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  1. Hahahaha it is quite entertaining. But it’s half and half. Half the time she’s sleeping and lazy and the other half she’s a Tasmanian devil running all over the house.
  2. Lol she’s pretty versatile and fast so maybe slot receiver ? ... she’s also got toughness to her so can probably plug her in at o line
  3. I could go either way. Wouldn’t be mad if they fire them or keep them. It’s a disaster but the thing we can hope for is that Allen is a star.
  4. Peterman played bad but he also had absolutely no help from his WRs today
  5. Apparently you have to make sure your comments are simplified for all to understand ... to break it down it never once said the bills blow. Simply stated not many people believed the bills would win that game. Though absolutely thrilled they did and it was a great game, when you’re not even allowed to bet on the game due to the spread being so High you’re understandably going to assume they’ll loose
  6. Thanks Yes I have been told it’s different alittle nervious lol but super excited! As it gets closer I’m getting more pumped for going! It’s definitly going to be a special day !
  7. Can’t wait!! Going to my first Bills game!! So excited!!
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