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  1. Probably true if you live in the area but for fans that live out of state that doesn’t work. Trying to purchase 3 tickets against the Steelers in the 100 level is super expensive. Was really wanting to go that weekend as my daughter has an extended weekend. Being in ATL may have to see them play on the road against Miami.
  2. Well done. Don’t know if I’ve ever been this excited for a season. Hopeful the final outcome is what all of BillsMafia has been praying for! LETS GO BUFFALO!
  3. Appreciate all that Hughes has done for Buffalo but it’s time to move on. No one ever questioned his work ethic or passion. He gave it his all and glad he’s helped turn the franchise around. My top three highlights are: 1. His TD return against the Broncos 2. Chasing the ref up the tunnel 3. Getting a bogus fathom 15 yard penalty against NE after stopping them on 3rd down for hitting another Bills players helmet in celebration. Ref said he was hitting a NE player. Pure 100% BS https://www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/nfl/2014/10/16/6985297/jerry-hughes-penalty-bills-patriots-2014
  4. Assuming this was sarcastic. We’ve lost to TN the last two years in a row and after last season’s embarrassing lost against the JAG’s, I don’t take anytime for granted. Bill’s expectations are thru the roof, but one thing is certain, they better be ready to play EACH and EVERY week. The lost to TN and the Jags cost them the #1 seed last year. Buffalo needs to score TD’s early and take away their running game.
  5. Assuming we’ll be on the road but don’t see us going against the Rams now. At NYJ or at Miami would be my guess.
  6. Excited to see what Wydermeyer does. He has the skillset to be productive. Hopefully being in the right clubhouse allows him to develop and contribute. Will be an added bonus and another weapon for the offense if he does. Could easily see him start off at TE #3
  7. Sorry but not buying that. All the evidence fails squarely on the coaching staff. Failure to provide clear instructions on the kickoff. Called a timeout before the first play only to give up an easy 15 yard pick up. Called time out AGAIN and still stayed in the same defense to easily give up another big play allowing KC to kick a FG.
  8. Thanks for posting as I really enjoyed the article. The Bills have so many positives right now and to a man they all know they have a roster to WIN a Super Bowl. The reality is now they have to go out and prove it. No more excuses at this point if they want to move past the 13 second debacle. It’s also incumbent on this coaching staff to learn how to finish! Year one in their playoff under McDermott lost to Jax as they couldn’t get it done. The loss against the Texans was another example. Went far too conservative on 4 & 20 to end up losing. Game should have been over on that play but they were far to conservative on D. Following year went far too conservative against KC in the playoffs and the AZ Hail Mary shouldn’t of ever been in the situation. Last year the choke against Jax cost a top 2 seed and we all know what occurred in the last 13 seconds against KC. While the roster is super competitive, McDermott and Frazier HAVE TO BE BETTER this year. Everything is there for them to do it this season!
  9. On paper, Jets, KC and Baltimore have had solid drafts thus far IMO.
  10. Love Beane and while he’s had solid success in the first round, he’s struggled in rounds 2 and 3. Knox is the exception thus far. But yet strong again in the later rounds. Odd
  11. I disagree. Seems like there were much stronger picks available. Obvious draft grades are subjective but don’t see how this pick is any better than a C. IOL or TE would have been better.
  12. Really headscratching pick. Seems pretty likely he would have been there in a later round. Get the sense the Bills aren’t that impressed with this years draft class.
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