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  1. He isn't worth the big contract Good for him to test the market and get paid but we don't need to be paying a guy like Milano that type of cash He doesn't rush the passer and lets be honest he got torched against the chiefs and waller
  2. Let Milano walk and sign the best coverage linebacker in football
  3. Spend whatever money we have on DL help And David after you let Milano walk
  4. How did the KC screen game work tonight? How many wide open guys were standing in the middle of field over and over and over tonight? Not many... I wonder why that is but yes edmunds and Milano aren't an issue at all lol.smh
  5. The linebackers are an issue If you couldn't see the difference in theirs and ours then you are blind
  6. Seen about 5 plays from white and already wish we could swap them
  7. Good for him No way I'm paying top LB for him, good player for sure but it's a hard no for me
  8. I want a 3-4 honestly Seems like a better scheme to create pressure
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