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  1. He have all the time in the world to move on/ No football anytime soon.
  2. qwksilver

    Playoffs - ESPN Playoff Machine

    Highly unlikely but there is a way for us to get in at 8-8. Lots of work to do so one week at a time. Who'd have thought that 2 or 3 weeks ago?
  3. qwksilver

    Off-Season WR trade market

    Too bad Greg Olsen is 33....... That would be a nice upgrade if this was 2011.
  4. qwksilver

    Off-Season WR trade market

    Those 3 are all slot receivers none of whom can go deep. I don't know X's & O's that well but someone has to play the X the other the Y. not sure how that works with these 3.
  5. qwksilver

    Barkley expected to start

    Mcbeane said he made a mistake with the qb situation. Mcbeane should have also stated that there will always be 3 QBs in the building at all times going forward. This has been a laugh fest. Fortunately I've been streaming defenses playing the Bills for 3 weeks now. So I have that going for me
  6. qwksilver

    Rookie QB's

    All 5 of them had their warts. Most billeved that each would take time. None were as ready as say Luck was. I'd say they're all making strides. Hopefully the time on the bench helps Allen when he gets back in there. This class will still go down as one of the best.
  7. Thought I read something about possibly not playing this year? That would be horrendous.
  8. qwksilver

    Terrelle Pryor newest Buffalo Bill (ESPN)

    They should let him run some wildcat, where he actually throws a pass. When was the last pass from a wildcat formation?
  9. qwksilver

    Who should be cut 1st?

    As others have said, probably cant until Allen's MRI results are back. Then they will know Allen's availaBILLilty.
  10. qwksilver

    Things I trust more than "The Process"

    Your seat as a flotation device in case of a water "landing".
  11. qwksilver

    Who should be cut 1st?

    So for the record, Peterman is not on your cut list?
  12. qwksilver

    Kelvin Benjamin needs to be benched ASAP

    INteresting view. Care to elaborate further?
  13. qwksilver

    Take a deep breath and reevaluate after today

    Did we ever get a response as to why Kerley was released?
  14. qwksilver

    Who should be cut 1st?

    Agreed, Peterman is a "try hard" guy with not enough arm, Benjamin appears to be a malcontent.
  15. qwksilver

    Who should be cut 1st?

    I haven't seen these two linked, although the board is littered with both. So who should be gone 1st? Both is not an option.