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  1. Just reporting what I’m hearing on WFNZ in Charlotte. No one has set a time to play just that he is to resume practice. I originally tried to post this in the Cam Trade thread it was shut down as I was writing it so I copy/ pasted here.
  2. Kyle Allen is a backup , game manager playing with a D and rushing attack that is making his life easy. 7 takeaways by the Panthers D on Sunday!!! Cam is supposed to start practicing next week. The consensus here is he will sit the San Fran game and come back, at the earliest , the game after. It will depend on how his foot reacts to practice as a Lis Franc is a tricky injury to heal. Healthy Cam’s ceiling is stratosphericly higher than Kyle Allen’s. IF, Allen destroys the San Fran D it might go differently but the Panthers want to see Cam so they can decide which direction to go in next year.
  3. Philly is looking meh, the Cowboys are entering Suck-ville and NE is there for the taking. I hope the bye has been put to good use and JA comes out with more patience and command of the O. Add that to Singletary and possibly Foster and we are poised to start making some real hay.
  4. I miss my old girlfriend from LA, and being in my twenties😵
  5. They just opened a Wegmans in Raleigh Durham so..... A two and a half hour drive, workout at my buddies dojo and shopping at Wegmans followed by lunch with another friend🤓
  6. There are only three teams on our remaining schedule that will get us respect: Philly, Dallas and NE. Even if we start steamrolling the other teams it will take victories over Philly and Dallas to get us real recognition. I’m with you though, I love the underdog roll.
  7. A PERFECT post!!!!! Amen to every thing you wrote.
  8. He’s counting the Playoff yards too 💪
  9. While Koochlee wouldn’t suck CMC is Marshall Faulk good..... or better. A fan can dream😵
  10. I have Bills at three . We beat Philly and get back to me
  11. In an alternate universe, you put him on our team currently and we are in the SB contention mix.
  12. When you are coaching a Green QB on a rebuilt offense you don’t come out firing on all cylinders. It takes time for all 11 guys to find their groove/ cohesion.
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