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  1. Screw them all. Let's all remember that Josh Allen had a few weeks there after the Raiders game where he was still clearly recovering from an injury. Also, we didn't play that game with Milano in the lineup and Edmunds was hobbled. Allen's healthy now. I know that we're dealing with some injuries from Davis and Beasley, but McDermott made it sound like Beas will be good. Plus John Brown is back and healthy and had a sneaky good game last week against the Ravens. I'm not excited about the fact that it looks like it's going to be raining, but it appears it won't be too windy. I
  2. This morning when I was listening to Colin Cowherd, he basically ranked the order of most interesting to least interesting Super Bowl. From most to least: Kansas City vs Tampa Bay Kansas City vs Green Bay Buffalo vs Tampa Bay Buffalo vs Green Bay His cohost Joy agreed with him, but in agreeing with him, she said something that I think is so true. She said "we just don't know enough about Josh Allen, yet." And neither of them were saying the Bills in the Super Bowl would be uninteresting. They were actually praising the fact that
  3. There's something wrong with you still so adamantly pretending you weren't just very, very wrong.
  4. Bru, stop trying to wiggle out of what you said. Contrary to what you've been arguing here, the Bills players DO thrive off negative or neglectful media attention. That's what you've been arguing. You were wrong. Just admit it and move on. What you're now shifting the argument to is whether the media truly is negative or neglectful in its media attention towards the Bills. Bravo! You're shifting back to the essence of what I was arguing in the OP after going off on tangents. And as I stated in the OP... yes... yes I think it is when taken
  5. Anyone else get the feeling Davonta Freeman is going to be active and play a role?
  6. I'll just say I appreciate the response and move on if you so refuse to respond to those initial points while evidently expecting a response to these. You respond to a post like this where (you think, at least) you have a strong response and then completely ignore the conversation where right now "doth protest too much." You and I could be great representations of what should be happening over at that other board with all the posters who've fled for their echo chamber while kicking out all dissenting opinion. Do you want to have a conversation? Or do you want to win a
  7. Yep. Trump's legacy will pretty much be as a 21st century Herbert Hoover
  8. Doesn't need it, but when the word "almost" precedes it, the word has been modified. "Everything one way or the other motivates them" So then you're conceding that players are using that national media attention or lack thereof for motivation. Thank you
  9. What was the word that preceded "universally?" Go google your power rankings and you might find one here or there that had Cleveland better than Indy. The vast majority of them had Indy better, though. I know because I already looked.
  10. Have you not been following your own contradictory logic? Direct quotes from you: I think there is little chance that Bills players are using the perception that they are not being talked about enough going into this game as any kind of motivation whatsoever. players aren't concerned with something as trivial as this entire subject. And yet even @Thurman#1 who's on your side with the argument says that Joe B in his podcast has been hearing from players that they are using it as motivation. Then you try shifting the narrative by clinging t
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