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  1. Nice solid win. Will never complain with winning, especially winning by 35 pts! D looks really solid and performing well as a unit. AJE, Groot, Ed, Milano, Zimmer, Taron Johnson and Wallace all had strong games. Offensively, they haven’t clicked on all cylinders since the playoffs began last year. Much better balance this game and the more they can make the D account for the running game the more it will help the offense. It’s great when your QB has a meh game but still scores 5 TD’s and knowing Josh doesn’t have to always have his best for us to win. A few things that stand out after two games: Beasley hasn’t been much involved. Would like to see more crossing routes and ability for YAC. RB or TE screens Josh is having to make a ton of tougher throws as it seems he’s under constant pressure Looking to see how Daboll adjusts based upon trends the opposing teams see. Concerned about the lack on consistency picking up 3rd and short from the running game. Lets go Buffalo! Lets beat WFT.
  2. Super excited to see AJ and Groot having an impact. Ed had a very strong game along with Zimmer who just makes plays. If the DL stays healthy, I’d continue to expect Harry will be inactive. Also, Jerry H has been very quiet.
  3. The 4th and 8 was a major head scratcher. I like our chances of Bass making the 53 yd FG instead of making a 1st down. It’s embarrassing how Daboll has to try to get cute on the 4th and 1 but then again the lack of any effective running game is maddening. Daboll has now flopped twice in his last two games on coming up with an effective game plan. Zero crossing patterns, zero screens and totally ignored the running game.
  4. Hopefully he’s only out for this game. But IMO, Bills need to address this position in the off-season. Harry isn’t it and Zimmerman is a complimentary back up. Certainly not getting the cart ahead of the horse but DT, TE, secondary help and a future center to replace Morse will be needs going into the next offseason. Hopefully those additions make us even stronger as defending SB champions!
  5. Called this evening as my discounts were expiring. Gave me another 12 month credit of $60 per month ($720) and free Sunday ticket. Same as last year. Really have no complaints with the service I’ve received from Direct TV. Been a customer since 2007. LETS GO BUFFALO!
  6. Not at all. My point being our TE’s are probably in the bottom five of the league and we did zero to address it. In reality is Sweeney an improvement over Lee Smith though?
  7. Chiefs have stud WR’s as well but having another weapon at TE opens up the offense even more. Also our WR’s were mitigated by a physical Chiefs secondary in the AFC Championship which only adds more pressure for the TE being able to make plays.
  8. Bigger question is who gets cut when he comes off?
  9. Seems like they are doubling down that Knox steps up. Sweeney is an unknown as he hasn’t been able to stay on the field thus far. Feels like TE is even more of a concern this year than last. Time will tell.
  10. One would have to assume Harrison and Sweeney are going to IR and Ferguson and Hollister are coming back. Otherwise it makes zero sense IMO.
  11. My daughter is much younger, 13, but we are staying here. Have a rental car and plan to go to Niagara Falls, Bar Bill for wings and wreck plus going to the Bills store for merchandise. Plan to hit Ted’s as well. Open to other recommendations for must go to restaurants.
  12. Right now the majority of the AFC is harder for a new head coach than the NFC. You could make the case for 10 to 11 AFC teams who are competitive enough to make the playoff. NFC has maybe 5 solid teams this year.
  13. Love the way Andre Smith hits! Wish we could see that same type of hitting from Edmunds but understand that’s not the way he plays.
  14. Coming into Buffalo for the Houston game with my wife and daughter Friday night. (Section 115 row 19) Planning to do Maid of the Mist Saturday and then get some Bills merchandise. Thanks for starting this thread. We have an Anchor Bar in Atlanta and used to have Duff’s. Certainly sounds like we need to go to Bar Bill for wings and a weck. Hear we need to go to Ted’s as well. Obviously off topic, but any recommendations on the best place for Bills merchandise. Assuming the Bills store at the stadium.
  15. I disagree. GB, JAX, KC aren’t big time markets. Buffalo maybe a smaller market but the national fanbase is huge. If a player is a stud, the press will follow. Josh and the Bills just need to keep doing what they’ve been doing………WINNING! People like winners and playmakers.
  16. Exciting to see the offense know what it wants to do and execute. No reason thus far to believe this offense won’t be one of the top in the league. Defensively, I know it was more of a vanilla defense, but was really hoping having Star back, we would see a difference. What I saw was our D getting pushed back consistently in the run game and Edmunds not filling the gap. Our run game will need to be strong as teams will want to run against us to keep our offense throttled and off the field as much as possible. Hope my view is an over action and not what plays out in the regular season. We need Star and Edmunds to really step up this year. Thankfully, we made it thru preseason without any significant injuries. As a long time Bills fan, it’s amazing to reflect back on how far this team has come and the overall quality and competitiveness of the roster. Hoping we can add a player or two with roster cuts. LETS GO BUFFALO!
  17. Assuming Beasley, Davis, Star and Butler are not allowed to play. I sure hope Star has been crushing it as practice as reported because it’s been awhile since he’s gone against an opposing team and played the majority of a game.
  18. I fully expect this game to be close as I never take a game for granted. I expect the Steelers offense to be better this year and more balanced. Hopefully the Bills are healthy for the opener and the starters are ready to go. Glad it’s a home game.
  19. I do hope we see some movement quickly with some of the players who have been waiting or holding out. It really could cost the team a win if they were unavailable to play or worst yet had to miss multiple games. The one enigma to me is Star. He opted to sit out last year but then doesn’t get vaccinated. Having a hard time understanding that rationale.
  20. 2010 was a horrible draft for Buffalo but then again it wasn’t surprising.
  21. I wonder if the Bills are exploring putting Rousseau in on FG attempts? With his height and arm length, you would think he might block a few. Especially on long FG attempts.
  22. No beef with the penalty. Smith should learn to slide his helmet to the side and it would’ve been 100% legit.
  23. What in the world was the penalty at the end of the quarter? They called #94 with leading with the helmet against rushing the OT.
  24. Have to expect Beane is working the phones regarding TE depth. Was hoping Sweeney would have a strong camp.
  25. Thanks everyone for your recommendations. Really appreciate everyone’s input. Based upon feedback, we’ve decided to fly back Monday morning. Worried I’ll be more focused on getting to the airport than truly enjoying the game with my daughter. Plus if there is any type of accident or delay, we’d most likely miss our flight. Lets Go Buffalo!
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