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  1. Hoping John brown doesn’t get cut. Would much prefer them signing him to an extension to free up a little room this year.
  2. hahahaha I am laughing more than I probably should but that was amazing
  3. He’s been playing pretty well though and recently he said he wants a place where he can compete for a starting job. I thought he would be back in the league and maybe be a bridge guy for a team like Jacksonville, or whoever drafts a QB in the 1st round
  4. Dak for Rus Wilson seems to make sense. (With other stuff maybe thrown in the deal) Win/win situation for both teams IMO.
  5. Yep. Or Ford competes at RT if they don’t sign Williams. Which I pray does not happen.
  6. Drew brees SB ring, multiple all pros, and basically better stats all around compared to rivers. They really aren’t comparable at all.
  7. That’s true. Maybe I am putting my own beliefs of what constitutes as a HOF er. Im more on the baseball side of things where I would only put in the best of the best.
  8. A potential first ballot HOFer and a lock for a guy with no Sbs, mvp awards, or all pros? If rivers is a first ballot HOFer and is considered a lock to make the HOF, that really taints the hall of fame IMO.
  9. Regular season HOf er for sure. But he never really played that well in the playoffs and never even got to a SB. Now I’m not blaming that all on him as it’s a team game, but he never played his best football when it mattered the most.
  10. Rivers just retired but that is an interesting one to me. I think he is going to be right on the border. For me I would vote no, but I think he has a legit chance of getting in
  11. I was meaning to say he inherited an anemic offence in 2018, I’m aware he was the OC then. And to be Frank , I didn’t like him the first year. In saying that, I don’t think any Oc would have success when kelvin benjamin was the starting WR1 with Zay being the 2nd..
  12. Well considering he took an anemic bills offence from 2018 to top 3 in the league, and with a QB that had came 2nd place in mvp voting after coming out of college with huge flaws, how can you really argue otherwise? Daboll was a big part of Allen’s growth (among other factors of course) . if you don’t watch cover1 from Erik Turner, I would highly recommend you checking that out, as some of the game plans and play calls/adjustments daboll has is brilliant.
  13. I don’t know if this necessarily has to do with daboll being overrated as a coordinator. He has done a very good job and it’s hard to argue that. I think just because you’re a good coordinator, doesn’t necessarily make you a good head coach. So many things go into being a head coach, with leadership being a big trait. So I think it’s very possible that while daboll is really good at being a coordinator, he may be missing some of those key traits that would make him a good head coach.
  14. Speed being a huge one... Not hitting the holes fast enough... Breaking tackles, at least within a closed space. (he can make guys miss in open space, about the only thing he does descent IMO) Well ask yourself this, when have you ever seen singletary lined up as a receiver, make a guy miss on a go route or a stick option, and take it for a big gain? I haven't seen that once in both his seasons... So either the bills just don't use him as a receiver much due to his limitations, or he is highly ineffective at it when they use him at receiver. Its really only one or the other lol.
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