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  1. Buffalo Boy

    Week 10 Bills @ Jets first half thread

    Like catching a fish on your first cast Scary
  2. Buffalo Boy

    Everyone that wanted TT gone, we told you

    Super Effing Duper HAPPY that turd has been flushed. He can’t even start for the Browns???? 💩 💩 💩🤮
  3. But a top five pick in each of the first four rounds can, coupled with good free agent acquisitions
  4. Can’t do it. EJ was never in Carolina 😝
  5. Fitsy through a beautiful pick in the first quarter today.
  6. Buffalo Boy

    Any positive take away at all?

    I watched the Panthers beat Shitzpatrick
  7. Charlotte afternoon sports radio Garcia and Bailey started with this is the one year anniversary of the KB trade. They threw him under the bus for about five minutes. They ended with this story and named us the Buffalo Billdos
  8. No our routes!!!! They should have NP pump faking out routes and then coming back to over the top stuff or seams or slants
  9. Daboll needs to put him in situations where he’s throwing the routes he can throw!!!!!
  10. Buffalo Boy

    Sean McDermott is Out of Answers

    You clearly weren’t reading the threads on here two years ago. I , and a few others, were soundly mocked for suggesting he needed some time before one could call him a bust. It’s not the Chiefs and it isn’t innovative.
  11. Buffalo Boy

    Sean McDermott is Out of Answers

    The Rams Offense is basically a play action passing offense predicated on Gurley running well. It is not very innovative. And, the NFC west is a bigger dumpster fire than the AFC east. They have 6 gimmee games right off the bat.
  12. Buffalo Boy

    Fan conduct at the game.

    Alcohol 😵😵😵
  13. Buffalo Boy

    Sean McDermott is Out of Answers

    Goff was considered a bust and wasted pick ,by many, 2 years ago. The Rams were a complete dumpster fire. A lot can happen with a QB on his rookie contract and cap space .
  14. Buffalo Boy

    Sean McDermott is Out of Answers

    Have you seen the Rams😉
  15. Buffalo Boy

    Sean McDermott is Out of Answers

    We don’t have the horses to run the race. We have an old grey mare..... she ain’t what she used to be.