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  1. We beat the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. Their run game is held below 100 yards and Dak looks like the mediocre QB he is. 11-5
  2. Can the regular season PLEASE be here! That is all.
  3. Well, at least we know that he doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit. Dreams can be a tough thing to give up.
  4. We moved to Clt in 98. Nascar was huge( I hated it and hated listening to it) It only took about a decade before it was an afterthought. This is the Epicenter of NASCAR country. Kids these days are weird as heck. They socialize on 3 inch screens and are overloaded with CGI. Dudes running around and catching balls isn’t what it was to those who got into football before computers. I know this is a generalization but times they are a changing.
  5. Gives him a chance to get healthy and catch on with somebody if the chance arises. Life goes on
  6. Losing Wood was a Wood choice. Cordy Glenn was injury prone and went on IR Incognito was ...... Incognito, it was time to let him go. Again, if I spend a dollar and make a dollar am I really earning or just holding serve. The point of having Star and Oliver is to chew up blockers and keep your MLB free to hit the correct gap without having to shed a blocker himself. Correct me if I’m wrong but the Bills Run D wasn’t very good last year, especially up the middle?
  7. The first year they Lost/Traded Darby and Gilmore and Watkins. They also spent the first two years fixing the cap and taking BPA. So, from my perspective, they were replacing needs. If you are breaking up a previous incarnation of your team are you really building. Building started in year two with Star being a major addition. Couple Star with Edmunds and one could see that McBeane was building from the inside out. Also, year three of the McDermott regime is year two for McBeane. This team is still not a finished product and we have a serious need at WR still. So, if you want to argue that Draft picks are the only measure of how a team is constructed, yes, you are right. However, I Respectfully disagree with you. I saw guys being replaced with like guys in year one and an emphasis on the O-Line and interior Defense ( including MLB) since.
  8. Star, Phillips , Oliver, Ford, Morse, Nsekhe, Long, Feliciano etc Yes you can make the argument that they have brought in A QB and LB with high draft picks but it’s the spirit of what they are doing that I’m referring to. Beane watched Cam get beaten to heck behind crappy O Lines for years and he is not doing that to our Franchise QB A lot of people on here moaned about Star not living up to his contract. With Oliver next to him and Edmunds behind them watch how our Run Defense rank moves up in one year. There is only so much you can do each year but they filled the cupboard with good players all over the roster with the interior of both lines feeeling a good bit of that love.
  9. The best part???? They aren’t even a cohesive unit yet. As this season progresses( barring injuries) they will get better. Building a team from the lines out? McBeane is on it and it is gratifying to watch. Also, Josh is a worker. You just know this cat is going to be killing it in the film room. His ability to read Defenses is going to grow and grow💪💪💪
  10. And Barkley has every bit as much arm strength as Dougie did with the Bills. Also, he can manage a game, which is what you are looking for in a back up. Build a good team around your QB and a back up needs to win half of his starts for short durations of time.
  11. Thanks! They had him completely strapped down, including his head and he was in the tent a solid 10 minutes. Scary How ‘ bout them Bills!!!!!!
  12. Front row at the game Cam Lewis just taken out on the cart , head completely immobilized. Any info ?????
  13. Will be sitting front row, 35 yards line behind the Bills...... roasting my Arse off. Tried to talk the wife into sitting in the upper deck where there’s a breeze and I can actually see the plays🤔 The things we do for love.......
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