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  1. Love it! Is he good in pass protection? I would assume he is but not 100 percent sure
  2. Just messaged my buddy who’s a diehard Dolphins fan about him and his response was: -Bills fans will fall in love with him. -Great special teams guy who has good hands as a WR -He will help win us a game sounds positive lol
  3. This^. Said that even when they were on their winning streak and got blasted for it. Their only convincing W since the bye was at NE. There was a lot of struggles against mediocre teams
  4. That’s interesting but I believe that. Where did you hear that out of curiosity?
  5. One final thing I’ll say: I think we need to have more context when looking at stats and in this case, his high YPC Jimmy G had a better passer rating than Josh the last two years. Does that make him an elite QB and better than Josh? No. He throws against way more single high safeties and is going to get a lot of more 1 on 1s. Teams sell out to stop SFs run so Jimmy G benefits. For singletary, teams sell out to stop Josh with two deep safeties so Singletary benefits with his YPC. Pacheco for context averaged 4.9 YPC with the chiefs this year. Same rules apply as teams sell out to stop Mahomes with two deep
  6. 672 carries in 4 years is really not a lot at all though and he’s never had 900 yards in his career. So That’s an average of 10 carries a game basically over that span . Josh Jacobs alone last year had 340 lol. My point is: He is only getting 10 carries a game, which is going to keep him more fresh/efficient. He runs a lot against light boxes. And he didn’t get a ton of short yardage carries. You add all that up and it makes sense why is YPC is good. Give him 15-20 carries a game like a typical starting RB, and couple that with going against more 8 man fronts/short yardage carries? inarguably his YPC would drop significantly
  7. Gore got a ton of 3rd and 1/goal line touches, where singletary didn’t. a lot harder to get good YAC in those scenarios. Saying his YPC is higher because he runs against light boxes and doesn’t get many 3rd and 1/goal line touches aren’t good reasons? Those are perfectly legit reasons IMO
  8. Yep. Exactly what I said above, he runs against a lot of light boxes which helps his YAC
  9. I think I gave some fair reasons why his YPC is inflated a bit. Anyways, Just my opinion. All good if you disagree. Good thread topic
  10. I would say he’s an average back at best. His YPC are a bit inflated IMO as he runs against a lot of light boxes and doesn’t get a ton of 3rd and shorts/goal line touches. (He did get more in 2022) I do like his game as he plays tough. But he definitely has some flaws. (Fumbling, no break away speed)
  11. 0 sacks against statistically the best pass rush of all time in the SB? Mahomes had all day to throw on a bum ankle, barely got touched
  12. Offensive line as well. They may have the best o line in the league where the bills are bottom 10
  13. It’s definitely close. But where KC has a significant advantage is O line, which is why I would give them the edge on overall talent. But 100 percent agree in terms about the coaching
  14. Bills can beat the chiefs and are in the same ballpark as them. But you can’t say that the bills are better than them as they have 2 super bowl wins in 4 years and have beat us in the last two post season games. Colts also beat the chiefs last year. That doesn’t mean they are better than them.
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