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  1. We'd be 2-4. He sucked and that's why he's gone.
  2. GreggTX

    Take a deep breath and reevaluate after today

    Understood. I just think there's not going to be anything available until after the season and I don't want them giving away draft capital to try to 'save' this season. I'm also getting tired of all the whining.
  3. GreggTX

    Allen not showing progress

    6 games into his career and you're already throwing him under the bus? Maybe give him some time and surround him with talent next year?
  4. GreggTX

    Take a deep breath and reevaluate after today

    That's easy. We're rebuilding. Help for the offense will arrive next year. Bills fans, you can either accept it or whine and cry. Your choice.
  5. GreggTX

    FIRE Daboll ASAP

    I wonder what he might accomplish if we didn't have both the worst receivers and OL along with a rookie QB. In the meantime, I'm not going to cry like a baby. We're rebuilding.
  6. GreggTX

    Offensive Strategy Versus the Texans

    I'd do a lot of short to medium passes. Get the ball out quickly. Also, help the OT's by chipping on Watt and Clowney. Leave backs and TE's in occasionally too for protection. Run between the tackles to set up play action. Maybe a bigger dose of Ivory than usual. Also, Groy is a better pass blocker, but Bodine is a better run blocker with good strength. Start Bodine. I hope Miller can go. He just played his best game in a while against the Titans. Mills will be blocking Watt who is much stronger. He will need help on a high percentage of plays. Go for deep passes on 2nd and short. Run some screens with Shady. Get Clay the ball unless Mathieu is shadowing him all day.
  7. We all know that our own OL is a wreck, but Houston's 2 starting OT's are playing very poorly right now. Look for Hughes and Lawson to have big games on Sunday. The problem for Buffalo will be the Houston run defense. They will have to rely on Allen and weak receiving corps to get anything done. Fortunately, The Texans' secondary is riddled with injuries, so maybe Allen can put together a solid game. Then again, Mills will be blocking JJ Watt. That scares me.
  8. I don't like high scoring games. Booooooooring!!! Give me a great defense and THAT's football. This aerial circus crap -- you can have it.
  9. Yesssss!!! I finally get to watch live. I have gamepass, but it takes so much suspense out of the experience when you already know what's coming.
  10. That guy Whaley is still hanging around? Or perhaps they should just fire someone at random just to let Whaley know they didn't like his trade out of that 10th pick? How about we just hire someone so we can turn right around and fire him.
  11. sounded harsh on the no pick of Mahomes/\ i did not mean to be rude to you



  12. Buddy Nix drafted EJ. Whaley made the trade out of the #10 spot where KC drafted Mahomes.
  13. Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. It really just depends on the player(s) in question, the picks being dealt or received and the team's needs. Doug Whaley drafted Zay Jones and Nathan Peterman. The rest are Beane acquisitions.
  14. True, but when you think about it, NFL players are actually playing games only 16 hours a year, not including playoffs or preseason. Sometimes a 'trend' like this doesn't show up in such a short amount of time. If you employ a technique in baseball to increase the number of double plays you produce, then that will show up because you're actually playing more than 10 times as long, so even a small advantage will turn up eventually.
  15. GreggTX

    Priority: Develop Allen or Win Ugly?

    Who says we'll win anything with a journyman at QB?