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  1. That was a really nice video, thanks for posting. It was a great story idea by NFL films too. I loved Schlopy's little aside about Jim Harbaugh... funny but not surprising. I worked that game in a media capacity. Several Bills had crossed the picket line by that time, Will Grant, Rob Riddick and a few others. Schlopy was 2-5 in FGs in that game. I remember Lawrence Taylor lining up at tight end and going out into the pattern. After the game in the locker room after answering questions from the media corps, Schlopy was then the recipient of lots of hand shakes and backslapping from said media corps. Totally unprofessional but so was the football game.
  2. Or you know... brain damage. Fun relevant fact: Jim Kelly career earnings: $21.78 million Nathan Peterman career earnings: $4.49 million
  3. On top of that, here's one of his statements to the Fox piece that was linked upthread: ''I have no regrets and I appreciate the organization, Buffalo, their fans and (Bills owner) Ralph (Wilson) for putting me in this position where I was able to play for nine years. I'm not going to say anything bad about them and I wish them the best.'' "He's not gonna say anything bad about them." Clearly he harbors no animosity towards the Bills. 😆 and Dickies work pants and carrying a Stanley thermos. I just pm'd you. I have a nice Sprinter Van RV we can use as the operations field office. There are some here who believe that some NFL players are paying... ah never mind.
  4. Mine? I didn't feel anything. I don't think success will go to his head. My fear for Josh is that he will get too musclebound and lose his athleticism.
  5. But it's their decision. You have to respect it. The Saints could release Brees or trade him as the Cheatriots did with Gronkowski. Considering what he did for the Saints I highly doubt they would obstruct him if he wished to return to the NFL.
  6. On the one hand you never underestimate a divisional foe. Those games are usually hard fought and teams rarely lie down to teams in their division. On the other hand, Brady went 32-3 vs the Bills so the above sentence only carries so much weight.
  7. If you read the dateline in the link (https://atozsports.com/nashville/taylor-lewan-makes-statement-that-completely-discredits-pro-football-focus/) the article was published on Thursday... 3 days ago. If there was any credence to Lewan's allegations, other media outlets would have "picked it up" and started digging into this. In particular Pro Football Talk founder Mike Florio would be all over this story. He isn't. In fact PFT hasn't even mentioned this story and they are the kings of clickbait. IMO Lewan should be hoping the story dies because if it doesn't, the likely outcome is that he'll be the one in trouble, not PFF. On a related subject when you speak with those who believe in conspiracy theories (pick one, any one) they're always at a loss to explain how those committing the conspiracies (Chemtrails for instance) are able to keep them secret. IMO if NFL players were paying $50K to boost their PFF ratings it would be pretty easy to find out and pretty damn hard to keep it a secret. All it would take is one disgruntled employee, or an employee who has a pang of consciousness, or an employee under oath deciding not to lie. Or the confession of an NFL player saying that he did nothing wrong... or... you get the idea. I've been wrong plenty of times but I don't believe Lewan's claim at all. That dude is a fail on so many levels... including trying to be irreverent and provocative on an informal pop culture sports site.
  8. The one thing I'll add to this topic is that last year the Bills ended up returning 51 players from the 2020 season. Clearly McBeane wasn't satisfied with the results of standing pat last year.
  9. Thank you for the great offseason summary! 👏👏👏
  10. I saw on his brother's Instagram this morning where they were castrating bulls.
  11. Pigs can be dangerous at times: "We report the case of a 49-year-old male found dead in his farm's pigsty, where a sow and her piglets were present. At the postmortem examination, numerous, severe blunt force injuries were observed on the body, with special regard to the upper extremities where massive injuries involving soft tissues, bones, and regional vessels, tendons, and nerves were present. The death resulted from severe bleeding from massive upper extremities injuries due to a domestic pig attack. Domestic pigs are usually placid but they can become aggressive if disturbed and attack humans producing severe injuries due to trampling, kicking and biting. Knowing the relevant anatomy, pattern of attack, and morphologies of wounds produced by particular animals can distinguish animal attacks from homicides, as well as attempt to identify the type of animal involved in an unwitnessed attack." https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34106425/ I was driving through Gowanda years ago looking for Point Peter Rd in Zoar Valley. I stopped at a corner to ask directions from an older guy sitting at a bench. He got up, walked over, and looked at my map. Then his expression became confused and he said, "I'm not really good at reading maps, sorry." You're welcome.
  12. According to my calculations, his arms would have to be 74.375" long in order to makeup the difference between his 40 time and that of a CB who runs a 4.5.
  13. FRB, you've been bitter ever since you were overdrafted and then washed out of the league.
  14. I thought so too. Still, if he runs afoul of the law, you're being help personally responsible.
  15. I think it actually means something though. Doesn't it suggest someone with WR skills that doesn't necessarily play WR?
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