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  1. So, you're saying that even a mediocre or (your words) suck(y) QB can be good enough to get his team to a conference Championship game, ala Bortles/Foles/Keenum? Go figure
  2. Glad it was worth your time! Sometimes you just need to get stuff off your chest, I get it. I hope there's some substance in there so someone can glean something from it or, at the very least, I hope you're entertaining! Keep fighting the good fight, my man!
  3. Hope this was worth your time for a post that was a tongue in cheek post taking a little light-hearted jab at a previously-banned-poster-under-a-new-name's thread I had fun with mine. The little I read of your post, you sounded upset. Why you mad, bro?
  4. I do! Like lots of it! Can you help?
  5. For months, we've heard... "You can't win with Tyrod!" "Tyrod is one of the worst QBs in the league!" "The Bills could never be a serious contender with Tyrod!" But then we made the playoffs for the first time this millennium. And after watching warranted frequent punchline Blake Bortles over the weekend be fortunate enough to be on a team talented enough to beat an all-time great like Ben Roethlisberger, who threw for more than double the yards and 5 times the TDs as Bortles, I really think that stuff can end now. If even Blake Bortles is capable of making an AFC Championship and Tyrod made the playoffs when countless people didn't even give him a shot at being a QB leading a team to the playoffs, then perhaps the world won't end if McDermott and Beane decide to keep Taylor for one more year to make a playoff run. PS: This thread is largely tongue in cheek. Some are about to absolutely flip out. Some will "get it." Truth be told, we're drafting a QB in the 1st, as we should. Taylor might be traded as part of a package to move up. but I think he's more likely a Bill than not. But Taylor really is better than Bortles, the King of Garbage Time.
  6. Whoa, holy crap, dude. How friggin old are you?
  7. You're throwing out raw yardage and attempts and "workload" as the sole reasons for him being better? Seriously? Here, quick, which QB is better since you're stuck solely on stats, and why? QB1: 7797 yards 61.5% completion % 7.0 YPA 5.1 YPC 47 TDs 12 INTs QB2: 8760 yards 57.8% completion % 6.5 YPA 5.5 YPC 54 TDs 32 INTs
  8. I don't like to watch videos of people claiming to prove an argument. Not clicking on that. You must be a millennial. Funny you say a "relatively important stat..." not too confident in whatever your argument that I don't currently know, are you? Please, tell the class whatever the hell you're trying to argue. Is your argument "QB PLAYOFF WINNNZZZZ"? I mean now that the Jags have a whole 2 of them? Or you could just do the rational thing and admit that Bortles isn't better than Taylor while understanding at the same time that if you did that you would not also be saying that Taylor is great or even good. This is just a really dumb argument I probably won't waste much more time on if you continue to pretend to believe this stupidity
  9. Have you watched him play? Did you actually bother watching the Bills Vs Jags game where Tyrod clearly outplayed Bortles as a passer? Bortles is NOT a good QB. He's bad. I can't believe you're drawing this line in the sand. It's a dumb one. I don't need to prove anything. Use your PFR you evidently rely completely upon if you're incapable of seeing what most people see which is that Tyrod is a better QB than Bortles. Bortles is just playing on the most talented team in the NFL. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/T/TaylTy00.htm https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/B/BortBl00.htm Tyrod 3.3% higher completion % (significant), 1.5% lower INT % (significant), 1.2 more AY/A (significant), 11.7 higher QBR (significant), consistently higher Total Qbr, 0.4 YPA more, 0.1 YPC more, Higher NY/A and ANY/A. Taylor's got 165 more rushing yards and double the rushing TDs in that span, as well. They have the exact same TD%. Bortles has a couple more 4qc and Gwds but in 20+ more games. What're you going with, exactly YAAAAAARRRRRRDDZZZZZ?????? If it looks like a Troll and smells like a Troll, it must be a Troll Such a shame.
  10. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Okay, Crusher
  11. Serious question: Do you find that the rewards of trolling carry over into your personal life? If so, is that why you troll so much? If not, why do you troll so much? Does it have to be medical?
  12. I think Tyrod does want to be in Buffalo. #1- Shady and Charles Clay are reportedly his best friends. #2- Familiarity with team, coach and city, which is a big deal for some. #3- He already knows he's better than any QBs currently on the roster and probably believes strongly he'll beat out any rookie coming in (that's not me saying he will, mind you). #4- He's tasted playoffs with a team that just suffered through the longest playoff drought in pro sports and knows the insane atmosphere of Buffalo that comes with it and will want to be part of something more. #5- He would get paid good money next year in Buffalo in a contract he's already under.
  13. Jags. How could anyone want the Patriots? Who cares about Marrone. He's just riding the coat tails of the most talented team in the NFL. But I want the Vikings to win the SB.
  14. Child. No one really pumps Tyrod up. We only speak the truth while you're standing there with a pitchfork in one hand and a torch in the other following the mob (though at this point I think you're clearly one of the leaders) ready to burn the house down of a monster you've all created largely through hyperbole and outright lies.