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  1. The most ironic thing ever said on TBD. 🤣 Now, let me tell you what an idiot at drafting that McBeane is. And don't even get me started on McClappy's bend, don't break D...
  2. In good news, I *know* there are other sports that are working to "open" this year, so there will be some case studies on the "quarantine everyone together for a while to run the season". Unfortunately, one of the biggest situations in which the virus can spread is when people are packed close together, yelling and screaming. Doesn't bode well for packed stadiums, IMO. Like Augie said, there's still time, we'll see how it all plays out...
  3. looks like a soccer team logo! The "horn" reads as a ball...
  4. 'Bout 10 PM we'll throw up the Bean Bat Signal and the Bills spending begins...
  5. Guessing he means, they would have more money to spend, but who knows. Both tweets could just as easily be made up. That said that ProFootball411 is posting all kinds of stuff (and has been all weekend) - just said the Pats are kicking the tires on Cam? Seems like Bill B guy...
  6. Also saw this one, around the same time, fwiw:
  7. No Bills mention in this one, but interesting...
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