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  1. RB Taiwan Jones is Also Back on a 1-Year Deal

    Liked both of these guys. Draft is deep at RB so hopefully McBean works some late round magic and finds us a new Freddy.
  2. Upcoming QB competition

    And if AJ comes in and absolutely slings it all over the field? I, too, am excited to see him. I can’t be excited about an unknown rookie.
  3. What ya'll are getting with AJ

  4. Here is what is going to happen in the draft

    Browns want 3 first rounders for # 1 Pick. Bills offer both firsts and a second( maybe two) but Browns only offer pick 4. Bills might take it if they can’t get three or maybe trade next years first for # 1
  5. I say we will not draft a QB round 1

    We will. AJM is in a short contract and The Legend of Peterman is NOT a starter so AJM gets the start while a rookie sits.
  6. Veteran QB Problem Solved

  7. Sammy Watkins - I was wrong........

    Because Whaley did the same thing. Set up an unproven second year QB to win.
  8. Rap Sheet: Bills pursuing Bradford for deal

    My grandmother has better knees and she’s been gone forty years now. If we get him, our rookie starts at least 4 games this year.
  9. DT Star Lotulelei to Bills!

    I’m a Panthers fan also and have enjoyed watching the Panthers D. Stars job was simply to take on blockers so Kueckly and Davis could go hunting( in a nutshell) . He’s no Ted Washington but he’s decent. He doesn’t really push the pocket or tackle or that matter. The Panthers press line has been the old “ stats don’t show how important he is in our scheme.” I think there is some truth to this but we are going to have to upgrade our LBs dramatically if we intend to use him the same way.
  10. DT Star Lotulelei to Bills!

    Hope they didn’t overpay. Run stuffer, not much else
  11. Sammy Watwins to KC on a 3 Year Deal

    One 1000 yes season. 39 of 70 targets last year(8 TDs) Good for Sammy, WHF for the Chiefs. Could be the second time we see Sammy hired to no good end for the QB heir apparent.
  12. Cordy Trade - do you like it?

    He missed half a season, and looked like doggie doodoo at points during the season. Point being, we did fine without him( them) after all the “ this is the end of the world” rhetoric and neither had a great season. Great for Darby, not throwing him under the bus.
  13. Cordy Trade - do you like it?

    Abso Freakin lutely!!!! I asked last year if people trusted McBean after the Sammy trade and people were hemming and hawing. How many were calling for one or the others head last year at some point. Ridiculous amounts of shade thrown at the both of ‘em. “ How ya like me now?!!!” They know we can do without him. My hunch is he doesn’t stay healthy from here on out for long stretches. How did Sammy do last year? How did Darby do last year?
  14. Was The Tyrod Taylor Era a Success?

    If mediocrity equals success, yes. If not, no. Im a lose the battle win the war type guy and TT only won about half his battles, except in the playoffs where he won and will win zero.
  15. Moving to #3

    Take a greasy whore and a rollin dance floor, you know you’re jailhouse bound......