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  1. Anyone know what the under is on the game? I could see a slugfest 16-13. It has to be one of the lowest unders in a while.
  2. Lots of options/decisions and I trust Beane and company to get a majority of them correct. Also, how much do we save when we cut Hauschka?
  3. They're almost dumb enough to make him last 2+ years
  4. They are going to dump him after the season, so why not do it now and send a message! We know they won't cause they're the dysfunctional Browns.
  5. Dumb question. Do they have to pick 5? It'd be difficult to find 5 from that list. This has to be one of the weakest classes. Outside of Polamalu, no sure fire 1st ballot HOFers in the group.
  6. With the PAts* winning yesterday, winning the division is looking like a pipe dream. You have to look at Bills with a 10 win total (more likely than 11).
  7. Nice Work Virgil! As mentioned by others you kind of neglected Matt Milano's game. I thought this game was our most complete. It's an improvement over last week because of the special team improvement in coverage. We had to settle for 2 FGs early, but out side of that this was our best game this year. That's 2 in a row and let's all have a great turkey day while watching the 3rd.
  8. Nice work as usual Virgil. This was the best game by far (outside of Kick coverage and on sides kick) for both sides of the ball. Let's hope the trend continues to point north....
  9. Solid as always. Only thing I'd add is the Kicker's off day. Mcd doesn't seem to trust him either because they passed on another 50+ kick. If he hits one of those is a different game.
  10. Mrs. Beasley, your son was getting more volume in targets earlier in the year. His targets have dropped but he's now getting redzone targets. This Offense hasn't played a great game yet. Give them more time....
  11. Where is the snarky "can he stop the run" post? The negative Nancies must be napping?
  12. It's been said the difference in talent level in the NFL from the great to bad teams is minimal. Today was about NEED. Iggles needed/wanted it way more than we did. I would not want to be in the film room this week it was ugly. On too Washington and 6-2.
  13. I was home on the bye week. Family, food, and color of fall. Always great to go home. (food = pizza, wings, weck, and mighty taco)
  14. Another ways to beat it: 1) No HERO BALL, 2) No cheap shots on our QB when down by 6, 3) No blocked punts for a cheap TD. FYI I like some of the thoughts mentioned above.
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