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  1. BillsFan130

    GDT: NE**** at KC 6:40 on CBS

    Not to mention Whaley could never get the QB situation figured out. He did make a few good moves. Got Hughes in a trade, drafted some good players especially in the later rounds. But he also missed on too many picks and like I said above, he never could find the big piece which was finding the franchise QB
  2. BillsFan130

    OT Rule needs to change!

    Defence is part of the game. Chiefs don't deserve to go to the SB if they can't stop a 75 yard drive with home field advantage and the weather elements on their side. Saints got the ball first in OT but lost because DEFENCE is still part of the game. No one mentions that though...
  3. BillsFan130

    Bils fans the Dee Ford appreciation thread

    Usually thats the case in the playoffs but not today. They got flagged on a lot of ticky tack calls, especially late in the game. They were the better team today. Only reason why it was a game because of turnovers
  4. BillsFan130

    GDT: NE**** at KC 6:40 on CBS

    When the patriots lose 2 in a row next year and look bad can we please stop saying they are done? Same crap every year and most Bills fans on this board fall for it every time. Venting here as I’m sick of this team and Im sick of everyone writing them off and them going to the SB virtually every year
  5. BillsFan130

    OT Rule needs to change!

    Nope. Stop them from going 75 yards Stop 3rd and longs. Nothing wrong with the rule. Kcs defence needed just to just make 1 more play and they couldn’t
  6. BillsFan130

    GDT: NE**** at KC 6:40 on CBS

    Leave it to BB to figure it out. Such a good coach:(
  7. BillsFan130

    GDT: NFC Championship Game Rams at Saints on FOX

    ALways thought that. Taking the ball out of a hall of fame QBs Hands for a guy to run the wildcat makes no sense to me
  8. BillsFan130

    The Underappreciated Genius of Chan Gailey

    Or his overuse of screens/WR screens. He mastered the screen but he called them way to frequently
  9. lol whatever you say. Top 4 offences are left. Top 4 defences are out. You can’t even dispute that unless you think that the Rams, Chiefs, Pats, or Saints possess a top end defence...
  10. Last year the number 2 ranked offence won in a 41-33 game. Once again not saying defence does not matter. I said you have to make key plays along the way. Mentioned that multiple times. But ultimately a great offence is going to win you a super bowl. A great defence is not necessary . This has literally been confirmed with the 4 teams remaining.
  11. 1. The pats did not get to the AFC championship game because of their defence. 2. Bills defence had a very tough start to the year. They were awful against ravens and chargers but after that they turned in a very good year. Lit up by the packers? They held them to like 23 points and forced an INT. This is with the Bills offence going 3 and out basically every single possession... They virtually shut down the pats on the Monday nighter. Yes they got lit up by the colts. Against the Bears it’s hard to play inspiring defence when your QB throws 2 pick 6s in the first quarter and a half... Were they perfect? No. But to say they were average this year is ridiculous IMO. Anyways getting back on track. The 4 teams that are in the championship games this weekend are here because of their offence not their defence. Last year- Top 2 offences were in the superbowl Year before that- 2 out of top 3 offences were in super bowl This year- Most likely 2 out of top 3 offences will be in the Super Bowl. Get with the trend lol. Offence these days wins championships. Yes your defence has to contribute and make plays along the way, but offence is far more valuable than defence. That’s pretty inarguable.
  12. Eagles and Pats had either the 1st and 3rd or top 2 offences last year. Same thing a couple years ago with the pats and Atlanta. Same thing will happen again this year
  13. 1. I am not saying you don’t have to have a respectful defence. But you can have an average one and still win. As all 4 teams in now have average defences at BEST 2. Bills defence was not average.... If you think that then I’m guessing you didn’t watch the other 31 teams much this season 3. I’m from Canada. We spell it with a C not a S Lol 41-33 SB last year wouldn’t exactly qualify as “shutting an opponent down”. And the year before that, 38-31 I believe was the score
  14. Top 4 offences in the NFL throwing out all stats and just going by personal opinion: Saints, Chiefs, Rams, Pats. Would you agree? Top 4 defences in the NFL throwing out all stats and just going by personal opinion : I would say ravens, Bills, Cowboys, and maybe Seahawks. Agree? The 4 teams with the best offences are left, the top 4 teams with the best defence are out.