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  1. With four games in the books, curious how everyone would assess our first quarter of games. The Bills sit 3-1 and could be 4-0 outside of some unique mistakes against Miami. Realistically I believe most of us would be happy to be 3-1 at this point in the schedule. Based upon everything thus far I’d give us a B+/A- Positives: When this team is firing on all cylinders it’s a thing of beauty! Resilency this team has shown with all the injuries is fantastic. This should serve us well later in the season. LB play by Milano and Edmunds has been outstanding Beating TN and Baltimore are huge wins against AFC division opponents who may win their divisions. Welcome to the team Von Miller Dorsey for Daboll. Thus far Dorsey has done a great job. Love the intensity. Still room to grow. Playmakers making plays! Josh, Diggs, Von, Rousseau, Milano, Edmunds, Poyer Jordan Poyer with four interceptions and being a leader of the secondary Josh Freakin Allen Front four Rookie secondary of Elam and Benford. Exceeded expectations 3-1 with only one home game thus far! Bills Mafia is ready for some more home games. Areas for improvement: Inability to run effectively in short yardage situations outside of Josh. So frustrating! Injuries, injuries and more injuries. Hopeful we get healthy and stay healthy. 3rd and long defensively. Gotta get better Offensive run blocking and playcalling related to running TE production Usage of when Moss is used is headscratching at times Gifted opponents points. Two games in a row. I’m sure I’m missing some things. On to the next quarter of games. Need to finish this quarter at the minimums of 3-1 as well . Two games at home and two on the road with a bye in between. Hopeful we get some players back healthy and Tre is hungry and ready to contribute. LETS GO BUFFALO!
  2. I forgot to add while it’s too early to evaluate Cook, the Chiefs absolutely nailed their 7th round pick with Isaih Pachecho RB Rutgers. When Cook does get more chances he needs to start having an impact.
  3. Huge TD to make this a game again. Will sleep well if KC is 2-2 at the end of week 4.
  4. Tampa might want to cover Kelce. He’s owning them thus far.
  5. That’s a lot and we know the Steelers typically are a strong defensive team. Bills need to execute on a clean game and put this game away early. Two weeks in a row we’ve gift wrapped points for our opponents.
  6. Winning in the NFL is never easy but the schedule after the bye week opens up a little. If the Bills stay healthy and take care of business it should open up more opportunities for him. Our schedule has been brutal to start the season. Not ideal for throwing a rookie into the backfield.
  7. Maybe later in the season but still not sure you look to do anything now. Crowder and Kumerow should be back after the bye week hopefully. McKenzie “could” be back for the Steelers. Would expect Davis to be much better with another week. Tavon Austin and M Stevens are options for depth from the PS. For the Steelers game looking like Diggs, Davis, Shakir will be your starters. Would be a nice game to get some plays from Knox. Hoping the Bills could out the gate next week strong and put the game away early!
  8. I’m bracing for 3-3 at the bye with all the injuries. I also sense Gabe is not fully recovered and with Kumerow out it puts even more pressure on Diggs. One thing is clear others are going to have to step up and we shouldn’t expect Josh to bail out the running game. Getting to 4-2 would be fantastic but two tough road games at Balt and KC will be challenging. That’s why losing to MIA sucks even more and we can’t afford a stumble against Pitt. Get to 4-2, hopefully regroup, get healthy and stay healthy! Then have to dominate the remaining games and stack up some wins! 3-3 would suck.
  9. Surprised how it’s been radio silent the past month regarding the stadium.
  10. Dolphins win tonight and they are likely to get to 6-0. Jets and Minny next.
  11. One thing is clear running shotgun RPO within the opponent’s 5 yard line or short yardage isn’t working. The D just focuses on Josh. At times I wish the Bills would play big boy football in these situations. Josh under center with a FB leading the way to block for the RB. D has to account for a QB sneak which should make the DL more vulnerable. We shouldn’t need Josh to have to play perfect every week and short yardage shouldn’t be that difficult. That shotgun RPO at the 1 yard line cost us the game.
  12. Xavier Rhodes who was just signed this week could quickly see action this Sunday.
  13. I don’t get the need? Outside of Jordan P our DL is good. How about investing resources elsewhere on the roster.
  14. Getting Morse, Oliver, Dane and Poyer back would be great. Hopeful Bates and Knox are good. Kumerow will probably be out this week or longer with high ankle injury. Sensing Jordan and Benford will be out until the bye week. If somehow we can get to the bye at 4-2 that would be tremendous with all the injuries and the front loaded schedule of potential playoff teams and road games. Just need everyone else to stay healthy!
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