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  1. Did you post this list so we would feel better about the WR group?
  2. Seattle is a great stadium with great food. Be prepared to walk. It's only a few blocks from downtown and the parking is non-existent. Best to get a hotel close and walk there. What part of Portland are you in?
  3. I have nothing agianst Gilliam. He is actually good at a lot of useless positions on the team. I can recall probably 3 times last year where he made a nice block in run game and I called them out in real time. He does the job he is asked to do well. That is honest praise and not satire. My issue is solely based on roster makeup and salary cap. He is a waste of a roster spot and cap space. He's a prime example of McDermott and Beane roster/cap mismanagement. His cap hit for this year is $2.3M. His special teams role should be filled by an UDFA or late round rookie linebacker on the cheap. His role on special teams can easily be replaced with a third TE, spare OL, or 3rd RB. Any of those players could act as a lead blocker for the two plays a game he plays as a FB. Of course this was only made worse with Matakevich on the team who could not play linebacker. If you feel you must have a FB on the team, why can't you get a late round rookie to play that role? Instead of wasting a pick on a rugby player you can just draft a FB and use him for a couple years. If you got rid of Gilliam you can carry 7 WR(5 pass cathcers, Shorter for ST, and a return guy), 3 TE, and 3 RB. Or conversely you can keep 6 LBs that actually could play linebacker if needed.
  4. 8-12th? I don't think he would be the 8th best QB in the AFC. Mahomes, Allen, Jackson, Burrow, Stroud, Herbert, Lawrence, Tua, Wilson, Rodgers on one leg are all better than Goff Add in NFC with Prescott, Stafford, Hurts, and Purdy and you get to at least 14 and that is not counting the rookies. Goff is in the top of the bottom tier of guys just ahead of Cousins, Mayfield, Carr, Watson, and Murray
  5. OMG. That is stupid money for a guy that is just not worth it. I understand the fear of being in QB purgatory. But to give up that much money and cap space for a mediocre QB is crazy.
  6. Seemed like a qualified guy. Stood firm and still took Eli despite the threats not to take him. Fired Schottenheimer after 14-2 season and early playoff exit. Still wasn't good enough to get past Pats and Steelers great teams even with Rivers and Tomlinson in their prime.
  7. Shakir will be one of the most interesting stories of 2024. Can he be 90-100 reception guy that is a dependable move the chains slot WR. I don't think he has the elite quickness that Edelman, Beasley, and Welker did. These were elite slot guys that just simply could not be covered. Hopefully that is what he becomes. However I think he will be a role player that maybe can get up to 50 receptions and 750 yards in a more balanced attack with Samuel and Kincaid/Knox/Cook.
  8. Hasn't arrived yet. Too slow
  9. Eagles guy made what a 60 yard FG in the rain. And Bass misses at home in decent conditions for Buffalo in January. They can't afford an 82% kicker this year. Give him 8 games and if he is not better they need to look for someone else. We will never know but agree the third down play should have been an underneath play that kept the clock moving and at least gave you a shorter FG or a chance to go for it on fourth down.
  10. I am proud of it!! One of my best memories is being buried in snow in 1977 and crawling out the window on Burnside Dr.! I was born in 1970. I sort of know some stuff about the AFL years. But the late 60's and early 70's are a black hole in my Bills history knowledge. Must admit I had no idea Collier was a Bills HC. Only knew the Orange Crush story.
  11. Lol...technically born in Tonawanda and grew up in Lockport. But like I said spent a ton of time in NT
  12. My grandmother aunt and uncle all lived in NT. Spent most of my summers there. Played Bingo at a church on Oliver St right next to Dom Polski's!!!
  13. Sign me up! I swear I will not start a thread that asks when will McDermott be gone.
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