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  1. Who cares!🤔 Bills are going to win 15 in regular season.
  2. Kinetic chain. All energy comes up from the ground. Try throwing on your tip toes or falling backwards. Josh has relied on his Arm Talent which will wear out if used improperly. Instead of throwing with his arm he is being taught to load his whole body optimally. Leg injuries are always a fear but I’d say that the designed runs are a heck of a side more dangerous than proper throwing mechanics.
  3. I heard Darnold do his first interview with the local guys in Charlotte and he sounded exactly like Rob Johnson. Zero energy, zero leadership, terrible. Darnold doesn’t have “ IT”.
  4. Ugh!!!! I can fault people. The “ Mainstream media” is in the mainstream because they aren’t on the fringe. People who are stupid enough to believe Medical Professionals are out to get them because someone told them so deserve what they get. Beasely has the resources to make an informed decision and he isn’t. His choice , which I actually support. I also support the consequences he will face. It shouldn’t be a news flash to anyone that the owners are in this to make money and have and will roll over anyone that gets in their way. Including Beasely and som
  5. Leadership is done by example. When your coach is like, “Eff it!!! I’m my OWN man.”, it can’t have a positive effect on the players or the locker room.
  6. 27 years of Martial Arts condensed : : Assume everyone has a knife at minimum and probably a Gun. Don’t start crap, don’t engage with people who do! Being alive is better than being right.
  7. Stats are nice but a more balanced offense is preferable, along with a markedly improved Defense
  8. I moved to Charlotte in 98. My first job was managing an IHOP in Matthews. I was on the register up front when in walks Pete Metzelaars. Unmistakable!!! He had four young boys with him who he was doing some kind of charity/ big brother sort of event with. I introduced myself and thanked him for all the great memories. He was super gracious and down to earth.
  9. Short and Star were drafted back to back by Gettlemen. Over his career, Short was the better player. His ability to disrupt the middle of the pocket was excellent. However, a shoulder injury is a big deal at that position. I’d like to see Beane kick the tires but the Bills need to do a serious physical investigation on that shoulder before signing him. Star and Short, healthy, playing together for a SB is exactly what this D needs. We are in win now mode and they would help immensely.
  10. We have WFT, Dallas, Panthers, One Jets fan in our station. We give each other the business pretty hard. If I had a dollar for every time I heard “ You know what Bills stands for? Boy I Like Losing Superbowls, I’d be a rich man. My biggest fear is losing the SB again. The amount of crap I would take on top of my anguish would be intolerable.
  11. As a letter carrier in Charlotte , I’ve got Bills Mafia on my route . Last year I got a wide brimmed, desert camo Bills hat from one. I constantly talk Bills out there with a few of them. Better than that, is wearing out other fans. Tons of Steelers fans here which I constantly harangue. Some are cool with it, some not….. oh well😈
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