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  1. “It’s all about culture - which is why I’m such a dick.” - Gregg Williams (I assume).
  2. Good little article: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26936981/next-2018-qbs-how-darnold-mayfield-allen-take-off Nothing new on Allen really (don't we, the fans know it all anyway), but it does sound like the Jets situation is built to implode. Do you think that Gase and Greggo actually talk, or just yammer at each other trying to one up the other guy? And is Gregg filling him in on the D, or just throwing random things at Darnold? Good luck with that Jets...
  3. $5,000 Hammer's Lot Party! Or, more likely, more bikes and more weed...stocks (can I get a $5k repeat on TLRY? Last time it went from like $20 to $220...😳).
  4. Heitz


    Hey dummies - yeah, the 6 of you grouped up having a conversation in the middle of the hall, sidewalk, steps, etc., oblivious to the fact that you're not the only humans on earth - take two steps to the side GTF out of everyone's way! I'm tryin' to walk here, folks... And, hey, upstairs neighbor - yeah, you rhino, try walking on some other part of your foot than your heavy-ass heels! I know you once told me that you "don't even notice the noises", but I DO. Hence my bringing it up with a look of "I want to karate chop your face" in my eyes... I could rant endlessly about the general lack of awareness of others people have today. 😂
  5. Man, my 20 year career as a marketing consultant feels wasted now. Guess all those YOY retainers and praises from clients are for the killer snake oil and non-nuanced plans we force upon them... Blanket statements like those above are almost as dumb as believing that a little advice from Jim Kelly is going to ruin Josh Allen! 😂
  6. Weis is an Anti-Billser fasho! And, to this day, even as one who came of age during the heavy metal years, I turn the channel whenever Bon Jovi comes on the radio (or Sirius, since, "the radio"..??)
  7. I caught Weis rabble rousing - pointing out that Vic is a fan of Toronto teams and implying that he wanted the Bills to move to Toronto. Vic wasn't having it (because he knows that BillsMafia will be all over his ass)! 😂
  8. I'm betting he's not and they're not going to... o_O You might want to start on page 2.
  9. Players Injured! Balls Sailing! The Bills Building a New Stadium (Or Not!)! The Team Moving! We're freaking DOOOOOOMED! 🤣
  10. Allen live: https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1YpJkvAdaLYGj
  11. My boss had passed this to me a while back and I FINALLY just read it - what a fantastic article! Pop is the freaking man, how do I join the Spurs staff? I might have to link to this every time someone on TBD goes off on how culture and chemistry mean nothing in pro sports. Pop would disagree, as would plenty of current and ex-Spurs I'm guessing. Pro sports are as much of a mental game, as physical and bringing people close, forming those bonds, can only make a squad better... Too bad my boss read this and knows that Pop pays for all the meals (and YUGE tips), I was going to ask for a "team building expense account", for a few $20k wine dinners with my team!
  12. Exactly, I know tragedy, my Grandparents both passed away. Well, they HAD died, until I looked that feminine Grim Reaper **** in the face and said "Give my back my Grandparents, or I'll beat you about the face and chest!" Seeing that I was a real man, who would definitely woop his ass, he relented and brought them back to life. That said, I AM looking forward to the day when I have both their heads on my mantle...
  13. Half the fans overreact to this, the other half overreact to any perceived praise by the media. That and Da'rick Rodgers...
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