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  1. I think we need to differentiate between greatest assembly of talent vs the greatest team. I think to be the greatest, the team needed to accomplish something. I think this eliminates the SB Bills.
  2. Excellent post, and well researched. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the players, especially Coleman. Man I love the kid, but you’re right. It gets talked a lot on here about Josh likes separation when throwing to his receivers. Coleman looks like an acrobatic contested catch receiver. On paper, it’s not a good match. With that being said, I trust the front office and coaches. Hopefully they work their magic. We can’t afford to miss on such a high pick. I’m really excited to see what McD. Will do with Bishop.
  3. The NFL’s product on the field is trending in a poor direction. Between the gambling and refs, the product looks tarnished to me. Bottom line, if you try to sell this to someone who isn’t already a fan I don’t think you’re going to have a successful go. Move to full time refs, who call competent games, get rid of gambling (I know it’s never happening) and I can see international succeeding.
  4. Nostradamus! Now Reich can be had for just a contract!
  5. What? The Jets and Giants literally play in New Jersey. It’s not a harmless jab, it’s a point of pride for Bills fans.
  6. Gotcha? Yeah I have a different take, seems he’s back by all accounts. I think he took a year to trust his knee. I had a knee injury and it took a long time not to think about it. I think he’s a lock.
  7. Why would you say that? He’s signed until 2025. Just curious, do you think we will trade or cut him? Cheers.
  8. Mods, can I get this thread shut down? It’s turned into a sh#t show. I was curious how people saw the 12th man vs Bills mafia. And should it be considered for the ring of honor. IT WASNT A VOTE!
  9. Thanks! Looks like they got at least two maybe three players they liked a lot.
  10. Agreed, like you I’m the 12th man. I was in the stadium with you. I was an 8 year old when Leopold? Ended Miami’ s ten year streak. I feel like they might be two separate entities which is weird. I’ve been to epic games, goal post games, that’s the 12th man. I thin Bills Mafia is something different, something that evolved from the the 12th man.
  11. That’s what I was thinking. The 12th man is pretty generic, but not sure if it’s ok to take down the 12th man. Wonder what the plans are for the new stadium?
  12. I was watching local coverage of training camp and they mentioned how great the Bills Mafia were. Sean mentioned that it was really important for the young guys to get that exposure and see how they respond with fans in the house. Is the 12th man different than Bills Mafia or is it just an updated more specific name for our fans? Should it’s be reflected on the wall of fame?
  13. I do not live in Buffalo anymore, but I grew up there and get back every few months. 1. Really depends on time of year, but I only go once a year. I like being behind the team. 2. We arrive at 8ish. By the time you set up, tailgate for a bit, then break it down, it’s usually time to head in. We have a group of 9 going to Commanders game if you want to join us. 3. Bills store on a non Sunday, a lot of parks on the water. Not sure if Sullivan ships are open, Chestnut Ridge. 4. No idea about this. 5. Buffalo has amazing food and restaurants. I highly, highly recommend Bar Bill and Gabriel’s Gate. Schwabels for Beef on Weck. Most Greek places are great. I had a La Nova pizza last week and liked it. There are also a ton of ethnic food restaurants. Enjoy the game and pm if you want to tailgate. im sure some will bash my food selections 🤷🏻‍♂️
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