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  1. 10 pages and not one Flat Earther admitter??? LIARS! My big one: 1) How is Amazon ever going to make it selling books? What a stupid business model!
  2. There is a funny story online of 5440 opening for Hootie and the Blowfish where 5440 played "I go Blind" and Hootie's road manager almost kicked 5440 off the stage for covering a Hootie song in their set. He had no idea Hootie had covered the song from them.....
  3. I feel like Levi Wallace is ok but an upgrade could walk into the building and be a starter, so I'm in for CB as the 1st pick, especially Newsome.
  4. I'm a big believer in that we humans rely on computers/tech for just about everything. Driving might be the last thing I give up to a chip. Update my good friend (using an auto broker) got his new ILX delivered to his front door, $1400 under sticker and he never talked to this dealer.
  5. When he ran a sub 4.40 40 at his pro day the days of him making it to 30 evaporated. Need to go get him in the low 20s.
  6. Agreed that you have to find a dealer that is willing to make a little less and make it up on volume. With the world coming out of covid and all the free government cash, I feel there are less of these dealers. Fingers crossed I'm wrong. My broker hinted that this could be an issue. Similar to a housing bubble, you make a nice profit when you sell, but good luck finding a new one....
  7. I've leased in the past. I prefer to own that way I build some equity. If you buy the right vehicle at the right price the depreciation curve will not "kill you" and it can be cheaper than leasing. Last 2 cars: New car Paid 30k and sold it for 21k after 40 months = $225 per month Used car Paid 26k sold it for 24.9 after 16 months = $61 per month No car = 0 per month 😁
  8. Update. I spoke with the Auto Broker and he said the car I want is in high demand and he couldn't do much better than dealers. So I then began bitching to a buddy of mine who called the broker and he's getting a new Acura ILX under invoice. I'm sure the the broker made a few hundred on that deal but well worth it. I will go back to the drawing board. There is a local car in the wrong color with out the options so we'll see if they want to sell it... Its a Challenger.
  9. I just detest the entire experience of the showroom and the pushy sales people. For better or worse, my wife actually enjoys “the game” of it all. Otherwise she seems to be fairly well balanced mentally. She sees the negations as “sport” and is quick to get up and walk out until someone caves for her. @AugieI mean its 2021. Can't this process be fixed. Carvana and Carmax etc have the idea, they just need a way to get new cars. Plus 4 or 5 hours in a dealership is just a big waste of time... Really think I'm going to talk to my brother in law's auto broker. He said
  10. I do like the look of the Teslas but I'm not ready for an EV yet. I really wish Tesla's model of no show room or pushy salesman would trickle to the rest of the manufacturers. That is one of parts I'm trying to avoid.
  11. I am looking to buy a new car. I have looked at local dealer websites, Cars-com and Auto Trader-com & Cargurus-com. The local dealers have insane DOC fees (999.00), dealer add ons and they don’t have it in the color and options I want. So, I think this purchase will have to come from out of state. Does anyone know of another national car website other than the 3 above? Has anyone ordered a new car from the factory? Has anyone used an auto broker before? My brother-in-law swears by them. Anyone have any other thoughts? Thanks for y
  12. My favorite: "Hello, we can get you a low rate on credit cards because you make all of your payments" Me: That sounds great I could use some help I have like 6 cards. Them: "but first we need to pay off your old credit cards. Which card # would you give us 1st" Me: Can you look it up in your database, my wife has them all and is out shopping. That's how we got in this situation" THem: "Sir it doesn't work that way, you have to give us the #s" Me: Ok, let me put you on hold (actually mute) and I'll call her. This may take a few minutes. After a while t
  13. Sorry to hear your dog's diagnosis. Neither solution sounds great. I never had to got through this with any of my dogs but there are quite a few dog people in here, maybe they have ideas. Hoping for a speedy recovery as possible.
  14. It only sounds silly to people that have never owned a dog. I'll even go a little deeper and say not all dogs have this ability only special ones.
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