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  1. I think all that stuff about the Jets loving Oliver is a smokescreen to get people to trade up. Not sure I believe they will take him at three. I think they really do want to trade down and they have to create a narrative about who will be gone. I still think they take Josh Allen and I think they are crazy if they don't. I think the rumors of us taking Oliver comes from rumors about what is happening in front of us. I think some of these draftniks are plugged into what some teams are going to do and the logical conclusion is that a player like Oliver might be on the board and will clearly be BPA at a position of need for Buffalo. This is one of those serendipitous type situations that Beane talked about where need and the board line up. Just my 2 cents. I think we want Oliver or Sweat. If one of those guys is on the board, I think we run to the podium. If not, I think we get into trade down talks or something. I think there is also a chance that the regime is all in on Hockenson or Metcalf, but my gut tells me Oliver or Sweat.
  2. I'm in. Sounds fun. I don't really care what team. Whatever's left.
  3. I don't think people realize how good Clark is. They see Ansah was drafted high and think he's close to as good. It isn't even close. Clark is really good, not Khalil Mack good, but probably a top ten DE and Ansah is basically Trent Murphy.
  4. Didn't somebody photoshop him as the tiny hands guy from the Wendy's commercial? It's all adding up.
  5. I think I gotta like Mel for a little while becuase he's all in on Josh Allen. And we have no Mayock anymore so that changes things a bit for me. I used to to watch the NFL network for draft coverage but over the past few years they have shown so many commercials with way less highlights and analysis. I hate to say, but ESPN has actually done much better, especially on days two and three.
  6. I do think it is possible that they have gone out of their way to keep their meeting with him secret. I think he is the kind of guy in this draft that you hide your interest in. No one seems to really know where he is going to go because no one has tipped their hand in terms of interest in him. That keeps people from trading up in front of you to get him and that Detroit at 8 is prime position for a trade up. I think Oliver or Sweat are the pick, if they aren't there Hock or Metcalf. I'm thinking one of those four, idk. It's also possible this regime is all in on Metcalf or Hock. If they draft a right tackle or Dillard I will be very dissapointed
  7. I agree with this. And honestly he threw the ball a good amount to his tight end Jacob Hollister during his junior year. Having all of that speed on the outside with Brown and Foster should open things up underneath for the tight end and Beasley. Defenses cant cover everything and spy Josh Allen.
  8. Some people really hate this. Just as much as they will hate Them taking a corner in the first again 🤓
  9. I think that's a great question, but I have to say I'd rather have Oliver and Ferguson.
  10. Hockenson is a better run blocker than Dillard is imo.
  11. There are some inbred mutant Jets fans who live around the area.
  12. NYC in the fall is amazing. East Rutherford, New Jersey? Not so much. It always sucks there.
  13. I tend to agree. If Oliver is gone, I really hope we go in this direction. I will throw a tantrum if we take a RT or Andre Dillard. I'd much rather take a shot on a guy like this.
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