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  1. qwksilver

    Kelvin Benjamin needs to be benched ASAP

    INteresting view. Care to elaborate further?
  2. qwksilver

    Take a deep breath and reevaluate after today

    Did we ever get a response as to why Kerley was released?
  3. qwksilver

    Who should be cut 1st?

    Agreed, Peterman is a "try hard" guy with not enough arm, Benjamin appears to be a malcontent.
  4. qwksilver

    Who should be cut 1st?

    I haven't seen these two linked, although the board is littered with both. So who should be gone 1st? Both is not an option.
  5. qwksilver

    Kelvin Benjamin must go

    INteresting thought.
  6. Someone needs to straighten out all the illegal formation calls. Always happened at the wrong time. That's coaching as well.
  7. qwksilver

    Gimme your 5 star lock.

    Nice BRAG post about still being alive in a survival pool. The rest of us got bounced way too early! 😎
  8. qwksilver

    Ali Marpet 5 Year Extension

    Buddy asleep at the wheel as usual.
  9. qwksilver

    The Drew Brees Butterfly Effect

    interesting read. It'd be cool to set this up like the "ESPN playoff machine" to see what would have happened if we took Ngata instead of Whitner or Orakpo over Maybin or Gronk over Troup.....
  10. qwksilver

    Like: Flea Flicker... Dislike: Flea Flicker to KB

    So adding 20lbs and converting him to TE is not an option? Put me down as shocked that he was the route runner on the flicker as well.
  11. Its usually less when we win, so we have that going for us this week
  12. qwksilver

    Big picture is just life with a rookie qb

    Some garbage is ok. https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/anal-retentive-chef/n9695 Ours is not! We have many issues. It will be a long season.
  13. qwksilver

    Seriously you just have to sign a WR this week

    We traded for Matthews once. Why did we not go after him once he was healthy? He would have been an improvement for sure. He will be solid in Philly.
  14. qwksilver

    Buffalo Bills moving forward

    I didn't say they looked good today. There will be a bunch of these types of games this year. There are tons of issues. Hughes is not one of problems.
  15. qwksilver

    Buffalo Bills moving forward

    You lost me at "hike the ball". I stopped using this term when I was nine years old or so. Also Getting rid of Hughes? He was 70% of the reason we won last week.