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  1. Only 5 million? Seems like a bargain when you look at New York prices
  2. Hopefully gymnast Sydney Razeghi is next
  3. It's just classic nepotism. Rodgers loves him plus Hackett's dad was a well-respected coach. You see that garbage in every walk of life.
  4. Yep this has been debated over and over again from the time he was drafted. He’s a slot 100%.
  5. They should have just asked Bills fans before they hired this loser.
  6. Yeha is definetly a starter and a nice piece. He started to come into his own in the offense and I think he can play. I think a lot of fans are sleeping on Curtis Samuel, but having him and Shakir working routes all over the place, a tight end like Kincaid and a big "X" like Coleman, I think the offense will be deadly and multiple. Add Cook out of the backfield and you have some pretty deadly weapons and Shakir ill be a big part of it.
  7. Finally someone who is slower than Coleman! I kid, but I'm doing it right yeah?
  8. He is much more Kyle Williams IMO. Mostly an athletic match though a bit more explosive.
  9. Bernard was a big question mark for fans and people (including me) were pretty upset that the Bills did nothing at the linebacker position. I guess the easy place to look is WR. But guy who was here last year, didn't do much but is expected to have an expanded role? My answer would be David Edwards. I think a lot of fans have questions about McGovern moving to center (I do not). And although the Bills have added IOL since the Morse cut, I do think Edwards will surprise a bit and be really good. I do think there is a chance Van Parn Granger makes some noise here, but Edwards was really, really good in LA,a super bowl winner, and he looked like a guy who was going to get a huge extension or free-agent contract when he got there until he had all the injury issues in that last year with LA. I think Edwards is going to be a rock on the offensive line this year.
  10. I was about to post the same thing. I love the way he catches the football.
  11. It's just Ray. His actual name is Re’Mahn
  12. I think its Ken-igh - like high
  13. If you look at the measurables, Burks and Shorter are very similar, Shorter is bigger and stronger. Burks was more productive in his college career. They are the same age. Shorter is also already on the roster and costs nothing.
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