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  1. The original subject headline was more accurate. It was definitely written one of about 5 TBD posters... 🤣
  2. I knew who the politician was before even opening up the thread...
  3. SO Billsy! I knew he wasn't going to work out for this team...
  4. Please - I travel constantly and was upset at myself because I *didn't* have a Bills logo on my backpack. Solved that one though! 😂 And I can't count the drinking buddies made, free drinks received, upgrades confirmed, and random strangers yelled at over the years! Contrary to popular belief, it's always been my experience that people love Bills fans. When Buffalo finally wins a Super Bowl, I feel like the entire NFL fanbase will be happy!!
  5. Ballsy move - feel like they HAVE to make a trade for a QB now, but the other team has all the leverage. I'd love to either see the Fins get fleeced for a million picks, or just end up with a C level QB for 2019 😂
  6. I know, I felt bad. But, man, we're all on the Internet - one can't spout "stats" (that are actually "feelings") and not expect us to at least try to verify...
  7. 2018 catch stats: - Beasley: 65 catches on 85 targets, 74.7% catch percentage. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/B/BeasCo00.htm - Crabtree: 54 catches on 100 targets, 54% catch percentage. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/C/CrabMi00.htm Might want to check those links, Bealey's catch percentage is more often than not, higher than Crabtrees...
  8. ESPN and dummy Stephen A Smith were asking if they’re now a top Super Bowl contender 😂 They might be the best in their division, but let’s slow the roll a bit...
  9. Trolls gotta troll brah... 🤙🏼
  10. So perfect! 😂🙌🏼 You really do have to wonder sometimes, don’t ya?
  11. Terms were what Kirwan said this afternoon on Sirius...
  12. 🤣 Dear NFL Talking Heads, This Just In: Not all NFL players are the same!
  13. $13MM a year - still not *quite* what Bell wanted...
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