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  1. Why are we so far behind Kansas City and Cincinnati? If you think we are this year, you surely did last year, too, right? Afterall, we lost to Kansas City who lost convincingly to Cincinnati. Right? Sorry. Injuries and circumstances were too much for this team to overcome. Hobbled Poyer. No Von. No Hyde. No Daquan Jones--a loss against Cincy many aren't talking about. A 1 armed Jordan Phillips. 3rd string onto 4th string Safety. Yes. I realize there are no offensive players there. Offense is where I expect the upgrades this offseason... namely OL and WR. But no, we aren't that far behind either of those teams. Buffalo was dealt a horrible hand this year. Remember, we still have Josh Allen.
  2. They got Pacheko in the 7th round???? Criminal.
  3. Ummmm... between the Russell Wilson trade and now this do the Broncos have ANY draft picks for the foreseeable future?
  4. You don't think the teammate dying and being brought back to life less than 3 weeks earlier had any correlation to the playoff loss? You don't think tragedy compounds on tragedy compounds on tragedy and takes a toll on a person?
  5. It wasn't Von. It was Damar. Once that happened the Super Bowl hopes went from fairly strong to hanging by a thread.
  6. Stop bifurcating. You know that's not what I said or meant. You're being ridiculous. But I don't expect anything less from you.
  7. I'd be rooting for the Eagles except earth's year a friend of mine said it would be either the Vikings or Eagles who won the Super Bowl so I took the field vs those 2 teams. I win I get a case of beer. He wins he gets 2 cases. Plus bragging rights, of course. Regardless, I hope the Eagles win if they get there
  8. Being a zombie in a 9-5 shift is often private and secluded in many ways. You're trying to pretend as though all the WNY events had no impact on WNYers simply because WNY didn't shut down. That's just stupid of you. And to say "yeah, but they still did their jobs!!!" is blatant ignorance on your part. A shop clerk or teacher or construction worker can usually get away with being a zombie on the job. Football players have a different level of opposition. None of this is to dismiss other jobs. It's more to dismiss the opinions of people who work other jobs and pretend they know how everyone in every other job should be and feel.
  9. I originally agreed with you, but then @TheBrownBear convinced how traumatic the Hamlin events would be for the coaching staff as well as the team.. I honestly wasn't even considering the impact on the coaching staff, but in many ways I can see the impact being at least as great... after all, Frazier was a DB who probably spent a lot of time with Hamlin...
  10. Then how can you possibly argue that the Bengals had more emotional stamina if they didn't suffer the same emotional trauma?
  11. Yes I think it should and will happen. It's the same path Poyer and Hyde took to Safety. Joe Marino this week said he was like 90% sure our Safeties would be Hyde and Benford next season. And on a side note, I wonder if the firing of our Safeties coach had anything to do with the plan to move Benford. Maybe McDermott was hoping to get him there this season but thought progress was too slow...?
  12. Are you implying the Bengals dealt with the same amount of crap as the Bills? Or are you implying the emotional distress the Bengals and Bills had to deal with from Damar's near death was equal? It would be ridiculous to imply either.
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