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  1. GreggTX

    Bills have 16th Best Roster?

    I agree we're ranked too high, but: 1. Next year our cap space will allow us to sign considerable talent, so our ranking should be higher. 2. If Allen turns out better than many have predicted, that ranking also goes up considerably.
  2. GreggTX

    Poll: Sorry but someone has to...T.O back in Buffalo?

    Is Russ Brandon going to be the GM again?
  3. GreggTX

    Best MNF game the Bills were in?

    I remember that game, OP, but I'd pick that game in Buffalo against the Raiders on MNF after OJ threatened to retire and Ralph went to LA to talk him into staying. He returned days before that MNF week 1 game and lit up the Raiders in a blowout win for the Bills. Oh and there was that game in the early 90's in NJ when Jets fans were so upset that one guy tried to burn down the stadium. Remember that one? Mark Gastineau retired the next day in humiliation, or was it Klecko?
  4. GreggTX

    Shaq Lawson on roster bubble

    Maybe, but I kinda doubt it when we need a CB, Speed WR and serious OL help among other needs. Besides, they just signed T Murphy to start opposite Hughes. They can't start 3 DE's. Maybe if they don't retain Hughes??? Still, I think it pays to address your weakest positions as a priority if you already have a good QB. Let's hope our QB quandry is finally over.
  5. Another good WR would be a help if they are as good as either of those 2, but I don't know what speed they have and if we are going to go to that length to acquire someone to line up opposite KB it should be a guy like Sammy that can take the top off a defense and open up some room underneath for other receivers and the ground game. In fact, I think the loss of Sammy was one reason why our ground game struggled. This is not to say that unloading Sammy was the wrong move, but that's the kind of receiver we should be looking for.
  6. GreggTX

    Bills Are 18th Best Fans in America

  7. GreggTX

    Requiem for a sports columnist

    Sully's biggest problem was that we sucked for so long and he had the nerve to say it. I didn't always agree, but I had no problem with him calling all those people out when they were failing. In fact, he was right all along about Whaley when so many (myself included) were still supporting him. He just had that annoying habit of being right that made Bills fans upset. He was the only columnist worth reading over there. No matter. Sports columns are pretty dull as a rule anyways so I won't miss much.
  8. He is still not a very good starting LB, but he made good strides last year. The question is where is his ceiling. Lotulelei is not underrated. He's just not that good. Even Shaq is better and he's likely to be traded. Murphy still has only that 1 solid season, but he has a legitimate shot to be good. The fact that Humber is still here tells me that we still have work to do with our LB corps and Lo is getting to retirement. Also, Id love to see us add another stud outside CB opposite TW. The single greatest strength of this defense is Leslie Frazier.
  9. GreggTX

    Grade the OL

    WOW!!! I can't believe so many people gave C and even B!!! We had one of theworst OL's in the NFL last year and we have even less talent this year. All of our projected starters have enough experience and playing time for a reasonzble assessment. Dawkins still has a very long way to go to be even an average starting LT and he is both our best OL and least experienced, yet somehow they are going to a complete 180 and play well this year? That's what I call being a SERIOUS homer.
  10. GreggTX

    Grade the OL

    Grade our OL as a whole. This is for run blocking and pass protection combined ability.
  11. I'm not hating on Sammy, but he's a young man that has gotten an extraordinary amount of attention. He'll grow out of it, I hope. In the meantime, if he is licking his wounds from being turned away in Buffalo and LA. Maybe this is just what he needed. We all know what he's capable when healthy and fully motivated. He could be scary good if he gets his head screwed on straight and there's still plenty of time for him to make that happen.
  12. GreggTX

    Joe B: Post Minicamp 53 Man Roster Projection

    I think Joe B did a good job. I would just add 1 more thought. There are bound to be a handful of surprise cuts from other teams and I could well see a late addition to the starting lineup giving us his last good year or 2 because we are so weak on the OL and at WR. There's bound to be at least 1 guy who will accept a pay cut after his release that can upgrade a spot or 2. Someone like Nick Barnett, perhaps?
  13. GreggTX

    Mock Draft Has Bills Selecting At #1.....

    1. If there is a player that stands head and shoulders above the rest, draft him. I don't care what position he plays. 2. #1 overall pick? We just don't know at this point, but I really doubt we'll have the 1st overall pick. Then again, this far out, we could come close.
  14. GreggTX

    The Value of Team Discipline

    I really do think Hughes is the least of our problems. With pressure coming from the other side this year, his numbers will go up and it's not all about sacks either. If he's all over the field making plays, I'm fine with 6 or 8 sacks and a lot of pressures and some hits. Those penalties hurt him, though.
  15. Trent vs Shaq Harry vs Kyle I'm also keeping an eye on that #2 TE spot. and FB. Our backup TE's played poorly as did our FB. They need to help out more on wide running plays for Shady to be able to turn the corner. None of our OL are any good except maybe Dawkins will come around in year 2. I could easily imagine some late cut stepping in to start on the OL early in the season to help shore up our weakest overall position group -- WR's are our 2nd weakest group.