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  1. MrEpsYtown

    Jets "playing to the whistle" cost Bills the game

    The refs continue to give Josh the Cam Newton treatment, which is complete bullcrap. Because he is big he's supposed to be tough and anyone can rough him whenever. It's been a problem for years for Cam and it will be for Josh as well.
  2. MrEpsYtown

    "Exit Interview: Buffalo Bills"

    I don't think that he is. I don't think there is a surefire top ten offensive lineman this year. So I would avoid them...sign young veteran free agents on the line, Morse, Easton, Williams, Glowinski, Cann, Williams etc. all those names we keep talking about. The top players this year are defensive linemen. That's where the impact will be imo.
  3. MrEpsYtown

    Tonight’s game thread Seahawks Vikings

    Shades of EJ Manuel to JJ Watt.
  4. MrEpsYtown

    Matt Milano Leg Injury

    I know it's bad taste to quote myself, but quick note about my guy Brady Sheldon from Ferris State...ran a 4.47 forty at 6-5, 230 pounds. Can play off the ball and on the line. Could potentially be a Lorax replacement sitting on the Packers practice squad. I also really liked Carraway and Burgess during draft time. We probably replace from within but there are some good players out there. Marquis Flowers probably makes the most sense as a bulked up former safety who ran 4.51 and has a good amount of NFL experience.
  5. MrEpsYtown

    We need an in the box safety

    I think they are trying to do this with Raphael Bush. You could try to sign a guy like Deonte Buccanon, who is a free agent. Another idea, outside the box a bit, sign Landon Collins and move Micah Hyde to corner.
  6. MrEpsYtown

    Big Picture: I am optimistic

    None of those guys have the talent that Josh does. Tyrod has some skills, but he's not a quarterback. Allen has got the ability and is going to work hard.
  7. MrEpsYtown

    Jordan Jenkins threatened to kill Dion Dawkins

    I saw a similar chop block, Bears receiver went low on engaged DL on a split zone play. It was clearly a mistake like Dawkins. Rams guy didn't act like a maniac and call people out saying they are dirty. Jenkins is a biotch.
  8. MrEpsYtown

    Matt Milano Leg Injury

    I think Stanford can play will. Technically, Corey Thompson is the next Will backer up. We likely see a lot more Lorax off the ball and lot of Raphael Bush as well. Richard Jarvis is on our practice squad. The best free agent is probably Marquis Flowers, former Bengal and Patriot. You've former Dolphin and Falcon Jordan Tripp as a FA. Practice squad wise, there are some interesting guys on other teams- Xavier Woodson Luster - (knows the system) Browns Brandon Chubb (Bradley's brother) - Panthers Josh Woods - Bears Chris Worley former OSU - Bengals Brady Sheldon (interesting guy from Ferris State) - Packers Kyle Wilson - Chargers James Burgess - Dolphins Matthew Thomas (FSU)- Steelers Josh Carraway (TCU) - Redskins That's all I got.
  9. You can't have it both ways at this point in his career. If you want a guy who is going to make a ton of plays and take risks, there will be wow plays and there will be mistakes. But at least we got a guy with some stones as opposed to watching Tyrod and EJ Manuel and Trent Edwards being afraid to pull the trigger.
  10. MrEpsYtown

    McDermott is going to cost us in a big game

    As an Andy Reid disciple, I don't think his game management skills will get better. Hopefully, we can have a ridiculous offense like theirs, so it doesn't matter.
  11. MrEpsYtown

    Jordan Jenkins threatened to kill Dion Dawkins

    Good stuff in here. I don't think it was a dirty play. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2016/3/23/11288894/nfl-rules-changes-chop-blocks-cut-blocks-legal-illegal-explanation
  12. MrEpsYtown

    Jordan Jenkins threatened to kill Dion Dawkins

    From my experience, and I might be wrong, that was a botched backside scoop zone block. I teach my linemen to high low like that, but its all about timing. You want to cut the guy on the combo block once the other lineman is disengaged. I don't think it was a dirty play, I actually think it was John Miller's fault for not working to the next man. Him staying on Jenkins left Dawkins out to dry. I think it was more timing than anything.
  13. Yep its this 100%. Losing to some guy named Brian St. Pierre and a backup running back Willie Parker. Heartbreaker.
  14. MrEpsYtown

    Big Picture: I am optimistic

    That's all you had to type. We having been saying for years that once you get the quarterback straight everything else kind of works it self out. We have our guy. Yes he has some things to work on, but he's going to work his ass off his entire career. He's guy. We need some o-linemen in free agency, we need a reciever, and a tight end. We need a defensive tackle as well, and perhaps a defensive end. But we have that cornerstone piece...now we can really build a team.
  15. MrEpsYtown

    Noah Fant - TE Iowa - Should Bills pick at 8

    Agreed (I think OL is fixed in FA and defense is drafted early). I'm just saying this two Noah Fant threads so far and we are months away from the draft. My fear is that there will be many, many, many more threads advocating picking the dude in the top ten.