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  1. On top of what you mention above, another thing... actually two things, that I've had a hard time forgiving Leslie Frazier for are: The Hail Murray The jump ball Justin Jefferson "Catch of the Year in our bitter week 10 OT loss to the Vikings To me, those are glaring failures that reside squarely on the shoulders of the DC. The Bills D seems to flunk at Situational Football 101 more than is acceptable.
  2. Injuries undoubtedly played a big part in the underachievement of the Bills defense this year. Set atop the failure at Kansas City last year and you have the basis for a belief that the defense needs to be revamped. FWIW, the names most associated with the invention and development of the zone blitz are Bill Arnsparger, Dick LeBeau, and Dom Capers.
  3. Yes, Frazier goes and hire Steve Wilks who is hard-nosed leader of men. Leslie Frazier is a good man but the Bills need a leader who brings toughness to the defense. Frazier brings resilience which is not the same thing as toughness. I'm not a big fan of Jim Schwartz... his "carry me off the field on your shoulders" stunt was lame. The problem with Dorsey is that Josh is 100% in his corner so if you get rid of him you alienate the franchise quarterback. That said there has to be a lot of soul-searching and self-scouting on offense. The numbers were better this year but Josh regressed... possibly due to his elbow injury but I think it goes beyond that. Daboll was somehow able to tap into the "good Josh" more than Dorsey was. With all the former OCs on the team (Kromer, Shula, Brady, Boras) it's imperative that they get the offense right. With that many resources the offense has to be improved next year regardless of player personnel. If the Bills fall sort of the Super Bowl next year, major structural changes must be made.
  4. To "goad me" into asking an offhand question?
  5. Probably wasn't the greatest idea for me to watch that late at night... 😆
  6. It's been almost 3 years since they won their last Super Bowl, why would you say they're the best team in the league?
  7. Kenny and his wife are saints... nicest people you'd ever want to meet. As long as the McDermott/Beane/Josh era is in effect he shouldn't break the streak of attending games. As far as the condiment shower, he should just do that at each home opener.
  8. Evan Engram doing his impersonation of Tiny Tim.
  9. Collinsworth hand in pocket... Tirico nervously trying not to notice...
  10. To the bolded above... AMEN. The flashes Tasker showed in '95 and '96 (as a declining player) show that he was likely criminally underused during most of his career. And this was directed to... ???
  11. Yes, of the 3 teams we lost to in the Super Bowl, the Giants are the only one that I don't despise. Between the "America's Team" arrogance and the slime of Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder, by contrast the Mara-Tisch ownership is pretty non-offensive. Also the Giants have mostly been an organization that has advocated for the Rozelle model of parity for all markets. Also though I love cheerleaders, I always thought it was cool that the Giants didn't have them... all business.
  12. The Giants have been peaking. To me this game is almost a coin flip.
  13. It's also a great game, if you're between the ages of 6 and 12. How hard? Ah... never mind. Fair enough but it's not like Lawrence has topped out yet either. This is only his second year and he still has some ceiling up there. If Jacksonville's gonna win they'll have to contain Kelce which most teams fail to do. I'm curious to see how they try to guard him.
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