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  1. Heitz

    Patriots have 2nd easiest 2019 schedule

    Let's also pretend that the Pats are only beating up on the AFC "Least", not the rest of the league... 😂
  2. Thank F'n god the turf is going away! My TBD post count is going to go down next year when I don't have to B word about our players falling and slipping every other play!
  3. Heitz

    Cardinals sign Charles Clay

    Me too - I really thought he was going to help our forever lacking TE corps and I wanted to ignore the knee red flags. Just feel like, in the end he was injured too often, then it seemed like lost his ability to catch in big situations. Regardless, here's to hoping we fill this roster spot with a young, dynamic TE!
  4. Heitz

    Cardinals sign Charles Clay

    They are correct (by my reading of the data, at least). And don't call my Shirley. 😂
  5. Heitz

    Cardinals sign Charles Clay

    Takes so hot you can feel 'em from here! 😂 FWIW, here's the destruction of Buffalo by Clay as a Dolphin by year (from the Game Logs at: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/C/ClayCh00.htm ) 2011: Game 1: 4 Catches, 69 yards, 1 TD // Game 2: 1 catch / 30 yards / 0 TD 2012: Game 1: 0 Catches / 0 Yards / 0 TD // Game 2: Did Not Participate 2013: Game 1: 1 Catch / 7 Yards / 1 TD // Game 2: 4 Catches / 32 Yards, 0 TD 2014: Game 1: 7 Catches / 31 Yards / 0 TD // Game 2: 5 Catches / 31 Yards / 0 TD 22 catches, for 200 yards and 2 TDs in four years. Have fun with Wrong Josh, Charles. Too bad about those knees of yours, I had high hopes...
  6. Yes, because there are only 5 players from the old regime, McD has ALL of “his guys”.😂 Come on man, some of the guys on the team are just bodies. Yes, this regime put them on the team, but doesn’t mean they’re all “their guys”. Players that were dropped were gone for a reason - attitude, cost, ability. Seems like it was covered in other posts... And, per usual, I’m going to trust the pros in charge vs the TBD minority that think we’d be better having not turned over the roster. 👍🏼 Go Bills!!
  7. This thread Twitter is a good read. This TBD thread is mostly not...
  8. Watever - just another Carolina Connection! These guys need to get smart and bring in some REAL talent!!! 😂 (Great article!)
  9. Heitz

    Super Bowl 2nd half Game Thread

  10. Heitz

    Super Bowl game day thread

    Big Boi and Sleepy Brown, if you didn't love that... 🤷‍♂️ ATL's finest! 🔥🍻
  11. Heitz

    Super Bowl game day thread

    He played BTV at some point last year, great show in a small space - played a ton of Oukast songs!
  12. Heitz

    Super Bowl game day thread

    Sicko Mode - second biggest performance of that song this year, after the home opener in Hammer's Lot with AW.
  13. Heitz

    Superbowl Pregame Thread

    I just texted some friends "GO LA!" and it made me think, that in an alternate world many believed in 5 - 10 years ago, the Buffalo Bills were LA's team (and that was before the madness of LA ending up with two teams!). Let me say thanks the the Pegula fam for taking care of us!
  14. Heitz

    Superbowl Pregame Thread

    After the Super Bowl, think he'll let me borrow it for my trip to Wyoming? I am all in on Wade Phillips beating Tom Brady tonight! (please lord, please...)
  15. Heitz

    Superbowl Pregame Thread

    THIS guy! Hell yeah Wade