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  1. transplantbillsfan

    Yeah I would worry now about the $5K

    Come on guys... do you really think he made this bet? I thought this was one of the dumbest bets ever before today happened. It just really has to be fake. Especially with the way he was talking about it. Isn't it amazing to anyone else how stupid Vegas was here? Call it hindsight, but anyone who watched the Bills in week 2 and paid attention to the halftime situation and then adjustments made would have known a 3 score line was preposterous in the following week against any team.
  2. transplantbillsfan

    Thank you Vonte Davis

    Already a thread
  3. transplantbillsfan

    Thank you Vontae, you galvanized this team...

    Like I said, a spark in a room full of kindling
  4. transplantbillsfan

    McDermott piling on: Should have put Peterman in.

    Hell no. Peterman would have thrown 5 picks again and the Vikings would have come back to win. No lead is big enough for us if we have Peterman under center.
  5. transplantbillsfan

    Thank you Vontae, you galvanized this team...

    It was embarrassing on a national stage. And not just on the sports stage. People I know who don't even follow football were asking me about Davis this week. I was being just a bit hyperbolic in the OP having a little fun, but I guarantee the players used that this week to some degree. So, again... thanks Vontae.
  6. transplantbillsfan

    Dive in to 2018 playoff optimism, the water's warm

    When we make the playoffs, I wonder if every Bills player is going to put $1,000 or something of their salary into a pool to give to Vontae Davis at the end of the year as a little thank you to a player who helped save our season by quitting
  7. transplantbillsfan

    Thank you Vontae, you galvanized this team...

    Get your oven mitts on, first
  8. transplantbillsfan

    Thank you Vontae, you galvanized this team...

    Yes, I'm sure something that I don't think any NFL player has ever seen happen in a teammate quitting and retiring and walking out on the team had no impact on the team.
  9. transplantbillsfan

    Foster Drops Another

    So did Benjamin and Clay
  10. I think the Bills heard all the noise and all the jokes all week. Last week you could just see how pissed off leaders like Lorax and Micah Hyde were after Davis quit on the team. Good leaders use that as a teachable moment at the very least if not as a spark in a room full of kindling. Throw in the adjusting McDermott and Frasier seem to be doing sharing the playcalling and an offense that's moving the ball and scoring and taking advantage of great defensive play and that Davis retirement last week could be the gift that keeps on giving. Right now I'm thinking the Bills do something like what they did in the movie Major League... put a life-size cardboard cutout with detachable pieces of Vontae Davis in the locker room every week. For every W, pull off a piece. And then another. And another. Until we make the playoffs... And there's a life-size cardboard cutout of Davis in Buffalo's locker room as we enter the playoffs with just Buffalo Bills socks and a Banana Hammock left... also removable, of course
  11. transplantbillsfan

    Joe B.: Bills Sacrificing Miserable Season For Long-Term Growth

    This is why articles like this after 2 games should never be written. I bet our blowout dominance is massively dismissed as us being the beneficiaries of a trap game rather than the Bills being much better than everyone thought.
  12. transplantbillsfan

    Tre White with next level trolling (and a helluva game)

    Holy crap that's hilarious! And from probably our best player on the field through 3 games.
  13. transplantbillsfan

    Calling It: I Guarantee A Win At Minnesota Sunday

    Love it!!! Great call
  14. transplantbillsfan

    Week 3 - predict the first Bills play on offense

    Play action deep bomb to Ray Ray