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  1. Seemed like the bills went back to a lot of 12 with Knox back in the lineup. I hope they go back to 11 with more Shakir. Josh is straight up a better QB with spread 11, vs 12 personnel condensed
  2. He has an agenda with the billls. Before the year he said the “jenga blocks are going to fall”. So he’s going to stick to that narrative . Oh well, I personally don’t care what any media says
  3. Seems to struggle with separation compared to years past. Still a good player, but I’m not sure if he’s elite anymore
  4. That 3rd and 9 throw to Murray was ridiculous. Not even a stretch to say that may be a top 10 play I’ve ever seen.
  5. I thought Brady struggled today outside of the 1st quarter. Seemed like Spags was in his head a bit and he kept guessing blitz which resulted in a lot of WR screens
  6. Yep that was my observation as well. Bills o line got dominated tonight. I think it was a mix of confusion from the simulated pressures, and just getting plain beat. Need to do a lot better against Parsons and the boys next week
  7. What’s Mahomes even mad about? Toney was clearly offside.
  8. All I gotta say is… Lets go!!!!!!!!!!
  9. The first down ok. But 2nd and long runs you’re just begging to get to a 3rd and medium which is a hard place to live
  10. Now we are in 3rd and 5.. why is that a good thing?
  11. He’s been awful since the 1st quarter. I think Spags blitzing is in his head
  12. I’m hard on the defence but I would say so. KC had a short field as well. But yep we are definitely getting punished at the end lol
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