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  1. Cam ends up starting for the Chargers. They need to have their Drs give him a thorough review but that’s his spot.
  2. I watched Smith come up here in Charlotte. I really disliked that team: Delhomne because he wasn’t good. Fox because he was safe and predictable and his quotes sucked. Hurney because he sucked at drafting And Smith because he was / is a weeney. Between attacking two teammates years apart and his general Napoleon complex he rubbed be wrong. He has a weekly call in on the afternoon show here and he’s just a Douche. He talks down to the host. He talks crap about everyone he’s asked about. And he rambles on tangents like a teen who’s high for the first time. He hates player who gets drafted higher than he did and gets an ounce of publicity. It drives him nuts and he goes into personal cheap shot mode. Douchey Douche
  3. That was on my Dad’s birthday and we did the same. We heard the roar of the crowd from outside and the game was won by the time we got to the car.
  4. This is exactly what I was thinking when I read the OP’s post. My boys home from college and we got the free NFL pass and rewatched the Cowboy game. In the third quarter JA played some of the best football of the season IMO. After listening to a half of Romo barfing his Cowboy bias all over the TV he finally starts to give JA kudos. There is a play where the pressure is coming and JA seamlessly hits Singletary on a short out and Romo just starts gushing. There is a lot of talk about the long ball, which clearly needs improvement. However, if “Mr. Knows how to scheme like the Pats” Daboll can get JA to consistently get the ball out quickly by recognizing the open man presnap, all the rest will also become available. A couple good games of negating/ exploiting the Blitz and we become one of the most dangerous teams in the league. This is an important ability Diggs brings to the team .
  5. Is it wrong for a man to love another, man so much, that he gets down on all fours and barks while shaking all over......... asking for a friend🤔
  6. Steve Smith Sr just interviewed. Said RA runs three good route, post, fly and a hitch. Didn’t seem to think it was a great pick up.
  7. Official per Panthers Twitter account. i don’t have Twitter, just heard it on WFNZ
  8. He wants to win and hates to lose. This is prerequisite # 1 for any good QB. He’s a different sort of cat but he isn’t the wheeney some make him out to be. Find a teammate other the K Benjamin who talked poorly of him. You can’t do it. I wish him well and hope he starts and does well somewhere.
  9. If Tepper and company leave an open seat at the Poker table,Take it!!!! Easy Money to be made there😂😂😂
  10. The Panther’s front office is a clown show. They left themselves no leverage in any trade and teams new it. Why would you take on a 21 million contract when he was going to obviously get cut? I think he ends up with NE or the Chargers. He wants to start
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1242462001856643073?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  12. USPS letter carrier...... Face to 😉face
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