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  1. Bold prediction. Not disagreeing or looking for a fight. I’ve got them both in playoffs with potential runs. Two franchise QB’s. What brings you to this conclusion? Cheers.
  2. Really? I was just coming from an honest place. I admitted I was not trying to be a jerk or wreck your post. I appreciated you taking the time to post it. I was only trying to clarify the title. I absolutely was not trying to throw shade. Cheers.
  3. I do think it is a bit misleading, not trying to be a jerk. Maybe “the half brother of James and Dalvin cook is arrested for murder”. Honestly, when I read it, I thought James and his half brother were arrested. I read it twice and then jumped on the article for details. Appreciate your post though.
  4. Looking for 7 tickets. If you have some your selling, hmu and I’ll shoot you an email or phone #. Cheers, Scott
  5. Well said! There were some decent players during the drought, some not great, but gave it their all. Those two epitomized what I like in football players. Gave it all on the field and in the community.
  6. Didn’t Tre start his first year? If the staff feel confident with a rookie I definitely do. We are lucky to have competent management.
  7. I’m going with Cole Strange OLineman that Patsies took. No way he had a first round grade on him.
  8. Seems like a very likable, young man with great character. Welcome Tim!
  9. I don’t think they are against him, they are against his outrageous contract.
  10. I like your thinking except for Davis. Gabe had a terrific second half of the season. If he has a whole season like that he’s going to get a really sizable contract. I think he is a potential star in the making. I’d like to wrap him up now. But heck I’d like to get them all under contract, hate losing guys but I know we will. Go Bills
  11. Homemade pizza. Probably covered in pesto, compari tomatoes and shredded mozzarella. Go Bills!!
  12. Wife and I will be there with 50 other Bills fans! Go Bills. First game in over two years, I’m ready.
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