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  1. I may have had a scotch or 3 but I thought the thread was "love" songs, the topic didn't make much sense. Now I get it
  2. When in town 1,3,8 every visit for the win. With a mighty taco run in between. Oh I miss the food (family too)
  3. I dislike gin so much, when I make a long island I remove the gin and double the tequila. Tastes like turpentine or paint thinner. HARD PASS! Now where's my scotch.
  4. I think the real NFL draft would be on live TV before this group finished 7 all rounds. 😉
  5. Penny is the fawn girl with the tail up she's 8 Zoey is the brindle and sh'es 3
  6. Luckily I'm in the none group. I hope it stays that way for me and everyone else that voted that way.
  7. I would say Jacksonville or Las VEGAS Raiders would be landing spots before your grouping. I'd say if he gets past the Chargers some team trades up in to the top 10 to get him. I will puke if Pats go from 23 to 9 to get him.
  8. Never is a long time but I agree. The only way this happens is for the NFL to make money out of it.
  9. The NFL could force each team to reveal draft board. Actually the transparency could help teams. If one team was going to cut someone they could see which team liked him the most and get something vs cutting him.
  10. How cool would it be to see all the teams' actual draft board (obv after the draft).They could be posted at a set time and date. Maybe after the last cut down date.
  11. This is gold. Gold Jerry. Plus we actually live in the same town in South Florida. I try to only drink on days that end in "Y"! I'm sure our most of our consumption has increased, stress and boredom.
  12. With everything falling that way in his draft. My haul would be way different!
  13. Agreed more than likely DE is not a great value ar 54. CB, RB or OT works though. Although I could see Epenesa falling to the 2nd round with the poor combine. That would be interesting.
  14. McDermott does like to rotate them in so maybe we keep 10 or maybe Murphy gets let go or they trade someone. They definitely need to get younger and find someone for next year.
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