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  1. Watching a QB grow is a journey. Is he a finished product? No Is he perfect at everything? Name me a QB who was excellent at every aspect of the QB game. The kid has more potential than anyone we’ve had since Kelly. For some, that’s still not enough before his sophomore season. Some of you are just Miserable. A leopard can’t change his spots.
  2. My main feeling is , The FO has brought in enough talent at just about all the positions that regardless of who struggles someone will step up. I especially think this is true at Receiver and O Line. My main concern: Milano!!! That was a brutal fracture and legs are kind of important for a Linebacker. I hope I’m wrong but don’t see him playing at last years level for much if not all of the year.
  3. Modern day= greater fear mongering. As a Dad, I let my kid do the stuff I did.... like ride his bike 5 miles home from summer football practice in the eighth grade. The Football Mom’s continued to offer him rides which he didn’t want. They thought I was nuts??? He had a million other age appropriate chores and wasn’t molly coddled. Life and the world just aren’t as dangerous as many believe it to be.
  4. Statistically much safer today than when we were kids. Geeky fact: The decrease in violent crime tracks the decrease of lead in the environment as it was phased out of gas and other products🤔
  5. 1. 9/7/1980. Bills beat Miami. My first NFL game with my Dad 2. Bills /Jets 1988 Freddy Smerlas blocks the field goal and we go on to win. I help carry the goal posts. 3. Bills / KC. AFC Championship. Hey Joe! Na na na na Goodbye!!!!! 4. Bills / Detroit Watching Barry Sanders after heckling his back up DJ Dozier. Sanders ran 40 yards for a One yard gain. Bills won but what a treat it was to watch Sanders 5. Bills/ Panthers E.J. comeback game, on my Birthday, with my Son at his first game at the Ralph. We were front row, upper deck corner EZ where the winning pass was caught.
  6. I think, to a large degree, this is the BS a front office and coaching staff spout when they don’t think they have a # 1 or aren’t sure. You can have a balanced attack, a 1200 yard rusher and two 1000 yard receivers 😍 And, it would be awesome to see this O developed into that. I don’t expect it this year but if we are going to breakout as a team there need to be some “ surprises “ . Hopefully between Jones and Brown we get one.
  7. Time to find young talent. Hate to say RBs are a dime a dozen but to some degree they are. Wouldn’t mind seeing him catch more swing passes and the like, in space, if we keep him this year.
  8. It was my Dad’s birthday and we left. We just got out of the stadium when we heard the roar of the remaining crowd. By the time we got to the car the game was over and we won. My Dad said it was his birthday present. EJ did the same for me at the Panthers game on my 🎂
  9. Brady takes a deep drop, Hughes comes around the end, runs up and jump kicks him right in the nuts. Brady is DOWN, clutching at his groin and they actually bring out the cart because he can’t get out of the fetal position. Not only would the whole stadium cheer, there would be an explosion of memes and gifs on here that would be shared till forever 🤓 PS. My coffee tastes better as I reread this
  10. Sammy is soft, foot injury or not. It’s not a question, it’s an unremarkable career.
  11. This will be a years long process to get competent at so many different facets he hadn’t worked before. If he can get his short game going this year with a decent degree of consistency, it would go a long way to making this offense hum. Regarding the “ under center” talk, if our O line comes together and he learns quickly to trust them..... oh boy😍
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