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  1. Well, the other way to look at this is Josh and the O may need to earn their keep in order for us to get our next few wins. Process + TEAM
  2. Better now, against this team than later in the season. I’m directly attributing this to the lack of a real preseason, especially with Hamstring injuries.
  3. Finished this last night during the game. Good breakdown. You see JA getting it but still with things to work on. I’m Allen’s biggest fan but these guys were entering apologist territory from time to time. He isn’t the most accurate and never will be. If Cam could do it, so can Josh.
  4. Was just trying to get an in-game board opened up last night because the pinned one was locked halfway through the first quarter. Joe beat me to it. Lock/ delete this one. Thanks
  5. Any time he catches a dig he turns around and gets tackled or falls down. We can do better at that position.
  6. For me it’s Beasely. He has too many, “ Hit em in the hands “ drops. Last year, the excuse on this board was Allen was throwing the slants too hard/fast. Same crap they said about Elway when he came into the league. I don’t hate Beasely but he has too many drops that a possession receiver should not miss. Sometimes, like last week it is a lack of concentration which is inexcusable for a veteran receiver. Mark my word, he’s going to have a brutal drop in one of the big games that is going to kill a drive on a very catchable ball.
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