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  1. This^^^^^^ We have our franchise QB, we have our skill players. Now we need to shore up the trenches.
  2. I hate trading up but I like this scenario a lot. ^^^^^^
  3. I would totally make the deal if I were the Packers gm. Rogers career is in its twilight.
  4. Seriously? Kelly is a first ballot hall of fame QB who led the Bills to 4 straight Super Bowls.
  5. Technically it was a penalty. I don’t think it was dirty. But in today’s NFL, it’s a penalty.
  6. Anytime I see someone in NC with Bills paraphernalia the first words out of my mouth are go Bills, I have never had a reply other than Go Bills!
  7. Long time lurker, first post. This might be the funniest, accurate post I’ve ever read.
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