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  1. I understood the point - Josh is Buffalo, we are him and Buffalo is everywhere, especially w Josh! For the record I wore a Bills shirt to and from Cali last week and bought a UofW flag and several patches out in Jackson a few weeks ago. 🤣 🙌🙌🙌
  2. Also relevant I bought a University of Wyoming flag and the U (of the UW) is next to the flag pole. Whaaat’s the deal? 🤔
  3. You’re so preoccupied with whether or not they could, you didn’t stop to think if they should…
  4. He can own the Dolphins and play for the TB Lightning, I believe...
  5. Fans clearly learned nothing from the last time they speculated on a tweet... 🤣
  6. @JoshAllenQB Replying to @AdamSchefter Yes. I freaking love Josh!
  8. My takeaway from this thread - I should be able to get seasons in the new stadium since I’m not adverse to paying for a PSL 🤣🤣🍻🍻
  9. Has this ever happened - PSLs holding so little value one turns them into the team? I’ve seen some hand wringing about the potential Bears moves (PSLs are only for Soldier Field, not a new stadium), but hadn’t read much into the value hold… IDK, but seems like an investment I’m willing to speculate on, especially in a fresh new Stadium. Just wait until Hammer stars selling parking NFTs that guarantees you parking for life right next to the new stadium 🤣🙌
  10. ^ Buddy, asleep at the wheel...
  11. Very strange that Nike needs more time to complete them because of supply chain issues. Like, is there some specific fabric they don't just manufacture themselves? Still, the creamsicles will be nice to see again. For a game or two.
  12. Rod Watson: Buffalo ‘leaders’ succumb to Stockholm syndrome in Bills stadium talks https://buffalonews.com/news/local/rod-watson-buffalo-leaders-succumb-to-stockholm-syndrome-in-bills-stadium-talks/article_f17aeec0-8ee9-11ec-9efe-632f16cc2af2.html Be careful, some toasty hot takes in there...
  13. I'm with this opinion - I don't really watch *any* other sports (ok, skate and snowboarding because work, but not like, any other stick and ball sports), so the NFL, nay, the Buffalo Bills is really it for me. I follow the league closely, at the beginning of the season I'll watch game after game. By about week 3 I'm in just Buffalo Bills mode though! I'm currently trying to work out some sort of a hyperbolic chamber I can hop into until Draft Day...
  14. True, but would their "all in" plan have worked against the Bills or Chiefs? In other words, maybe the plan we have now is, at least, equal to theirs? We'll never know since we didn't make the big game, but consensus from most Bills fans is that we would have won that game. With our draft and built strategy, vs their break the bank strategy. And that said, please add someone disruptive on the D Line this off season even if they cost a bunch!
  15. Me Crip waking around my place during the show last night 🤣 🙌
  16. He was Run's backup? But, he looks nothing like him... 🤣 That's actually super rad - Run is a legend if ever there was one!
  17. Loved the Lebowski ad too, because Big Lebowski. But, but personally, I loved the Coinbase ad the most... It drove curiosity (eventually I was like "OK, guess I have to scan this..."). It was probably the least expensive ad to produce (I've worked on SB spots, brands spend waaaaaaaay to much on them). And it drove a ton a buzz - worked so well their site crashed (which probably ended up pissing a lot of people off). Would love to have sat in the pitch meeting for that, "OK big idea we're just going to show a QR code bouncing around like a freaking DVD logo screensaver! People will FREAK OUT!!" *stunned silence*
  18. No doubt there and that was my point - people are like "Oh there's rap in the halftime show, so awful!", yeah, like Classic Rap at this point. And if people can't handle / understand vintage Dre, they would REALLY flip out at some of the new stuff out. Last night's show was ultra relevant to the SB market and was, in context, pretty mellow on the rap front... Also, people that "hate rap" or "hate country" don't really listen to music (or just love overly broad generalizations). I mean, I'm certainly not a country guy, but that doesn't mean there aren't some good country songs out there. They're just reaaaaaal few and far between on my playlist! Anywho, I loved the show and am stoked for my friends at Pepsi, no matter what Kieth Richards thinks of hip-hop
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