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  1. Should we try to trade Shaq?

    Well, let's both you're wrong about Jones, but he has certainly not been as impressive as White or Dawkins. I'm still giving him a chance to make it as a solid posession receiver.
  2. Fred and Kyle. Fred should have retired a Bill.
  3. Should we try to trade Shaq?

    I dunno. I think we're pretty average overall. I also think White, Jones and Dawkins have bright futures. We also have a lot of picks and will save some of that huge contract money from Dareus. The real #1 question for Bills fans now is "How well can Beane draft?" If he nails those picks on day 1 and 2 of the draft ands gets a QB, whole new ballgame.
  4. What do you fix first? OL or QB?

    QB is by far the most important position on the team and OL talent is sparce. I say QB first, definitely. Just don't trade off Taylor for Cousins because that would be pointless. If you can't sign or draft someone that is or you believe strongly will soon be a top tier QB, you might as well keep Taylor or go with Peterman if you think he can be a stop gap or better. Cousins is better, but not all that much. We need to shoot for the stars. After all, there are 31 other teams after that Lombardi trophy. If you want to get to the top, you can't be aimed at the middle. I know you can't have probowlers at every position, but having one of the best at QB is a huge competitive advantage.
  5. Trading down in the draft?

    Without a franchise QB it makes little difference where or who we draft, IMO. If lightning strikes and Luck ends up with us, fine. One other thing -- At what point does the talent drop off or is the talent across the top rounds relatively steady? For example, if you believe there are 8 players in this draft that stand fairly well over the rest, you probably don't want to trade out of the top 8.
  6. Colts at Bills **Predict the Score**

    10-7 Bills
  7. Shaq doesn't look at all like a 1st round pick at this point. Some points to consider. 1. He is still less than 25 games into his NFL career. 2. What could we get for him? Would it be worth it? 3. Is he worth the money we're paying him now (disregarding present injury) or should we just move him and free up cap space that might be better spent?
  8. Does the D line need a complete rebuild also?

    Secondary: I'd like an upgrade at 1 CB position over Gaines, but he's still a decent player. Front 7: Retain Hughes, Davis and Yarbrough. Replace everyone else. I believe Kyle's career will very soon be coming to a close. I know I'll be rooting for him to be a 1st ballot HOF'er, but it's time.
  9. You have to pressure Brady, but we are 31st in the NFL in sacks. I guess we can try dropping 8 into coverage, but give Brady time and it won't go well. Maybe a lot of different blitzes? Agreed on Brown. I'm looking forward to a restocked LB corps in 2018. The entire front 7, except Hughes is in need of upgrades. Kyle and Lo will probably retire after this season. Well, Kyle will and Lorenzo should.
  10. Pick a Non-Draft T.Taylor Replacement

    While there are some on that list that might offer a SLIGHT upgrade over Tyrod, only Eli could realistically take us to a SB and that assumes that he can still play and would even consider coming to Buffalo. Both unlikely. I am still thinking draft our franchise QB unless we can pry Luck away from the Colts -- another long shot.
  11. Lawson was Benched, was he another first round bust?

    There's no question that Shaq's performance is a major disappointment, but we have so many other needs that I don't see an upgrade at LDE coming this offseason. Other than Hughes, our front 7 is a wreck. There are other needs as well as franchise QB.
  12. Bills at Chiefs **Predict the Score**

    30-27 Chiefs Zay Jones has another solid performance and Shady goes well over 100 yards.
  13. A Silver Lining...

    Maybe so. I wouldn't be surprised if they traded Shady and signed or drafted a much younger replacement for next year either. We have a lot of good young talent in the secondary and a fair WR corps. We still have great picks coming up in the draft and we've freed up cap space by moving underachievers.
  14. A Silver Lining...

    I was going to add that and forgot. Good catch.