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  1. Hi Todd Bowles, it's BillsClinton 👋🏼
  2. Nate Peterman, a 5th round draft pick, outplayed 1st round Josh Allen in the 2018 preseason.
  3. TBD should win a gold medal in mental gymnastics.
  4. Lol you guys realize the US has more cases of coronavirus than other country in the entire world, including China and Italy. This makes no sense.
  5. He's KB but can catch. I love him, which means he won't make the roster.
  6. He will be in contention for the best name in the NFL.
  7. I'm all for it, but can we get him the ball in space?
  8. Rams were playing prevent defense and taking away the edge of the field. You know....playing good defense!
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