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  1. MrEpsYtown

    Got a FredEx jersey off Facebook Marketplace

    I actually prefer the old Reeboks a lot. I have a Bledsoe, McGahee, Poz, Dareus. I finally got sick of buying players like that and got a Kelly and Reed. I want a Bruce Smith next.
  2. MrEpsYtown

    Got a FredEx jersey off Facebook Marketplace

    Fred is one of the acceptable drought player jerseys. I would think Kyle, Stevie, Moorman, Schobel would be others. How do you guys feel about a Poz jersey? Does that make the cut as an acceptable drought jersey to wear?
  3. MrEpsYtown

    Is you're Dad the reason your a Bills fan?

    My dad was from Greece and tried to force feed me soccer...I hated it and had to sort of blaze my own trail when it came to "American" sports. I guess when I was 8 years old I was a bit of a front runner. Huge Bills, Rangers, Mariners, Sonics fan. I stayed loyal all of these years with both the Bills and Mariners being bad for so long. I know this is Sabre country....and though I am a NY Rangers fan, my favorite player growing up was Alexander Mogilny. I also loved the Sonics and quit the NBA when they moved to OKC. Go Bills!
  4. MrEpsYtown

    Josh Allen story

    I'm going James Franco
  5. Somebody must have ratted them out. Let's wait to see who they cut.
  6. Not sure things are much different last year. This team is going to win some games because of a very good defense that creates turnovers at a ridiculous rate. The weakest link on that defense, just so happened to be the heart of the defense, and that was Preston Brown. He was replaced by a athletic freak of a player in Edmunds. Even with growing pains, Edmunds will be better from day 1 simply based on athleticism and size. Plus the addition of a real 1 technique in Star should make a big difference. We also lacked sacks, and while I don't think Trent Murphy is some elite sack guy, what it does it makes the defensive line rotation much better, which should keep guys fresh and allow them to get after the quarterback. Instead of the rotation being Yarborough and some guy named Nordy...its going to be Murphy to Lawson. The offense is a different story. It sucked last year, and will likely suck this year...at least to start. Daboll is the huge difference here as I think he can get McCarron or Peterman or Allen to get the ball out quick to receivers. (I really hope Allen sits the first 8 games) The offensive line is not good, but I do think Wood and Incognito were very overrated...Wood more than Richie...but Richie looked awful at times last year. To me, Wood has been bad for a few years now and he was never great. My point...if you don't feel like reading all of that, is that we made the playoffs because of an opportunistic defense that is now better. Our offense was bad and will likely still be bad, but I think our offensive coordinator and the new system will make a difference. This team could go 4-12 or could go 10-6. Not much different from last year...it will take a few lucky breaks and opportunistic times to make this work.
  7. No no worries at all! I'm just happy I had this speculation before some of these so called reporters. It's a cool feeling!
  8. I posted this idea on March 15th. It's in the archives. https://www.twobillsdrive.com/community/topic/203005-trade-idea-aj-klein/?tab=comments#comment-4960980 Anyway, Klein would be a good fit. He actually started at SAM for theSaints in their base defense and moved to MIKE in nickel defenses. He would be really good depth and a much better SAM than Lorax. It would allow Lorax to be even more of a part time guy and gives you functional depth if Tremaine struggles. Also, I love me some Milano, but he isn't exactly a proven player. I like his potential, but it's too early to be totally sold. Klein makes a lot of sense and while his contract seemed huge on paper, I don't think there is a ton of guaranteed money there.
  9. MrEpsYtown

    Trump, Eagles, TSW TDS goes all in !

    I appreciate all the feedback and words guys. I don't know what al, of the answers are, but my family and I will continue to do what we have to do to make things work. Thanks
  10. MrEpsYtown

    Trump, Eagles, TSW TDS goes all in !

    The original question asked was if anyone's life was made worse since Trump took office and I answered that mine had because of cuts to this program. For us as a family, the ACCESS VR program was making college a possibility for my daughter who has autism but is higher functioning. It provided things like tutors and other other supports that give her a chance to do well in school. The idea of subsidizing tuition, simply helps because there is a good chance she would fail a class. It gave her an opportunity to go away, because I got the break on tuition, I was able to pay for room and board. I can't get any financial aid or loans for her as I am in that grey area of class. A vocational program like this assures that my kid can become a contributing tax payer and member of society, functioning on her own and becoming a cog in the workforce. Without it, she is much more likely to wind up sitting at home and working for minimum wage. With these cuts, she will likely never have the opportunity to make it in the world on her own. She is home now and attending community college. To me, this is a program that is investing in a person's future, now. At this point, if she had to live on her own, she would surely have to be on welfare. So which one is better? I don't know if decisions were made on state or federal levels, all I know is the cuts were a direct result of Trump policy change. I wouldn't call myself a liberal or conservative...I just try to go with what makes sense.
  11. MrEpsYtown

    Trump, Eagles, TSW TDS goes all in !

    I think it was a great program that was helping an autistic kid get an opportunity to find a vocational career. How do u make huge cuts to that type of program?
  12. MrEpsYtown

    Trump, Eagles, TSW TDS goes all in !

    I wouldn't call myself a liberal, but my daughter lost college funding because he cut funding for a program called Access-VR which is designed to support high functioning students with disabilities. The little tax break I got was completely erased and then some because I had to pay more for college tuition.
  13. MrEpsYtown

    Eric Wood, 6/1 cut & Roster Addition

    Jeremy Cash signed with the Cardinals 😉