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  1. Going to be a tough game Thursday. We playing in their house and their season is on the line. We haven’t looked good the last month. Very nervous about this one.
  2. I was screaming at my TV yesterday because of Dorsey’s play calling. I could go on for hours about what I don’t like. However my biggest issue is why Devin Singletary is ever coming off the field? The rotation we use at RB is so baffling to me. Singletary pops a 8-10 yard run then immediately gets taken out for James Cook. Or even better we start offensive series with Singletary on the bench!! It pisses me off so bad. Only time Singletary should ever come off the field is if he needs a blow. We don’t even have formations with the two on the field at the same time either. It’s so frustrating.
  3. We needs to play a whole lot better. We haven’t been playing good football. We could easily go 1-2 or 0-3.
  4. I don’t blame Allen he can’t do it alone. The offensive coordinator keeps putting him in tough situations . Why are we throwing it 3 straight times when Singletary breaks a 10 yard run? Why is Motor even off the field period?
  5. If I was OBJ I would sign a 1yr deal with the Bills . Ball out. Win the SB and go right back into FA with more options and potentially more money.
  6. Ugly win but I’ll take it. Once again when Singletary is involved and getting touches he makes the offense 10x better. It’s been the same story for 3 years but the coaching staff refuses to be consistent with his usage. Next game he’ll have 9 carries.
  7. Way too soon. He’ll at least get the rest of this season and next season before changes are made but so far I have not been pleased with how he’s running the offense.
  8. I never bet against my team. But with Allen struggling. Edmunds hurt. That’s +9.5 is a gift
  9. Sean McD seat is so cold he’s got frost bite on Assss.
  10. Late in the 4th quarter, Bills have the lead with 3 minutes left, Vikings have ONE time out. What does Dorsey do? Pass, Pass, Pass, Punt. Runs absolutely no time off the clock. Just horrible play calling.
  11. We’re missing almost half the defense. I’m not too concerned about the D.
  12. Browns are very capable of beating us. Nick Chubb has the ability to dominate the game and our run defense has been suspect.
  13. The story of the Bills the last 3 seasons has been their inability to commit to running the football and here we are again this year with the same issue. He keeps saying he wants balance, but continues not to do it. Is McDermott completely hands off when it comes to the offensive side of the ball? Because that’s what it looks like to me.
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