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  1. 100%. Watch Rudolph go to the hall of fame at this point lol
  2. I agree, though, if Morse is out for an extended time I think they keep him. As much as Bodine sucks, he's still better than probably 10-12 starting centers in the NFL. If Morse is healthy I do think he is gone.
  3. Lewis was a guy I liked during draft time. He's a former college left tackle who pushed in to guard. He has some talent and wouldn't mind a flyer. He isn't better than Quintin Spain, but he could upgrade the other guard spot. He's on par with Long and the other guys. He's had his injury issues, so I bet they pass.
  4. I really like the idea. Boettger has some nice potential and taking snaps at center really helps his push to make the team. I think he's a good fit there as a really smart kid with the right amount of nasty to his game. Hope it works out.
  5. I sat in on a clinic with Flaherty a couple of years ago. Nice guy and all but really wasn't super impressed with his knowledge and process etc. But he has a super bowl ring and I'm on my couch. He's like Danny Crossman, one of these mediocre coaches who hangs around and keeps getting jobs. Best of luck to him, but Dolphins probably made the right move for them.
  6. There is a connection there as he played for Leslie Frazier in Tampa. He was also terrible there in the Tampa 2 system becuase he lacked coverage ability, and that was when he was young. That said, he would definitely be some solid depth, but I don't think the regime will go after him. I don't think he's what they are looking for. Just my 2 cents. He's a 3-4 ILB imo.
  7. I think the key to this idea is what happens with DiMarco. Lee Smith is the guy who can double as a fullback and tight end, as he did a lot of it in Oakland the last couple of years.
  8. Could be something to do with the Dodson kid?
  9. I remember during the senior bowl that year, during practices and such, Charles Davis loved him. He was heaping praise on him left and right and so I was pretty surprised when he was drafted in the seventh round. They were talking about him as a 3rd or 4th rounder. So I always kind of remembered his name, but he kind of fell off my radar. He's a good player with some good instincts and a move to safety was huge for his career.
  10. They started two games next to each other at LG and LT in 2015. After that, Long was moved to center for Washington for 2016. Though they will be familiar with each other from practice as well.
  11. Yep you are definitely right. My comment should have reflected his lack of size and athleticism, so I appreciate the correction. My major point is that he was able to make it in the league a bit, without those elite traits, which is the kind of guy I want teaching young receivers.
  12. I've said this a couple of times, but I truly believe that the development we saw in Robert Foster last year was a direct result of Hall's work. Practice squad guys and bottom of the roster guys simply won't get much attention from the head receivers coach becuase he has a million other more important things to deal with. Hall would have been the guy putting in the extra work with Foster imo. Hall made himself an NFL career out of very little talent. A guy like him making it, with his limited ability...that guy usually has some great insights into the intricacies of playing the position. He didn't get by on great athleticism or size, he had to grind, and I think that's the reason why he will make a great impact on the receivers on the team.
  13. I am a Sills fan, but I do think that Nick Easley will surprise a bit. Not sure that he makes the roster, but I think he has the chance to be a bigger version of Cole Beasley. Also, as line guy, I'm going to start paying more attention to Jon Feliciano. As guys have been hurt he is getting a million reps, and it seems as if he at least has a chance to earn a starting gig at one of the guard spots. I am interesting to see how that continues to develop in training camp. I also think we see a huge step up from Siran Neal. He's a bit of athletic freak without a real true position, but if he understands the defense he could be an interesting and versatile cog in subpackages. He can play some linebacker, some slot, some safety.
  14. Johnson is more athletic than Levi will ever be, but his durability will always be a concern. Johnson has a pedigree though and aside from his athletic ability is a really smart player. I like his upside, but I also like the fact that we have some functional depth in Gaines and Levi. As many have said, may the best man win. Competition is a good thing.
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