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  1. You are probably right. Each guy probably uses like 3 helmets. Apparently you are allowed to change the decals, that's why we can still use the standing Buffalo helmet.
  2. https://uni-watch.com/an-faq-for-the-nfls-helmet-rule/ When was the rule enacted? The rule came to light in September of 2013, when the Buccaneers announced that their “Bucco Bruce”-era throwbacks, which they had planned to wear later that month, were being scrapped because the NFL had quietly approved a recommendation by two of the league’s advisory panels — the Head, Neck, and Spine Committee and the Player Safety Advisory Panel — that limited teams from switching helmets during the season. The Buccaneers’ normal helmets are pewter and the throwback helmets were white, so wearing the throwback uniforms would have necessitated a new set of helmets. Teams had routinely used new helmet sets for throwback games in the past, but it was no longer possible under the new rule. What is the thinking behind the rule? The idea is to limit the number of helmets that players wear during a season, because new helmets can be unsafe if they’re worn fresh out of the box, without a lengthy “break-in” period. I guess an easy fix would to have players wear two helmets during the offseason, OTAs etc so they are both broken in.
  3. Matt Lauer begs to differ.
  4. Really great analysis in here of why this dude was such a failure here.
  5. Any internet tough guys who jumped on @Alphadawg7 earlier this season want to man up and give him his props? Yes Zay made the opening roster, but analysis was on point and he only made it through 4 weeks and 1 play. Good riddance Zay. I hope you had the time of your life.
  6. Good thing the front office did not listen to the people on here who thought 9-10 OL was crazy and that 8 is fine.
  7. He was the #1 guy coming out of high school so there is a ton of raw ability there. He really was a victim of circumstance in college, but he still has a long way to go. No sure if it sustains, but they guy has some pedigree. He and Josh train together with Darnold and I think we had him in for a workout last year before he re-signed with the Panthers.
  8. To me, long term, Bates is a center. He has very short arms and I don't think he has a chance to hold up long term at tackle. He did a great job filling in for an emergency situation, but I do think he would be exposed if he played there full time. I do like him though, and I could see him taking over for Morse in a couple of years.
  9. It's the Jon Feliciano signing. Now I know he is a Bobby Johnson guy, but his signing changed a lot in my view. He was not on anyone's radar and I don't think anyone thought he was really going to start, but that guy has been the glue that brings an attitude adjustment to the offensive line. He's nasty, but he's good to, plus he's versatile. He's my unsung, under the radar big time move.
  10. I think Ford is going to be fine. Most of his mistakes seem to be technique things. He is just raw. He is a work in progress, but there is no doubt that Nsehke has outplayed him. Hell, Ryan Bates did not look half bad. But keep the faith, Ford will be good, he just needs so time. The bye week will do him good to kind of reset his mind and set new goals for improvement.
  11. Sure feels like it's going to become the Rex ryan show there.
  12. Both Lewan and Conklin sucked today. Top ten drafted tackles never made much sense to me, unless they are Joes Thomas elite.
  13. Looks like Morse got hurt with about 8 minutes left in the 2nd, and looks like Long came in and Feliciano moved over to center. Ford got hurt with 453 left in the third and that's the first time I saw Bates. BTW I think both Long and Bates played pretty well.
  14. Ike Boettger played a ton of RT at Iowa. He's been mostly a guard here, but he has experience playing out there. One of he or Bates is probably the backup. Id like to see Ford build some momentum with consistent playing time there this week.
  15. I played through college, Division 1AA. I've been a varsity football assistant for 13 years, coaching offensive and defensive lines. Went to high school with two guys who went pro.
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