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  1. Try to remember the funny things your cat did that made him special. Keep those memories. Know that you gave him a great life. Try to find some peace. When you are ready, and everyone's timeline is different, you'll adopt again. Pets add so much to our lives, the pain you are going through makes it so worthwhile. Peace.
  2. Too many to list but here are the interesting ones: 78 Ford LTD 1st car owned, green 2 door, 351W Beat the hell out of it. Lasted a few years, a true boat. 84 Dodge Daytona, non-turbo 😪 Would to get a hold of one now in good shape and a turbo. 90 Mustang LX 5.0 5 manual, top 5 car for me. So fun to drive. 3.08 gears from the factory 87 Buick Grand National, very quick but very moody. Should have kept this one as values are through the roof. 99 Corvette Silver Auto. Had this for about 14 years. Top 5 for me. 2015 Hemi Challenger Manual, heavy as crap but still a blast to drive 2021 Challenger ScatPack auto as no human can shift faster than the computer. Top 5.
  3. Agreed a true icon of the game. RIP Sir.
  4. It's easier to block people than rationalize with them.
  5. D & D TE I see a t-shirt somewhere in there....
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