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  1. Here are some pretty good indicators of a dropping completion percentage considering longer passes are inherently lower percentage passes:
  2. Allen is going to be better and last longer. Jackson is much more frail in his lower half whereas Allen is thick and trunky. And Jackson is not a natural passer. His delivery is just so awkward. True running back playing QB. He has a lot of work in the passing game to do than Allen. And I think Allen is the better runner, anyway.
  3. Allen threw plenty of passes last year that had excellent ball placement just like Brady threw a number of passes with bad ball placement. We just need to see a lot more consistency from Allen.
  4. I've never had any AC. Not central. Not split. Not window units. Wife and I are finally investing in a split AC system for our house after 14 years of living together in Hawai'i without it.
  5. Well, Allen threw the 2nd highest percentage of catchable passes excluding Throwaways among the 7 rookie QBs I compared.
  6. Which was precisely the reason I compared him with 6 other rookie QBs rather than 6 veteran HOF QBs
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