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  1. qwksilver

    I need help: 2018 Bills Home Opener

    Born and raised in Buffalo. I left about 22 years ago and I try to make it back once a year or so. Here is my check list: Wings -- Everyone has their opinions you really can't go wrong unless you try. Beef on Weck Mighty Taco -- Bufflao version of Taco bell. But obviously way better. Pizza -- seen notes on wings Italian- usually Ilio Dipaolo's Niagara Falls -- every 5th trip or so for me. If you've never been do a Maid of the Mist ride. Bring your passport and go to the Canadian side. I can't help with hotels but downtown is better if you are looking to do anything past 11pm. Hope that helps. Have a great trip. I'd like a report to hear how things ended up.
  2. qwksilver

    RIP Dwight Clark

    I was unaware he had it. What a shame. It might be one of the worst ways to go. Condolences to Clarke Family and Friends. I wonder how many other players have it?
  3. qwksilver

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    I knew things would change for the worse once AT&T took over. The call centers all seem to be located in another part of the world. I am not on a contract with them just for the purpose of getting the free/cheap ST. If they don't give me what I want I will walk. I've had ST since late 90's. Also, I recently filled out a questionnaire regarding ST options and prices. One of the questions was would I be interested in buying a season of single team? They asked what was my favorite team. Anyone else get this survey?
  4. This is why he is in Cleveland and not Miami. He's not even the best slot receiver in the NFL. If Tyrod starts more than 6 games he will be a huge bust.
  5. qwksilver

    Eagles Release LB Mychal Kendricks - Signing with CLE

    This late in the off season may lower his price tag. We shall see.
  6. qwksilver

    Eagles Release LB Mychal Kendricks - Signing with CLE

    You sign quality players when you can. Today it's LB and its a position of need. Hopefully Beane kick's the tires.
  7. qwksilver

    Eagles Release LB Mychal Kendricks - Signing with CLE

    Something like this could work: 5 year contract 38 million dollar contract. 1st & 2nd year guaranteed. 8 million signing bonus 2 million 2018, 6 mil 2020, 7 mil 2021, 7.5 mil 2022, 8.5 mil 2023. I am close?
  8. qwksilver

    Sign Jay Cutler Now

    I'd rather give 95% of the off season snaps,95% of training camp snaps, 95% of 3 preseason games to Allen and let's roll with the rookie. Culter is cancerous. There are many reasons he is still walking the street.
  9. qwksilver

    Which Bills Decision Infuriated You?

    Ralph Wilson's decision to make money vs fielding a winning organization.
  10. qwksilver

    Do we have the worst QB situation in the league?

    We are definitely in the conversation for that trophy. However it's how you finish the race, so it doesn't matter right now.
  11. Its a good article. Couple of notes: Beane had a deal with Elway @ 5 unless Chubb is on the board, Beane didn't have the QB board finalized until after a late workout with Darnold, Beane would only traded to two pre-draft night. There is a bunch more.
  12. qwksilver

    Darnold fumbles first snap

    You'd think Ralph is making enough money from royalties off of the Karate Kid movies?
  13. Trepasso And J Palmer are definitively on opposite ends of Allen's statistical short comings. I tend to believe Palmer might be onto something. I'm praying it was an awful surrounding cast (his o-line was brutal). Plus they say he did look better at senior bowl.
  14. qwksilver

    All Aboard the JOSH Train

    I'm all aboard. He has the lowest floor and possibly the highest ceiling, IE: He could don a gold jacket at the end or be out of the league in 4 years! Praying for the first.