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  1. True, though one could argue that headline ignores the entire pandemic thing that crashed the economy, caused mass unemployment and helped drive inflation. And a one day drop does not mean dooooom per your meme. Not that I really like the agree we're heading, but I'm in it for the long haul, so I don't over-react either way. Ignore politics, buy low, HODL, sell high(er)...
  2. And then there's today: Dow ends above 35,000 as major stock indexes close at records https://www.marketwatch.com/story/dow-ends-above-35000-as-major-stock-indexes-close-at-records-2021-07-23 Non-freaked-out-children retail investors know a big drop is a buying opp! 🤷‍♂️
  3. Wasn't quite sure where to drop this, but wow. Mods if this is too close to the line, feel free to delete, but it's certainly relevant to the season...
  4. You do have to love the logic of "One guy that's vaccinated got COVID, ergo, I'm not going to get vaccinated." Per everyone else in the thread, just stop talking on Twitter for a bit, Cole...
  5. The Biz DJ'd our companies 10 year anniversary party in 2005. Though he wasn't slated to perform songs we all got hyped enough that he did You Got What I Need - pretty cool moment for sure. RIP Biz. 🙏
  6. I have a Marshawn jersey...autographed by Jim Kelly (that was my sister's doing). And I have a weird Moulds jersey that's mostly white with the dark blue, but not the full "CFL-era" jersey. IDK what's up with that one.
  7. Paramount probably doesn't qualify at "premium", but Yellowstone is one of the best shows on TV! Definitely worth checking out...
  8. I don't know about you guys, but WE had a band last opener. OK, not a band, but Rich Rocka, aka, YaBoy, aka Stevie's cousin did rap a few for us - real nice guy 🤣 A band would be cool, but I can also see it being a distraction. Er, ANOTHER distraction in that lot, for that game!
  9. Go Bills (owner's daughter)! Bring home the hardware! One of the athletes I work with, Mariah Duran, is going for skateboarding - new Olympic sport this year.
  10. Which do get get first - Ertz or Dr Dre's Detox? To be fair we DID get G'nR's Chinese Democracy, just took a million years and didn't quite have the permanence of their other records. Much like Ertz I'm sure...
  11. This is a full opinion piece, so take it w a grain of salt. I mean, they needed to put someone on their list - its one player from each team...
  12. I like that the government says "We don't think they're extraterrestrial or Russian or Chinese." Okaaaaay, who DO you think possess this future tech? Is it Gates, Besos or Musk? 🤣 DIG UP THE OCEAN UFO, US GUMMERMENT!
  13. Cole went public with his opinion (to 475k followers, I might add), the cartoonist went public with his opinion. So no, not really. And whist I was IN, now I'm out...
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