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  1. I can live with this being a no call. OT has arms on his body and then the DE dips. As long as it is called evenly for both teams, I am fine with letting them play.
  2. The short yardage game is struggling. It's not the RBs. Its the o-line. That said the RB workload needs to change. It should be Singletary 75% or more of the time. Moss does not deserve any more chances. The offense was at it's finest last season when they committed to start Bates and committed to Singletary.
  3. Nice try OP. Allen is the best QB in NFL and the Bills win because of him. Harbaugh played for a TD because he knew a FG was not going to be enough to win. The defense looks very good but they got shredded in the first half. Fortunately they held for FGs otherwise the score could have been much worse. If Allen and the offense doesn't get that TD right before the half it is game over. Last year's D was a fraud. This year it looks legit. We will know more when White comes back and they play KC. Missing Hyde will hurt all year long but the CB play should get better soon.
  4. Little Jimmy was just named interim HC at Wisconsin. Apparently he was the heir apparent and expected to be the permanent replacement.
  5. I don't but the vitriol is about deferring. I don't disagree with many. I would defer in the hopes I could get two back to back possessions and also prevent the opponent from getting back to back possessions. But in the end, just like today it just doesn't matter. There are far too many variables during a game for the coin toss/defer decision to impact the outcome.
  6. Give Davis and Shakir 3 more weeks. If they are still struggling go get Sanders out of retirement. He's cheap, knows the system, and can compliment Diggs/Davis right away.
  7. First half went as I predicted. Kudos to the team for the come from behind win and the second half defensive shut out
  8. From the time you could choose to defer to 2018, the win rate if you win the toss and defer was 51.8%. And that is with the Patriots choosing that strategy 95% of the time during the Brady era likely skewing the win rate. What that means is choosing to defer or receive the ball only matters on message boards. Other than providing a subject to argue about, it is a meaningless decision.
  9. First weekend call with the new job. 1 PM start gives me a chance of being done rounding and see the game. In Josh we must trust. Go Bills!!!!
  10. I'd rather see Basham at DE and Miller at OLB in a 4-3.
  11. I'm sure they were all given a memo from the NFL to keep quiet. Al mentioned it for a moment just after the first replay then pivoted quickly to "back injury"
  12. If Dane is another week or two, who starts opposite Elam this week? While most of us wanted a veteran corner, losing both Jackson and Benford in back to back weeks is unexpected. Benford was playing at a high enough level they must have felt ok not signing a vet.
  13. Bills WR are fine. No need for OBJ nor a low effort bad hands guy that can't crack the lineup in NY. No thanks. I didn't even want Kumerow on the roster so don't care much that he is inured. If they want to go run heavy with a blocking WR, split Knox, Sweeney or Morris out there.
  14. Whoa...slow down tiger. He is 83 sacks behind Bruce. As many will point out Bruce did that primarily as a 3-4 DE at a time where pass attempts per game was far lower than now. Miller started as an off ball OLB edge rusher. He has developed into a great 4-3 DE. Also if Watt was healthy, I'm not sure Miller would be best this season let alone all time. Regardless Miller has been fantastic and I love how they are using him and keeping him fresh for the playoffs.
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