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  1. If it’s my pick here is the Bills next QB

    The only thing I’d switch is D with E.
  2. Spotrac: The Mother of All QB Offseasons

    Well, that doesn’t suck. With all our needs I would still like to see us reinforce our backfield stable with a capable backup. Watching an old Tolbert still hurts my eyes. I don’t see Cousins going to Cleveland for any amount. Jets coaching situation is not stable so I think, money aside, we are a better fit for most.
  3. Spotrac: The Mother of All QB Offseasons

    Would rather not but feel like he would be an upgrade providing you protect him. Going to be interesting to see what Daboll does with the O line and blocking schemes. Not being sarcastic, We have a ways to go before you wash the stench of perennial loser/joke from this organization. A flukey playoff appearance doesn’t impress the rest of the league the way it does Bills fans. Also, what kind of sell job can the new OC and HC about this new scheme and what they promise a veteran QB . Coming here is a risk many might not want to take.
  4. Spotrac: The Mother of All QB Offseasons

    Disagree on Cousins. He is good(not great) which is something we haven’t had in forever. Him behind a better line with a quality run game and decent receivers with a good Def. is a winning combination. Especially if we draft a QB without trading up and he sits for a few years.
  5. Lets just go for Cam

    I wonder what Boyst thinks of this idea???😝
  6. GDT: Saints at Vikings

    Would really like Keenum.
  7. GDT: Saints at Vikings

    Disagree, this is the year that things are changing. The old guard is getting replaced. The NE Defense isn’t great and Minnesota can play Pass D when the DC actually lets them. Would love to see Brady get smacked around good and hard for two games. Maybe make his old Arse finally quit.
  8. GDT: Saints at Vikings

    That was one of the best finishes I have seen in forever. The fourth quarter lasted like and hour and a half, back and forth, big play after big play by both sides. THAT is why I watch football.
  9. GDT: Saints at Vikings

  10. Keenum’s earned it this year.......He literally was just intercepted by Williams😂😂😂😂 Nevermind
  11. From the start this pick smelled off. The bigger point is we need to stick with a HC and GM for a while so they can get their players, vision and scheme implemented.
  12. Buffalo Offense terrible in playoff game

    I just wish we could have seen this coming. Even a few of us would have guessed this outcome but we didn’t . We all thought” SB Baby!!!”
  13. If the OC is Bevell I see 2 Things.....

    Then I change my vote in the poll from Bevell to Chud!!! The foul stench of TT’s lack of quarterbacking acumen must be gone😝
  14. I don’t see it....😜 Can’t believe anyone beat me to this!!!!!