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  1. What a clown… how is this dude on tv and why would anyone listen to anything that nutsack has to say
  2. Daboll needs to do a better job getting Allen in rhythm… all these running plays and deep balls to start, get him easy completions and Beasley involved Daboll has been a disaster for two straight weeks
  3. This team just feels like one that is caving to preseason hype and super bowl pressure everything looks forced
  4. SMH just leave him open at the first down marker real nice Hyde
  5. Defense starting to get shredded… adjustments will be made and Frazier won’t have clue
  6. The concern should be daboll…horrible game plans two weeks straight he has been atrocious
  7. They played well the first half the Steelers scored on every second half drive…
  8. Coaching staff got demolished today allen didn’t look comfortable all day OL horrible defense in the second half couldn’t make a play or get off the field
  9. Fail from this coaching staff today nothing on offense the entire second half defense couldn’t get off the field the entire second half
  10. This is one of the most disappointing games I can remember smh
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