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  1. Cleaner better than any of these rbs… they are all trash
  2. Nice way to have the guys ready to play sean. Real nice
  3. I mean eventually we have to look at Sean and ask can he win close games…. The Kc game last year was ridiculous and here we are again struggling in close games, I dunno I’m losing faith sean is the guy to win a title here make no mistake this team has championship talent we will see if we have championship coaching
  4. That was all Sean… he has to learn, he is still way too conservative 3rd and 22 and you give up a bomb because you get conservative… you lose to the chiefs because you get conservative when will he ever learn
  5. Those calls were absolutely atrocious go under center and sneak the damn ball it works 80% of the time just ridiculous
  6. There are a lot of differences injuries missed field goal dropped snap dropped TD dropped int pick 6 bad penalty in tedzone Bad defense on 3rd and 23
  7. This… they haven’t done ***** the majority of this hame
  8. Why do you rush three and allow those guys a free run… why
  9. This… Christian’s salary is a no go for me
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