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  1. On Friday, Pat McBryan agreed to meet all his coworkers for happy hour. Pat decided to stay at the bar and watch the Friday night college football game (while having 4 more boilermakers). Once the game ended after a double overtime. Pat decided that he was in no condition to drive, so he slept in his car. The next morning, he went to Denny’s for a hearty greasy breakfast to help combat the pounding in his head (and wouldn’t you know this Denny’s serves beer). After breakfast and 2 pints, it was almost 11 and he knew Notre Dame was on in less than an hour, so he headed to the same bar to watch the game. Somehow, he managed to stay and watch all the games through the Fresno St at Hawaii and closed the bar again. Still, stinking drunk he decided to sleep in his car yet again. Sunday morning, he leaves his car heading to the same Denny’s for breakfast and beer. Upon leaving Denny’s he notices St Peter’s Cathedral and goes inside. He then stumbles into a confessional. Father Kelly is on the other side of the confessional and hears the door close. He asks how long has it been since last confession? But he gets silence. He coughs a bit to get Pat’s attention. Nothing. Father Kelly starts knocking on the wood, “Hello anyone there?”. Pat awakens from the knocking and says, “don’t bother knockin buddy, there ain’t no f#$%ing toilet paper over here either”.
  2. That's a definite possibility. We can't wait for the DNA test results.
  3. Only interested if he can be a situational offensive coordinator to call plays on 3rd or 4th and one.
  4. Thanks. Maybe time to get a new wife?😁 Keep searching, the unconditional love is so worth it.
  5. After putting Penny down 5 months ago, I never thought we'd be ready for a new pup so soon. We adopted him 2 weeks ago. We named him Zeus. He is so affectionate, so smart, full of energy and seems to have no fear. Last week he turned 3 months, he is currently 25 lbs (up from 18lbs at adoption). The rescue stated he was an Akita mix, but most people seem to think he is a Belgian Malinois mix. He does carry his tail on his back so he's mixed with something. We are waiting on his DNA results to find out.
  6. No this one is on me. I was in 716 over the summer and picked up a couple of new T-shirts at the stadium store. I got cocky and wore one of them yesterday. It won't happen again. On to MIami.
  7. Thanks @Dont Stop Billeiving Love these. I'm happy to see you will continue these write ups. Would have much preferred to play this team later in the year, their age would show more. Maybe we get a bone if Watt doesn't play. Another bonus it's our home opener, fans have to be loud all 4 quarters. SUNDAY can't get here fast enough!
  8. Fantastic read. Thanks for posting. His nickname should be "Dominoes" because they all fell the right way for him to be here in our Super Bowl run. Anyone else thinking of getting a jersey?
  9. Except for Beane. Didn't we get a 6th for Bodine and he didn't make Pats* final cuts?
  10. How do you spot the blind guy at a nudist colony? C'mon, Think. It's not hard.
  11. We're going to get nothing if we cut him so I'd start making calls. Not sure what he'd bring in return though.
  12. For those of you getting the email. Did you get it free 8n the past as well? I haven't attempted the call yet.
  13. He's no Da'rick Rodgers.
  14. Thanks as always. You get 2 more of these before the real bullets fly. I think AJE will be just fine, he looked better as the year went on last year. Time will tell soon enough on all the new DEs. #4 Springsteen would also work for me, and throw another vote for The Hip on the pile for me.
  15. That's why I said leopards don't change their spots. He is easy to route for and I will.
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