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  1. Umm….. Franchise QBs elevate the players around them🤔 That is all.
  2. The Panthers are THE WORST team currently. Dumpster Fire!!!!
  3. The real money doesn’t start hitting TILL next year. He is uncuttable and untradeable.
  4. Without a doubt, if you give JA time to throw, with a semi clean pocket, he’s money. Can this OC create a balanced offense that makes him even better? That is my main question.
  5. Panther’s don’t have a second or third round draft pick next year. They have Gilmore, Bouye and D. Jackson. Jackson is a free agent next year and will be garnering a princely sum as he has taken a major step forward this year. He would be an excellent addition and use of a pick for a guaranteed starter.
  6. Fired??? Mularkey quit an NFLhead coaching job…… CRAZY TALK. And then Marrone did too😳
  7. In forty + years of watching this team there have been two periods where I tapped out and didn’t watch because it was unwatchable. The first was the Kay Stephenson/Hank Bullough era. The second was the end of the Jerkron era. I remember GM Marv talking about the smart Ivy Hire and realizing that our ownership, front office and head coach were a laughing stock in the NFL. While the Jauron era wasn’t as bad record wise it was a hopeless time , especially in ‘08-‘09. As we are here in the middle of a SB window, at a time when almost every legit contending team took a bad loss to a bad team, it is a GREAT time to be a hope filled Bills fan. There are some good teams in the league this year but no great ones. We are one of the good ones and we are capable of beating all the other good ones! The Pats are coming? Good Do I believe in this D? Yep Is Allen the only good Beane pick? A question that negates that age old adage: There is no such thing as a stupid question. We need three things in equal measure the rest of this year: Luck, Health and to peak at the right time as a team. Let’s enjoy the ride while we can.
  8. Said the same on the play. My wife yelled at me for taking the Jets side but I’m at the point where I’m so sick of crap calls. A ball can move while you still have control.
  9. He backed up Kuechly and Davis in Charlotte before the Saints paid him some serious coin to start for them. He reminds me of Talley. Brings his lunch pail and comes to Work. He’s the kind of affordable vet good teams need.
  10. Agreed. As I said elsewhere, he is meddlesome , egotistical and very free with his $ Local sports talk was crucifying them this week and Cam came up A lot. Still, I am actually surprised they resigned him. Local guy Norfleet said yesterday Cam was amenable per his sources but there was no way Rhule would go for it…… He got OVER RHULED😜
  11. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😍
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