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  1. Keeping these safeties and paying poyer is criminal they are washed
  2. Allen played poorly but can we admit a few things not addrsssing the RT situation after last year is criminal Allen has regressed significantly under Dorsey just a fact allen was much better when he had a competent slot safety valve, why hasn’t beane figured that out it’s like we built this team to be good at defense and Allen carry everything on offense, just absurd
  3. Don’t know what else we need to see failure to correct the OL failure to remove the OC failure to get off the field on third downs this team is tapped as long as you have Sean, and dorsey
  4. Imagine if we had Andy Reid calling the plays and building the offense IMAGINE
  5. He is playing with an inept OL, and an even worse coordinator he has been awful tonight no denying it
  6. That was their shot but unfortunately poor coaching yet again and we still hVe that same poor coach
  7. Bringing back this OL and this OC is all you need to know about how smart are HC and GM are
  8. Game over nice job guys, so glad we didn’t make any changes to this ***** coached team
  9. Imagine that bills getting outcoached when will this board admit it, what’s it take to realize this team does not play to the talent it has, not even close really
  10. We deserve to lose Didn’t address the OL situation didn’t address the oc situation didn’t add a quality slot receiver to help move the sticks, has josh looked the same since cole left? Paid over the hill safeties, look at poyer.. absolute *****
  11. Allen is in hero mode and Dorsey has nothing to calm them down just a complete failure by beane to bring this OL and Oc back
  12. White’s tackling ass cheeks cannot believe how poor this team Super Bowl my ass be lucky to make the playoffs
  13. Can’t tell me this team lacks coaching beane screwed up keeping sorry ass Spencer brown too, just terrible
  14. Dorsey has no clue what he is doing none nothing easy every with this clowns playbook the playbook is hand to cook or run for your life allen and throw it wherever
  15. Facts sir his ass down can’t tell me someone else can’t be better than this
  16. Lucky not picked Allen is sped up probably because brown is giving up instant pressure
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