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  1. I agree. I think an outside zone running scheme is fine. What the Shanny line of coaches has always done well is pluck super athletic zone type linemen to run their system. We have some athletic guys with really high RAS numbers and some slow plodders and that's why I think our line has a bit of an identity crisis. If we are truly an outside zone team Ford, Boettger, Feliciano should not see the field.
  2. Good takes and makes sense. And all of that is my opinion. I consider myself somewhat of an Online guru. Been a varsity coach 13 years and it's what I study, but that doesn't make me an expert. Definitely my opinion based on what I see. Lamp was drafted right after they picked Zay Jones, so I wonder if he was high on our board. No way of knowing that, but I think it is just a case of adding a guy with a lot of upside for competitive purposes. I also like Ryan Bates more than most and I am not a Feliciano fan. To me he's more bark than bite. You can't be rah rah lets run the football and then c
  3. It's true, those guys should be fine in any scheme. I think Moss would be an absolute beast in a Greg Roman type of Power O.
  4. I think we are in a weird place in terms of what we want to do with our O-Line and running game. We have a mixed bag of O-Lineman. Guys like Dawkins (who is very athletic) and Feliciano are supposed to be "mauler" type guys. Then you have Morse, Bates and the guys who we drafted who are athletic types along with a guy like Forrest Lamp who are more finesse type players with extremely high RAS scores. We saw more running success two years ago when we had a fullback and ran more pin and pull and gap type plays. We seem to be heading more towards a zone type team, but don't have zone type running
  5. I like Lamp a lot. My stance is that the pedigree there is better than anyone else we have in the interior. He was a former standout left tackle who moved into guard because his arm length. He's dealt with injuries, but his RAS numbers are awesome and he finally played a full season. His is more athletic and stronger than any of the other guys he is competing with and is an excellent pass blocker. And he is still young, just a few month older than Boettger. Lamp is better than Boettger, Ford, Feliciano, he is just they bigger risk due to his injury history. This team is going to p
  6. I don't like being the "sign this guy that this other team just cut" guy. But Cowboys are releasing Antwaun Woods, who would be a great fit as a NT on our defense. He's stout, but isn't just a space eating big guy. I guess they are releasing him for cap reasons.
  7. A lot of people wanted LVE and Rashaan Evans that year and both of those guys had their options declined. Sometimes fans' perceived value of a player does not line up with how the team and the league feel about a guy.
  8. Remember that Hurst tried baseball before he came back to football. He is still raw and will be 28 years old going into the season. Still upside there, and he's a good player, but I'd still roll with a raw 24 years old Knox. Not to mention, I think Jacob Hollister can do all of the same things Hurst can. Is younger, and faster.
  9. Your have Lev Bell and Todd Gurley out there. Would they accept a part time role? Neither seem like feature backs anymore. but maybe they could excel as receivers and third down backs? Gurley is only 27! You have a Duke Johnson who is still out there and I am sure could help. I like his explosiveness and think he would be a good fit. To me, I like Rex Burkhead. He is a really good special teamer, is used to a part time role, and excels in a part time role and as a situational player. Plus he is a leader.
  10. I like Bashaud Breeland. To me he is the perfect fit, a zone corner, and he has a little nastiness to his game.
  11. I think they will sign a veteran tight end, a corner, and defensive tackle. But I suppose this was a weird year with a smaller pool of UDFAs etc. Some ideas: -Bashaud Breeland, Steven Nelson -Jesse James, Eric Saubert - Abry Jones, Daniel McCullers
  12. As years go by, linebackers will start wearing numbers in the single digits and 20s etc. So I think we will see more D line guys wearing numbers in the 50s. It will take a few years, but we will get used to it. Me personally, I really don't like it.
  13. Williams ain’t moving. We sure love to “kick” guys inside here. Listen, when he was signed, Beane talked a ton about Williams struggling in Carolina because he was playing out of position at guard and left tackle. Dude is a RT and has proven his worth there. Our new draftees should make the team as backup tackles, as long as they are good enough to come in if there is an unfortunate injury. As far as I am concerned our tackles and center are locked in. Feliciano is likely locked in as well, though i think he is the perfect backup. But I think those 4 interior guys Feliciano, Ford, Bo
  14. I don’t think Basham can wear 9 unless he is listed as a linebacker.
  15. A veteran street free agent may be the way to go here. The guy who really sticks out to me is Abry Jones formerly of Jacksonville. Good stout player who is a leader as well. 6-4, 318. He’s been doing this a long time, but I think he can help in a rotational role. The other guy who is interesting, at least on paper, is Daniel McCullers, former Steeler and Bear. He is 6-7, 352 and has a ton of length (37 inch arms) to go with that size. Dude is massive. Both of those guys are sitting out there in free agency and I believe they would help add some bulk to the D
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