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  1. Disappointing.. Wonder if we make a move for Griffith now
  2. I agree to an extent.. obviously beane is a wizard and knows best but I would have liked to see us make a move in the third or early fourth and grab a different wide receiver... this draft was loaded with WR talent and I'm not convinced the two we snagged are ever going to be big contributors
  3. Makes no sense. Add in Allen was never viewed as a cant miss prospect, everyone including the Bill's knew it was going to be a gamble but one worth taking
  4. Why would we fire the HC who has delivered 2 playoffs with subpar talent and a GM who finally shown good decision making and has shown an ability to draft well... just because they miss on one QB who was always viewed as a high risk - high reward pick I get it if they have 3 straight terrible seasons but to act like they are going to be canned if Allen doesn't succeed is crazy to me
  5. I like the pick... more insurance just in case for Allen And if allen develops fully and fromm shows promise then we unload him for a 1st or a 2nd down the road. Beane and McDermott arent getting fired if Allen doesnt work out... Beane has created a top 5 roster and managed the cap beautifully McDermott 2 playoff appearances in 3 years without top talent on offense Both seats are ice cold regardless of allen
  6. From this group I like: Dye, hall, prince or Simpson
  7. Next pick hoping I guess People jones Colin johnson Devin
  8. The run on receivers hurt us, no clue what beane will do with this pick but I'm not big on moss at all
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