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  1. 😍😍😍 We usually get to Panther’s camp each year. Double Bonus!!!!!
  2. I explored Reddit last year. The problem I had was it was low definition which was like watch ‘80s NFL reruns on a UHDTV.
  3. I live in the middle of Union Cty, NC. I’m a half mile off the road and while I do get “ High speed” internet off the phone line it leaves a lot to be desired. My kid is about to leave for college and my wife and I don’t need anything other than the ability to stream. Once NFL ticket is off DTV , we are done with it.
  4. This was my man cave which closed last October after a 12 year run. Now I free lance💪
  5. I’ll be at the Panthers game, psych!!!!!! Bet I can get $20 tickets on the street🏈💪
  6. I get the sense that even Jim senses Josh is on the cusp of something special. These pics brought a big smile to my face😃
  7. Really????? EFF ALL of them!!!! When we legitimately beat some quality teams, they still won’t come around.
  8. 9/7/1980 My Dad took me to THE Miami game as a nine year old. Witnessing Rich Stadium lose its mind as a whole made an impression. Next year is 40 years...... Crazy Talk!!!!!!
  9. I see a Bills fan ANYWHERE, I’m shoutin’ them out for all to hear. “ Hey Buffalo!!!” i don’t give a Rats @55 what anyone thinks other than my Bills Brother or Sister.
  10. Intangibles!!!! A word thrown around a lot. Arm talent without leadership abilities looks like Jeff George. I agree. Seeing him call them is a team building gesture that makes a true Billiever smile.
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