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  1. Kaiir struggled today in the scrimmage. Don’t think he’s a day 1 starter just yet. He’s going to need time.
  2. Man Gabe Davis looks like a #1 wideout too me. We better resign him after this season before his price goes up.
  3. If Cooks can prove he can be reliable as a blocker. I think Singletary could be traded
  4. I’m not begging another grown man for a autograph. All they do is scribble lol
  5. New OC. New pieces. Gotta get some rhythm. No more than a series or two
  6. The fan base between LA and Buffalo doesn’t even compare. Everyone is always skeptical about Buffalo until they actually get to experience it.
  7. Allen, Diggs, Tre White, Poyer, Edmunds
  8. Looks like it’s going to be Stevenson vs. Tavon for that last WR spot. May the best man win. Love the competition we are bringing in the building.
  9. We all know that the Bills are heavy favorites to make a potential super bowl run this year, but what position has you the most concerned? That could possibly derail those hopes. For me its offensive tackle. Dion Dawkins didn’t really have one of his best years last season. He was still pretty good but also had games where he was inconsistent. I like Spencer Brown as well at RT but he’s still very young player. I don’t think we expected him to come on as strong as he did for a rookie but there is a potential for a sophomore slump. Some great pass rushing duo have started to form in the AFC with the additions of Khalil Mack and Chandler Jones. Still having to deal with guys like TJ Wattt, Myles Garrett and Clowney. Those combos could potentially cause problems and Im concerned if we’re strong enough at the tackle position.
  10. I still haven’t watched the highlights from the game. Its all a blurr.
  11. I got us going 11-6. #2 seed beating LA Chargers in the AFC Title game
  12. I love the way Beane drafts. Looks like we’re gonna have nice competition battle at RB and WR this coming camp. The cream will rise to the top
  13. There’s going to be a lot of disappointed fans Thursday night. I just don’t see them blowing a 1st rd pick on a RB. Especially not knowing how Tre White is going to respond coming off his ACL and losing Levi Wallace.
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