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  1. Even better... https://www.theknot.com/fashion/mj10-madison-james-wedding-dress
  2. Had to run 5Ks decades ago in the army in Germany; took me around 30 minutes. Since then, I prefer hiking. My daughter recently started long-distance running; she did her first two marathons this year. When she visited from college on Thanksgiving, we went together to a popular recreation spot here in Lubbock, Lake Six. She ran twice around the lake (close to 6 miles) and I did bird watching - saw a beautiful ferruginous hawk (the third-largest raptor in the US, after golden and bald eagles). Nice way to spend an afternoon with your kid...
  3. I find the Megadeth version intriguing. A cover closer to the original, but from an unexpected side...
  4. Zappa February 1976 Niedersachsenhalle, Hannover, Germany
  5. One of my favorite Bowie songs. This one was Lulu's biggest commercial success. Bowie plays sax. Nirvana's version... Finally, Bowie himself on SNL... In the SNL clip, one of the backup singers/performers was Klaus Nomi (the guy in black with the receding hairline). Here he is featured performer...
  6. Sushi and the Banshees
  7. Bangles and Mash Blue Oysters Rockefeller Sour Cream CinnAmon Düül II (Amon Düül II was one of the first German "krautrock" bands) Big Mac Country (Big Country was a Scottish rock band) Kristin Hershey Chocolate Veruca Salt-crusted Snapper Lobster ThermiDoors
  8. Another early mashup. The Nice (Keith Emerson's band before ELP) fuses a Bob Dylan song with Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 6. Pure genius.
  9. Most of Umphrey's McGee's original songs did not leave a lasting impression for me. However, I like their mashups. The one you selected is one of their best. My personal favorite... However, the idea of "mashups" is not really novel. One of the first attempts in rock was "Apache Dropout" by the Edgar Broughton Band; they fused Captain Beefheart's "Dropout Boogie" with the Shadows' "Apache".
  10. I am very much looking forward to the new album. While the "first album in 12 years" might help sales, some solo albums released by Steve Wilson in the meantime sound very much like Porcupine Tree, especially The Raven That Refused To Sing (2013) and Hand. Cannot. Erase (2015). IMHO, his later solo efforts (To The Bone, The Future Bites) were OK, but not quite as interesting as PT or earlier solo SW albums. My all-time PT favorite: Fear of a Blank Planet
  11. If you like jugglers as element of a live performance, here is a excerpt of a Grateful Dead concert in Essen, Germany, organized and recorded by German TV (Rockpalast). During a break for the band, they had the juggling troupe "The Bothers Karamazov" on stage (starting around 45:00). Even more remarkable about this concert, after the juggling and drum break, they had a very famous guest guitarist on stage (starting around 56:15).
  12. One of the first female rock 'n' roll guitar players, Sister Rosetta Tharpe... Here is a collection of some of her guitar solos...
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