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  1. I'm not sure Josh Allen will ever throw for 4,000 yards in a season. Running is his forte, not throwing.
  2. Wow! Allen is in the bottom half for aggressiveness and he's STILL so far below the pack for pass efficiency. Someone remind me what he's good at again besides running.
  3. Feliciano is rumored to have a real mean streak. Hopefully Ed Oliver will give us some eye popping moments when the pads go on. Let's hope so. V Joseph plays with attitude as well. Thing is, they're all teammates. To me, the preseason games are all about finding out how well guys in pads will hit guys in pads from other teams.
  4. This will be Zay's breakout year. Knox will be a very pleasant surprise too.
  5. To have a truly epic defense means you must have mostly all probowlers and some all pro talent at CB and on the DL. Star will never again be a probowler. Murphy is a longshot and White is the only CB that is likely to make the probowl any time soon. We're not there yet. everyone keeps interpreting our defenses performance last year as 2nd best in the NFL. We were actually closer to 17th best defense as our points against would suggest. We also need Edmunds to take a huge step this year, His rookie year was not encouraging, considering where he was drafted.
  6. When they hired him, I was like "Who?" Now I'm more ready to see what he can do. He's never had any decent talent to work with, until now. Should be fun watching.
  7. Oooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm!!!
  8. You could be right if DS > Shady early on. I'm excited to see what DS can do at this level. Yeldon was a great pick up IMO. We'll have better blocking and DS is great at setting up his blockers. Thurman was good at that too. That 3rd round may yet be our best this recent draft. Knox looks good too.
  9. Dawson Knox will take advantage of Kroft's foot injury as will Tommy Sweeney. Lee Smith was already a lock. Smith had flag related issues towards the end of his 1st visit. Let's hope that got cleared up. Great blocking TE. I'm not sure how Croom will respond. If Sweeney's hands are as good as they say, he could be TE#2 before long.
  10. Our depth on the OL is better than last year's starters. Last years starters at WR are this year's depth. Last year's starter at TE is gone and we have 2 rookies at the position. I really hope that Oliver & Ford turn out great and that our lines will both rock this year. Someone still needs to step up and Ford/Oliver are still rookies.
  11. Trent Murphy's break out game vs Miami.
  12. This wouldn't surprise me in the least. He's obviously motivated. 3rd year WR? I think Knox will also be a pleasant surprise -- excellent size/speed combo. Looks like he'll get his chance right away whether he's ready or not.
  13. But would Johnny U make it in today's NFL? I do agree that Brady is the GOAT at QB. Marino deserves at least a mention here along with Peyton.
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