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  1. Title is a direct quote from Act I scene 5 of Hamlet when Hamlet meets the Ghost of his dead father. Does the song have any other Hamlet/Shakespeare references?
  2. How long did that last, though? I just find it interesting that Palmer is quarantining with these 3 guys specifically.
  3. Didn't see this posted. Mods can merge or delete if it was He's in California working with Jordan Palmer alongside Sam Darnold and Kyle Allen. Gotta think Palmer is really heavily invested in the success of these 3 QBs this year especially since he's probably not working much with other rookie QBs https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/josh-allen-in-quarantine-with-sam-darnold-kyle-allen/ar-BB11SjEp Josh Allen in quarantine with Sam Darnold, Kyle Allen Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer highlights that Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is engaging in a self-quarantine with New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold and Washington quarterback Kyle Allen. The group is working with quarterback coach Jordan Palmer and former USC quarterback Matt Lopes.
  4. This article really deserves to be read. Anyone who has an issue with acquiring Diggs because of his attitude should read this.
  5. This is the age of an oversaturation of "information." I swear to God... any individual video can be scrutinized and critiqued and flipped on its head and now in the age of Twitter and social media, it's that much easier. Don't you find this type of exercise a complete waste of time? Ya know how easily accessible these types of "blunders" are for your boy Trump? Pure silliness. Britain's own Donald Trump has Covid 19
  6. Then you should tell all your friends here in PPP to stop being so damn sensitive about the BS and stupidity pointed out that the guy you voted for has consistently done.
  7. Honestly, my wife and I are largely introverts, so staying at home and keeping to ourselves is just natural. Evenings in the yard with booze and a book as my cats wander around. Always try to read a fiction and nonfiction book alternating as I get bored due to my ADD. And while Hawaii has a "shelter in place" order, essential activities like grocery shopping and exercise are allowed as long as Social Distancing (inevitably the "word of the year" for 2020) is maintained. Well, my exercise is surfing and even though they've closed beaches so it's a little more difficult to get to the water, you're still allowed to surf so long as you maintain that 6 feet. Surfed all by myself today. Social Distancing was easy. Trying to help the Kupuna and students who need to eat in the process. Thought I would really watch a lot of Netflix and Amazon Prime during this time, but I've been pretty busy. Part of the fortunate few and I'm extremely grateful for that. How many of you are literally quarantining yourselves to your house?
  8. Can we please get full body shot from day 1?
  9. This should really be its own thread. This is a very revealing article and this darn thread is 64 pages. Thanks for posting, though!
  10. Glad he finally actually invoked the Defense Production Act. I hope he acts to compel other companies, too.
  11. Finally finished The Witcher. What awkward friggin storytelling!!! Yet, I will probably watch season 2 when it comes out.
  12. I understand these are tense times so it's easy to see red, which often makes us blind to what's beyond the tip of our nose in front of our face. So for that reason I find the hypocrisy understandable and easily forgivable and forgotten. Stay safe and healthy and keep helping those around you who need it.
  13. Turn off the PC says the guy who spends exponentially more time in this forum than I do. You can't make this stuff up... But I think I will take your advice and "turn off the PC." Have a nice day and stay safe and healthy!
  14. Don't know what exactly you're talking about here, but it was Trump who politicized this all from the very beginning by trying to compare this to H1N1 criticizing Obama's handling of it saying that was much worse (it wasn't) and claiming that 1,000 American lives were lost at a similar point in the Swine Flu pandemic when no American lives have been lost--1,000 lives lost 6 months after 1st case in USA for H1N1 vs 800+ lives lost 2 months after 1st case in USA. And you guys in this thread spewed the same crap just a month or 2 ago. I really do wish everyone well though, despite your cult-mentality. As for helping, I'm volunteering to help deliver free and reduced lunches to students on the island who live out of district as GEs and need to eat. What are you doing to help?
  15. HandlING not HandlED. As I just said, he's doing better lately. Hilarious how much you jump back and forth between polls being meaningless and polls being meaningful.
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