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  1. If players/teams take steps to decrease the spread of the virus (i.e. get everyone vaccinated) why should they be punished for an outbreak? You have to incentivize players to get vaccinated if you want decrease the risk of an outbreak. This is not complicated.
  2. If the Pegula’s had any guts they’d set an example and release this selfish clown.
  3. I’m beginning to realize I always hated the Patriots as an organization more than I hated Brady. Honestly, if he played for a team outside the AFC East, I don’t think most Bills fans would hate him.
  4. A lot of improvement from Allen this season (to say the least) but he still looks shaky back there when under pressure. How many times did he hold on the ball too long tonight? At least he didn’t try to just blindly heave the ball in the air.
  5. This getting ugly. Might as well just blitz Mahomes every play if they are gonna leave him in.
  6. Has Singletary been in a single play after that series where he dropped the pass?
  7. After that week 17 game and the fact that Moss is out, why didn’t Antonio Williams make the active roster?
  8. Colts didn’t settle for a fg and look what happened to them.
  9. We are still in this game no need to panic. We got outplayed big time but are still only down 9 points. Allen is gonna have to second half of his life.
  10. Gotta take the points there. After that set of downs it didn’t look like we were close to scoring. Coming empty would have been devastating.
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