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  1. If I am not mistaken it is a high ankle sprain. Those are usually 3-4 weeks, maybe more depending on severity. My guess is Bills sit him out next week as they have 10 days off after that . He didn't practice at all last week as well which isn;t a good sign. But of course just a guess. Hope he returns next week
  2. Frazier has had 0 answer for the other teams top receiver 3 weeks in a row now. I will credit him for blitzing more last game as I was calling more of that, but letting JJ go off for 190 yards and Amari for over 100 with 2 TDS is inexecusable. (banged up secondary or not)
  3. Dane Jackson was bad, but another guy who has been playing rough the last few weeks is Taron Johnson. He is a highly paid Nickel corner and he needs to be playing a lot better
  4. Ya he definitely wasn’t pretty. Didn’t play well also
  5. I really hope he’s another teams head coach next year lol. Comp pick as well
  6. Tons of injuries on defence, Josh’s elbow still bothering him, 2 starters down on the O line and a comeback win on the road against Detroit’s Super bowl? As frustrating as it was at times, sign me Up for that anytime
  7. Only Josh and Mahomes can make that throw. Mayne Herbert
  8. Hamlin 1 on 1 on their best player in crunch time? Well done Leslie
  9. In a way I agree with you. Not much confidence for this defence to keep them out of the end zone on 4 downs
  10. If the bills can run screen passes, this would be such easy money. 2 deep safeties and Lions pass rush is flying up the field
  11. Pretty much. He has been off with some throws on top of it though
  12. 90 Yards coming here easily, offence has been looking great
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