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  1. Sorry, but beating a 2-6 team should be a given. That we are dogs is pathetic and the idea that it would be a big win is equally pathetic.
  2. Good luck for us. I really want to beat the snot out of the Browns! The sad thing is it’s a lose/ lose for us, status wise. We win, they suck and we were suppose to beat them. We lose, we suck😳
  3. Since the beginning of the season we have watched him grow. The short throw accuracy is improved through mechanics and not putting too much zip( thought he still has some work to do on the zip) The hero ball and decision making are where i see the most improvement. He’s throwing the ball away in situations that he would force last year and earlier this year. By my count it’s three games in a row where he hasn’t done something completely boneheaded . The O as a whole is still very much a work in progress.
  4. Before this season, the last time I Billieved we would pick up 3 rd and longs was Bledsoe’s first year with us. We are not a great team yet. OK. Fine. But we don’t suck either and there are more than a few positives that bode well for the future. Watching a large chunk of this board continually piss and most about this team is tiresome. Let everyone else underestimate us but don’t partake in it ourselves by offering them excuses. The Pats and 49 ers have played an easy schedule. Do you think they are complaining. The point is to get to the Playoffs and then “ Any given Sunday” takes on a whole new meaning. I for one am enjoying the heck out of this season like no other for the first time in Decades.
  5. Exactly!!! McD got a TT led team to a playoff berth and and He will do it with this team. I will say, he is leaving points off the board a little too often. Take the field goals when they are there. If we are going to play close games as a rule( We are) take all the points and fewer chances, especially when playing with a lead.
  6. Charlotte is Buffalo south and there isn’t a week that goes buy I’m not yelling “ Hey Buffalo” at some Bills or SABRES attire wearing brother or sister. I thing that those who live there still, don’t understand the power of the connection because you take it for granted. I work with Cowboy, Panther, Giant, Jet, Redskin, Steeler and Philly fans. Being from WNY makes us instant family and I’ve literally never had an awkward or bad response.
  7. We are going to Drub Washington and Cleveland and Baltimore, Miami, Cheeseboys, Steelers and Jets!!!!! Beat the living tar out of all of them!!!!!!
  8. More sarcasm coming, It’s almost like us armchair OCs thing that a strong and consistent rushing attack would be beneficial to a young QB .
  9. If we only had a Defensive coaching staff capable of self scouting .......🤔 (sarcasm, I thought it was obvious)
  10. It’s not even the halfway mark and I’m convinced we are in the playoffs. and, we ARE beating the Cowboys!!!
  11. He reminds me of Matts Stafford or Ryan, currently. Good enough to have to keep. I know some on here thought he sucked out loud as a Bill but he is the reason we got to 8-8 his first year. We had NO Defense. Because of the dearth of competent QBs after Kelly , believing we had a chance on third and long was a breath of fresh air. After Hoodie got through with him that second year he was atrocious. I remember reading on here, from a NE fan, a warning about him being a bonehead .
  12. 51-13 final 49 ers over Panthers. Im a believer in the 49 ers. Crazy good on both sides of the ball.
  13. 12 of 23 targets in 7 games 3.3 targets a game with 1.7 completed I wouldn’t call that “ plenty” unless you mean his 50 % percentage means he shouldn’t see any more targets🤔 There was a season where Metzelaars led the team on receptions. THAT is emphasizing Plenty.
  14. Thank You!!! A young QBs best friends are his running game and TEs. There seems to be NO decision to emphasize either. IF you are going to throw this much how about shorter digs and outs that a strong straight line thrower has a higher percentage of hitting.
  15. I knew going into the season our receivers would be an issue. What I didn’t expect was the TE position to be almost nonexistent. I’m done with Knox. He can’t catch on a consistent basis. I don’t think it’s a fluke any longer. Every game he drops one he shouldn’t at critical times. I hope Kroft can step up. Then there is Beasely. He also drops entirely too many passes. For the second week he didn’t get his head around soon enough on a slant. Going in I though he would be a bread and butter guy but I still don’t have faith in him. Daboll doesn’t have any rhyme or reason to his play calling. I don’t see anyone else posting this but we should be running the ball repeatedly when we are in that groove. This team and Gore have shown the ability to move it on the ground and if they would EVER use Singletary early and consistently we might be in a better position.
  16. Watching the KyleShanahan O just carve the Panthers up. It’s like watching the Anti Daboll
  17. This is a total team loss. I do not like Daboll. I’ve been trying to give him the benefit of the new players but I can’t any longer. It has no identity and his play calling is so scattershot.
  18. As the inimitable Ozzy Osborne was once heard to say ,” Keep on smoking those joints!!!”
  19. I’ve seen “ Excellent D” win more than a few Superbowls...... Just, sayin’😘
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