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  1. Spencer Brown and Cody Ford. Despite the overall strength of our roster, RG and RT are weak spots that could cost us games. These 2 guys need to make a HUGE step this season. I am hopeful that Brown can improve and Ford actually played reasonably well last year in limited snaps. Even if they can become average starters, that would help a lot. I should mention Davis, but I think he is being underestimated by many. I think he'll have a solid season, but some will always point to his lack of elite speed. He still has good speed though, just not elite speed.
  2. She should be a Madden rater. I'm sure she could do a better job than the current crew.
  3. Will the Texans have the oldest DE's in the NFL with Addison and Hughes? I bet they're close.
  4. How has he not been there for a long time? He was on the AFL all-decade team. Is Robert James on there? That's another guy that should definitely be on there.
  5. Best of luck Jerry. You'll be missed.
  6. I think we never saw Dareus' full potential. I've wondered if he could have been the best player in the NFL at any position if he'd been driven to be the best. It's a sad story for sure.
  7. I don't think we can afford Bradberry. Besides, if Elam starts, where do we put Bradberry when White returns? Bradberry is a very good starter, but I think any extra cap space should be spent on the OL.
  8. If we could resign D Williams, that would help a lot. He's pretty average, but substantially better than any other G on the roster besides Saffold. I'm not sold on Brown by a long shot, but I do think he has potential. The question is, how soon will Brown start playing at starter level. Hopefully that will happen this Summer.
  9. I'm going with Spencer Brown. He's clearly the weakest link in the chain. Josh Allen needs him to protect much better. His run blocking needs almost as much work too.
  10. Love this pick. His 3-Cone was dissappointing so I wonder if he can shake free of NFL CB's. The hands and leaping ability are elite. Decent speed too. He was successful in the slot so maybe that 3-Cone time (7.28 sec.) was a fluke. His 1st vertical was 34.5. He then jumped to 38.5. That's some serious air for a 6'0" guy. If he can be a decent route runner, he could have a very high ceiling. I also expect Davis to flourish with more snaps.
  11. Agreed, but right now he's still the 2nd best G on the roster after Saffold. I hope 1 of these rookie OL turns out to be the steal of the year.
  12. If any of these UDFA OL are any good, they have a real shot at this roster. We have 3 solid OL on the roster (Dawkins, Saffold & Morse) but after that, nothing much to speak of. The talent level drops off precipitously. If any of those top 3 OL go down, things could get really ugly. I figure at least 1 or 2 rookie OL can make the final 53.
  13. Good picks, but I just don't get the lack of attention to the OL. C, LG and LT starters are solid, but there's a HUGE dropoff after that. I sure hope Beane has another trick up his sleeve. I was decidedly underwhelmed by the Quessenberry signing. Great story, but still a backup caliber player. I sure hope Brown takes a gargantuan leap this year. Kromer really needs to earn his keep this Summer.
  14. Another day 3 pick that should make the roster. White, Elam and Johnson are solid, but after that, the cupboard is bare. All he has to do is show up LOL.
  15. This guy makes the roster. The right side of our OL is a mess and the depth is nothing special either. If he's any good AT ALL I don't see how he can miss. There's no competition.
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