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  1. Didn't Chiefs just give up 14 second half points and lose to the Eagles???
  2. All props to Reed, Moulds, and Butler, but he's the best WR in franchise history. Love you man. Keep calling out this crap coaching staff!
  3. Yup and until Frazier says differently I firmly believe McD called the defense for 13 seconds. He called a defensive TO before both KC plays.
  4. Correct but a turnover is a turnover. And you can probably make an argument that a fumble will result in better field position for the opponent as it is likely less far downfield and/or behind the LOS than an INT.
  5. OP nicely written. Let's also not forget he has not missed many games so he has played many more games/snaps than others in the last 5 years. Also some of the worst INT guys suck and simply don't play that long and get benched. I'm too tired to look it up but Josh has fumbled the ball a ton as well. Again he has more dropbacks and carries than probably any other QB during that time. But still numerically he is turning the ball over quite a bit. He cleaned up the fumbling quite a bit but it still has hurt him from time to time like Minn last year, Dolphins playoff game, and Jets this year.
  6. We have more than one player. The oline is better. We need upgrade at WR an the defense got old fast. Should be set at CB. Just need another pass rusher and a couple safeties. Safeties are cheap. They can replace one or both this off season. We are stuck with McD for 2024. Best hope is Allen Diggs and Brady overcome his defense
  7. McDermott isn't going anywhere even if they lose all 5 games. We are stuck with him through 2024.
  8. Yup. He will be out of the league in less than three years and he won't get another 10.5 sacks. If Von was healthy he would never see the field.
  9. 1. Bills beat Ravens - McD defense drops in zone in the red zone and Johnson makes the second biggest play in franchise history. 2. Bengals beat Ravens - McD is credited with ending the drought yet it was really Andy Dalton. Remember McD started Peterman on the road when the playoffs were still in sight. 3. Bills beat Colts in OT in the snow - McD plays for a tie instead of a win and almost costs them the playoffs. 4. Bills Patriots playoffs- second coldest game in franchise history after Bills Raiders (I was at both). Allen and the offense shred Belichick. Daboll leaves after 13 seconds
  10. Epenesa won't have 26 sacks in his entire career. Bye bye
  11. Neither. Epenesa sucks and Floyd will be old and expensive. Bills need to get younger, bigger, and faster on DL.
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