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  1. Go look at the patsies the Bills played last year and they lost to the Jags. A win is a win. The Bills played and beat three of those teams too. Not sure what you are trying to say?
  2. I'm sure there is offset language in the contract that if he is cut and signed somewhere else, the Cardinals are only on the hook for the balance. Also I am not sure about this but since it is guaranteed money in the future not a signing bonus I doubt all the money is payable when he would be cut. But I don't know about that. Signing bonus money that is prorated over the length of the contract hits the cap all oat once as dead money if the player is cut. Not so sure if he has guaranteed future earnings. Ie. if he has $40M guaranteed over each of the next three seasons and they cut him after this year, I can't imagine the Cardinals have to cut him a $120M check. They would still pay him out over that time. Maybe I am wrong. Also possible they negotiate some buyout. This is new territory for the NFL. In baseball the trading trading can agree to pay part of the salary so that the new team can get the player and not have to pay full price. In NBA it is the opposite, any trade has to have equal dollar value so you can;t just dump salary without taking something in return.
  3. Arrowhead stadium is one of the coldest stadiums in the NFL. It's a nightmare environment in the playoffs.
  4. I would rather had Sanders back. But I've been saying that since the end of last season and he is still retired.
  5. It was nowhere near this part of the season. It happened in week 14 of a 16 game schedule. He missed two games only one of which mattered then came back after the bye week for the first playoff game. He stayed on the sidelines after the injury and there is a video of him celebrating and hopping up and then wincing in pain when he landed back down.
  6. Why would it change? They have the best QB in the NFL. It must be win SuperBowl at all costs. Anything less is a disappointment.
  7. What other term would you use for Epenesa? I've not called Basham a bust yet. He's been underwhelming at best for q 2nd round pick.
  8. Psst... they never got the calls before. They were just the better team. Get over it.
  9. Well in fairness even the announcers were exasperated with the number of injury timeouts. Dallas Giants game was awful to watch between the injuries and penalties.
  10. At this point I am seeing a run to the SuperBowl like the Giants with Eli. They were banged up and playing mediocre football most of the year only to get hot and healthy and make a SB run. Except Hyde it looks like we may get everybody back by end of season.
  11. Cook still looks lost out there It should be Singletary and Hines and let Cook sit and learn
  12. It's a good example of why you don't waste your time-outs. That drive doesn't happen without the ability to use the middle of the field and call TO. I'd rather they get a delay of game penalty and lose 5 yards than burn a time-out in the second half.
  13. I see what you are doing but Tyrod actually had a big arm and threw the deep ball reasonably well. I fixed it for you
  14. How does an NFL QB miss that throw? A HS QB makes that throw! A 3yard out pattern to your superstar RB must have been one of the first plays run in OTAs and training camp.
  15. Just because it wasn't a blowout doesn't mean it wasn't deserved. Bills battled injuries and a short week. Thats impressive.
  16. Not to derail my own thread, but curious why? He is in HOF. Yet McKenzie gets more love in Buffalo. He was an All-Pro 8 times
  17. He was in a walking boot immediately after the game and didn't practice all week. Its total speculation on my part but seems like longer than a 1 week injury. Maybe with 10 more days until next game its possible.
  18. Why do you think Rousseau or Morse are back? They likely had high ankle sprains and are probably out several more weeks. Now Dawkins has an ankle too.
  19. How do you fire Frazier and keep McDermott? That makes zero sense. It's McDermott's defense.
  20. I believe Allen is best QB Bills have ever had. I also think Diggs is now a top 5 Bill. Here is my top 10. After Reed at 7 there are probably 10 guys that I would not argue could be the remaining 3 of the top 10. 1. Bruce Smith 2. Josh Allen 3. OJ Simpson 4. Thurman Thomas 5. Stefon Diggs 6. Jim Kelly 7. Andre Reed 8. Jack Kemp 9. Cookie Gilchrist 10. Joe DeLamielleure
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