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  1. Our 2 primetime games this year were basically Dallas on Thanksgiving and Pittsburgh on Sunday night. Both on the road. What's wrong with those performances?
  2. Funny... if Allen's weapons only had even a moderate amount of drops instead of the substantial amount they had this year, he would have already been above your criteria. You're probably wrong.
  3. Well, our biggest culprit was Dawson Knox by far. Raw rookie Tight End who didn't catch many passes at all in college. His drops make complete sense to me, which is why I'm so excited moving forward. Knox is the one who really tips the scale. The rest of the offensive weapons may just suffer from being a rung higher on the totem pole than they should be; Brown isn't a true #1 NFL WR... but he's a fantastic #2.
  4. Yes, there were multiple Knox drops in critical situations in critical areas of the field that sucked. If he can be more consistent catching the ball, he can be a BEAST for us for years.
  5. Can you direct our attention to 2 of those passes where a WR had to do the "toe tap" or "toe drag" this year? I can't remember any. Yes, 7 more passes dropped than the league average. 7 more catches and Allen's completion percentage is 60.3%. Yes Allen needs to get better moving forward, but look backward and pause for a minute and comprehend that where Allen is in year 2 is the kind of really significant progress that can give us all hope, and if he makes a similar step from year 2 to year 3, there will be genuine reason to start the Franchise QB talk and work to potentially lock him up long term next offseason.
  6. Yes, every drop is the same. It's a pass an NFL WR should have caught. It's really that simple. You guys are really trying to twist the narrative to somehow pin these drops on Allen and it's just ridiculous.
  7. Watson was an absolute animal in college. I agree. He was. He was also surrounded by extreme NFL talent at all positions. Matt Ryan joined a D1 school that won 8 or 9 games in each of its previous 3 seasons before he started along with 3 consecutive bowl games. So you can say, by the same logic, that Allen carried the Wyoming Cowboys just as much considering the year before Allen got his season as a starter, the team won 2 games and had losing records the previous 3 seasons. Allen doesn't have to pass like Ryan because he plays a different style of QB. I don't think Allen will ever be in the upper tier of the NFL as far as completion percentage. He doesn't have to be. And not being there doesn't mean he can't still become an Elite QB. But these failures in logic some people are having is getting frustrating. We all want Allen to get better. But some of us are wildly encouraged by the huge step we saw from year 1 to year 2 in the NFL and we think it bodes, really, really well for his future. But the GM needs to help with that by giving him an Elite weapon or 2.
  8. Again. Blaming Allen for the actual passes that were tracked as "drops" by the NFL is sheer stupidity. Those are balls that SHOULD have been caught, no matter who is throwing it or how they're throwing it. Allen can be blamed for his bad pass %, not for the balls his WRs drop. Unreal
  9. John Brown's best season in the NFL is with Josh Allen as QB. His 2nd best season was playing with MVP candidate Carson Palmer in 2015 who was also throwing to Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, David Fells and Jermaine Gresham with David Johnson out of the backfield. Cole Beasley's 2nd best season in the NFL is with Josh Allen as QB. His best season was with surprise rookie Dak Prescott, who had his most efficient statistical season while also throwing to Dak Prescott and Jason Witten while handing the ball off to Zeke Elliot. If it's the QB and not the WRs, what is it saying that those 2 guys--who were never really considered #1 WRs and were never really expected to perform as such--had career years with Josh Allen at QB? It's the QB, obviously. It's also the Wide Receivers and other offensive weapons, obviously. We need to upgrade our offensive weapons. Allen needs to work on his game. Both are true.
  10. True. Fortunately, deep passes are by far the lowest attempted passes by NFL QBs and Allen improved on those in the 2nd half of the season actually connecting on a handful of them.
  11. Okay, Elite WRs like Deandre Hopkins and Julio Jones make Deshaun Watson and Matt Ryan look better, so can you also acknowledge the only logical counter that a WR corps without DeAndre Hopkins or other Elite WRs that drop more passes by percentage than any other WR corps in the NFL and can't competently accomplish a routine sideline toe drag make a QB look worse?
  12. Number one: I was genuinely confused by what you said. In part, it was the wording. But as I've pieced together what you've said, it's also because I'm being quite honest and pretty objective with Allen. Allen improved significantly in all aspects of his game from year 1 to year 2, but has some distance to go still before we can conclusively call him our QB for the next 10-15 years. In particular, he needs to work on deep ball accuracy, which he got worse in, touch, which he got better in, and decision making, which he got much better in, but still isn't up to par. He suffered from the highest drop percentage in the NFL by 1%, which is a wide margin when you look at the bunching of numbers below him. Bad throw percentage and drop percentage do not crossover in any way, thus it is ridiculous to accuse Allen of being responsible for his guys having the stat of highest drop percentage and 3rd most total drops in the NFL. His accuracy, while still a work in progress, falls within what I believe is acceptable range (less than 2%) of QBs like Aaron Rodgers and Kyler Murray and is better than the 2 QBs who played in the Super Bowl last year--if you're using something like On Target percentage as a true measure of accuracy, which you seem to. What I think you and some others do is look at QBs in the NFL and view them from some kind of cookie cutter perspective of where a QB should be statistically by which year and then use that as an opportunity for extreme skepticism. I think that's just stupid. I won't recount Allen's history for the 100th time, but considering his story from High School to now, where he is at the moment is beyond mass expectation for a 23 year old kid who has already played in a playoff game and accounted for 350+ yards of offense in his very first playoff game, which was also on the road. Dude has work to do, but I feel good about him doing it and taking another step next year. Maybe you should stop being intellectually dishonest about Josh and admit that you think he should have demonstrated he's a Franchise QB concretely already... because that's clearly how you feel. "It would make Josh look better but wouldn't make him a better QB." Clearly you will admit that it's only logical for you to admit that having a WR corps without DeAndre Hopkins that has dropped more passes by percentage than any other WR corps in the NFL and can't competently accomplish a routine sideline toe drag makes him look worse... right?
  13. And soooooo????? WTF is up with you and your incessant need to bicker with everyone.
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