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  1. Dianna Russini from ESPN just tweeted out: Just texted with an NFL head coach about the upcoming cuts and what he expects… “It’s going to be a massacre next week all around the league” Seeing that the Bills are very close to the cap. Do you think the Bills will make any surprising cuts before free agency?
  2. Idk..I think the Bills want a game changer at tight end. Don’t think Kyle Rudolph is that guy.
  3. Think the first option should be restructure. If they let Brown go...Bills lose speed and a deep threat.
  4. I could see it. JJ had a lot of success early 3x DOPY when your accomplished as he is, sometimes guys can get a lil cocky and full of themselves. What gets me is that he said he wanted to play for a contender, but chooses Arizona who didn’t even make that playoffs last year. So that right there should tell you something about him
  5. JJ chased the money. I guess since Arizona made the playoffs last year he feels like they’re close.
  6. I thinks it’s between the Packers and Buffalo. Sean McDermott and Josh Allen will be the selling points. Too much drama over there with Packers and Hollywood Aaron Rodgers .
  7. LeSean McCoy is a lock. All Decade Team 2010s 2 x First Team All Pro 6 Pro Bowls 2 SB rings 15,000 all purpose yards. only RB’s with 15K and multiple rings: Shady and Emmitt Smith.
  8. Played lil league all the way through high school. I remember playing my last high school game for the Championship at the Ralph. Cried like a baby before and after the game. I was a undersized out of shape lineman so college was never really in the cards for me.
  9. At this point of his career, is JJ really looking for money? Or he is looking for the best opportunity. JJ’s made his money. I think coming from the dumpster fire of an organization in Houston, JJ is looking for a well run organization with a opportunity to win the SB. The culture that Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane have built in Buffalo..along with the Billsmafia fan base has made the Bills a very attractive destination.
  10. Bills should be on the phone with his agent ASAP. He’s versatile enough to play all across the line. Would def help guys like Oliver, Epenesa. If we can get a solid two years out Watt I think it would be worth it.
  11. The Gap between the Chiefs and the Bills is much wider than Sal is leading on. That’s the team we need to beat. The Chiefs were literally toying with the Bills offensively. The defense need a major overhaul. The offensive line needs upgrade and we need another weapon on the outside.
  12. “Barring a significant change in stances,” Patrick Peterson and the Arizona Cardinals plan on parting ways, making Peterson an unrestricted free agent, per @MattVerderame Seems like a perfect #2 CB candidate for us. I think they want to groom Dane Jackson for that spot but I could see us looking to bring him in.
  13. Epenesa showed flashes this year. I think he’ll be decent. Star is very overrated. don’t understand the love affair with him
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