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  1. I know quite a few Steelers fans living here in Pittsburgh, they actually love coming up to OP. You can't compare the Tailgating experience
  2. That hail Mary didn't even matter, win or lose that game, same AFC seed
  3. Contemporary country out of a Bose speaker? Lost all respect for Beane
  4. I was at the game in 2019 here in Pittsburgh, I couldn't understand why he kept throwing at Tre White, after game was just great
  5. Never understood the red stripe, just should have the charging Bison (it's not a Buffalo) in red
  6. My guess is the default is if Bass is not told different he kicks it deep, apparently he didn't get the call.
  7. No, stay away from that place, full of Neanderthals
  8. Listening to sports radio here in Pittsburgh, they all but admit the Steelers don't have much of a chance. Even Mark Madden has changed his mind.
  9. I had them in a chat wanted to stop something. Mentioned my son is in college and do I get a break on ST. Told me I get ST and Center Ice free. Try a chat you never know
  10. 200 miles away, NW of Pittsburgh. Used to live on Sheldon Rd...I could see the back of the scoreboard from the front yard
  11. Bills alumni parties were great to talk to those guys..Mcguire, Byrd, Shaw , Jacob's, etc. I talked to Sestaks son
  12. I didn't get an email either, I called and I get it free and Center Ice free too.
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