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  1. BillsFan130

    All Troublemaker Team

    Looked at the first page and no ond mentioned Aaron Hernandez?! Lol
  2. BillsFan130

    Gettleman - idiot or genius?

    WOuld say idiot. Why not just draft Darnold or Allen last year at 2, keep Beckham, and build from that?
  3. Based on what? It was a very thoughtful post.
  4. BillsFan130

    The future finally is now in Buffalo

    I’m 50/50 on him myself. I like a lot about him but he also drives me insane sometimes with his conservative mindset. He has finally got a bit of talent around him so let’s see what he does in year 3.
  5. BillsFan130

    WR John Brown (Ravens) to the Bills

    Ya I definitely think they should grab a WR in the 2nd or 3rd round assuming they have a guy they like
  6. BillsFan130

    WR John Brown (Ravens) to the Bills

    I wouldn’t say the WR position is set. Well I hope not at least. Brown foster and Zay for the top 3 as of now. I don’t know about you but in my opinion I still think that’s a mediocre top 3.
  7. BillsFan130

    Giants letting Landon Collins walk

    100 percent agreed. Out of all the holes the Bills have, Poyer is not one of them. Has some flaws but overall is a pretty descent football player.
  8. BillsFan130

    How can we not be all in on Metcalf now?

    I honestly can’t comment on Metcalf as I don’t really follow college too much so I’ll defer that to you. But ya just hoping they get an impact player at 9 regardless of what position that player is
  9. BillsFan130

    How can we not be all in on Metcalf now?

    Fair points, was just answering your question. Colts haven’t been to a SB recently but that Nelson pick is looking pretty great for them so far. But ya picking a OL high is definitely not a sure thing. The draft at the end of the day is a crapshoot for the most part.
  10. BillsFan130

    How can we not be all in on Metcalf now?

    Nate Solder, New England. 2 SB wins for him . (Playing devils advocate here)
  11. BillsFan130

    Adam Schefter: Julian Edelman Is a Hall Of Fame candidate

    Na. From my recollection he didn’t really get good until like 2014. And even his “good years “ aren’t hall of fame good enough in my opinion
  12. BillsFan130

    MVP sums it up

    Haha. Both, maybe?
  13. BillsFan130

    Gilmore on the Pats is the same player he was in Buffalo

    Lol. Interesting point. I have always thought Gilmore was a good, but not a great player that took flags in bad times.