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  1. A certain someone crowing about canceling flights from China while letting the EU dump into NYC airports..... that was the root cause😉
  2. What it takes to finally get rid of two preseason games? ” What is a Global Pandemic” Alex
  3. I just want games!!!! Im guessing well over 90% of us agree on this. IF we actually get a 16 game regular season it will be an epic victory!
  4. I do too. He has a long way to go. In that we are in agreement
  5. Allen is not “ essentially Tyrod”. Different experience level/ years in league. Different offenses. Completely, diametrically opposed MOs for playing the game. TT never saw a check down he didn’t drool over. JA has had to be taught, and is still learning, not to be a hero. That said, I will take a “ Gunslinger” with arm talent over Captain Checkdown 2.0 with wheels every single time. When JA has six years experience , hit me up and then we can compare stats, till then we will have to disagree.😉
  6. We would have been 10-6 with 2015 Tyrod last year. TT does NOT have the game against the Cowboys that JA did! TT was terrified to put the ball anywhere near A defender as a general rule. TT isn’t reaching into a pile and pulling the ball out, diving forward and slinging a Cowboy over the LOS. 9-7 at best
  7. Just finished watching this with my son John. We are both also Jonesing for Football. I opined while watching that this had to have been one of KB’s best games. Also noticed the early TD overthrow by Cam looked like JA. Carolina had a great D that was fun to watch and it was even more fun to watch the Pat’s D absolutely whiff on some of the coverages😂
  8. I promise you there are already callers in Bahhstin screaming, “ We gave up Taummy for this?” 🤓
  9. Cam beat us once in an abysmal 9-3 puker showing by a TT Led offense. He is not Brady, and that team is not great.
  10. I said this in the original “Richardson forced to sell the Panthers” thread but apparently saying racial slurs and sexual innuendos and just being generally creepy ( Richardson ) is exponentially worse than frequenting a house of ill repute that enslaved women and forced them into the sex trade. Craft was videotaped getting xxxxxed. WTF?????
  11. I’ve driven Charlotte to Buffalo at least 60 times in the last 22 years. Last time was two weeks ago for a Black Lake Fishing trip( Canada fly-in got cancelled). The tolls didn’t even have people in them at 50% of the ones I passed through. Also, you could just get off in PA and take a back road. I second Don’s opinion that people simply do what they want and screw everyone else. I also don’t think there is ANY way that NFL players aren’t getting let in. I am slowly coming around to this season might actually not happen..... and I HATE the thought😟
  12. YES!!! It would be nice to have a kicker who the coach trusted past 50 yards.
  13. Can’t wait to see empty backfield Diggs, Brown, Beasely, Knox and Singletary Or one of the rookies. I love watching a QB with arm talent. Even better when he’s a Bill🤓
  14. “The Addison deal is guaranteed at $15 million compared to the $21 million guaranteed Lawson received.“ From Syracuse paper. I remember hearing this at the time. It’s always about guaranteed money. The rest is just bragging rights for the player ( except earn able bonuses, I suppose)
  15. We got Addison for considerably less than Lawson Signed for. Just a hunch and opinion but I don’t think Lawson keeps it up now that he got paid. Not at last years level. Addison on the other hand was undrafted. He bounced around before coming to the Panthers and still had to work his way up the ladder. He was always a high motor, low drama guy. A total “ Process” guy. I think he brings 9-10 sacks and a couple more forced fumbles to the table this year. I also think he is going to make Hughes better as there will be two bonafide rushers on the outside now. If Oliver has gotten stronger in the Offseason (now that he has a year under his belt and knows what to expect) and gets more consistent push up the middle, I think Addison makes us better.
  16. I hope they refuse to entertain trade offers, he holds out TO style and a bad situation is made even worse😈😈😈
  17. I was two. Growing up , I always heard about the Domed Stadium they were supposed to build by Lancaster High School and the law suit about said stadium. My Mother always said she was happy it was never built because of the traffic and “ Mess” it would have brought. Buffalo really does need a new stadium. At some point the Bills will move to greener pastures. Maybe not under Pegula( who we are lucky to have) but the next owner may not be as hometown centric.
  18. I am SOOOOO happy. We have a real shot at having the best RB tandem in the league for the next few years! I really appreciated what Gore brought to the table but to have young, fresh legs in that role with a seek and destroy attitude....💪
  19. How about the President of the USA starting a BS war in Iraq and refusing to let the flag draped coffins of our Dead service members be shown ? Then having the flag as a backdrop for “ Mission accomplished” as more of our men and women were sent off to their needless deaths. That , imo, was a thousand times more egregious than a man peacefully protesting the killing of innocent people.
  20. How about we send LJ back in time to the era when QBs actually got hit .... hard..... a lot. Then, and only then can you make a fair comparison. Good thing he’s playing in an era when if you sneeze on a QB, it’s fifteen yards. You sneeze a second time and you’re out of the game. Same thing for hitting receivers.
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