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  1. Cincinnati must be at least a little scared when you see Burrow’s touchdown record right next to David Klinger’s name.
  2. The Bills were all over Tedric Thompson pre draft in 2017. I know Whaley was still here with coach McDermott, but he has some McDermott DB traits. Could be an interesting by low on a guy who is still young with upside. I think he may have been our pick in the third or fourth id we didn’t move up for Dion or Zay.
  3. Burrow to me is Sam Bradford, without the injuries, who put up massive numbers on a stacked team. Burrow has skills obviously, but if i’m the Bengals I totally do that deal. I think Burrow has a high floor and I think he will be good. I’m just not sure if he’s going to be much better than Dalton-Bradford type of career. If I’m Cincy I take Miami’s top two picks and their first next year.
  4. They can definitely sign all three. My point is that Beane and McDermott have done a great job of building a team with little to no long term cap commitments. Now they are going to have to sign some of their own homegrown guys to long term deals after year 4. How they handle that situation will tell us a lot about the regime. Its like phase three. Phase 1, get rid of old regime garbage, phase 2 build and draft well, phase 3 sign your own and add. Milano will be the cheapest of the three. He is awesome for us but a 6 ft 220 pound off ball linebacker is a very scheme specific player and he would only fit a handful of teams. So I think he eventually stays. I don’t think he is that expendable because when he’s been hurt, there is a clear drop off in the defense. But to your point, he would be more replaceable than the other two.
  5. He reminds me of a young Jeremy Shockey. I think he is going to be a star as well. He’s young and raw.
  6. I love Dion and I think he is going to be the first real test case for this regime. They spent some good draft capital on a very young, somewhat raw player with really good measurables. They’ve developed him and he has now become a really good left tackle. He’s turning 26 in April, so still very young and has room to grow. These guys talked about building through the draft and keeping their own. I’m interested to see where they value Dion, if they set a number or will they pay market value? I am interested to see if they are going to truly be the build and sign long term type of regime, or the let guys go and draft replacements regime like the Pats. What they do with Dion, White, and Milano will tell us a lot.
  7. I like Pittman too. He’s got some interesting upside as well
  8. I think he would add an element of size and as a very young and pretty raw guy, I think he has a ton of room to grow. I think we have a lot of dynamic weapons and I’d like to add some size like Kmet and Claypool.
  9. I said it yesterday and I know its very tonfoil hat-ish. But I think the NFL makes sure Tua winds up in LA. 1 year on Allen’s deal. 2 on Brown’s. I don’t think it would be giving up on Brown it would just be trading for a guy who really excels at what your quarterback does well. I love Brown, but I wanted to get some opinions.
  10. Nah they have been working out with Jordan Palmer before the draft and their girlfriends are besties. Other than that I don’t think there is anything else there. Darnold and those guys are really close too. I think its pretty cool.
  11. I think they get Tua somehow. They do have a pretty good defense, but the issue for their offense is that they don’t have any deep speed to capitalize on Tyrod’s deep ball prowess. Keenan Allen excels in working the intermediate areas of the field, that 10-25 range. The Chargers badly need deep speed in their recieving corps. In a contract year, his stats may dwindle. So I throw this out there for fun, John Brown for Keenan Allen...who says no? Stats are pretty comparable. Salaries mostly wash out, but Allen is in the final year of his contract whereas Brown has two more years, including this one. Josh’s arm strength really comes into play in that 15 to 25 yard area of the field where Keenan really excels. So who says no?
  12. Honestly, it depends on what they ordered from taco bell. It can tell you a lot about a man’s character
  13. Would have been cool if we got Kyle here to be our backup. But I hope he pushes Haskins in DC for the starting job.
  14. I know he’s a 4-3 guy, but I thought he was more of a zone coverage guy. But 4-3 is a great move. Jon Allen, Daron Payne, Montez Sweat, Kerrigan and potentially Chase Young? That defensive line is going to be good.
  15. yeah i could not remember if he moved from tackle to guard or guard to tackle. The last good right tackle we had was probably Jason Peters before he moved to left tackle. What’s ironic here is that Darby was traded out of Buffalo because he was not a good fit for McDermott’s “Ron Rivera” style defense where Josh Norman was the prototype. So Ron Rivera gets the job in Washington, cuts Norman, signs Darby. 🤷‍♂️ I’m guessing maybe Rivera is going more man? I wonder if he will run a 3-4 like he did in Carolina in 2019.
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