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  1. Agree Carpe Diem! I expected we beat the Patriots as we were the far superior team. The Bills have been in the playoffs 4 out of the past 5 years. The KC game should be a dogfight but IMO the Bills have to find a way to win or it will be another offseason of questions. If you want to be considered elite go beat KC! The Bills can beat anyone if they play to their potential. LETS GO BUFFALO!
  2. Both of these teams are loaded and it’s most likely gonna come down to who executes the best. Bills have to account for the crowd noise as well. The front four has to create disruption. Not sure how anyone can confidently pick the winner of this game. KC vs Buff in the playoffs could be a yearly thing for the foreseeable future. With that said LETS GO BUFFALO! Just win baby!
  3. Besides the self inflicted penalties by Dallas and SF doing everything to let you back in the game, I’m stunned by Dallas’s 80/20 pass vs run ratio. With that said I’m not losing any sleep with Dallas and NE being eliminated!
  4. He knows what everyone else knows. Outside of a mini hurricane Buffalo has owned them now in two straight seasons. The prior luxury of the AFCE being in shambles outside of NE w Brady has changed. He now has to compete against an ALL PRO QB in the division. I respect him for everything he has accomplished but that press conference was sad. He basically said four things over and over.
  5. 4:53 in the morning and STILL can’t sleep in ATL. What a spectacular performance by the Bills. Hopeful this type of performance gives them the confidence and momentum to run the table! Competition is only going to get harder. 100% Steeler fan for tomorrow! LETS GO BUFFALO!
  6. Pretty much a bye week for KC playing the Steelers.
  7. That’s PI but the mugging by TB on Diggs wasn’t? Nothing to see here says the NFL! SMH
  8. I’d like to see the Bills play strong in all three phases against NYJ. Get off to a fast start, front four bringing pressure, keep good balance on offense, TD’s not FG’s in the redzone and put this game away early!
  9. The last 3:30 of the 2nd qtr can’t happen against good teams. Bills were in complete control then they get cute with attempting a WR pass and a horrible decision by Josh on 3rd and long that results in an interception. At the minimum you get no less than a short FG to go up 17-5. Plus you get the ball to start the 2nd half. Josh has to be mentally stronger in that situation. Points equal extending your lead and maintaining your momentum. Instead it pumped life into the Falcons. On Josh’s 3rd interception all the credit to ATL’s Walker who made a great play. Strong games by Devin, Oliver and the OLine showing improvement in the running game. Bills didn’t play great but still won by 14 on a meh day by Josh in the passing game. Now lets take care of business against NYJ and go into the playoffs with strong momentum!
  10. Agree. Felt like Daboll finally realized that in the red zone go with your strength! Josh rolling out or RPO, it puts so much pressure on the D. Defenses have to account for a handoff, or bring pressure on Josh and hope to contain him, or come up to stop him from running which ultimately frees up someone in the passing game. Still PO’d with his redzone playcalling against TN and the first game against NE.
  11. Miami playing D against NO like the Bills needed to do in the first NE game!
  12. With the news that the CDC, is shortening isolation period from 10 days to 5 days, does that potentially clear Gabe to play versus the Falcons? Assuming he has a negative test.
  13. Also hoping zero Covid cases for the Bills. I believe Gabe would be the only one that can’t play due to the protocols. Hopefully we get Cole, Feliciano, Ford and Star back. Hopefully everyone is healthy.
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