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  1. I believe that Darnold was our #1 choice. I said that for awhile leading up to the draft. So this doesn't surprise me. But the poster you respond to has a great point. While you say it's clear Darnold was highly likely one of the top 2 QBs, I don't think anyone had a clue outside of him. Mayfield going #1 was NOT the expectation a month or even a week leading up to the draft. I know because I was praying we'd get him and thought we had a great chance up until that last week (or was it day or 2...?) when suddenly Mayfield was the guy. Talk was all over the place for every other QB nationally. I'm sure it was the same among scouting and GM inner circles. So it's extremely reasonable to think Beane had Allen graded out as his 2nd QB just behind Darnold (pretty sure he basically said that about as directly as a GM can after the draft) and that he was now worried he'd lose his top 2 guys to Cleveland and the Jets. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2018-nfl-draft-browns-take-sam-darnold-at-no-1-josh-allen-to-jets-and-other-predictions/amp/ Josh Allen doesn't get past the Jets If the Giants select a quarterback second overall, then all the more reason that this will hold true. But even if it doesn't, the metrics – completion percentage aside – are very high and this kid has been impressing NFL teams the more time he spends around them and the Jets are among a handful of teams who were already super impressed by what Allen did in 2016. He won't have to wait long when Day 1 of the draft begins. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/josh-allen-thinks-jets-trade-move-no-3-pick-article-1.3885810%3foutputType=amp Allen, part of the Big Three in this quarterback class (along with Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen), could be a member of Gang Green in five weeks depending on how the signal-caller dominoes fall on the first night of the draft. https://www.theringer.com/2018/4/17/17245210/nfl-mock-draft-4-0-josh-allen-cleveland-browns The Ringer’s 2018 NFL Mock Draft, Version 4.0 How would the Browns taking Josh Allen with the top overall pick change the rest of the draft? It’s getting harder and harder to scoff at the rumors linking Josh Allen to the Browns with the top pick. Well, we can still scoff—but there’s a growing list of reporters and analysts who seem convinced Cleveland’s interest in Allen is genuine: ESPN’s Mel Kiper has steadfastly put the Wyoming signal-caller in the top spot in every one of his mock drafts over the past few months; Peter King reported that his source close to Browns GM John Dorsey believes Cleveland will take Allen; Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer has heard Cleveland is still trying to decide between Allen and Sam Darnold; and both NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah and NFL.com’s Lance Zierlein have reported that the Allen-to-Cleveland rumors have some legs. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ganggreennation.com/platform/amp/2018/4/26/17287050/jets-draft-rumor-coaches-pushing-for-josh-allen Jets Draft Rumor: Coaches Pushing for Josh Allen?
  2. transplantbillsfan

    Happy St Patrick's Day!

    Hell yeah! Mother in law is making corned beef and cabbage and father in law and I have a 12 pack of the pint sized Guinness Draught cans and a bottle of Green Spot Whiskey to drink.
  3. transplantbillsfan

    Syracuse Basketball 2018-2019

    They were inevitably going to have an extremely tough 2nd round matchup against either a #1 or #2. I'm happy with the bracket based on the progression of the regular season.
  4. transplantbillsfan

    College Basketball 2018-19

    Lovin the bracket Syracuse is in. Weakest #1 seed and only ONE ACC team in the entire bracket. The tourney is when Syracuse seems to pick things up. Should be fun.
  5. transplantbillsfan

    Syracuse Basketball 2018-2019

    8th seed with a potential 2nd round matchup against Gonzaga, who I think is the least frightening #1 seed. It's the ACC teams that really seem to give Syracuse fits in the tournament. Potential Sweet 16 matchup against Florida State. That said, Florida State is the ONLY other ACC team in our bracket, which I see as fortunate.
  6. Exactly Mr. Beane.... exactly... Courtesy of @stevewin AS – We know he’s a great athlete, know he has a cannon for an arm. In your opinion where does he need to get better BB – It’s his decision making. I hear the accuracy criticism, I don’t totally agree with that narrative. It’s the decision making – and what it is is Josh is so competitive and he’s obviously got the arm, that he tries to make throws that a lot of guys can’t make so they don’t try even try it. That was one of the areas of growth that we ket stressing to him – is it’s OK to take the 5 yd check down and move it to 2nd and 5 instead of trying to squeeze it into the hole 18 -20 yards down the field that’ just lower percentage. There are times for those but sometimes you just want to possess the ball and keep the chains moving depending on your defense. There’s times we’re playing a tom Brady we don’t want to score too quick, we ant to keep him on the sidelines. That’s just a maturity thing. I’d rather have to pull him back then him be check down Charlie and trying to kick him and ask him to drive it down the field.
  7. Whatever you say. Clearly you're very used to being right. I articulated what I wanted to say as I wanted it said. Carry on.
  8. That's all fine and good if it stayed separate from the main board except that douchebag trolls from here troll people on the main message board from here, and because of the setup of the board, it seeps over there, too. That could be partially the result of a lot of the upgrades and changes to this message board over just the last couple years. Regardless... you want your wanton disregard of the rules and the tradition of mods looking the other way, maybe you guys should occasionally examine what and how some over here actually speak to each other. You might also consider trying to keep the trolls at bay.
  9. Did I strike a nerve? Why are you so angry?
  10. Respectfully, free speech does not apply here. This is an Internet message board with a specified Code of Conduct that seems to be broken constantly here and just ignored because... well... I don't really know why. There's a way to have a political discussion here that still abides by the CoC of the BUFFALO BILLS MESSAGE BOARD that this is a part of. Know how I know this is a part of the overarching BILLS MESSAGE BOARD that is Two Bills Drive...? Because there's this racist jerk over here who I've had to put as my one and only Ignore on my list because he keeps trying to Troll me over here, and I see it over on the main board. So... unless you can direct me to a specific CoC that is wildly different in PPP from the Stadium Wall, the whole idea that free speech is allowed here just isn't true. If you want true and free speech on a political message board, why don't you start one? But I won't spoil your fun and bring this to the attention of SDS.
  11. He remained on here unbanned and posting for more than half a day after saying he "love(d) killing Haj." All my original comments about this forum as a whole stand. The_Dude may have been forced out eventually because enough people complained about him. Good for those of you who did... but the mods let him stay for... what...?... 14 hours...? That's just a bad look for a subforum of a message board on the whole that will ban posters within minutes of doing incredibly trivial things in comparison to what The_Dude said, yet he remained for more than half a day. You guys don't like me over here. I don't give a crap what some idiot on the Internet thinks of me. It's some of the thoughts as a whole on society, politics, racism, climate, public discourse, etc. from those idiots on the Internet that are troubling. And especially those sympathizing with the positions of racist terrorists. I'm the opposite on the whole of what the most vocal on this subforum seem to be. I'm liberal. I'm progressive. Whatever the hell you want to call it. I do disagree with some of the most liberal stances, but it just doesn't matter here. However, regardless of how much you might dislike me, there's something wrong with the infrastructure here if he was allowed to remain that long after those despicable comments. Which brings me back to my original point. Is there a mod here watching or not? If there is, I suspect this instance is like the way you boil a frog starting from cold water. Put it in there when it's cold, turn on the heat, gets a little hotter. A little hotter. But still manageable. Still hotter. Hotter still. Next thing you know you're eating boiled frog. I mosy in here from time to time and I see plenty that would get banned in a snap on the main board. So much of the dialogue sinks to mean-spirited and violent in tone that doesn't get banned that mods might be numb to that when just overtly WRONG things that are said are viewed as "just another one of those things allowed in PPP." You advertise the allowance of that deteriorated dialogue as a perk. I fail to see how. I guess you guys just enjoy your boiling water over here. Symptom of the times, I guess.
  12. No. This was the post where he claimed that everything I posted was wrong.
  13. Whatever. There wasn't a single wrong thing about what I said in there. Everything I said The_Dude, a long time poster in this forum, said or was advocating was exactly what he said or advocated. Sounds like he was banned. I'm glad. He seemed to feel comfortable enough expressing those thoughts in this environment. Time for a salt-water-cleansing.
  14. No. Just to point out the obvious before sun and surf, hopefully that washes some of the filth away.
  15. Point out what was wrong. Please do.