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  1. And we didn’t take him😳
  2. Watkins off the field = Benjamin on the field.... Neither can be counted on to catch a ball. but at least KB doesn’t break your bank🤔
  3. I’ve lived in Charlotte since 1/1/1998. The Panthers have been a more consistent team than the Bills over that period. I didn’t like Fox/Delhomne/Smith/Hurney But really have enjoyed Rivera/Cam era. It helped that the Bills sucked out loud much of the time. Now that we have JA and McBean seems to have the team headed in the right direction. The Bills are my first choice but there have been years where this was not the case. Not because I didn’t love the Bills but because I’m not a masochist.
  4. Fibula is the smaller bone that doesn’t bear as much weight. Breaking it sucks but it isn’t a terrible injury provided no muscle or nerve damage.
  5. Buffalo Boy

    Sean McDermott’s Current Approval Rating

    This team progressed as the season went on. McD admitted KB was a mistake by cutting him. He benched Clay late in the season/ healthy scratch. I watched an Offense that was capable of working if stocked with capable linemen and receivers. He didn’t lose this team during the rough stretches. He still has things to learn as a coach but he’s on s learning curve too. Unless there is some crazy lockeroom revolt and he completely loses this team next season, I want him to have a minimum of 2 more years.
  6. Wasn’t this the guy a bunch of people on here were just calling another failed draft pick.....? SMDH
  7. 👍🏻 Now to get someone capable of elevating a whole unit.....
  8. Buffalo Boy

    Bills fire OL Coach Juan Castillo

  9. Buffalo Boy

    Walt Coleman retires

    About Effing time!!!!
  10. I agree and was happy to have them over KB, Clay, Holmes and Thompson. But UDFAs are UD for a reason. Would I like to see them go over 1000 yds. ABSOLUTELY! But, those are not my expectations. I saw entirely too many balls that were dropped or uncontested by all our receivers. I want a legitimate #1 receiver and TE. I don’t believe any of them are.
  11. We can do a heck of a side better on all three counts.
  12. Free agency and the draft will tell us what we need to know. My hope is they are not only diligent in acquiring talent but also in how they spend to acquire said talent. The have shown the ability on the defensive side to find diamonds where others saw coal. Can they do this with the O and surround JA with bonafide NFL talent?
  13. 1. JA looks like an NFL starting caliber QB. The game isn’t too big for him. He’s fearless but is also acceptably cautious which is nice to see. He is already starting to show situational understanding in real time. He has to work on his mechanics and I’m not sure if sailing balls over people isn’t something we will have to accept 😳 His slants today were atrocious. 2. The O-line wasn’t good but also wasn’t abysmal as the season went on. Really hope for both FA and draft help there next year. 2 solid starters would do wonders for it. 3. We need a punter and a new ST coach. 4. D-Line help. Interior with run stuffing ability is a must. Interior with ability to push the pocket would be sweet. 5. Daboll grew on me as the year progressed. Not in love with him but the O showed signs of progress and many plays were there to be had but failed: Drops, bad throws, called back on penalties. Receivers are needed who can catch and effort for the ball in contested situations. Penalties may go down as the team gets another year under its belt with coaching staff continuity. 6-10 is where I had them before the season with the hopes that JA would show improvement. He did and I like the draft pick a heck of a lot more than I did on April. Allen is my guy and I’m good with McBean so far.
  14. Buffalo Boy

    Who Are You Rooting for the Rest of the Way?

    I would like to see Brees go out on to with a SB win. My second choice would be Rivers winning it all. Always felt like he was screwed by being drafted by the Chargers.
  15. Buffalo Boy

    Bills WRs and tracking the ball

    40 reception 513 yards 3 TDs ?