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  1. Finally watched it. Holy crap that was bizarre. But you just have to love the personality of this team. On a side note, I hope whatever endorsements Allen gets bends well towards his sense of humor. He really could make some great advertisements.
  2. Plus there are those 2 TBD games... so might actually have 9
  3. Should be more than just 7 when you factor in that the 4:25 KC game will likely essentially be national.
  4. 7 primetime games? Is that really what I'm seeing?
  5. This kinda had to be the game... didn't it? I just started to wonder a little when the Bills were announced as a week week 2 MNF game
  6. Tre White was the 4th CB drafted in 2017 and is the best of the bunch. 'nuff said Let Kansas City have the guy Buffalo wasn't choosing because of his tiny T-rex arms.
  7. How much money is he still making from the Giants even after being released? If the Giants released him, but are still on the hook for a bunch of money paying a big chunk of his salary this year and we could get him relatively cheap, then let's go for it. I just don't know why he would do that when he could probably get better money and a potential long term contract elsewhere.
  8. Why would he end up in Buffalo? He'd be our #3 CB long term. Yeah... he could compete with Elam... but every single one of McDermott's 1st round draft picks has been a starter pretty much from the get go.
  9. Can't take credit for this because I heard it somewhere else... podcast I think: LEGATRON
  10. This is top 3 in my best shows ever. I loved the way they developed Nacho throughout the series. It was the reverse of Saul or Walt in BB. What happened to him was inevitable, but also loved the way he went out. Everyone keeps saying Mike is Breaking Bad, but I disagree. He's already exactly where he's always been. He was never exactly good. He's always been a really good complex character... kind of an anti-hero. For all the good he tries to do (save Saul in the desert, help his family, try desperately to convince Gus to let Nacho go, etc.) he does an equal amount of bad... but he's conflicted. Mike is what he is and even was what he was back when his son was alive and he was a cop. Kim is interesting in terms of her character development. I don't know how I feel about it. I'll say this, I don't think she dies. I also don't think she exactly dumps him. What happens to her (I believe) connects to the way they've begun every single season so far. Finally, I can't decide if I like the artistic beginnings or if they feel forced. One thing I liked was the symbol of the ice cream parallel to Jimmy finally really becoming part of the cartel pretty much officially. Jimmy innocently about to eat ice cream. Cartel takes him to the dessert. Ice cream eaten by ants by the time he gets back
  11. I just saw "Rachel Bush" as part of the thread title and clicked on it expecting pictures. 2 pages in and I'm horrified there aren't any.
  12. The analysis for all the other teams are actually interesting. This write-up for Buffalo is so boring.
  13. Without searching for it did we cut anyone? Yesterday this thread said we were at 90 already. Was that inaccurate?
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