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  1. I can't help but laugh at the posts saying Hughes is no good. He is the best DL on our roster and it's not even close. I just hope Beane and McD are smarter than that. Still, if it's the only way to get one of the top 4 QB's, then I guess I could live with being dead last in sacks or close to it for another year. I also think having Murphy on the other end of the DL will help him a lot. Other teams won't be able to focus as much attention on him. Good points. He's been really good vs the run as well. Lots of hustle.
  2. If we're using the same adjectives to describe Murphy that people have used to describe Lynch, that would be great!Beast, powerful, explosive, take your pick.
  3. Murphy. He's an immediate upgrade over Shaq. He's a hair above avg. McCarron should be a solid backup. Lotulelei should help a bit in the run game, but does nothing for our pass defense in a passing league. Some seem to think he's great. He's not even close. He can't shed blockers to save his life. I get that he's just a space eater, but he's a liability in every other phase of the game. Spare me the "Oh but he doesn't have to do this or be that." We've been doing "don't have to" long enough. All that said, if we finish in the top 6 in run defense, I'll be pleased enough. You can't have probowlers at every position. I like Ivory. He'll be able to take some of the load off Shady's back and he's a gargantuan upgrade over Tolbert, even at his age.
  4. Did he ever say that he wanted choirboys? I think they really want are guys that are dependable and highly self-motivated. Guys that show up for every team function looking like they spend all their time in the gym. Guys like JJ Watt.
  5. Browns are going QB with 1st pick

    Now that the Browns have signed Hyde, I'd be amazed if they didn't take Darnold with the 1st pick. I hop I'm wrong, but I just don't see any way we can get him.
  6. He hasn't been playing well for a while now. No thanks.
  7. I say we will not draft a QB round 1

    If the Colts or Giants try to take advantage of our need for a QB and ask too much, this could happen, but it's unlikely. I could see Mike White in the 3rd maybe??? Rudolph has a low ceiling according to what I've read. If Jackson is there at 12, I'm OK with it. I think think the Browns get Darnold and the Giants take Mayfield or Rosen. We really need to get to 3 or 4.
  8. What ya'll are getting with AJ

    LMAO! Speaking for the left, we couldn't care less.
  9. What ya'll are getting with AJ

    I hope AJ is a pleasant surprise and might do well in a short passing scheme. I don't know where this strong arm talk is coming from, though. He isn't going to wow anyone with his arm strength or deep ball, but hopefully he can pick things up quickly. He also isn't going to do much running either. He's a lead foot lol. That's OK by me. Miami went undefeated with Bob Griese and he didn't have the strongest arm or footspeed either -- He made quick decisions and had good accuracy. If AJ can match that, he'll be solid.
  10. Additions you like to see from here on out?

    I don't know why so many here are talking like Groy is a solid sterter. He's a backup caliber C. I hope Billy Price slips to the 3rd and we can grab him. Let Groy play until Price is ready. I'd love to see that happen. I don't agree about P Brown. A much better MLB would do wonders for our run defense. Tackles are a misleading stat. Brown is a below average MLB.
  11. Additions you like to see from here on out?

    We need an upgrade over O'Leary. He had a dismal season. Any help we can get at LB would be great. I don't know if we can get any help at C or RG, but that would be nice too. Also, DiMarco had a very disappointing season as well. A good FB could be headed our way. I also wouldn't be surprised if we used our lasr pick on a punter. Schmidt has been a liability of late. The return game could use a boost as well. Tate is not the worst, but I can't imagine that it would be all that hard to find a WR that would have a better chance of taking one back once in a while.OT is an obious need too.
  12. Carlos Hyde to the Brownies

    My guess is they will now get Darnold with the 1st pick. Darn! I was kinda hoping he'd be there at 3 for us.
  13. 1. They're drafting their QB. 2. See #1.
  14. This is our Year!

    Maybe next year, but not this year. We might even take a step back.