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  1. It the Dolphins. They were tanking. I wasn’t assuming anything , it was a shite show. Fitz is a 38 year old veteran with a ton of starting experience with some decent teams. Of course he was better than a second year guy on his second “ shite show” team. Anything else I can help you with sparky😘
  2. Agree wholeheartedly!!! This is just about money and ad revenue. If they go to 17 games they need to put a second bye in the regular season. On the bright side this means a shorter off season, so “ I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.”
  3. The thing about the “ Wrong Josh” is he seems like a weeney....yet I still feel bad for the kid. He doesn’t seems like Clausen, it seems like he’s got to At Least be back up material. I agree that he will get at least one more shot but if he ends up in another crappy situation I guess it must be karma.
  4. Past results have no bearing on the future. Seattle is good but there is a very good chance we are the better team next year. I get Greg’s choice but I , for one, think he screwed the pooch on this one. Our D has the potential to be better and so does our O.
  5. Between the dreck we had to watch coupled with the insanity on this board defending the aforementioned dreck..... if it wasn’t a crime it should have been. I don’t begrudge him making a career but he shouldn’t be starting anywhere..... except New England😉
  6. I don’t think he’s the best DB in the league but paying him that way the game is played. Doing it now is prudent in the long run.
  7. Was just about to post the same. Brady took a bunch of team friendly deals . He didn’t need to, of all players ever. He’s got enough money. Someone suggested injuries weren’t a major concern over 2 years as an NFLDB?!?!? Tre has already played hurt, all players do. Guaranteed 💰 now that is “ Generational changing” is a no brainer.
  8. I do but some cats actually like where they’re at. Not saying he does or doesn’t and trying to put my Bills bias aside but we have the potential for something special brewing, especially on the Defensive side. I would add that some of us are jaded by the past( Byrd, Peters) and might expect history to repeat itself. Tre doesn’t seem like a complete selfish weeney like those two.
  9. With a new CBA coming the salary cap is likely going to go through the roof. A record breaking contract now will look like a pittance in 2 years. Part of Beane proving his GM- ing acumen is being able to “ see into the future” and make the prudent decisions now regarding that future. I would sign him now and try to do it at a great but not record breaking level.
  10. Doesn’t have great hands. Better than KB but that is as low a bar as you can get.
  11. This is an ongoing discussion in Charlotte all over the local sports radio shows. It is expected that McCaffrey is going to reset the market at running back with the number I keep hearing being $18 million per season. The stat that keeps getting passed around is something like : The combined salaries of the last ten RBs to start for the SB winners is in the $11-12 million range. A team that is clearly in rebuilding mode could use both the draft/ trade capital as well as the cap room unloading McC gets them. Also, history shows the odds that he continues to earn that contract with stellar play at that position is questionable for the duration of 4-5 year deal. Couple all this with Rhule signing a seven year deal and the idea of McC being available for the right price is not as far fetched as you seem to think. What does it cost ? Two firsts??
  12. They lost and they need to hurt so that next year they are mentally prepared. That is the only positive I take out of this game..... a learning experience for a young team. There is no reason to suffer anymore than I need to. New season = SUPER BOWL BABY!!!
  13. Anyone remember when we brought that 12 year vet and “ Old Man” of 33 James Lofton in and signed him. He had 549 yards with the Raiders the year before we brought him in. He had a thousand yard season in his fourteenth year. Olson is not done. He wouldn’t be riding the bench. Remember those awesome drops by Knox and Beasely in the NE and Bal games? Olson catches those. Knox and Sweeney are the only two worth keeping. Neither is solid yet. We are entering our Super Bowl window this next year with a QB who is still learning and growing. Who is a young QBs two best friends????? A dependable TE and a strong running game. I like Hooper and Henry. If we can land one of them that is the route to go. If not, Olsen is a HUGE get.
  14. One injury in 13 years which set him back two years. Last year he player with Kyle Allen and Will Greer playing Dump off ball and still got 597??? If healthy Cam was in last year he has 1000 for the 4 th time in his career.
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