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  1. I will divide my age by 2. That was SICK! I believe they call that a nose for the end zone!
  2. I like the thought of considering comp picks when signing free agents. I think long term, it’s just good planning. I believe the staff always considers long term outcomes. That being said, our Super Bowl window is open now. Do I believe in selling out to get a Super Bowl. Yes and no. If it works great (see Rams). But if the Rams lost they would look foolish now. Oops back to my point. I think our window got shorter because of everything that happened last year. Last year was probably year one for winning a SB. Me personally, I don’t want to do what the Rams did, but minor things (argument could be made against it) like comp picks don’t concern me. Plus there’s the it’s a wash argument. Bottom line, if Harris makes us better today for the right term, sign him. On a side note. I hated that guy. He was a Bill killer. At the very least, sign him and bench him. Then he will at least quit carving us up.
  3. Dumb, insane, weird. Class act. Yup, I would go on to say I never said I was mad at him, but I can see from your posts it won’t be productive.
  4. I think the fact that a team could tag him and keep him is a possibility. But I’m with you, unlikely. I bet Einstein’s dog is smarter than ours, hell, he’s probably smarter than me. 😃
  5. As Billz4ever has pointed out, the money is fully guaranteed, so a cut is out of the question. Sounds good to trade him to allocate resources to offense but I don’t think it’s realistic. Could it happen, sure, but I’d rather keep him. It’s a contract year for him. One very good year and he’s gonna get paid big time, hopefully not by us. Honestly, I think we are gonna ride out his last year, it makes sense. The other points are interesting, I was more interested in the Oliver chat, which honestly I feel bad posting about in here because I don’t want to hijack the OP’s post. I like your screen name.
  6. See my response to TheBeaneBandit. I agree, he’s not going anywhere. But I think next year at this time 11 million might look like a deal.
  7. That would be ideal. But I envision him playing like a monster this year to get paid mega bucks on his next contract. I believe he will be good to very good this year and there will be no way to afford him next year. He’s essentially Tremaine. Someone’s gonna pay him and it won’t be us. But let’s not get rid of him now because I’d bet the house he’s gonna have a big year. Let’s use it for the SB push then get a decent comp pick.
  8. Lol, yes they do. Cody Ford? It’s Sunday and I’m relaxing so I’m not gonna make a list. But I agree with your point that teams aren’t looking to trade for JAG with a big salary.
  9. I hate being disrespectful by posting non Hopkins stuff, but I am interested in yours and others views on Oliver. I randomly chose to respond to your post. My point would be, why on earth would you trade Oliver in a contract year? This is when the first round “meh’s” come out to play. It’s payday. He will probably be a beast next year, let’s ride it and see him out the door as they get paid a ton to revert to their former selves. See Phillips and Shaq. Thanks for posting. Go Bills!
  10. Agreed, plus I don’t think Dorsey has proven he can make all these dynamic pieces work together.
  11. I struggled with this. Was gonna give you a🤮 but decided against it. Mahomes has a better resume, period. I agree with you. But F him. He would definitely not fit the cultural vibe that is Buffalo. His baggage (some family members) would not go over well in a blue collar town like Buffalo. Plus, he’s our Josh. We watched him grow up before our eyes. I’m riding the Allen train until it stops. GO Bills! Keen observation on the first sentence. Setting himself up in the off-season because he knows we probably won’t sign him.
  12. I agree. But as far as teammates, I’d rather Cole have Allen’s back than point out he’s not in the top 2. Plenty of ways to address the Jests/GB/ Aaron fiasco without dragging your teammate into it. Sometimes homerism is ok.
  13. My infatuation with him is he ran all over us. If we get him on the cheap, and he is not a feature back, I think I like it. He won’t be the best fit for every game plan. But we can abuse soft D’s with him and use him to soften up the tougher defenses. That said I don’t follow him or anything, I just remember hating to play against him.
  14. Man, I completely agree. With your response and Folz post. I don’t feel comfortable saying our backs suck. They’ve shown flashes. Before we hang them, I think a review of the coaching room from the RB coaches up to the OC is in order. I believe these guys can play.
  15. I hit the laugh emoji but maybe I should have used 🤮. Simply because you’re right and I hate it. 🤞it won’t spiral out of control. 🤣 not!
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