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  1. Just watched this WHOLE vid. OMG!!!! Crazy how much this kid has run for in the last three years. I forgot how bad that first seasons O line was🤮. In my mind, he had developed pocket presence last year. Seeing this, I realize it was always there he just became more comfortable and had much better protection, especially in 2020. I feel like they need to go all in on D this year while he is still young ( except for RB). When he gets a few more years on him he can’t be expected to run at that level. It’s only going to take one bad play.
  2. Like when it’s his decision!!!! Hate when it’s by design 80+% of the time.
  3. Just listened to Darnold on WFNZ get interviewed by the afternoon guys. What a MilqueToast!!!! Literally gave me flashbacks of Rob Johnson. He isn’t a leader.
  4. Didn’t you see how he spread his balls around last season?!?! He almost set a record!!! Chill😈
  5. Fun, like getting the same tooth extracted year after year after year after year........
  6. Doug Flutie Weak armed egomaniac carried by stellar defenses!!!! Hated the stupid jump pass!!! Hated throwing the ball into the dirt on ten yard outs!!! Hate that some of you hate me for hating his shrimpy arse👿
  7. Regarding # 2: Obviously you can’t fill every hole and this year is especially tough with the Cap being what it is. My guess is, Beane feels he can continue with a middle of the road line due to JA’s mobility and pocket awareness. Last year, Josh’s command of the pocket and seeming nonchalance in dealing with jail breaks by defenders has Beane feeling ok with this approach. I think it is inarguably more important to shore up the D this offseason.
  8. He just needs the right coaching and opportunity..... hopefully the lightbulb turns on😜
  9. Four years ago, a bunch would have said Josh Allen.....🤔
  10. This is the first and only game that came to mind. As soon as I hit Post I remembered the EJ last minute TD against the Panthers, at the Ralph, on my Birthday , which was my sons first and only game there.... It’s my picture/ icon. Still the best Birthday I’ve had since he was born 20 years ago.
  11. This was the first season my Dad got me into football. The first game being the Dolphins game and I was hooked at the age of 9. I’m pretty sure I was at this game but have no recollection of it. We would have left as the old man would have wanted to stop at his favorite bar before going home.
  12. Was there.Quarter Keg in the car with the heat on to keep the beer warm😜
  13. I moved to LA in 1989 at the age of 20. My second job there was cooking at Gorky’s Russian Cafe. I told them I couldn’t work Sunday mornings because I was Devout and had to go to church!!! Of course, I would ride the LA Metro bus all the way to Canoga Park ( 1 hour each way) to go watch the Bills games in some Irish pub. THAT was my Sunday Church😎
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