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  1. Good advice. I was able to do it via chat. I have saved that chat as proof in case the bill is incorrect.
  2. This conversation reminds me of Sam Kinison's World Hunger bit. So funny!
  3. It sucks either way but slightly more tolerable.
  4. I understand that argument but week 1 or 2 is a game that actually matters.
  5. Maybe. If so the price for his services just went up in price...
  6. Preseason has to go. There's no way they trot out Flacco for 17 games. So much the Pats* finishing last in the division
  7. Paulie didn't have to move for anyone. RIP.
  8. NFL Wide: Jets and Pats Both finish 6-11 tied for last The Iggles win the NEC east Detroit has a winning record Falcons have the #1 pick in the draft 2023 Bills Points: 14-3 #1 seed in the AFC and make the Superbowl Allen misses 2 starts and Keenum is 2-0 in those games Singletary has 1100+ yards rushing We have 3 no punt games
  9. This is where I'm at. However they finish this it will be great. He's too good with details for this to be a let down. Just enjoy the ride.
  10. I always wanted to try but never took the plunge. Once you get it perfected, DM me and I will send you my address, you know to try a few.
  11. If you have to ask, it's a "yes". For you out of towners, this is a real funeral home in WNY with multiple locations.
  12. Dogs are truly awesome creatures. I hope and pray Mazie will turn the corner soon.
  13. RIP Paulie Walnuts. A great contribution to a fantastic series.
  14. Your pup has the worst luck. Hope the wound is easily fixed
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