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  1. DrW

    Name This Person

    I am doing those only when I cannot come up with an answer. And I would never post the result of the search. Except in this case, where it was obviously incorrect but funny.
  2. DrW

    Name This Person

    According to a Google Image Search, the correct answer is "Senior Citizen".
  3. This one is even under two minutes... Arguably even better (and also under three minutes) is how Ruth Underwood explains and plays her percussion part 30 years later...
  4. Joni Mitchell rarely did covers. However, this one is outstanding... But, perhaps, the original might still be better..
  5. After their big days were over... Jimmy Carl Black was the drummer and sometimes vocalist on some early Frank Zappa/Mothers of Invention records ("Hi Boys and Girls, I'm Jimmy Carl Black, and I'm the Indian of the group."). He spent the last decade of his life in Germany, specifically, in the state of Bavaria, as the leader of the European Zappa tribute band, the Muffin Men. Black was the focus of the 2013 German documentary movie "Where's the Beer and When Do We Get Paid?". Here is the trailer:
  6. This was one of their first songs where the Beatles really did not care any more if it could be played live. These guys pulled it off. 801 was a project by Phil Manzanera and Brian Eno.
  7. I had posted this previously in the "Share your music thread". "Eleanor Rigby", using Sugarcane Harris' violin in a very different way than the string octet in the Beatles' original. I especially like the bass by Victor Conte.
  8. John Lennon is supposed to have approved of this version.
  9. Let's continue our collection of rock songs in unorthodox meters. Today, songs in 7/4.
  10. Here locally they recommend that you show up at the mass vaccination site one hour before closing. If they have shots left, you will get one, regardless of age, co-morbidities, etc. Of course, it is possible that there are no shots left - that is your risk. My daughter (who is 20) git her first shot last Saturday. She actually ran the 10 miles from our home to the vaccination site (she is training for a half-marathon).
  11. Moderna. First shot at the end of January (Texas priority 1B), no aftereffects at all. Second shot at the end of February; no fever, but some muscle pain, not only at the injection site. Played it up a bit, to avoid yard work for the weekend. Then wifey asked if I, instead of doing yard work, could help her a bit with her NIH grant. So, instead of 4-6 hours yard work, I spent 12+ hours proofreading, editing, and making diagrams.
  12. Covers of the Beatles' "Help". Bananarama's version does not offer anything new, except that they look good in the video. The most memorable fact (IMHO) is that one of the backing vocalists is Jennifer Saunders of "Absolutely Fabulous" fame. Deep Purple make it "heavy", using the Vanilla Fudge approach - slow it down, add some organ. Cathy Berberian's baroque version And finally, Australian singer John Farnham, with the Elton John approach.
  13. You better not tell her that Franklin Park Zoo also has Kiwis (their first chick recently hatched). Otherwise, you might end up in Boston.
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