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  1. At that figure I'm ok with not getting him. I wonder what Lawson is going to get/looking for?
  2. Your post rang a bell for me. I don't read much of this type of stuff, but I think it reads better when a skeptic become convinced. This was a good short read if you haven't read it. Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander
  3. Since this is a football board, I've read a few of Tim Green's (1st round Draft pick from Syracuse, Author, Lawyer and NFL Commentator) books. His 1st, Ruffians is a good football book as are a few others of his. Back in early 90's I asked my boss at work how did that brokerage account get so large, his answer was to toss me a book. It was John Irving's "A Prayer for Owen Meany". I think I finished it that weekend. It's one of my favorites. I also enjoy most of Grisham's work as well. My favorite is "Runaway Jury" as it has a trading angle to it.
  4. That would be an interesting debate. I can't be in the minority on this one. I love Foo Fighters, they'll be a slam dunk 1st ballot.
  5. Is he a swimmer and is he Mark Spitz
  6. Could it played with a racquet or a club or other?
  7. Dropped our land line about 2 years ago. All the friends, family, and work call the cell. Mostly telemarketers called land line. We eventually didn't even look at the phone to see who was calling. Easy decision, should have done it years earlier.
  8. Vet minimum and 250K per sack, let him work for it.
  9. Thanks for this Virgil. Excellent write up. We picked the wrong game to have our worst game. We we're beaten/out schemed on both sides of the ball. We ran into a better team and we needed to be almost perfect (we weren't close). We won the division, swept the AFCE and won 2 playoff games (at home). We are way ahead of schedule. This will be an interesting offseason. Go Bills!
  10. Since it's 73 degrees and perfect outside, I took the dogs for a 3 mile hike. Soon it will be nap time for all 3 of us....
  11. DSB. Thanks for putting in the time to do this each week. In my brain, I am concerned about a few things for this game. You calmly ease most of my concerns. Our improved (mainly due to health) Defense will have its hands full but have much better results. Sunday can't get here soon enough.
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