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  1. T-minus... 5 days and counting!!! We'll be on our way to Western NY tomorrow. See some of y'all on Friday for the annual Home Operner meetin' of the WNYTBDGPS.
  2. One prime for Psycho Ward 86 and myself.
  3. I will be settin' up the tailgate @ Sliders Bar and Grille as usual. Once I have the details, I'll post an announcement in the tailgate forum.
  4. We'll be back in our home away from home in just 130 days. See y'all then. IT HAS BEGUN!!!!!
  5. I completed the survey today. My preference would be to be as close to the access tunnel as possible. Looks like theirs would be in the corners instead of the end zone as they are now. I've had end zone/tunnel seats for 12 years and would like to be as close to that as I can get.
  6. Very sorry for the loss of one of the first TBDers I ever met (after G. Host, Lancaster Steve, KRC, the late njsue and Joe Six Pack). May Father God bless her soul and bring all who knew and loved her peace and comfort. ❤😪
  7. T-Minus... 2 days and counting !!! We're here in WNY. Arrived last night. See y'all some time this weekend.
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