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  1. Some of my random O line thoughts... Honestly, to me, that was the most natural and competent Cody Ford has looked his entire career. That left guard spot may be a nice home for him. Being between Dion and Morse is a nice place to settle in. I’ve been a “leave Ford at RT guy,” but I was really impressed with his play yesterday. I think Ford may have found a home. The power in his game was evident and his pass protection was better than it has been. I think he may be a phone booth player, and that guard spot may truly be a place for him to excel. Ford was sloppy on some outside zone stuff, but this team should be running more power O stuff and less zone stuff. Outside of Morse, these are not zone style linemen. Go steal fullback Johnny Stanton off of the Browns practice squad and start running some power plays. I think that would also help Zach Moss get going. Singletary is awesome btw. And how about whipping boy TJ Yeldon? Dude looked explosive and fast, and fresh. I think he should have a bigger role here. He can be a dynamic receiver as well, so those five wide looks can be even more deadly with Yeldon out there. I know this is supposed to be about the offensive line, so i will get back to that... Daryl Williams is an excellent find as well, and after having been toyed with a bit the last few years, I think he may have found a home here. He had one or two big time whiffs, but that defensive line is very good. This is probably the best RT play I have seen here in a very very long time. Winters was okay. He did have some terrible spots there, but he was playing against the best in the league. I do think he is a good player, is he better than Spain? Maybe. I like Feliciano, but I also think Winters is a better player. Feliciano does bring the glue and the toughness, but he is definitely a liability at times. And how about Ty Nsehke coming in cold off the bench with the game on the line and doing a great job? Ty is so important as the back up swing guy. But he is also probably one of the top five linemen on the team. I think it is a dilemma, as he should probably be playing more. Another poster said it in a thread here, but Ike Boettger may be worth a look at RG at some point here. The guy has talent and upside, and he also has that nasty streak that Feliciano brought to the OL. Honestly, Ryan Bates is another guy who probably deserves a shot at RG. I do think Winters is a good player in this league, but I am not sure he is a guy who will be here long. I hope one of those guys earns that spot or that Feliciano comes back with a vengeance and reclaims the RG spot. Interestingly, every linemen on this team aside from Spain, were starting collegiate tackles, even Mitch Morse. So it seems they like a certain type. I do hope they find a way to trade Spain if they don’t feel like he can really help the team at this point. I think he is a good player, and maybe he just had a bad week of practice or maybe this is just about Cody Ford, but Spain should have some value in the market.
  2. I was thinking more along the lines of Lawrence could probably teach Gase a thing or two.
  3. I think it is a good idea. Corey Luiget is still out there as well. I thought he was very good against the run last year and gave us some nice pass rush push as well. Other guys out there who woul help, Kyle Love (former Panther) and Brandon Mebane. All stout nose tackle types. Snacks is the splashier move but Luiget is an easy add. Raiders have a strong power run game with Jacobs, multiple tight ends, and use a very good fullback in Ingold. This week will be a very tough test in gap integrity and toughness.
  4. Darryl Johnson is ahead of him right now as well, I really like him. He’s long and explosive and I think he has the chance to a really solid player. I said It in another thread, but it took a while for the light bulb to go off for Epenesa at Iowa, so I assume he will take some time as a pro. If he can replace Murphy next season, then I think that is a win. AJ is not a twitchy athlete like a Johnson or Jerry, so he is not going to jump out at you. He’s a base end who could have an “Aaron Smith, Steelers” type of career, which would be very good. High floor, possibly low ceiling, but he will be a productive player for sure.
  5. So he essentially has the wingspan of a guy whose like 6-7, 6-8..pretty cool.
  6. Also impressed with Addison. He seems to be playing a bit of the Lorax role on defense. He’s playing some base end, but moving around a lot in the sub packages, even at the 3 tech as Lorax did the last few years. Very impressed by him. I am disappointed with Knox thus far this season. I think he will be fine down the line, but he is not making the impact so far this season. Perhaps that is a result of how he has been used this year, but he’s mostly blown the opportunities he’s had thus far...and now he is hurt. Gabe Davis looks massive, fast, and good hands. Me likey
  7. Remember that it took some time at Iowa for him to really make his mark, but once the light went on, he blew up. Maybe it takes him a minute to get acclimated and learn. I think he needs some time, but I see him making some impact plays this year as we progress.
  8. Instead of actually commenting here, we should just bump @Alphadawg7’s classic monstrosity of a post.
  9. I think he looks pretty good, looks stout against the run. I think the entire d line is playing lights out.
  10. I think its a great idea honestly, and Murphy has that Stanford connection.
  11. One thing about Gilliam, and I can’t find where I saw it, but he apparently has a ridiculous wingspan, which is one if the reasons he had so many blocked kicks in college. Interesting H back guy, especially down on the goaline.
  12. I think what we were seeing was more of a veer option. I think that is a weird choice in an NFL game. Great high school play, but you are truly lambing out the running back there. I like veer option for a guy like lamar jackson, who has that explosive speed out of the mesh. Josh takes a bit to get to the rpms, so a zone option makes more sense. Essentially, i say we saw veer option because there was a same side mesh with the back, whereas your zone option is a crossface mesh. I thought it was a strange choice.
  13. I dunno. I thought Oliver put guys on roller skates all day. That interior pressure we have been lacking for many years. I also thought Phillips held up really well for a guy who has had such a long layoff. Zimmer had the splash plays, and i like him, but Oliver was a beast in there.
  14. A common misconception on Johnson is that he was a poor fit with Greggo...but in Trumaine’s best years with the Rams his defensive coordinator was Gregg Williams.
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