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  1. You’re really just being argumentative at this point. There really isn’t anything to else to say. Nothing that I claimed in my post was data. I didn’t look at any “data” to say brown is faster than Zay. Anyone who watched those guys play for 5 minutes last year would understand that. I never looked at any “stats” or “data” to say brown didn’t do much the first half vs the 2nd half of the year. Anyone who watched the ravens understands the different offensive approach the ravens applied when they had Jackson vs Flacco in. Good day.
  2. You took what I said way too extreme. Common sense that John Brown will start: 1. He was coming off a good season last year until the Ravens decided to play a high school brand of football. 2. He is the highest paid receiver on the team. You can argue that “he needs to compete for a spot” all you want, but at the end of the day the guy that has the high pay check is going to get every single opportunity to play and it would definitely be his spot to lose. He would have to have an absolutely miserable camp to be demoted to the 4 spot. 3. They brought him and Beasley in to UPGRADE the position. Zay Jones last year was a starter on the team. They spent descent money on 2 guys not to put them behind Zay Jones on the depth chart. 4. The Bills clearly want more speed at the position. It was evident last year when they started using McKenzie and foster more, and it’s even more evident now by bringing in a speedster in brown and an agility freak in Beasley. I never once used 1 piece of data there. Like I said, common sense sometimes out trumps data/analytics.
  3. In this case I think common sense trumps data though.
  4. I appreciate your time and effort with your post. I will stick to my original point though and say if John Brown is healthy, he starts. We will have to agree to disagree it looks like. Have a a good night sir
  5. Ok. I’m really not sure what you are getting at now. Sure there is a possibility he gets hurt. Injuries happen in the NFL. What does that have to do with anything we were discussing about him being a starter on the depth chart? Yes if he blows an ACL or has a severe injury he won’t be a starter. I can agree with that lol
  6. Great post. There is definitely no doubt he is going to start unless he blows an ACL in the offseason. Don’t know how it’s even a discussion really.
  7. You are completely mis understanding what I’m saying. . I never once said an average of 9 Mil per year is number one money. It usually is around #2 money though for the NFL . But ON the Bills he is their highest paid receiver on an annual average. That is also simply a fact. The Bills did not sign John Brown for that money, RELATIVE to the other Bills receivers to “have him compete for a starting job this year”. It is absolutely his job to lose the 1 or 2 spot on the team for this season. If Beane is paying him an average of 9 Mil to possibly be the 4th receiver, then that would be his worst contract given out to date.
  8. His contract says it’s his job to lose. They are paying him descent money and are going to give him every opportunity to be the 1 or 2 receiver this year. He would really have to have a terrible camp/preseason to be dropped from the 1 or 2 role to start the year. And his main competition is Zay Jones.... So I think he’ll remain there lol I agree he’s not a 1 or 2 on a good team, but on the Bills he is definitely one of their better receivers and is getting paid like it relative to the other Bills receivers
  9. I would personally say it’s his job to lose rather than him having to earn it. He would have to really crap the bed in camp
  10. 9 Mil per year with 12 Mil guaranteed in the contract to compete? I think Brown is definitely there to start as it would be very surprising if he didn’t get the 1 or 2 spot. IMO
  11. Good point. I’m pretty sure half of Zays TDS and yards came on broken plays by Allen buying time. He simply does not create much separation and has a hard time winning 1 on 1 matchups.
  12. That’s probably accurate as he did improve from year 1, but he still does not make many contested catches IMO
  13. Lol..I am using common sense in saying Zay is 4 on the depth chart to start the season. Do you really disagree with that?
  14. I personally don’t see much/any potential in him at all. In 32 games he’s what, maybe had 3 good games in his career? There is a reason Zay is going to be dropped on the depth chart to start the season. It’s because he wasn’t good enough the last 2 years. He got demoted. He now has to EARN his job back as a top 3 WR on the team. The bills gave him all the opportunity in the world the first 2 seasons to produce and the guy didn’t get it done consistently. Pretty hard to argue that.
  15. My point with the Justin Hunter comment was that just because someone has a respectable amount of TDS in a year, it really doesn’t mean too much. I don’t think it’s silly to have an educated opinion/prediction on what Zay will do next season after watching him and observing him for 32 games. Does that mean he is going to suck again? Not necessarily. But he has yet to show me he can consistently create separation and catch the ball effectively after 2 full seasons.
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