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  1. Nope, just sounds like someone that knows football.
  2. And another McDermott thread, guess the last couple hundred or so weren't enough for you to go cry in.... 😢
  3. This is it right here, the best businesses grow and development talent from within, probably why the Bill's have been one of the most successful teams the past five years. Just because there is one dominat team right now doesn't mean the rest are all failures. Very few teams in the NFL have been more successful recently...very few.
  4. I'm confused, so when he was here he was horrible and the fans wanted him gone but now that Miami is interested in him he is good again? Must have learned a lot during that year off...
  5. Scott, while we do not know each other, my heart is broken for you and your family. Stay strong for those kids my friend, they need you more than ever now🙏
  6. Wouldn't the Bill's have to have agreed to let him go as he was technically in a higher position as assistant head coach and still under contract? Not exactly sure how all that works...
  7. Prayers for you and your family🙏🙏🙏
  8. Another McDermott thread, how original....
  9. I look at it as making up for the beating Diggs kept taking that no calls were made on...don't see you complaining about that? Rode him like a damn horse 🐎
  10. I'm sure on four days rest Josh can learn middle linebacker...he can quarterback the offense and defense.
  11. People seriously look for anything to b*tch about. The Bill's just win a very important game in dominant fashion, enjoy the moment!!!!!
  12. Wow, another poster looking for attention posting the same information that has been stated every single week multiple times....
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