAC alone isn't a well-targeted accuracy stat, but YAC combined with Completion % is pretty darn good. You're being pretty silly. As @GunnerBill said in a previous post, all QBs in history (maybe) not named Tom Brady and Drew Brees fall into this category.
  2. How can he be listed as questionable already? That designation won't come out til tomorrow.
  3. Wow... it's been awhile... gonna have to remind myself how I liked the furniture arranged here. But again... I brought up YAC even before your obsessive post. Josh Allen has the highest completion percentage in the NFL. Josh Allen receivers have the 3rd most total YAC. Josh Allen has the 10th most passing yards in the NFL. Now... what exactly are you complaining about?
  4. How about accuracy combined with YAC? http://hosted.stats.com/fb/tmleaders.asp?type=Receiving&range=NFL&rank=231 Buffalo currently has 3rd highest YAC in the NFL. Doesn't seem like Allen’s ball placement so far is even remotely an issue in terms of allowing his receivers to keep running
  5. You can hate me. I really don't care. I've gotten many nights of sleep on that sleep number bed I bought for that apartment. I could afford the bed because it was that free, beautiful 1 bedroom in your head. But dismissing facts because of the messenger might just show your own bias rather than mine.
  6. This'll make a few of my favorite posters mad... but sure seems to ring true after week 2
  7. Josh Allen is 8th in the NFL in terms of % of total yards coming from YAC.
  8. Great post as always, Shaw. But Mahomes never STOPPED making stupid plays. He still does it. Just look at his game last year against Denver in Denver. But that just doesn't mean much. Mahomes will have more games where he makes stupid plays, just like Josh will. I think the real difference is that in 2021 after a Josh Allen like stretch (according to the national media) of about 7 games to start the season where he was pretty mediocre (15 TDs and 11 Turnovers), he figured out he had to play a different style of game and take what the defenses give him. That's what Josh has needed to do. Sunday it looks like that's what he did. It doesn't mean he can't still push the ball down the field and make mistakes, but it has to stop being all or nothing for Josh like it was in the 2nd half of week 1. I'm calling week 1 a mulligan. If our week 2 offense and QB is what we get for the rest of the year, it'll be the best season of Josh's young career.
  9. Wow... should I buy furniture? Didn't even know I had all that free rental space in your head. As for your accusations, I assume you're referring to this thread: ...and thanks for bringing it up... only one game, but a lot of what I said there seems valid.
  10. Highest completion percentage through 2 games of any QB in the NFL. 76.9%
  11. Greg Cosell was on the Herd yesterday and was talking a bit about this in terms of Josh Allen. He actually referenced that 7 game stretch in 2021 when Mahomes wasn't Mahomes because he was clearly learning how to play against this new style of Defense. During that stretch Mahomes had 16 TDs and 11 turnovers. Allen just needs to learn. I think this game was eye-opening enough for him. You could see it in his post-game PC
  12. I agree with absolutely everything you said here. What I disagree with is your statement that this was somehow on another level and this kind of game hasn't happened to other experienced great QBs. Allen sucked sucked sucked!!! You can simultaneously believe that and also believe it was a blip that won't become a trend.
  13. Do you think this conversation wouldn't still be happening if somehow we eeked that game out with a Field Goal to win the game in Overtime?
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