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  1. As a show that I don't think I've seen mentioned I started watching Watchmen on HBO Max a couple nights ago and got hooked. One piece of criteria I always use for judging shows is the Rotten Tomatoes Audience Reviews--significantly more important than the critics reviews... usually. This show is an exception. I'm 3 episodes in to a 9 episode season of hour long episodes and I'll finish by early next week. The show is weird, but very engaging. I'd recommend it.
  2. I don't get it... is this why people are on tiktok and Instagram? Why not just watch porn? It's just as easily accessible. And...? Any good?
  3. My vote would be the one to Diggs in the MNF NE game where he was rolling to his left and was about to get hammered and threw a dart nearly 30 yards in the air for a TD.
  4. I understand that Allen has a position of not talking about his vaccination status, but based on the fact that he's not wearing a mask in his PC and arrival video... I'm assuming/hoping he is. I really, REALLY hope he got vaccinated.
  5. Hmmm... Isaiah Hodgins...? https://theathletic.com/2667530/2021/07/26/isaiah-hodgins-wants-to-show-the-bills-the-wait-was-worth-it-after-missing-his-first-year-to-injury?source=user-shared-article
  6. Thank you for posting this! I don't have the 57 minutes to watch this now, but this is definitely one I will watch. It was honestly largely his unique personal story that I immersed myself in right after we drafted him that made me go from completely hating the pick to being on board. I'm genuinely curious about what new nuggets can be gleaned from this... I'm sure there are many.
  7. Honestly Beasley's position has become even more selfish and ignorant over the last few weeks with the rise of the Delta variant, which has a significantly increased ability to infect even vaccinated people. People who are unvaccinated are much more likely to get infected and exponentially more likely to be hospitalized or die, but those things are still possible even among the vaccinated. The position of "no rules or restrictions for me if I'm unvaccinated because it's my body and my choice" is utterly ridiculous because you naturally become more of a risk to spread infection to y
  8. I've been reading your posts in this thread and these 2 sentences capture the combination of ignorance and lunacy in every single one of them.
  9. I love Beasley and prefer him on the team... but I also think our WR corps would still be very good without him if Diggs, Sanders and Davis were our top 3 WRs. Plus I think Allen is going to start becoming that QB who elevates another WR or 2 into surprise production territory. Beasley can simultaneously be a great slot WR and too much of a headache to keep on a team with some good talent in the WR room... and I think that is the case.
  10. He changed and improved on stuff last offseason... who's to say he doesn't do something drastic this off-season? Allen is still a bit malleable... which is good. And he trusts Palmer, who seems to be a legit QB guru. Obviously my trepidation is based entirely on an article where I'm not being given access to the entire process, but basic logic tells me 2 feet fully planted and dug into the ground (essentially) would more likely lead to lower leg injuries than feet that aren't. Again... likely missing an important part of that process. It's just that worrisome bird in th
  11. That Athletic article is pretty awesome. It's one of those worthy of subscription. I must say, though... it leaves me with one worry: Palmer is stressing the importance of "All 16 go into the ground" as an emphasis on using the ground as a way to take the load of your arm. Is it possible that this creates a higher likelihood of severe leg injuries? When you're on your toes, you're more nimble and loose. When your feet are planted flat and basically dug in, basic physics tell me bad things are a comin if someone attacks those legs...
  12. It's just Beasely. And as much as I love him as a player, I'm reaching the point where I won't be upset if we cut him. I view Sanders as an upgrade over John Brown and I think Davis will be better than last year. Maybe our WR corps takes a step back without Beas, but I don't think it'll be a huge one. And maybe this is finally the year our TEs make up the difference.
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