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  1. Well, we've finished our second year, and it was a good one. Here's how the teams fared: 10th place: Nutcrackers 9th place: Blitzing Barracudas 8th place: Absolut Power 7th place: Wu Tang Financial 6th place: Saratoga Swingers 5th place: Pro Bowler and the top 4 finishers, who each receive a cash prize: 4th place ($25 cash award): Shop Wreckers 3rd place ($50 cash award): Buffalo Stampede 2nd place ($75 cash award): BUFFALO RULES and our Year 2 Champion, recipient of the $100 grand prize... BuffBills#1 Congratulations to BuffBills#1 and to all of our prize winners. Great season. To those of you who have won cash prizes, PM me the address to send your payment to. All winnings will be sent out by Super Bowl weekend. Here is the draft order for next year: 1. Nutcrackers 2. Blitzing Barracudas 3. Absolut Power 4. Wu Tang Financial 5. Saratoga Swingers 6. Pro Bowler 7. Shop Wreckers 8. Buffalo Stampede 9. BUFFALO RULES 10. BuffBills#1 Looks like Nutcrackers is the winner of the Reggie Bush Derby. I finished 3rd. Oh well. Again, congratulations to all of our teams, and I look forward to another exciting and competitive season in Year 3. See you then!
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