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  1. Bills very interested in rudolph

    Not a fan of a guy throwing to wide open recievers?
  2. Report: Bills Release DE Ryan Davis

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all.
  3. Bills very interested in rudolph

    If Beane wants Mayfield he is a badass because everything he has said he looks for in a quarterback do not really fit Mayfield. If he wants him he started his smokescreen a while go. Its defintely possible. They met with him at the Senior Bowl, Combine, and private workout. I still dont think he is the target, but could be. I still think the early pre combine rumors anout Darnold and Rosen are closest to the truth. Doesnt mean he can get them, but we shall see.
  4. EJ Gaines Signs with the Browns for 1 Year at $4M

    He probably priced himself out. That is why Beane made the move for Davis. We probably moved on at that point. The fact that his price was so low says nothing about Beane missing out. We probably gave him an offer he thought was low and he likely got less on the market.
  5. Bills very interested in rudolph

    Haha lol no this here’s a one way street
  6. Bring back Bump 'N Run

    For the most part they let the corners play, just not against the Patriots.
  7. Report: Bills Release DE Ryan Davis

    Maybe they just needed that tiny bit of cap for an LB signing. But yeah i kinda liked what he brought
  8. Report: Bills Release DE Ryan Davis

    Weird timing but defintely expendable. Made a few nice plays rushing as a defensive tackle, which I think they will do with Lawson on passing downs.
  9. Bills very interested in rudolph

    As long as it is not in the first 2 rounds I’m good.
  10. Bills sign QB AJ McCarron

    I believe that would be tampering.
  11. Bills very interested in rudolph

    The Steelers are not using their first round pick on this guy. They may like him. They aren't taking him that high. They only have 5 draft picks. They don't have the luxury to draft another Landry Jones in the first. He's probably between 70-75th best prospect and people want him at 12.
  12. looked at updated roster

    When I said corner, tackle, and center I meant Star, Davis, and Bodine. These are not camp bodies. They have players at other positions. The clear issues are quarterback and mike. The team that made the playoffs last year was not better than what we have now. Don't jump just yet.
  13. looked at updated roster

    This team needs a quarterback and a Mike. We needed a defensive tackle, a corner, and a center as well and we got them. Yes there are other needs, but that's all depth. I don't give a crap if deonte Thompson goes to the cowboys or not. Quarterback of the offense and quarterback of the defense. Those things are not on this team yet and those two decisions will make or break this regime.
  14. looked at updated roster

    This is a re-build on the fly. They are tearing it down while also keeping the team competitive with modest contracts and young players. The plan actually makes a ton of sense until you wind up making the playoffs by accident. Which was awesome and I wouldn't trade it for a higher pick. I just hope that Pegula stays patient. I think getting him that young blue chip quarterback is a great way to buy more patience.
  15. Allen Hurns Agrees to a 2-Year Deal With Dallas

    Another reason why the Giants should be willing to trade down. The Bills pick next year may be high.