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  1. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/S/SherTr00.htm
  2. Seemed like an outlier game. Coaches can’t teach hand skills. We need guys who are consistent
  3. If only he had a line that blocked well enough to let our TE go out and run a pattern instead of staying in to block. 11 guys playing together….
  4. Back to, I’m not the GM. But, creating some easy large catch radius opportunities for Josh is something I’d like to see.
  5. And, this guy has demonstrated that? Legit question, I don’t know a thing about him.
  6. It would be nice for Josh to not have to run around like a chicken with his head cut off ever other play trying to find little guys who are working to get open. Having a big, SUREHANDED guy go up and get it creating faith in JA that he can…..What is not to like about that?
  7. Don’t know. But, there has to be some project guy out there who’s on par with Harty who is worth this contract. My bigger point was, Josh isn’t the most accurate passer nor is he a rhythm passer ( from what we’ve seen) . Giving him a guy even smaller that McKenzie and Hines just doesn’t strike me as a winning strategy
  8. And, does the kid then sit on the bench ala Shakir even if he has better hands then everyone but Diggs?
  9. I hope he’s useful and utilized. But, I’m starting to sense a pattern that Beane like little fast guys. 5’6” !?!? How about getting Josh a 6’2” receiver who can use his body to block out DBs and fights for balls.
  10. So, I guess the YODO joke is appropriate now😎
  11. Maybe we can get Allen to play LB??? He has the skill set and instincts 🤔
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