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  1. I don't care about scoring a lot of points if we're chewing up the clock and ending drives with 6 points. We need to hit Tua a lot and force turnovers.
  2. I'm so disappointed. I was hoping for the league's best CB trio with Elam, White and Johnson.
  3. Cook is a gadget player, but a very good one. They probably should have waited until round 3 to draft him.
  4. If they're not going to throw to Kincaid, why bother? Is he playing poorly? Not getting open? Why did they trade up for him then? I thought he was having a strong camp. Then again, Harty really isn't that good either. Thank God we're usin Diggs, Knox and Davis well. I think it's just a matter of time before Allen starts trusting Kincaid more.
  5. I just watched a YouTube video of his 1st snap against Quinnen Williams. O'Cyrus pancaked him. Put his ___ on the groundI I loved it. OT's already a stud. McGovern and Brown are the ones that worry me. Look for David Edwards to take over that LG spot if McGovern doesn't pick it up. I suppose not having to block Q Williams will help, but that didn't phase Torrance any.
  6. We were 13-3 last year despite a massive injury toll and all those turnovers. Last year's schedule was brutal too. 2 of our 3 losses were in the division and all 3 were by a combined single score. Chicago way overpaid Edmunds for both his talent level and position. We have3 weak holes, as you put it (MLB, CB2 and RT). How many does KC have? Cincinnati? Miami? New York? I think (if we stay fairly healthy) we could win more games than last year and even win the SB. This ain't like any other sport where you have to win like 20 playoff games to win it all. You could win as few as 3 and be champions. We'll be very good and maybe even better. Maybe, but Bernard really didn't have much of a shot. Maybe he's the guy. Still, that was a great signing to shore up the D.
  7. Great signing. He's maybe a hair below average like Connor McGovern, but in both cases, these vets fill a huge void in the roster even if they're nothing special.
  8. Isabella also will be on the PS. Elam makes the 53 because he's gone if he doesn't. Cook, Harris, Murray and Gilliam Make the roster, but they'll try to get Johnson to the PS. They'll be looking for a potential starter at MLB after the cutdown. They're ok with Spencer Brown and Dane Jackson as starters.
  9. They're good enough to win it all, but it takes a little luck. Last year, injuries derailed us. Hopefully we'll have better luck.
  10. No. McDermott is an excellent leader. You lose a playoff game in any other sport and you shrug it off. "We'll get 'em tomorrow." In football, there's no room for error. There are several teams that could win it all with a lucky bounce or two and we're one of those teams.
  11. I like Tasker. So what if he stutters occasionaly. He's knowlegable and offers great insight.
  12. I'd like to see some data that shows how much these help -- Especially long term.
  13. This may go down as Beane's best draft to date -- A pretty tall order since he nabbed Josh and Edmunds together. But Edmunds is gone. Meanwhile the UDFA's look like 2 or 3 of them are sure to make the PS or better. Certainly, Shavers will stick somewhere. While the day 3 guys haven't shown much, it's still early -- At least for our 5th rounder. Meanwhile, the top 3 picks look like solid gold. To say that Kincaid and Torrence have shined is an understatement. They are everything we hoped for and then some. I know it's too early, but everything they have done to this point has been outstanding. Don't let me stop there either. I was disappointed when they drafted Dorian Williams. Not any more! He looks great too and was possibly the best defensive player on the field last Saturday. I wonder how long it will be before he forces the coaches to find a way to keep him on the field. Maybe add a little bulk and let him play besides Milano. I'd love to hear your thoughts on our rookie class.
  14. I'm not gonna say that our OL is good, but the Dolphins struggling up front and our DL getting healthy gives me great confidence.
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