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  1. Agree! The more weapons the better and it gives the opposing D another thing to try to defend. WR’s, slot WR, TE, RB and a playmaker at QB makes it hard for the D to stop it all. Ertz just being on the field opens up the entire offense. Get it done OBD!
  2. I get its voluntary but seems odd that Devin wouldn’t be there knowing how big of year this is for him. Disappointing is one word to describe Star’s absence. Makes me pause to reflect, is he that much different than Dareus? Would think he would be craving to get back on the field. Wonder if the front office would trade him if the opportunity presented itself? I’m a huge Iowa fan as well. But AJ looks like he’ll get swallowed up by an OT and certainly looks small to hold the edge. Would be a huge bonus to the DL if his play significantly improves this year.
  3. Except I’d prefer our franchise QB not to take the type of hits a RB takes. All the more reason to have a dynamic running back that the D has to account for which opens up more opportunities for the offense and Josh not having to also account for a putrid running game.
  4. She turns 13 this August and we live in GA, so I’ve waited to expose her to the “environment” and things she might see and hear. 😀
  5. One week before the upcoming schedule is officially released. Any leaks coming out yet regarding the Bills schedule? Hoping to bring my daughter to her first game this year. Should be the most anticipated Bills season in the last twenty years with a ton of marquee matchups. Really hope the Bills get a few primetime games at home to remind everyone how raucous the stadium can be with a full house! And yes, I already know who the Bills play this year
  6. Love Hughes but I voted no. I would also vote no on Schobel and Kyle Williams. Solid players but based upon 20 years of bad teams, I feel they were more of a player who shined amongst some very bad talent lacking teams. Again Jerry is solid but IMO to be on the wall you need to be a true cream of the crop difference maker. There are a few on the wall that I would state shouldn’t be. I’m sure others may disagree.
  7. On paper, the Browns look very solid. They also have the benefit of playing a 3rd placed schedule since they finished behind Pitt and Balt. The Ravens and Indy all made improvements as well. The AFC is loaded and IF somehow Rodgers goes to Denver, they are immediately SB contenders. We are pretty much rolling out the same ball in the upcoming season, hoping stability improves our running game, that our offense will continue to flourish without defenses adjusting to our scheme forcing us to run and that drafting two very raw DE’s somehow improves our pass rush. I love our Bills as much as anyon
  8. I don’t feel like we moved the needle at all in closing the gap against the contenders. At the minimum would have thought we would add one or two starters. Our RB’s or TE’s scare no one. Take Diggs out and our offense is in trouble.
  9. Three draft picks that are all projects. Not liking this years draft at all.
  10. Four years in the league with an avg of 500 yds a season doesn’t do it for me.
  11. Actually most rookies don’t start at center, they play OG and then slide over to C their 2nd season.
  12. With our offseason and our first two picks who most likely won’t see the field much this season, I’m worried how we’ve improved going into the next season. Feel like KC, BALT, INDY, CLEV and even NE and MIA have raised the bar. We’ve done zilch to improve the running game or TE. Hope I’m wrong!
  13. Upside is high but will he reach it? Will he even make an impact this year? Will need to get stronger and more experience. Don’t love the pick but not sure anyone was better at 30.
  14. Not a fan of giving up any of our first three picks to trade up. Continue holding.
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