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  1. Which brings us back to the fact that last years Playoff appearance was flukey. Methinks a bunch of CoTers are about to say otherwise. Im really interested to see this team with a more conventional QB under center.
  2. Buffalo Boy

    Josh Allen to start getting some 1st team reps

    Kelly was 4-12 his first NFL season, the important thing is to put him in when he’s ready. Do I think he is “ ruinable”? Not if the offense is run based and quick release without a lot of QB reading to start( if Allen is in there) There is nothing like experience but sometimes it can be overwhelmingly bad so it’s “ Trust the process”
  3. Respectfully disagree , providing he brought a decent OC in . All that D needed was a top 16 offense and we get a WIld Card in there somewhere. i do agree he is not a head coach( which is an administrative position , often) but a heck of a DC https://goo.gl/images/RWjQDb
  4. Buffalo Boy

    Most clutch play in Buffalo Bills history

    Same exact thing. We left early. It was my Dad’s Birthday. We heard the crown go insane from outside and ran to the car to hear what happened.
  5. Buffalo Boy

    Most clutch play in Buffalo Bills history

    We were in the upper deck and it took us awhile to get on the field. It was a wet day and I thought it would be cool to run and dive in a puddle and slide( like I’d seen players do) on the field. My stomach hit and it was like Superglue. I face planted hard.....😂😂😂. Then we helped carry the pole that went up into the stands.
  6. Buffalo Boy

    Most clutch play in Buffalo Bills history

    This is how I managed to post a meme of Homer Simpson Slobbering instead of a Pic of Kelly and Josh Allen in the Kelly Cancer Thread. BE CAREFUL!!!!
  7. Buffalo Boy

    Most clutch play in Buffalo Bills history

    We had seats in that EZ for that game . Tough Defensive battle.
  8. Buffalo Boy

    Most clutch play in Buffalo Bills history

    Freddy Smerlas blocking the winning Jets field goal to send the last game of the 88 season into OT for the AFC East crown
  9. The “ Legend “ of Peterman will start week 1 and lead us to 9-7 with a Wild Card victory. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of his rookie season, with the help of Daboll’s quick hitting scheme and a healthy Shady, he will pass for 3200 yards. 23 TDs passing to 8 Ints and 3 Rushing TDs, one of which is a 26 yards scamper up the middle.
  10. The “ Legend” doing what he does!!!! Week 1 Starter
  11. Buffalo Boy

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    Have had Dtv ST since ‘98 and started researching getting rid of it with ST being the thing that keeps me hanging on.
  12. Buffalo Boy

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    Reliably able to find it every week during the season?
  13. The Legend Lives Ooooonnnnnnnnnnnnm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
  14. Buffalo Boy

    What Do YOU Remember about Thurman Thomas?

    Two things come to mind immediately. I remember the way he would put his hand on the back of a lineman and just let the play develop, just taking his time and the next thing you knew he was 8 to 10 yards down field. He was SO consistently patient and understood how to let his blockers set up in a way I haven’t seen in a long time. I remember a post game presser fairly early in his rookie season with Marv talking about how he had told the coaches and Kelly not to think of him as a rookie but give him a full load because Thurman could handle it. MAGIC TIMES!!!!!
  15. Buffalo Boy

    Camp Arm or Not

    I couldn’t disagree more. The Legend of Peterman has a year under his belt now and is ready to seize the starting job for good!!!!! Too bad we wasted all that draft capital on Allen🤓