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  1. Clown defense has been horrible today just own it, it’s okay to be critical… you don’t have to slurp on them
  2. Stop talking ***** and own it You tried calling me out and taking a lap And you looked stupid for it now.. just own it
  3. We look great… yeah I was right so how about you own it tied with ***** Detroit… team not prepared to play the defense is atrocious
  4. Bro we can talk about the team.. they were flat as *****, just a fact been flat for weeks
  5. We should win doesn’t change that yet again this team comes out flat as hell again
  6. Sean needs changes this defense has shown for numerous years they aren’t good enough frazier scheme is cooked
  7. Yeah hence not “ready to play” do they look ready to play to you… offense three and out Defense can’t get off field on third and long (been an issue all year)
  8. Dane Jackson … another player falling off a cliff the coaching staff has failed this team period
  9. No clue what has happened to josh Allen but he looks like he is a rookie again seriously just awful
  10. Yep dorsey sucks too poor job by Sean hiring and sticking with these coordinators
  11. This team is poorly coached in every way Super Bowl roster that is crushed by inept coaching
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