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  1. "...million years of evolution, and we get Danny Quayle"
  2. OK, you might want to skip track #2 with the Chipmunks.
  3. In 1976 I went to see Roxy Music at the "Stadthalle Kuppelsaal" in Hannover, Germany, where I grew up. They were awesome. Full of anticipation for Bryan Ferry at al., I did not pay much attention to the opening act, Wire. Only recently I "rediscovered" them...
  4. We will celebrate Thanksgiving on Wednesday. Our son has to return to Austin on Thursday, as he is playing in the Longhorn band and UT is playing Texas Tech on Friday.
  5. Another strong candidate for the best band of (the first half of) the 80s:
  6. I had always preferred the Hüsker Dü songs by Grant Hart over those by Bob Mould. Here is Grant Hart's follow-up project, Nova Mob. The video is pretty funny.
  7. Grobschnitt... Of course, I had heard their name, but I never could associate any specific type of music with them. I'll give it a try. I arrived at Family from the other side. In Germany in the mid-70s, Chapman and Whitney's follow-up band, the Streetwalkers, were quite popular. Of course, they were much more R&B/blues-oriented (which fitted Chappo's voice quite well).
  8. Although the label "underrated" is overused, here are... FAMILY
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