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  1. I hope you're right sir. Would be awesome to get 5 plus sacks from him
  2. To a certain point you got to be responsible for your own actions. Lots of ex players probably have CTE who don't act this bizarre. Aaron Hernandez had CTE- does that excuse him of killing 3 people?
  3. Fair. If you look it that way though, that's about a low end DE3 or a very high end DE4. I think he's DE5, assuming he's even active every game. I am not saying you're wrong. I just think that would be extremely good and encouraging production for a 5th round rookie rotational end who may not be active every game.
  4. I hope you're right. If bills get 5 sacks from Solomon, that would be huge production for a 5th round rookie edge
  5. Predictively I think you're right as I don't think they are gonna add another one. But I hope they do as I don't think the DE room is nearly good enough. Now admittedly I don't know who's out there in free agency now as I haven't really checked
  6. Some sort of pass rusher. Rousseau, AJ, Von as your top 3 isn't good enough IMO. Hoping for a similar situation last year when they signed Leonard Floyd
  7. If you follow baseball, he looks exactly like the Blue Jays manager John Schneider lol
  8. That's totally fair, I'm not saying "fear " Miami. The original comment I responded too was him saying it was going to be an "easy" game. There is just no way I agree with that. 4 out of the 5 games against McDaniel (including the playoff game) have been one score games which came down to the last possession
  9. Yes it is lol. The common theme above is that the pats had Tom Brady while the bills had guys like Kyle orton and fitz. The Steelers had Big Ben and how Many Brandon Weeden QBs for the browns? The packers had A rod and the bears had who, Jay cutler as the best? If you want to make some sort of sample size to this dolphins then look at the last 2 seasons under McDaniel and Tua. What Miami did against Josh Allen with Flores and Ryan Fitzpatrick has 0 relevance. Bills are 3-1 against Miami in the last 2 years against McDaniel/Tua. (Not including the close game against Skylar Thompson in the playoffs) 2022 at Miami loss 2022- Game winning FG to win 2023- Blowout win 2023 at Miami- close win against a banged up Miami team with the help of a punt return TD. So from that sample size ^, what makes you think it's going to be an "easy" game?
  10. The outcomes in 2019, 2020 etc are completely irrelevant to 2024
  11. I understand that . When I say short week, I wasn't talking exclusively about the bills. A short week on the road is also more of a challenging dynamic. Home teams were 11-4 at home on TNF last year It's not a negative. Just can't really rely on special teams TDs as it's a bit of an anomaly to get them .
  12. Oh I agree don't get me wrong I'm not betting the bills are gonna lose. But easy game? lol. Assuming both teams win week 1 with no major injuries, The spread will be -3 max
  13. Still. Division opponents on the road are not easy... lol. Especially on a short week. 2022 at Miami- loss 2022 at jets with Zach Wilson- loss 2022 at pats- comfortable win 2023 at jets with Zach Wilson- loss 2023 at pats- loss🤢 2023 at a very banged up Miami team- very close 21-14 with the help of a punt return TD I just don't understand how anyone could think at Miami on a short week is an easy game.
  14. Last time bills went to Miami in September, they lost. I have no idea how you think at Miami, a division rival on a short week is an easy game.
  15. Cards, yes. But How is at Miami on a short week on the road an easy game?
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