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  1. qwksilver

    Capaccio's top ten FA WRs

    I like Moncrief's age, price and upside. I like TW next because he did produce when he wasn't buried in the depth chart but his price might be through the roof as the market is thin. I'd prefer to develop Zay in the slot, but Beasly would be cheaper than Humphries if you want to throw in the towel on Zay. John Brown seems to play a similar spot as Foster and Foster is much cheaper and looks to have more upside..
  2. qwksilver

    Horrible QB Market

    I've heard the tank story as well. They're still a possibility though. Also might wan to add the Broncos as I don't think Keenum is the answer.
  3. qwksilver

    Horrible QB Market

    Also the soon to be Tanneyless Fish.
  4. qwksilver

    Super Bowl Halftime Show

    The Superbowls when the Pats* win, sometimes the halftime show and the commercials can make a huge difference (oh and lots of adult beverages!). I would assume if you are going to the game and pay as much for the ticket and hotel you'd prefer some national act vs some local high school band?
  5. Hopefully Wade can make a few adjustments to cover this weakness. It helped that Talib is healthy again.
  6. qwksilver

    John Parrella is now an assistant coach in Cleveland

    I remember working out at Balleys in OP in the early 90's and this beast on the bench press where the barbell would bow when he pressed it. It turned out to be Parella. Quite impressive. Not sure why Levy didn't trade him for something. Just out right cut him for NADA, typical Bills fashion in the old days.
  7. qwksilver

    Tre White Deleted Bills Photos from IG

    I'd prefer we are trading him than some freak permanent injury.
  8. qwksilver

    Tre White Deleted Bills Photos from IG

    Fairly certain it has nothing to do with Alabama and college championship tonight.
  9. If you read my location over there on the left, you know I voted for can't stand them. I would have voted for HATE them but that wasn't an option. <----------------- Davie, FL
  10. qwksilver

    Chargers vs Ravens: Who will beat the Patriots?

    I hope you're correct but the Chiefs haven't looked great since they released Hunt. As for today's game I'd say both have a poor chance of beating the Pats* at home. The chargers have good offense and a better defense so I'll root for the Bolts.
  11. qwksilver

    2019 HOF Finalists announced

    I have no problem with Atwater, but with 1 safety as a "lock" i'm not sure 2 get in the same year. We we will see.
  12. qwksilver

    2019 HOF Finalists announced

    I understand your argument but corners are always more important than the safeties.
  13. qwksilver

    2019 HOF Finalists announced

    In today's NFL where its all passing, Don "Air Coryell" has to get in. His charger teams were fun too watch. Champ, Gonzalez & Reed should be locks. Boseli only played 6 years. Is that enough? He was excellent in that time.
  14. I didn't watch much of the others. Mayfield has the best surrounding cast. JA passes the eye test and he has the worst WR and 2nd worst OL. It's still too early to tell. They may all be good/great QBs.
  15. qwksilver

    Rex Ryan to the Dolphins?

    I like the Canes... let Rex f'up the Fish instead