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  1. In terms of continuity of staffs and Quality rosters from the previous season(s). Especially on Offense. We are just be of those teams.
  2. I saw this yesterday somewhere. How does this even work? Teams/staffs that have been together for a while Should have a huge advantage. While I’ll never complain about a SB win, this year would always have a serious asterisk after it for whomever does win.
  3. This!!!! We watched NE and Baltimore do it. The Panthers did it with Olsen and Shockey , Cams rookie year. You want to see Josh excel??? We could accomplish that rare feat of winning the offseason AND regular season. Other than KC, who would have better Offensive weapons? Maybe some comparables but better?
  4. Same stuff they said about Cam , up until NE took him and apparently he is now the “ Second coming”🤔
  5. A certain someone crowing about canceling flights from China while letting the EU dump into NYC airports..... that was the root cause😉
  6. What it takes to finally get rid of two preseason games? ” What is a Global Pandemic” Alex
  7. I just want games!!!! Im guessing well over 90% of us agree on this. IF we actually get a 16 game regular season it will be an epic victory!
  8. I do too. He has a long way to go. In that we are in agreement
  9. Allen is not “ essentially Tyrod”. Different experience level/ years in league. Different offenses. Completely, diametrically opposed MOs for playing the game. TT never saw a check down he didn’t drool over. JA has had to be taught, and is still learning, not to be a hero. That said, I will take a “ Gunslinger” with arm talent over Captain Checkdown 2.0 with wheels every single time. When JA has six years experience , hit me up and then we can compare stats, till then we will have to disagree.😉
  10. We would have been 10-6 with 2015 Tyrod last year. TT does NOT have the game against the Cowboys that JA did! TT was terrified to put the ball anywhere near A defender as a general rule. TT isn’t reaching into a pile and pulling the ball out, diving forward and slinging a Cowboy over the LOS. 9-7 at best
  11. Just finished watching this with my son John. We are both also Jonesing for Football. I opined while watching that this had to have been one of KB’s best games. Also noticed the early TD overthrow by Cam looked like JA. Carolina had a great D that was fun to watch and it was even more fun to watch the Pat’s D absolutely whiff on some of the coverages😂
  12. I promise you there are already callers in Bahhstin screaming, “ We gave up Taummy for this?” 🤓
  13. Cam beat us once in an abysmal 9-3 puker showing by a TT Led offense. He is not Brady, and that team is not great.
  14. I said this in the original “Richardson forced to sell the Panthers” thread but apparently saying racial slurs and sexual innuendos and just being generally creepy ( Richardson ) is exponentially worse than frequenting a house of ill repute that enslaved women and forced them into the sex trade. Craft was videotaped getting xxxxxed. WTF?????
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