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  1. Lynch Peters Williams Honorable Mention: Moulds (sorry, couldn't do just three)
  2. Use to love ESPN in the good ol' days, now it just seems like a bunch of people yelling and screaming at each other with little to no insight on actual sports. Much prefer cherry picking what I want to see off YouTube for free.
  3. I live in swfl and I see more Bill's paraphernalia down here than when I lived in Rochester, NY. Any time me or my kids are wearing our gear out and about someone is shouting "Go Bills!!!".
  4. It almost sounded to me like they would of had the money to keep Levi if they had know he was going to back out. Beans mentioned something about the money being tied up right after someone asked about Wallace leaving.
  5. The weather....somebody should make a thread about it😑
  6. Yea, that was us, thought the Dolphins were going to shut the games off on us at first but they probably would of had a revolt on their hands. I'll never forget that moment, everyone hugging and cheering, amazing night!!!!
  7. First Bills game I ever took my son to, memories for life were made that night!
  8. Right now I'll take whatever I can get, the joy of waiting until the last minute.... Looks like mid January for that link, I appreciate it though. Didn't think his jersey would be that hard to find, always thought he was a pretty popular player🤔
  9. So my 12 year old son wants a Cole Beasley jersey for Christmas which I thought would be easy to find, but now I'm struggling trying to locate one. I don't need a fancy stitched one as he will outgrow it by next year, checked eBay and the site there said it was from Israel? Anyone have any suggestions from places they trust that won't break the bank and be here before Christmas? Tried the Bill's Shop, Fanatics, NFL Shop, etc...
  10. I was feeling good about this game until Fitz came in....
  11. Yes, I know....was just trying to get us back on topic? and as you can see that didnt work.
  12. Soooo....any news on what's going on at the scrimmage? Silly me clicked on the thread titled scrimmage and thought I would find some info on it somewhere in the two pages.
  13. Anyone know if Watt is playing today? Havent heard anything...???
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