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  1. No, that play was not the same level as Garrett. Like I said, it was despicable, but not to the level of what happened between Rudolph and Garrett. White still had his helmet on. I don't know what the effort is to accomplish with this comparison. I don't think anyone would say Gronk's hit on White is forgivable. Everyone, including a lot of the national media, agreed that Gronk should have been suspended. That play by Gronk was terrible. The think last night was notably worse.
  2. So I didn't spend a lot of time watching the play before from different angles. I just saw the initial angle where Garrett swung the helmet at Rudolph but it was kind of from behind and it wasn't totally visible if Rudolph was hit. In rewatching and seeing a better angle and seeing that Garrett indeed hit Rudolph directly in the head, I think Garrett needs to be suspended for next year by the NFL as well. Garrett makes Suh look like a choir boy.
  3. The Gronk play was despicable, too. And he should have been suspended. But that was also a football player hitting another football player. Yes, it was after the play was over. And yes, Gronk is a behemoth. But it was man on man. Garrett had Rudolph's helmet in his hand and swung it. If Garrett dropped the helmet and punched Rudolph in the face with his fist, Garrett would and should still be suspended, but probably not indefinitely. Swinging a helmet at another player's head is a huge deal. I'm amazed ANYONE could defend Garrett after that.
  4. Which was why I said I didn't think it would happen. But that play is maybe the only play I've ever seen in the NFL that would be grounds for it.
  5. I don't think it would happen, but I could see Garrett being criminally prosecuted. Swinging a helmet at another player's head is, to me, potential grounds for assault with a deadly weapon.
  6. Good. Anything less than the rest of this season would have been criminal. Really glad the NFL took swift action. That was the most despicable thing I ever witnessed on a football.
  7. Holy crap! I just watched it after tuning out at the end. He should be suspended the rest of the year, period. Anything less is a joke.
  8. Life is about balance to me. Thinking about what I ate growing up amazes me now. I haven't had soda in YEARS. I drink low acid OJ in the mornings with cereal and yogurt and coffee. Otherwise I just drink water throughout the day. But I definitely have at least a beer, if not 2 or 3 every day. As for food, I honestly found it so much easier to eat healthy when I moved to Hawai'i, just because of the food diversity out here. I eat so much more fish than I used to. I'd honestly eat sushi (good sushi) every day if I could. My wife is part Thai and I love Thai food, which is also a lot healthier. Same goes for Korean food. Sounds weird, but it just made me realize how typically American I ate growing up. All meat and potatoes. Not that my family ate poorly, but it was just the typical American meal ALL THE TIME. It's also just portion control and eating until your content, not until you're stuffed. I went back to Rochester to visit family last month and went to get my annual Garbage Plate and, while I could have finished it out of a sense of pride like I used to do back in HS, I stopped when I was about 90% done... basically at the point where the only thing was left was potatoes and mac salad. I still indulge in fast food every once in a while, and when I do, I'm happy and don't feel guilty. But I also don't feel like I need to go back and eat it again the next day or the next week. Being busy it's also good to have easily microwavable healthy food. Costco often has a bunch of those options. There's Amy's Organic frozen meals, which are vegan, but some of them are pretty tasty like the Broccoli and Cheddar meal. I eat dessert pretty much every day, but it's dark chocolate. My most unhealthy indulgence is beer, for sure, but I'm also super active. To me, if you're active, no need to feel guilt indulging until you really notice it physically in one way or another.
  9. Loving this show. Only on season 1, but it's a show both my wife and I love, which is a bonus because I get into a lot of shows that she just doesn't care for like Mindhunter. Eugene Levy's been such a great character actor going all the way back to Splash in the 80s.
  10. Where's the wedding? Me and my fellow Bills fan Norm will be at Applebee's at Ka Makana Ali'i... the new Mall in Kapolei. We used to watch at the Chili's in Kapolei for years, but the bartender has been an escalating dick over the last couple years. Not a ton of people at Applebee's, but they turn the TV up so we can hear it as we sit at the bar. Come join us if you're this side of the island
  11. Part of this is just a coaching problem, plain and simple. McDermott coaches conservative. I would love for his comments today to his team about "play(ing) fearless" to be an indicator of some serious systemic changes on offense, but I'm fearFUL it won't be.
  12. It's one thing for McDermott to say that, but it's another thing for him to coach it. Guess we'll see.
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