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  1. I agree with Gunner here. I think, barring injuries, McGovern is going to start at LG pretty much no matter what.
  2. 100% agree there. Don't love his game, but he has experience and teams could do a lot worse. He must have priced himself out.
  3. Yeah, I am not sure what to make of Edwards, but it appeared that he was headed for a nice payday, maybe a little more than Connor McGovern got, and then he ran into all those injury issues, so it is a perfect buy low. But a very strange market for guards...Dalton Risner is still a free agent. At the end of the day, Torrence should start at RG...but if he isn't quite ready I do think there is a good chance Edwards starts there. A good problem to have, but still a risk.
  4. David Edwards is my sleeper. I think he starts. I don't know what happens everywhere else, but they talk him up every chance they get and he was a high level player before his injury last year. He is also still very young. I also think Boogie Bahsham has a mini breakout.
  5. David Edwards looks huge. If he is healthy, he probably has a pretty good chance to start.
  6. Yes 10% totally lazy, it appears almost as if he completely missed the snap count or something, he practically still in his stance when the DT is already at his heels. Terrible.
  7. IMO Morse is right there. He is sliding to the stacked backer. If he slides left there he is sliding to no one. It is true that he has leverage on that inside technique but pass protection calls are more predicated by the alignment of potential blitzes or by number of hard men on the line of scrimmage. It is possible that the back was supposed to help Saffold, but Saffold is just terrible here, perhaps he thought he was getting help. Should Morse have maybe thrown his left hand out to help Saffold on the slide right? Maybe, but Bates clearly knows he is getting help here. Perhaps Morse got the call wrong, but that is the way I learned and teach the slide.
  8. They need to bring back NFL 2K. 2K5 was so far beyond anything Madden does and we are talking 18 years ago.
  9. Football is dying because youth coaches are typically idiots trying to emulate their old HS coaches. They are usually volunteers who don't take the time to learn new techniques and teach the garbage they learned in their wing t high school systems 20 years ago...the old chicken wing and bite the ball techniques. There is so much safe, amazing training out there like Tip of the Spear and the Seahawks tacking stuff that takes the head out of the game, but it is expensive and takes time to learn. It's tricky to ask unpaid volunteers to put the time in. We have to educate our youth coaches in order for this thing to succeed, we need to hit this at the roots. The other issue is minimum play counts and parents playing their kids at positions they aren't suited for. This alienates the other kids and they quit. It's the classic "my son is fat and slow and should play guard, but I'm the coach so he's our tight end." Daddy ball.
  10. Yeah Tremaine is going into a system that is very similar to ours. He is going to be asked to run and cover. Bears fans probably expect the splash plays for the price tag, and when they don't get them, he will be their message board whipping boy. I think he is released after year 3.
  11. This is always true with mid-late round picks. For every Matt Milano or Dre Greenlaw there is a Vosean Joseph. I remember when Miami drafted Jerome Baker thinking that he would turn into something and he has become a solid pro. Some 49ers fan probably said the same stuff when they drafted Warner, and many Bills fans were hyped about Reggie Ragland. None of any of this past history has anything to do with whether or not Williams will be a success. Some of us are just fans and like to root for players. I am excited to see what Trenton Simpson does in Baltimore almost as much as I am excited about Dorian Williams for us. Nothing wrong with any of this discussion.
  12. I think he would a be a beast there in the old days. That type of strong safety isn't really a thing anymore with the way the game has evolved. He's a linebacker.
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