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  1. Its only been 2 preseason games, but if he's not better than the other 2 right now he will be if he gets all the 1st team reps the rest of the way.
  2. qwksilver

    Bills preview on Good Morning Football

    I May have to start watching this "football Show"
  3. Doesn't everyone want more athletic TE's? He was a 6th round pick for a reason. I'm just saying we don't know the reason for the demotion. Time will tell.
  4. For people quoting his stats for the last 3 years, let us not forget the QB that is not here that could not find the center of the field. It might just be possible he'd have better stats with a different QB? I think it's too early to see what this demotion actually means. He's no lock for the 53 especaiily if the others are showing stuff in camp and the games.
  5. qwksilver

    Allen should start with #1's

    I can't wait to see the replay tomorrow morning. JA sounds so far so good. Lets' get him some more live bullets.
  6. Agreed. if a bidding war happened.
  7. or Under Armour. Prefer they stay private though....
  8. qwksilver

    Why Your Team Sucks 2018

    These are always great. The comment sections might even be funnier. Eric:
  9. qwksilver

    RIP Tony Sparano

    RIP Coach. Peace to his family. 56 hits a little too close for some of us.
  10. I'd like to think that Kansas City would be a good stop. At least the tail gate should be good with the BBQ, Surprised no one has mentioned KC. I've heard awesome things about a Green bay trip. Too all those going please have a blast!
  11. qwksilver

    Drought Wall of Famers

    Didn't Moluds have a playoff record for yards against the Dolphin with Flutie as QB? So i'm not sure he should be on the list either. BTW he is wall worthy.
  12. qwksilver

    Some comedy to lighten the mood

    Thanks for posting. Much needed.
  13. qwksilver

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    Are you still on a contract or month to month?
  14. qwksilver

    Memory lane trip: 1980 Buffalo Bills

    Chandler thanks for posting, it's a good way to spend 20 minutes.
  15. qwksilver

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    Update: I called last week. I paid full price of $64.95 for 6 months but they gave me $60 off a month for 12 months. Plus 6 months of HBO for free ( and I don't have to call to cancel the HBO after 6 months.) Plus I did not have to sign on a contract so I should be able to do this next year. I'd love to "cut the chord" but I'm just not there yet. Good luck to all that have not made their annual called yet.