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  1. Explain to me how we always have the chiefs in Kc?
  2. This it sucks what happened to him and I hope she is charged criminally and in civil court… however the bills did what they needed to do to protect themselves at the time, they are not family with him, like you said they are employer and he is employee, they had to cut ties. Period
  3. She should be charged for false reporting clearly
  4. Hope we snag one of Ingram, Houston, Clark, Yannick get one of them please
  5. Great potential for a 5th he may not become anything but he has a chance to be a starter
  6. With his speed and coverage ability on obvious passing downs maybe we get him and Milano together
  7. Nice hair know nothing else about him
  8. I mean aren’t you pissed as well in the bar scenario
  9. I hate the pick this is a message board for bills football, why can’t I express that?
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