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  1. Clearly your point with your cherry-picked examples is that there's no basis to have faith in the decision making of McBeane. My answer? Pre-McBeane the Bills went 17 seasons without making the playoffs. Since taking over, the Bills have a record of 66-40 and a winning percentage of .635. It's a certainty that they know a helluva lot better than you. BTW, congratulations on your thread-leading 54 posts...
  2. Wrote Matt Parrino in NYup.com: "Big-time no. 2s like Los Angeles Chargers receiver Mike Williams and Tampa Bay’s Chris Godwin make $20 million per season. A better comparison for Davis might be former New England receiver Jacobi Meyers, who had about the same numbers as Davis in 2022. He signed with the Las Vegas Raiders for less than $13 million AAV in March." https://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2023/06/5-thoughts-on-the-buffalo-bills-giving-ed-oliver-a-4-year-contract-extension.html
  3. Hmmm, all this talk about making Oliver earn the new contract. Minimally this casts aspersions on Oliver's character (some made comparisons to Dareus and Haynesworth... nice touch) as well as the judgement of McBeane. Isn't it more likely that the Bills know what makes Oliver tick and feel very comfortable extending him now? Don't you think they are comfortable with his motivation going forward? I think you might be confusing the vocal minority (and the silent majority) with the actual consensus. Heresy McBeane! You must stop with the self-immolation!
  4. It was a fairly common opinion around here that Ruben Brown wasn't as great a player as you would expect someone with 9 Pro Bowls (and 4 2nd Team All Pros) would be. Proof of that is that he is never mentioned as a candidate for the Hall of Fame. The announcement of Ruben to the Pro Bowl squad was often met with bemusement and the implication that Pro Bowl voting is a popularity contest. This was 20 years ago and seems like a time where the Pro Bowl wasn't as big of a joke as it is today... but Ruben was maybe a precursor of what the Pro Bowl has become.
  5. This is where you want to see the lots. https://ednalouise.com/sales/1688?
  6. Also WR is a position where age is mostly unforgiving... I think due to the fairly extreme level of physical excellence needed to play the position. I don't know how credible this is but according to Statmuse there are only 11 NFL WRs over the age of 30. https://www.statmuse.com/nfl/ask/nfl-current-wide-receivers-over-the-age-of-30 The downfall usually starts with nagging injuries. Often the WR still plays well when healthy but has a hard time staying healthy.
  7. I'll start by saying that every individual is different and every rule has its exceptions. That said, reading this (from The Athletic) gave me pause: No matter where he signs, though, temper expectations slightly. Hopkins is two years removed from his last All-Pro season and played in only 19 of 34 regular-season games over the past two seasons because of injuries and a suspension. Receivers at his age have struggled to recapture their early career successes; the last 31-plus first-team All-Pro receiver was Reggie Wayne ... in 2010. There’s a reason the Cardinals couldn’t find a deal. That was Wayne's 9th NFL season. As I try to recall recent late career seasons of superstar receivers, I can't forget A.J. Green falling off the performance cliff at age 29 in his 8th season and Julio Jones doing the same at age 30 in his 9th season. In 11 days Hopkins will turn 31 years old as he prepares for his 11th NFL season.
  8. "On 3, READY... BREAK!!!" Crisp currency does not have greater, value dumb dumb. Is that what you were saying when Von Miller became a Bill? Don't you mean Bailey Zappe? My... you have a large font... Have you considered not getting excited? Maybe the reverse strategy? Just a thought. What brand of tricycle? Difference is Lofton could take the top of a defense and that was hugely helpful to Kelly, Andre Reed and Thurman Thomas. DHop on the other hand never could take a top off a defense and now he's older and slower. Your son is... a she? That's DeAndre HoSkins!!! *****!!!
  9. Wow Josh has another "tight end." First Knox, then Kincaid, and now this.
  10. I'm still in McDermott's corner but the concern is that he'll be another Marty Schottenheimer or Jim Mora... a guy who couldn't win the big one. On the other hand, they used to say that about Andy Reid. Two Super Bowls later... Disagree strongly. Dungy won a Super Bowl with the Colts after being fired from Tampa. Tampa/Gruden only won with Dungy's players because of the stupidity of Bill Callahan and the Raiders organization... and Gruden later proved that he was a mediocre Head Coach at best. I actually liked Ross as a player and as a media member. He's usually smart and resourceful but this piece was crap... and you gave me a good chuckle.
  11. My good deed of the day. From the article: 1. Andy Reid 2. Bill Belichick 3. Mike Tomlin 4. Sean Payton 5. Nick Sirianni 6. Kyle Shanahan 7. Sean McVay 8. Brian Daboll 9. Pete Carroll 10. Doug Peterson 11. John Harbaugh 12. Zac Taylor 13. Mike Vrabel 14. Mike McDaniel 15. Kevin O'Connell 16. Dan Campbell 17. Matt LaFleur 18. Arthur Smith 19. Ron Rivera 20. Brandon Staley 21. Mike McCarthy 22. Sean McDermott 23. Kevin Stefanski 24. Frank Reich 25. Robert Saleh 26. Todd Bowles 27. Dennis Allen 28. Matt Eberflus 29. Josh McDaniels 30. Shane Steichen 31. DeMeco Ryans 32. Jonathan Gannon A poll would be a good addition to this post... and I while I like and respect Ross Tucker's work, this definitely feels clickbaity.
  12. From the article you linked: "Gerben believes the team will eventually be able to use the name. The separate question is whether new ownership will want to. The best move could be to make a clean break from All Things Snyder, and a full rebrand could be part of that effort." Your topic title is some combination of The New York Post... and modern clickbait practices. But yes, let's take the easiest target in the NFL and make sport of him because everyone else does.
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