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  1. What's your "point"? Sorry...
  2. Jenkins net worth 100 million? I'm not sure where you're getting that but it's not even close. 1-5 million was the number I got when checking now
  3. Agreed. It's almost a perfect opening day game for the bills I think. If there is one thing that may be annoying is that Steelers fans travel well. But besides that I love the matchup, time slot, and that it's at home .
  4. That play action thread the needle throw over Fred Warner may be the most underrated throw of the year because it was only like a 15 yard gain.
  5. Those Diggs touchdowns against the Pats for me have to be up there. Especially that 2nd one when he scrambled and made an impossible throw
  6. I would have to agree. Brady and BB every year vs coaches like rex, jauron, marrone etc and qbs like tyrod, fitz, losman etc. Huge mismatches. Mcd and JA are really good but they are nowhere even close to BB and tom brady status yet needless to say,
  7. Bills should for sure be there. Another sleeper is Miami. Parker, Waddle, Fuller, Preston Williams, Albert Wilson. They got a really deep 5 especially if waddle pans out.
  8. I know it's not as I was not comparing the players and their skill sets/differences, I just think Rousseau will be part of the rotation kind of like Espenasa last year- I think that because he is raw and needs time to develop, not because he is a comparable to Espenasa.
  9. He's pretty raw though. Maybe at the end of the year if all things go really well, but Even then I think that's a bit optimistic. I think he will have the espenasa role from last year
  10. Thanks for the info sir! To your point I hope someone steps up and one or both of those guys don't make it. Can dress Breida potentially if that's the case as a change of pace back.
  11. Gotcha. Sorry just wasn't sure by the context of your original post. I do think they still make it mind you.
  12. Special teams, that's why they'll make it. Mcd really values Special teams
  13. I agree with all of them except for Obada- I think they cut Addison and keep Obada.
  14. Nope. Hughes has been a good player for the Bills, but I don't think he has ever been "great". At least in my opinion. Do you remember what game this was?
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