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  1. I wouldn’t say it’s a glaring need. Just a few years ago we were complaining about Singletary not getting the ball enough vs. the Texans in the playoffs. The concern with the run game is Daboll lack of commitment to keeping a balanced attack.
  2. Would of been really nice to see the Bills on hard knocks one time. Guess we’re not exciting enough
  3. I think not trading for Julio shows you how high they are on Gabe Davis. As they should be. Kids gonna be a playmaker.
  4. Definitely could see it happening. I think the crowd noise affected Josh a lil bit in the KC game. Once he seen Mahomes was lighting it up. Josh started pressing.
  5. When you’re undersized and lack speed. It’s tough. You got LB’s running 4.4 4.5
  6. Good for him. Fresh start. The Jets failed him miserably.
  7. Solid signing. Great route runner. Money when the game is on the line. That 4 WR set is gonna be filthy.
  8. Seeing Brady and Gronk win the SB without him got Bill mad as hell. LOL
  9. You can’t tell me seeing Brady and Gronk win the SB didn’t sting for BB.
  10. Remember in the wildcard game vs. the Texans Singletary was carving them up in the 1st half and then in the 2nd, they just refused to give him the ball? The running game has more to do with the OC refusing to commit it rather than personnel IMO
  11. Everybody wants McKenZie back. I just don’t see them investing money in their 4th string WR. A rookie will fill that role. Hopefully a guy with some speed
  12. This draft is screaming for the Bills to take a lineman.
  13. Tough to see Smoke go but it was expected. Gabe Davis is a star in the making
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