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  1. It was clear that this guy was going to blow. I could not understand why anyone liked Rudolph. That said, Tomlin's words are clearly calling out Mason for turning the ball over. Hodges isn't good, but he doesn't seem as likely to turn the ball over. Tomlin wants to win this game 12-7.
  2. So glad we did not listen to Chris Trapasso. Allen has been very good and you could see his progression. I think next year he takes a jump into the elite.
  3. I've been a huge Morse supporter, all over his jock in free agency, but I have to admit I don't think he has played great. I think his pass protection has been excellent, his run game has been up and down. I think the run game was actually better with Feliciano at center and Long at guard. But I'm not complaining here. As others have mentioned, the seamless transition was great to see. That's why you use so many line combinations early on and in the preseason. Worrying about 5 guys gelling is overrated and overstated...you need the entire offensive line unit to gel and the staff here has done a masterful job in that regard.
  4. You have De-Ondre Wesley out there, Jarron Jones, guys like that who were with us in camp. But I think Ryan Bates would be fine. Salako on the PS is a natural left tackle, Hitner is more of a RT, interior guy.
  5. I think it is good to have these guys on the roster for cohesion and when you want to smash the ball, but I like what they've been doing formation wise. Knox needs to be on the field. I think the kid is the real deal. He's a difference maker. Kroft being healthy has also pushed Smith off the field and I think we are starting to see Kroft get back. I could see him having a big game in the next couple of weeks.
  6. I stand corrected. But I am actually okay with all of that except for the Rudolph stuff. This is not Vontaze Burfict level stuff.
  7. I think it needs to go into next year. Probably the rest of this year and half of next year. I also think the guy needs to get another chance. He has no history of any kind of incident like this and it is clear that he lost his cool in the moment. While what he did his horrible and really dumb, I don't think he should be banned for life. Just my 2 cents. I will also just mention that the NFL is full of it. They will promote the Browns-Steelers rematch like crazy and probably flex the damn game.
  8. If Gordon makes it to us on waivers it makes sense to take a shot. Perhaps a locker room as strong as ours is what he needs. Bring him in, see if it works, if it doesn't, cut bait.
  9. My dad was a big soccer guy, I hated it. I saw football on TV a few times and I gravitated towards Jim Kelly and the Bills and just kind of stuck with them since. I grew up in the Bronx. I remember taking a football stars book out of the school library in like 1990 and reading about Jim and being fascinated. football became a huge part of my life. I watched a ton of it, played through middle school, high school, and college, and am a varsity football assistant coach, and have been for 12 years and I focus on linemen. I love the game, teh strategy, the chess match. As a coach I understand that you aren't going to win pretty all of the time and sometimes it's going to be a grind and a war. I love watching games like that. I watch the coverages on the back end, what the offensive linemen are doing, who is blitzing etc. I for one loved the defensive slugfest that was last year's Super Bowl. I watch because I love the game as it is the best team game around. That said, the best way for this team to win is to grind out games and win 17-14. They ain't gonna blow people out. They simply do not yet have the horses to do this. And while this team perhaps is a bit boring to watch, one of the reasons they struggle from time to time is because they don't do enough boring stuff, like establishing the run game and playing gap sound defense. Those are the boring things they are not doing well. This team is built to grind, and there is potential to do more as well. I'd like to see them take a few more shots down the field and blitz. But again, those big plays will come with play action once they establish the run.
  10. I love that he said that. And he is a 100% right.
  11. The Mike Evans idea is a really interesting one. Seems unrealistic, but I could see our team going all in on him. McDermott and company saw him a lot in the NFC south and he's a big target and a go to guy. But like I said, it seems like a bit of a pipe dream. But he's still very young and fits into teh window of contention they are trying to build to.
  12. So is Reid Ferguson really the answer at long snapper????? 😁
  13. I like Allen. I do think he is playing way too conservative. I think you have to adjust with the flow of the game, meaning when the defense is playing well, don't put them in bad spots. When it's clear they don't have it, you have to take a few shots. That said, in terms of protection, when teams blitz we are having a really tough time seeing it and picking it up. On the flip side, when teams rush four and drop 7 into coverage, no one is open. Establishing the run game helps both of those situations, but I have to say that I pin all of this on the coaching. Sometimes this team looks unprepared and that's what they looked like yesterday.
  14. I thought Kenny Stills was the guy to get, perfect fit with Josh, but that ship has sailed. Will Fuller is another I'd give up a good pick for, but he is hurt. The other guy, at least in my mind is Robbie Anderson, but I wonder if the Jets will trade in division or not.
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