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  1. Worst part about this whole thing is that they are going to start broadcasting the National Anthem again, which they only do when its week 1, the super bowl, or controversial....they only broadcast it to exploit it in some way. All in all, it simply means one thing, another commercial break 🤷‍♂️
  2. Prescott is such a weird player to me because he is both super underrated and super overrated. I think he is a middle of the road quarterback, but Dallas should not pay him what he is asking. He will not get that on the open market imo. I’ll ride with Allen.
  3. That is about a tilted Nose tackle, which is a 1 technique. The idea of the tilted nose is to eat up blockers and keep the linebackers free. The strength of Ed Oliver’s game is penetration, and that is the job of the 3 tech, or outside shoulder of the guard. Back in Tampa, Warren Sapp was the 3 tech next to the tilted nose who was Brad Culpepper. All that said, putting Oliver there is a misuse of his talents imo. I could see using him there in stunt and twist scenarios, but he’s a prototype penetrating three technique, and that is where he needs to play imo.
  4. Bryce Paup for sure. One guy I loved in his short time here and I was always a fan of when he was in Green Bay is Nick Barnett.
  5. I mean, this can’t be real...did Sammy Watkins draw this with a crayon?
  6. He likely showed up early to walk around the facility making sure the devil wasn’t hiding in any of the trashcans.
  7. Wait was it one or two first round picks he was traded for? I forgot.... But seriously, he’s an idiot and a weirdo and while he has talent he seems to lack that competitive edge to be great. He’s a follower, not an alpha. Oh well. Should have just been Mack. I don’t wish harm on the guy, but in twenty years this is going to be the guy they are talking about eating out of garbage cans down by the river and engaging in lewd acts with raccoons after pawning his super bowl ring in exchange for a Mr potato head toy who “talks” to him ...not because he ran out of money, just because he’s nuts.
  8. They feel totally different to me. Freddy was a small school guy who was slept on for so long and kept grinding and when he got his shot, he proved he was a playmaker. Duke was a guy in the limelight, who blew all of the chances he had and then had to grind to get another shot. While he made some nice plays for us, he’s kind of look like a jag. And when ur number is called a limited amount, you have to catch the ball. The way that Hodgins catches the ball, he easily beats Duke out. He can do everything Duke can, but better, plus he’s younger. Duke is stronger, but Hodgins has him beat everywhere else. I was excited about Duke, I watched a ton of him at Auburn, but I think he is going to struggle to make the team. I won’t count him out, but he is closer to “out of the league” than anything remotely approaching Fred Jackson.
  9. The Gilliam guy is intriguing as an athlete, but again has no stats or anything. What I find most interesting is his length. On his 6-1, 255lbs frame, he’s got super long arms, a wingspan nearly the size of Tee Higgins, and that is why those blocked kicks are a thing. So it’s an upside play. I’ve never seen the guy play, so expecting him to beat out DiMarco does not seem likely. He definitely sounds like a practice squad candidate.
  10. Martin Nance Brandon Reilly Da’Rick Rogers Brian Brohm Mike Williams Erik Flowers Tom Cousineau Aaron Maybin
  11. Epenesa for sure, and maybe he won’t actually “start” but he will get a starter’s percentage of the rotation. As others have said, Bass as well.
  12. Teams with QBs on rookie deals could manage. Teams that are paying one guy 30 plus million are probably screwed.
  13. I do not think they are going to miss Collins or Shelton. They really like Adam Butler on the dline. They still have Lawrence Guy, who nobody on our team could block last year, and there is a chance that a guy like Derek Rivers finally puts it together. I don't like Josh Uche as a prospect, but I think he can replace some of what Collins brought to the table. I do think that they guy they are really going to miss is Van Noy. I think he is a pretty underrated player. However, they always get production out of linebackers off the street like Elandon Roberts, Marquis Flowers, Jonathan Casillas, Ramon Humber. So I don't worry about them there. I think they have a really good line and good running backs. Now I do not think that Stidham is going to be very good, but I think he is better than lot of people are making him out to be. He has some tools. And for a less than ideal QB to have success you need two things: a good offensive line and a strong run game. So I would not right them off completely, but I do think they are the second best team in the division behind us.
  14. I’m willing to be a big boy and admit that I really liked Trubisky and Mahomes. I did not like Watson. But I thought the Bills were going to draft Marshon Lattimore.
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