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  1. I was at the show Sponge and OLP were great. Candlebox lead singer was a real douche. FYI Candlebox is like the 5th best (maybe) grunge band. I could name 20 grunge songs that are better. BTW You was their best song and it's not even close!
  2. So it's late October 1999 and my good friend is having his bachelor party at Tootsies (Miami). In line in front of our group is DM and his group. He used his "NFL ID CARD" (didn't even know they existed until then) to get him and his buddies in for free. I think the cover was $20.00. I was shocked that someone who just signed for 8 figures wouldn't just pay the cover. He didn't play against the Dolphins the next day, the Iggles lost. I voted no, good but not special.
  3. We should send him an invite to the board as "nevergiveup 2"! Thanks for posting. Great story.
  4. Good story thanks for posting. His high school is 5 minutes from my house. I'm more of a St Thomas Aquinas fan though. Tons of talent in South Florida. I liked the pick and am big fan now.
  5. Over 50 but still had a lot to say and write, Gordon Downie.
  6. Is Mel looking for a FO job at OBD? He's been sending a bunch of rosy statements our way. Is he worried about McShay taking his job?
  7. Same odds I got on Bovada. I want the 6.5 to drop to -130 before I bet that. it's currently -150.
  8. That's my question as well, It was -130 a few days ago. At what point does the line move to 7 wins?
  9. BOVADA has AFC east is 12-1 even money I put 35.00 on that (poker winnings) = 420.00. I only have a few hundred for poker play money so I may had others as poker winnings come in. BTW 50-1 to get to the SB.
  10. I'm playing poker on BOVADA right now. The over at 6.5 is -150.00. I feel it moved too much. Still love the over...but will wait for -130 hopefully.
  11. Agreed. Thank you for your service! Nice autograph and welcome to the board.
  12. I'd be ok with any metal detector and no phone for 3 days. Sign me up!
  13. Man, the NFL should find a way to sell tickets to all the draft rooms or outright sell the video of the each room or even the final draft board of every team. How cool would it be to sit in the room instead of in front of some TV? BTW in BEANE I TRUST!
  14. I don't care what the #s were. You can make an argument both were successful seasons. Let's wait till end of the season and compare this year's #s. The Bills have improved this offseason and I look forward to JA improving as well (hopefully by leaps and bounds).
  15. Had Al Davis been alive DK would have been drafted at 4. I wish him all the best, maybe we see him in an upcoming superbowl.
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