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  1. I prefer positive reinforcement myself instead of punishment myself. As a head coach, (leader) I would have went to Singletary and said something positive/encouraging while also stressing the importance of protecting the football, and would have put him right back into the game.
  2. Very well said. Barely any 3 and outs, no turnovers, barely any sacks Its very frustrating to watch.
  3. Im pretty sure it was a 3rd and 10 and he took off by himself. I don’t think Daboll designed that play call, but he did call up at least 2 QB draws that game
  4. I think Allen scrambled on his own on that play? I could be wrong but I believe that was the case
  5. Ya I know I missed that and stated that on a different post in this thread. Definitely was a big mistake and got lucky
  6. Ya good point I forgot about that. Got really lucky there
  7. I’m An Allen supporter for the most part I would give it a C. Didnt make the big mistake but didn’t make enough plays and missed a couple key passes.
  8. I would say it’s as close as you can get to obvious especially on thanksgiving 174.5 total yards for Zeke, taking the over or under?
  9. Agree with Wallace as he’s not good. But can’t really blame Tre. He had a great game for the most part
  10. I thought he should have scored on at least one of those plays but ya like you said: One goal line sequence is unfair to summarize Gore's season, as he has played pretty well
  11. Ya I agree. Was more referring to the coaching staff just getting out coached. You have the ball to start the half against an inferior opponent and you lose 3-0 in the quarter. Inexcusable
  12. Said the same thing. Week after week they get their ass kicked in the 3rd quarter
  13. It probably was, but I don’t t think it was going to get overturned
  14. 2 bad games in a row. They weren’t good against Miami
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