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  1. Yes it did, but Bass didn’t allow Wilson to look like a Competent NFL QB. He is the best kicker we have had since Christie. Kicking in Buffalo is a different sort of skill.
  2. Remember how big a deal the Pats having Vinatieri used to be???
  3. To take this to it’s logical conclusion, vis a vis all the posters complaining about close wins: Brady and co won a bunch of really close regular season games on the way to winning and losing a bunch of close super bowls.
  4. I was there but don’t remember it. Interesting to see Kelly run a conservative dump offense most of the game. Also, I think it was 91 but remember getting Ronnie Lippett so mad at us in pregame warmups we thought he was going to come into the stands😜. The good old days.
  5. He might have to cancel. Good parenting!
  6. And yet, when luck is stacked against them, both injuries and dumb luck, they have the only lost three close games. IF we get healthy at the right time, this will be the most battle tested team in the league. Internal fortitude is real and is often learned through perseverance during bad periods. Exactly like last year, the season is just prologue to the playoffs which is the only thing that matters.
  7. Karma proving all the whiney arse beyatches all over this board wrong😘
  8. Happy but I don’t expect Tre to play a majority of the snaps. They are going to ease him in.
  9. We got the win we needed. Pats did us a favor. One week at a time, on to Detroit which is no easy task.
  10. He was down in bounds on last catch. Clock should not have stopped.
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