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  1. Makes me want to cry. We could have had him and we let him slip through our fingers. We'd be winning a lot of SB's with Mahomes at QB.
  2. Did you mean Frank Lewis and Marlin "The Magician" Briscoe? I'm in no hurry to offload Brown. He just had his best season to date.
  3. He'd be an upgrade until Knox learns to catch -- exactly. He's not great, but he's still decent. He's a tick or two above average. I'm not saying that any of our other young TE's won't develop into an elite TE, but until then, Njoku would help us win games. I could even imagine him as one of our top 2 receivers in number of receptions if he can develop a chemistry with Josh.
  4. I have to wonder about a salary cap increase, given the current state of the economy. Most of us will have to make do with less than before.
  5. The origin of the term "redskins" refers to piles of skin sliced off the corpses of the indigenous and covered with blood. The government paid well for these 'proof of murder' skins and, in fact, many men fashioned a career out of mass murder of indigenous people. Some other body parts were also accepted and rewarded. One of the better known instances of this arrangement occurred during the California Gold Rush where many prospectors couldn't make enough money looking for gold, so they organized weekend murder parties to kill indigenous and turn in "redskins" for rewards. Ya think that label might bother some folks in a country where wiping every last one of them off the face of the earth was once official government policy?
  6. It shouldn't be too much to require that fans wear a mask and seat groups of fans that come together in clusters, maintaining a proper distance from other groups. They could also filter the crowd into seats by their seating locations so everyone isn't clogging up the walkways together. Same on the way out. You could maybe fill 1/4th of the stadium safely???
  7. No one in their right mind is giving a 1st round pick for Allen until he can prove himself. He has yet to do that and he has a long way to go.
  8. Josh showed marginal improvement in his 2nd season, but not as much as many imagine. He'll need to show that improvement 4 times over if he's ever going to win a SB.. Is that even possible?
  9. Basically, the next 3 years or more will be determined by Josh Allen's ability to play QB, backed up by a solid defense. The OL needs an elite talent addition as does the TE position, but this offense could jump 10 spots in points scored/gm. I hope the D is better than ever.
  10. I'm really hoping for breakout years for Oliver and Edmunds on D (as well as C Ford on O) and a nice contribution from Epinesa and Norman.
  11. Unfortunately, he is 100% correct about fixing inaccuracy. The only way Josh Allen scares defenders is by pulling the ball down and running with it. We need someone whose natural arm accuracy forces defenses to adjust. No need to keep the safeties back if the QB misses everything over 20 yards by a wide margin. He also has the worst short range accuracy. Joe Ferguson could take this team deep into the playoffs. Let's see what Allen can do in year 3.
  12. Daily testing. Immediate isolation of any carriers until tests negative. Testing of all known associates to track source. Well, if the "whole world" knows that includes all of us.
  13. This is to predict the performance of each unit in 2020 based on the current roster.The DL and QB units were particularly tough to predict and could end up much better. QB: C RB: B TE: C- WR: A OL:C- CB: B- (After White, the rest is just average) S: A LB: C+ (Not as good as advertised, but not bad either) DL: C (Tough to predict how Oliver, Phillips and Epenesa will perform) ST: C+
  14. Kneeling harms no one and the right to do so is enshrined in the constitution, flawed though it may be. He can kneel or stand for whatever his reasons may be.
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