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  1. Always enjoyed Blake Griffin. For me, this is an all-time car advertisement... "I'm not here for a history lesson..." 😆
  2. BT, I misconstrued and misinterpreted your entire post. Apologies. Did you generate a report in Statmuse? I'm still a bit confused.
  3. Please don't interpret this as a cynical view of Claypool's acts of kindness but always remember these wise words: "The true test of a man's character is what he does when no one is watching." John Wooden
  4. What a strange list and contradicted by the heading "when playing 70+ games." Why do they mention 70+ games at the same time including players with less than 500 career passing attempts? What exactly is the criteria? Among other things it makes me wonder if this is a human or a non-human error.
  5. Toohill is Trent Murphy without the big contract.
  6. Yes, Otto Graham by a mile or two. No one else really close. Was Bernie better than Brian Sipe? If so not by very much.
  7. You have more question marks than The Riddler's wardrobe. Sometimes as they say, "It just didn't work out."
  8. Has Von Miller pronounced anything yet? Even Thomas the Train. Bills Receivers Coach Adam Henry: "Alright Mike. If you can beat this guy in a footrace (motions at Keon Coleman), we'll bring you to camp as a body... no guarantees."
  9. You're right about me declaring Gruden a bad person. I abandoned my usual practice which is to not judge others because we can never know the entirety of one's actions and without knowing this, it is impossible to know a person's true nature. Also, I believe that there are ambiguous people who even if you did have knowledge of the entirety of their actions, would be difficult to classify as either good or bad. So I should not have judged Gruden. I can only guess as to his character.
  10. It's official, I have no sympathy for Jon Gruden. It's an interesting situation. He's 60 years old and sitting on many millions of dollars. Theoretically he never has to work another day in his life but on the other hand, what're you gonna do with yourself for the next 20 years or so? I actually know someone who retired from Wall Street when he was 35 years old... he made at least tens of millions and possibly close to $100 million. He golfed and learned the French language and then went back to work because he was bored and really didn't know what else to do with his life.
  11. I absolutely agree that Gruden was a pawn in a much larger game. Too bad he was both stupid and a bad person simultaneously. Can you imagine shyttinng away $100 million because you thought it was a good use of time to write offensive emails?
  12. I agree that the defender should be looking for the ball the moment he believes that it's airborne... and not trying read the receivers eyes. I disagree that the play you describe is unfair towards the defender. I blame the defender in these situations for being unaware that the ball is underthrown.
  13. I never played organized football so my opinion is near worthless. That said, a DB knows the QB only has a few seconds to make his read and get the ball out. Because of that it seems to me that on downfield throws, once the DB feels comfortable with the route direction and the play intention that he should be looking for the ball BECAUSE if he can track the ball (like a centerfielder) it becomes much less relevant where the receiver actually is. The CB is now just another receiver looking to make a play on an airborne ball. In other words the sooner he sees it the better chance he has of catching it. Put differently on downfield throws, after about 2 seconds on average, a CB should be turning around to see where the ball is so he actually has a chance to make a play on it... or to see if the play has degenerated into a plaster drill. JMO. I agree with the bolded. As far as your underthrown ball argument, I would counter that if the CB knows the ball is airborne, then he should be locating it to 1) make a play on the ball and 2) avoid a penalty. There are countless plays where the defender could have located the ball but refused to, instead trying to read the receivers eyes or body. I never agreed with that technique. By "trying to read the WRs cues" you're waiting too long and not giving yourself enough time to locate the ball... and making yourself more likely to get called for a penalty. Again, JMO.
  14. Maybe someone who coaches defense can shed some light on this for me. Are DBs coached NOT to look back for the ball? Because it seems to me that 99% of the time they fixate on the receiver and make zero attempt to locate and track the ball. Then when the ball is underthrown they clumsily run into the receiver and get called for DPI. Why would a DB willfully ignore where the ball is, therefore disqualifying themselves from being able to intercept it, and at the same time making it more likely that they'll get a DPI penalty?
  15. Maybe that's you and your friends? I'm a red-blooded American male but I'm not a pig, nor a mysognist, nor a racist so you'd be wrong about me and my friends. You're right about everything you wrote above. Gruden signed a 10 year, $100 million dollar contract. He is an arrogant dirt bag and an idiot. He didn't even have the common sense to protect his own interests. I wonder how his wife and family feel about him. In Gruden's case, 7 years of worst moments.
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