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  1. Allen needs to prove that he's worth that kind of money and he's nowhere close to it. Not yet anyways.
  2. I'm on board for an elite pass rusher, a solid OLB ans even an upgrade at CB opposite White. The OL is my top priority this offseason, but Conklin is the only possible upgrade and he's only average. I want Spain back too. He's our best G right now, so let's not downgrade the position. I'd like to get an elite RT and that can only happen through a trade or high draft pick and that's risky. As close as we are, maybe Beane gets just a little aggressive, but not wreckless. Shaq is very average too, so I'd only resign him for backup money. He can easily be replaced.
  3. Still, we had a remarkably healthy year, especially compared to the Jauron years. I can't wait to see Harry Phillips back in 2020.
  4. Do they not grade TE's on their blocking? Even WR's should be graded on that as part of their overall grade IMO. Conklin is all there is in FA at RT and injuries have made him very average. I don't know if time and healing will change that. I do know that I want to add a couple probowlers on our OL, though. I think that would help Josh Allen a lot. I really want us to be able to control the game more by handing the ball off more. Not sure why all the hate for Spain. He only gave up 1 sack all year and we ran well to the left.
  5. Honestly, I'm shocked. He's a very average player as is his fellow 2018 1st rounder. Congrats, though. Perhaps this will help his development somehow.
  6. Guys say stupid s&^t like that to draw attention to themselves when their ratings are slipping.
  7. Oh and PLEASE do not waste a 1st or 2nd round pick on a LB or RB. WR would be fine. OT would be even better.
  8. Who? Beane drafted Jones? Oh and he passed on Mahomes too, right? Once again, McDermott is a coach, not a GM. He did not conduct the draft and there is simply no evidence to support this claim. Doug Whaley was the GM and he ran that draft. Period. Prove me wrong.
  9. The Bills vs Dolphins matchup could very well be one to watch in coming years. I like their coaching staff a lot and they have stockpiled a lot of FA money and draft picks. This is supposed to be a good draft year for QB as well. Time will tell, but they may well overtake the Jets and make the AFCE a 3 way race in 2020 if they nail those picks. On another note, they must be scratching their heads over Tannehill's sudden emergence as a solid NFL QB.
  10. I only ever root for one team -- the Buffalo Bills. As far as I'm concerned, the season is over.
  11. Why is this Bills related article in the college football section?
  12. Someone recently studied retired NFL players and found that nearly all of them suffered brain damage. This kind f damage doesn't repair itself. Just tale a look at former Bears QB Jim McMahon. He has no short term memory left. He'll get up and go to the kitchen and by the time he gets there, he can no longer remember why he came. Brain injuries are no joke. Another serious concussion could seriously degrade his quality of life for the rest of his days. I know it's hard, but he's doing the right thing. He doesn't want to be dependent on others for all of his needs for the rest of his life.
  13. I'm seeing the name Tee Higgins (WR, Clemson) aligned with Buffalo in early mock drafts.
  14. There sure are a lot of OT's near the top of this list. That sounds good to me. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/nfl-draft-2020-prospects-big-board-top-50-players-by-position/1o6j8k7fw2ywd1e1p73trdxde9
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