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  1. What about our closest relatives? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infanticide_in_primates
  2. Since February 2022 Amazon Prime is actually $14.99 per month or $139 per year.
  3. I think I might be late to the party, but it just occurred to me that I had seen Moon Zappa before, as the girl flirting with Rusty in National Lampoon's European Vacation.
  4. Thanks for posting this - I had never before heard of it. For me, the "Over the Hills" part did not do much. Most of the suite parts were not well developed and ended too quickly for my taste. The integration of political statements could be handled much smoother, as e.g. by Chicago on their first album (as the Chicago Transit Authority). Side two, "The Bastiche", I liked much better. There were at least three "songs" (or parts of the suite) which I loved (Voyage To Cleveland; Sun In The Flame; Louisiana Home). Thanks again. JW
  5. Eric Burdon's cover of Traffic's "Coloured Rain", with an extended jam session.
  6. DrW

    Do You BitCoin?

    If you have 20 minutes of spare time, here is a BBC program on NESARA. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3ct1xzv Apparently, NESARA started rather innocently in the 1990s with focusing on some of the economic aspects. Then, in the beginning of the 2000s it was hijacked by a nutcase who called herself the "Dove of Oneness". She added half of the points shown in Poleshifter's pic above, mostly the more political/social ones like world peace. Since she took over 20 years ago, NESARA published numerous predictions that the global economic system would collapse soon - of course,this has never happened (so far?). The only new twist that Poleshifter's posts add is the involvement of cryptocurrencies.
  7. I agree completely on Tyrod. Here is a collection of his "he might have something" moments. Looks like Tua's highlights. Unfortunately, it does not show the other 95% of his throws.
  8. DrW

    Do You BitCoin?

    I wonder how @Poleshifter is doing. In another thread about cryptocurrency he was very gung-ho about his financial outlook. He wrote: "I expect to have millions of dollars by the end of the year. I had never expected to be rich, but then I happened into XRP and then XLM. I have about 40-45% of my net worth in crypto, and a similar % in precious metals too. I am just waiting for the big event to cash in some of it, keep most of it long-term." Well, both XRP and XLM did a nosedive. Since last summer/fall, they lost 70% of their value. Silver (he referred to silver in another post) also lost 25% value in the last year.
  9. To celebrate Friday Happy Hour, a drinking song... That was the best live clip I could find, recorded 30 years after the original studio recording. The audio quality is not very good. Thus, here is the original...
  10. Today... two covers. First an old one. Alex Harvey beats Tom Jones by a mile. And a very recent one. Wet Leg capture the essence of Psycho Killer very well.
  11. This morning our local paper announced a concert by a group that had been voted Best Band in Austin in 2017. Always on the lookout for something new I decided to check them out. This was absolutely not what I had expected - they blew me away. Here they are - Shinyribs...
  12. Back-up QB. Keenum is clearly a downgrade from Trubisky.
  13. While I enjoy ESPN+, the ESPN cable/satellite channels just do not show enough "real" sports (well, they show Formula 1; finally, Ferrari is back). I just cannot warm up to cornhole, axe-throwing, or their X games. Perhaps I would change my mind if the would show eukonkanto (wife-carrying, a Finnish specialty).
  14. Just bought some today freshly prepared in our local supermarket chain (United/Market Street). $9 per lb, which turned out to be ~ $ 0.90 per wing (they are pretty large).
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