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  1. I’m bracing for 3-3 at the bye with all the injuries. I also sense Gabe is not fully recovered and with Kumerow out it puts even more pressure on Diggs. One thing is clear others are going to have to step up and we shouldn’t expect Josh to bail out the running game. Getting to 4-2 would be fantastic but two tough road games at Balt and KC will be challenging. That’s why losing to MIA sucks even more and we can’t afford a stumble against Pitt. Get to 4-2, hopefully regroup, get healthy and stay healthy! Then have to dominate the remaining games and stack up some wins! 3-3 would suck.
  2. Surprised how it’s been radio silent the past month regarding the stadium.
  3. Dolphins win tonight and they are likely to get to 6-0. Jets and Minny next.
  4. One thing is clear running shotgun RPO within the opponent’s 5 yard line or short yardage isn’t working. The D just focuses on Josh. At times I wish the Bills would play big boy football in these situations. Josh under center with a FB leading the way to block for the RB. D has to account for a QB sneak which should make the DL more vulnerable. We shouldn’t need Josh to have to play perfect every week and short yardage shouldn’t be that difficult. That shotgun RPO at the 1 yard line cost us the game.
  5. Xavier Rhodes who was just signed this week could quickly see action this Sunday.
  6. I don’t get the need? Outside of Jordan P our DL is good. How about investing resources elsewhere on the roster.
  7. Getting Morse, Oliver, Dane and Poyer back would be great. Hopeful Bates and Knox are good. Kumerow will probably be out this week or longer with high ankle injury. Sensing Jordan and Benford will be out until the bye week. If somehow we can get to the bye at 4-2 that would be tremendous with all the injuries and the front loaded schedule of potential playoff teams and road games. Just need everyone else to stay healthy!
  8. Having only 5 active WRs wasn’t smart with this heat. Instead we dressed 5 RB but attempted 63 passes.
  9. Mistakes Mistakes Mistakes Fumble giving MIA a TD Milano dropping easy pick 6 Frazier again going soft on 3rd and 22! Davis dropping a TD Bad snap eliminating FG at halftime. Bass missing easy FG 2nd and goal at the 1. Vivid reminder of the same issue last year against the Titans. Refs not spotting the ball correctly on Moss’s long run costing the Bills a TO. Bite them on the final play. OFFENSE has to be able to run consistently. Far too often getting met in the backfield. Decision to go with only 5 active WR’s hurt! Frustrating loss and Dorsey’s action at the end of the game sums it up perfectly! With all that said, injuries are going to cost this team if this trend continues. Doesn’t sound good about Benford. Hopefully Morse, Ed, Dane, and Poyer are back next week. Gabe’s ankle doesn’t look 100% either. Still can’t give away games like this when a W is right there.
  10. Don’t understand why you don’t put Josh under center and either sneak it or you lead with the FB Gilliam followed by Moss! Dorsey over thinking this!
  11. Injury report looking ugly. Hopefully everyone has a chance to be back next week besides Jordan Phillips. This game has its own challenges, but we play two physical teams afterwards in Baltimore and Pitt followed by a matchup with KC before the buy. Losing Jordan and Ed hurts as they have been impactful when on the field. If the Bills get out of Miami with a W it will be the definition of a true team win! Really hoping for the best with Micah’s injury.
  12. Nope, it was more about if Carolina continues to lose would they look to move him at some in the season as they look to the future.
  13. Just amazed that Dane was practicing today (limited with red jersey) but that’s huge considering what looked horrible Monday night. One has to think medically, Dr’s cleared him to return to football. Now it’s just a matter of when they feel confident he’s 100%. Based upon today, one would think he may be back for Balt at the earliest and Pitt at the latest.
  14. I don’t know if I’m ready to state they are bonafide starters after two games. Passing isn’t TN strength and the front 4 were just dominate against the Rams. Make no mistake Miami will challenge both of them and with Hyde out it adds another layer of difficulty to the secondary. D is going to have to get pressure, tackle well eliminating YAC, not get beat deep consistently like Baltimore and not make self inflicted mistakes. Do that along with our offense putting points on the board in bunches and I still like our chances!
  15. Mercy, I hope he is going to be okay. No Dane, Micah, Tre and most likely Jordan P. at the minimum vs Miami. Offense is going to need to put up a lot of points on the board to help the D. Hopefully our front seven can put pressure on Tua and force him into a few turnovers. Benford and Elam are going to have to grow up quickly this week!
  16. A lot of talk about the Bills potentially adding OBJ later this year. With Carolina signing Blackshear, it got be pondering CMc future in Carolina. What if Carolina continues to tank and a trade could be worked out? Would you trade DS and a future draft pick to make that happen? One could argue we are good at WR. McCaffrey would look great in the Bills backfield. Reality is most likely neither occur. Thoughts?
  17. I can’t believe there are 13 pages to this topic and yet here I am posting to it. No freakin way do I “miss” losing. I don’t care to ever experience another “drought” or to be stuck in QB purgatory! I had friends ask me if I was still watching the game Monday night in the 4th qtr. I was like hell yea going to enjoy every moment I can and will never get tired of winning! LETS GO BUFFALO 🦬 THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!!!!
  18. Hope the overall health starts to trend better as after Miami we play two physical teams in Balt and Pitt.
  19. Great write up. Only one minor thing to add. I wouldn’t say he disappeared after the 1st qtr. He was directly responsible for the 3rd qtr interception by Poyer.
  20. Way to early to make this assessment IMO. Both Benford and Elam are going to be tested in the weeks ahead. I do like what I see from both of them and smile knowing our secondary is only going to get better when Tre returns. Fantastic problem to have.
  21. If Bills do a solid job keeping YAC in check I like our chances. Don’t expect the Bills to get beat deep and the DL needs to force its will and make Tua very uncomfortable. If offense executes and continues their momentum I don’t believe MIA offense can keep up. Miami has weapons so it won’t be easy.
  22. One of the great outcomes besides being 2-0 is how the Bills have been able to give their young players and backups some significant playing time. It will only help later in the season. Having two rookie CB’s starting the entire 2nd half, Shakir and Cook on the field for significant snaps and Van Roten pinch hitting for Mitch and the Bills winning 41-7 is very valuable experience for them. Love it!
  23. Thankfully he’s okay. I would imagine his neck is going to be pretty sore and wouldn’t count on him playing this week out of precaution. Gotta keep our eyes on the bigger prize at the end of the season.
  24. Struggling to see Denver going toe to toe with KC AND LAC. Was hopeful the AFCW would give KC some challenges. Cinncy still has time but that OL is troubling. AFCS is a train wreck right now.
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