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  1. I actually detest engaging in this thread at this point. But I identified you as one of a couple posters I'd engage with so I'll put aside my evening read momentarily to engage with you. Besides, this is less about DR than this board as a whole. He's just emblematic of its worst symptoms, so this dialogue is more about the board as a whole. I'm glad you said "in my opinion." In my opinion, you're wrong. What's interesting is I've been PMed by multiple posters over the years about DR. Thoughtful PMs from thoughtful posters who were evidently around here before even the last election. The last one came last night from a poster who clearly doesn't share DR's views but engages thoughtfully here. What I was told about his positions in the lead up to the last election and what followed seems par for the course for him. So there's pretty clearly an issue of perception. All those who agree with the views of DR--including thoughtful posters like yourself and others--think he's consistently posting good information as an informative poster. All those who disagree with the views of DR--I'll exclude myself for the sake of this based on some of the *ahem* comments about me in this thread, but included are thoughtful posters of the opposite opinion I've been personally hearing from--think he's gone down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories and needs them to thrive. Don't you think this dichotomy is wildly problematic? I actually want to quote a recent PM I got from one of these posters. I won't name him, but these are not my words, though they tell the story pretty well: DR dedicated 18 months of posts to how the deep state was putting Clinton in power and had arranged the stooge of Trump to ensure it. He believes that the Rothchilds control everything and the Bilderberg conspiracy. He’s convinced the crew here that he’s credible and normal through volume posting to a narrative. If Biden wins, his narrative will just shift to, “see the deep state is even more real than we thought.” He/they can’t accept that some good people do bad things and some bad people do good. And that the world is complicated. They prefer this narrative of good vs evil in a deep state. It’s a simple narrative for frightened minds. Helps them make sense of the confusion. And this is the problem. This right here is where the disconnect is. It's perception vs reality. Or perhaps I should say desired perception vs reality. I'm not wasting my time going through each of those 5 things you brought up, but based on what I've read, DR took firm positions of Exonerated! Exonerated! Exonerated! Exonerated! Attempted Coup! with these 5 things. Yeah, that's just not the truth. What is true, however, is that DR and the rest of his ilk over here never do any critical thinking regarding his own position. I found @Buffalo_Gal 's post earlier pretty humorous because truthfully what she was saying was "look, there's just no other way to view this than OUR way." That's the central ideology of this forum. And since the vast majority of you lean right (and good grief don't start telling me you've always voted Democrat. If you voted Trump once and plan on voting him again, you're hard right), this board rejects the views from the left as though they (to quote a previously mentioned poster) "fling-poo," despite the fact that valid points are brought up, but they're just tossed or forgotten in the midst of a "poo-fest." Who's the other candidate? See, this connects PERFECTLY with what comes above, both from the other poster who PMed me and the seeming inability to think critically over here. Mostly though it comes down to the PM statement of "They prefer this narrative of good vs evil in a deep state. It’s a simple narrative for frightened minds. Helps them make sense of the confusion. " STOP PRETENDING WE THINK BIDEN IS FANTASTIC!!!! Sheesh. I thought you actually listened. Or read. I guess not. Go back and read. We've talked about this. And more doubling down on the conspiracy theories as you consistently roll snake eyes... C'est la vie...
  2. I'm talking about the one who wasn't indicted, despite being told multiple times he would be by the likes of DR and others. Which is weird considering it's Bill Barr's Justice Department. Good to know the loyal civil servants aren't playing politics to appease their partisan boss.
  3. How exactly did EJ set the Franchise back for years? We acquired draft picks for him by trading back. We didn't lose draft picks. Blame the GM and coaching staff for failing to pull the trigger quickly the way Arizona did on Josh Rosen or the Panthers did on Jimmy Clausen or the Jaguars did on Jimmy Clausen or the Broncos did on Paxton Lynch. Those organizations pulled the trigger quick. Not EJ's fault OBD didn't. By this same argument Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Tyrod Taylor all also set this franchise back for years. None of them were drafted in the 1st round. Peterman was needlessly given incredibly valuable snaps in the offseason of Allen's rookie year. Never should have happened. I would argue Peterman hindered Allen's growth with that. You seem desperate to defend Peterman for some strange reason.
  4. We all knew it from game 1? We sure as heck should have considering his historically atrocious start in the NFL. Yet, he was not only to start another game that season, but was allowed to be a part of a legitimate QB competition THAT HE "WON" and start again in the ensuing swason. and posters here thought he'd be good... make no mistake about that... maybe you were one of them.
  5. Wait, he said Allen is the only NFL QB to not complete a pass that traveled 35 yards or more in the air. Ummm???? Did he mean from the LOS?
  6. And what BS would that be? All I get is crap over here. Look at my posting history. I have engaged with multiple posters on a number of issues. Ask @leh-nerd skin-erd or @Buffalo_Gal. These are posters I respect because I might wildly disagree with them in some cases but can discuss things with some depth at least. DR couldn't even admit how incredibly wildly wrong he was when he persisted that Biden didn't have a chance to be the Democratic nominee, which I insisted was the most likely outcome. Now he might escape our bet of Biden beating Trump, which is about to happen. And I don't even care if he comes back to make the "broken clock" claim... that's a poster who clearly needs to learn some humility and admit he was incredibly wrong... twice. Plus, I can't wait to see him sporting the Biden avatar I choose for him. Do you think @Koko78 should also be held liable for his even more lewd post?
  7. Well that makes 2 of us. I thought you were being honest about your venerable and chaste nature. Then I saw that you laughed at an obviously more offensive statement than mine from @Koko78. Apparently not. The only reason I post about him is because I want him to pay up on our bet in November and this feels like a good opportunity for someone who doesn't have integrity to escape a bet on a message board, change usernames, and leave people none the wiser.
  8. Thanks for demonstrating the exact hypocrisy I was talking about in the exact same thread I was criticized for making a lewd comment. And @billsfan1959 laughed at it?
  9. Wait so is this DR in disguise? Why did the OP claim you were back as @Deranged Rhino?
  10. You guys really are something else over here. You ask for an example where DR was wrong with all the coup bullcrap and @Crayola64 quickly points out all the people who were supposed to be in prison now. I remember that very well and it was quickly pointed out and you idiots can't even concede how wrong he was. And yet you say he was actually right. Really? So who's going to jail? If they obviously did it someone is obviously going to jail. It isn't Andy McCabe, who is one of several people DR said would inevitably be indicted. Face it... this place is a cesspool of conspiracy theories and @Deranged Rhino is your ringleader.
  11. I didn't realize female physiology upset everyone this much. If you can't handle the word "period" with regard to female menstruation, shame on you. But I didn't mean to insult everyone's sporadically chaste sensibilities. Oh forget it.... @RochesterRob brings up deflecting he does it as well as you can do it and drags sheeple like @Wacka along with him. Sorry for the period statement, but back to the issue you've deflected regarding the loss of your Messiah in this thread... well...
  12. Distasteful? You guys crack me up with your hypocrisy. I read worse things from consistent posters on this message board all the time and you idiots laugh along. It's okay. I'll dismiss it. I know you're dealing with the loss of your chosen one DR at the moment
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