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  1. Hmmm... this was a pretty useless post. I see he's #10. Was that supposed to debunk something I said? If so, do you have a medical problem where you can't see zeros and you actually thought he was #1? I wonder if you actually read that post. Also, based on these pretty useless posts, I think it's important for you to go see a therapist regarding your severe insecurity over your online persona.
  2. https://theathletic.com/news/dak-prescott-kyler-murray-tied-for-no-1-in-nfl-2021-mvp-odds-via-betmgm/uQPsVTAdQg1d/ Vegas seems to think Allen is just behind Dak and Kyler.
  3. Oh I see... you're trying desperately to win an argument of semantics by not considering the need to immediately run the play as opposed to calling a timeout and giving the D time to prepare. The whole point is catching the D off guard when running those QB sneaks and running the play right away. That's how Brady has always done it.
  4. Does everyone saying Lamar should be MVP watch him? He's not bad, but he's had 1 great game against a bad team that nearly won. He had a game against a now 0-6 team his HOF kicker bailed him out against. He's had 2 games where he's had more Turnovers than TDs. And the first time his team dominated another good team this season it was really all about Baltimore's D, not him. And I also have to say that as much as we all want to see Allen fix his fumbling issues, Jackson has much further to go in doing that. So... 2 plays are your entire argument?
  5. Carr is having a really good season, not at an MVP level so far. Herbert has been too up and down. I don't agree with your tiers, but I think all 7 of those guys from Allen up on your list are bunched closely together. Allen’s not at the front, but he's still one of the frontrunners. Part of this is also projecting what's coming. We're going from the toughest 2 game stretch (where Allen played fantastic in primetime... even in a loss) to a bye week immediately after a loss (the McDermott Buffalo Bills are 5-0 coming off the bye) with the easiest 4 game stretch on our schedule. Buffalo only has 1 more game against an obvious playoff team. Last night Josh excelled despite playing a defense that was clearly prepared for him, sub par offensive line play and a reversion to pretty much no running game. Is anyone going to bet that he's not going to come out in Orchard Park absolutely on fire against the Dolphins? He already OWNS the Dolphins! Then it's Jags, Jets, Colts before 2 primetime games in a row against the Saints and Patriots. All this is to say that even after an ugly game 1 and shaky game 2, Allen has rounded into his 2020 MVP form and has put himself up in the group of frontrunners. Can't wait to see what comes after the bye.
  6. Loved the idea to go for it. Hated the hesitation and lack of preparation in doing it that gave Tennessee enough time to prepare for it.
  7. Context bruh Call should ALWAYS be in your back pocket without having to call a timeout so that the D doesn't have time to prepare for the play. Are you new being a Bills fan? Those of us who've been around for awhile watched Brady do that to us and everyone else successfully for nearly 20 years
  8. If a 74.5% completion percentage, 375+ yards, 3 TDs and 1 INT is an "off game" for any QB then break out the gold jacket already.
  9. If the defense isn't good enough, don't you go for the Win?
  10. Tonight SUCKED!!! Biggest thing that sucked about it was that 2 things we all probably recently thought we fixed proved they still need plenty of attention: Defense and OL. But even in a loss, Allen was excellent. The interception was partially on him because he should have thrown it earlier or sensed the pressure... but even that might be a little unfair. Overall he came up with clutch play after clutch play. Heck I knew he'd drive the team down the field at the end of the 4th; even though he didn't do that a lot last season (he didn't really have to), he led the league in 4th quarter comebacks and game winning drives through his first 2 years. Daboll just made--and yes, hindsight is 20/20--a bad call to end the game. (I also think he stuck with the run game just a little too much... but I understand the reason for it). I loved that playcall by Daboll, but only if he makes sure Allen has it in his back pocket for situations just like that last play. And frankly, that's the last hurdle I believe this team needs to get over... mastering situational football. I've said it several times, but 3rd or 4th and short with a giant QB like Allen should be a no brainer run to the line QB sneak or fake QB sneak. Just freaking do it already! Brady made a career doing that! Regardless, as upset as I am about that loss (and I am!!!), Josh has really come into form after a fairly rough start to the season. Oh... and let’s all just remember the heartbreaking road loss this team suffered right before their bye last season and the thrashing we put on teams after. Yeah... I envision Josh and the team stewing over this loss and coming out angry to finish the season. Lord help you Miami...
  11. Honestly I don't even want to ruin the show. If you don't know anything about it and you like good and really unique storylines and great acting, watch it. The creator/director also did Haunting of Hill House. It's a bit of a slow burn, but it's amazing. Also... plenty of social commentary mixed in there... specifically of a religious nature.
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