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  1. Yep I wouldn’t be opposed to taking one in the first and second leggett and worthy sign me up
  2. If he isn’t a Kyle Hamilton/sean Taylor type then no thanks in the first
  3. He’s the one I wish we would make a move for
  4. Why are they morons? Sean continues to lose big playoff games, he wasn’t great for half of this season as well…. What are we talking about here?
  5. We won’t but we should He is not the guy, how many years are we gonna waste of Josh? Are we serious about winning a title? Doesn’t seem like it
  6. Yep all these receivers aside from Shakir are soft as *****
  7. Have to convert here you aren’t getting another break like that
  8. Nonsense your a defensive hc and wizard figure it out One or two stops should be attainable
  9. You knew that coming in you have to be able to figure something out literally cannot make one stop all game, not one?
  10. Cook and the OL are good Greg showed up on defense literally everyone else has been ass
  11. Once again this ***** Hc and his precious defense can’t win a game after Allen puts on an all world game
  12. This is ridiculous Sean can’t get one ***** stop not one ☝️
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