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  1. I just played the game on Madden with Mahomes healthy. I ran it in spectator mode using my corrected CPU sliders. 44-35 Bills.Singletary, Bass, Diggs and Edmunds played well. Beasley had 2 TD's. Trent Murphy was OK too. Norman had a pick. Josh had 2 TD's -- 1 by land and 1 by air. He also had 1 fumble (lost) and 1 pick.
  2. Trent Williams! Not happening, but I'd love it. Move Williams inside. I don't think it would take crazy money to keep DW, but TW would cost a bundle.
  3. Best move for Daboll, the Chargers and for Herbert.
  4. Of course Yeldon. He's produced for us whenever he's had the chance. Williams may turn out OK, but now is not the time to experiment when we have a proven (if not great) player ready to go.
  5. I'm not going with Oliver, OP. I'm pretty disappointed in him so far. Last week it felt like Allen put the team on his back and carried them to victory so I'll guess that he'll do it again.
  6. I can't understand why they didn't fire Marrone a long time ago. Long overdue.
  7. Of course Yeldon. Williams is unproven and Yeldon has always played well for us when his number has been called.
  8. Allen Nobody Nobody else or if you prefer Allen Allen Allen No one else really earned a game ball anyways. Allen carried this team on his back today.
  9. 1. Bad break for Moss, but we don't really lose much other than depth. 2. Despite what others say about Yeldon, every time they have given him a chance to dress and play, he has delivered. I have no problem with dressing him at all.
  10. Can you imagine this message board if the Colts had gone on to win after that blown call? Yikes!
  11. Great play by him. On a related note, let's draft a new starting RT and put Williams at RG.
  12. We need a Diggs for the defense, so to speak. We need that dominating presence on the DL that can be so disruptive. Exactly. The Colts OL is way better than ours.
  13. They signed Buckner as a FA and we didn't. They have a highly disruptive force on their DL that makes life miserable for opposing offenses every week and we don't. Instead we have Lotulelei and Addison. I love what Beane has done (mostly), but a serious disruptor on the DL would put this team over the top.
  14. Wow! We just got beat deep by a very slow TE. McD needs to start calling the D.
  15. Our defense looks like it's half asleep. It's clear that we need to build up in the trenches on O and on D.
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