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  1. Chiefs are gonna Chief (especially against this D), time for Josh and crew to step it up - gonna take a lotta points to win this one... :Beer:
  2. No hold there - it was only ON CAMERA The entire time
  3. Josh gotta calm the heck down - we know you can do it kid, LEGGO!
  4. Do we have enough pass rushers even WITH them? O_o
  5. Cam is getting hit left and right today. Steelers on fire.
  6. Every time I turn on the Pats game Denver is taking a shot at the EZ. Just get a first down, guy... Well, OK, there you go
  7. It's like the announcers don't know what's going on - very strange...
  8. Might be a good day to do that regardless 🤣
  9. 11 guys, playing both O and D! How much do the Bills win by!? 🤣 That's a better question than "would XYZ Crappy NFL team lose to Alabama"!
  10. So they play with COVID negative players and without the guys at the private workout. Will they have enough players to field a team!? 🤣
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