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  1. I think they sign a safety. I think safeties fall in tiers. All my opinions... Best Fits who will be expensive: Kamren Curl Xavier McKinney These guys are both great fits for what we do in terms of scheme. Curl played in Ron Rivera's defense, and McKinney played a ton as a single high and 2 high safety guy. McKinney is my favorite and reminds me most of Hyde. He can play all over the secondary and has incredible instincts. Curl has similar traits. Box safety will be expensive: Kyle Dugger They loved him pre-draft, and I could see them going down that well again. He is very versatile but hasn't been used in New England much as a high safety. He is also about to turn 28 and will be expensive, so I am not sure how young they are getting at safety here as compared to Curl and McKinney who are turning 25 soon. Solid Realistic add: Geno Stone...OP did a great job with the description, so I won't add, but I think Stone makes a ton of sense. Older Playmaker just released and is realistic: Eddie Jackson. I think he is a great fit for what we do defensively. There would be no dropoff from Hyde, the only question would be injury stuff. Young guy who would be cheap and potentially interesting: Ashtyn Davis - was drafted for Gregg Williams Tampa 2 style defense, after Saleh came in Davis became an afterthought. Jeremy Chinn - is more of a box, big nickel guy who hasn't had much of a chance to play safety. Corner conversions: CJ Henderson Kristian Fulton Both these guys were pretty high pedigree corners, who, for whatever reason seemed to flame out. I think they could consider a move to safety rather than toiling as a backup corner on someone's depth chart. Ultimately, they probably just re-sign Taylor Rapp.
  2. I think the released guy (no comp pick impact) who makes a ton of sense is Eddie Jackson. Playmaker who has had injury issues the last couple of years. he is a perfect fit as a FS in this defense. Chicago plays many similar coverage concepts. Honestly doesn't seem like he has lost a. step, it's more of an injury issue. The other guy who makes some level of sense is Lawrence Guy, a dude who hs some flexibility and would add a non-comp pick affecting body to the DL room.
  3. Nice stuff. The safeties they chose are pretty disappointing considering what will be out there, but overall a good job.
  4. Yeah agreed. You would hope it would have been a wake-up call, but clearly not. Was it Todd McShay who caught a ton of flack for reporting Careter had off-field concerns? But young people do a lot of really dumb things. Feliciano instigated this all, a grown man with a family who should know better. It's all around just stupid.
  5. Mahomes, the interior OL, Chris Jones, and the coaches. The bottom line is that there are two ways to beat Mahomes, you either have to outscore them or sack him. The 49ers were getting to him early in the game, but once the refs established that they were not going to call holding on the KC o-line under any circumstances, the game was decided. The 49ers had built a lead and would have had to play perfect football to pull it off, and they didn't. That is my gripe with this year's playoffs. They just pretty much stopped calling offensive holding on KC and that makes it almost impossible to beat Mahomes. It was the same with Brady and the Pats. If you didn't get to him rushing 4 you were done. If you are going to let the OL hold, you can't beat them.
  6. Felicano sucks and they are both idiots, but one is an idiot 1 year out of college and the other is a grown 32-year-old male with a family. To me, one is more egregious than the other.
  7. They should just call them the New Jersey Rodgerses and put his face as a logo. But yeah I agree with the poster who said it won't help.
  8. I wonder what his trade market might look like. Elite guy when healthy. I don't know if a trade helps more with cap stuff, but I wonder if there is a trade you could make for a player on an expiring contract. Like how does a Tre White for Brandon Aiyuk trade look cap-wise? just thinking out loud. I do not think they will keep both Douglas and White and I think Douglas is less risky than Tre because of the injury. There is no doubt that, when healthy, Tre is the better player IMO.
  9. Yeah I don't know what he was thinking in that third quarter. That was my biggest issue with that game. And the punt situation.
  10. Yeah and the one time we trade up there with an awesome pass rusher available we took Sammy Watkins 🤷‍♂️
  11. Could u imagine if Diggs did what Kelce did?
  12. I agree with this. Babich was a hot commodity around the league and Butler was not. So I assume the rest of the league had the same thoughts the Bills had. Butler can be mad if he wants, but posts like that don't typically go well around the coaching community.
  13. He did a crossover with Antoine Winfield Jr at Minnesota as well. So there is an unrealistic FA connection. He also crossed over with the Kelce brothers at Cincinnati so he has had an interesting path. I am surprised they moved on from Butler. McDermott always went out of his way to praise Butler, but with Babich jumping him I get it.
  14. I like this. I did not think he was available. He was a hot commodity a couple of years ago, but I guess time without Brees has faded the star a bit.
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