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  1. We could probably name 5 Jets starters to go with it.!
  2. Both here but actually prefer the flats. Great wings are difficult to find here though the choices are getting better.
  3. Does anyone remember Rolf Benirschke (NFL Kicker) as host of Wheel of Fortune (AM) in the late 80's?
  4. Jim Perry had a good run in the 80's. Card Sharks and Sale of the Century.
  5. I've had the 14 it good but I prefer the Fiddich 15. If you read this whole thread, the newer Glenlivet 14 might be even better. My go to's: Balvenie Carribean>> GlenLivet 14 (Cognac cask)>> Fiddich 15. These 3 never last long.
  6. Gunner, Thanks I like reading these. What did you learn from your misses?
  7. I prefer the firm of Dickum, Over & Run.
  8. Barry McCockiner I spit out good scotch reading that for the first time.
  9. That was the old regime's way of selling tickets. Not sure we have a season and if so still no need to sell tickets.
  10. At 3.8 acres you have you're own dog park! All you need to do is invite over friends with good beer and their dogs.
  11. Loved High Fidelity. Great choice. Grosse Pointe Blank
  12. So that leaves the obvious question: can the Jets & Giants have fans?
  13. Gary Larson should be on many of the "5 people you'd like to have a beer" lists. Far Side was awesome.
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