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  1. Williams isn't going to be the swing tackle and Brown won't be a 1st year starter. If Ford continues to struggle at LG, I could see us going with Williams at LG and Brown at RT in 2022 maybe. Then again, one of the day 3 OL or UDFA OL could surprise us. I heard that Doyle (or was it Anderson?) was an excellent technician. I'd give a rookie OL who is very good with his technique a good chance to make the roster. Getting stronger is easier to do, but some guys never develop great footwork or handwork. Brown is a solid athlete, so if he just needs to work on his conditioning to get NFL ready, I s
  2. They're talking about him going to Denver, Las Vegas or Miami, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Patriots are in play. I doubt they'd trade him to an NFC team. I think the 2 most likely scenarios are they resolve their differences or Rogers sits out the 2021 season.
  3. Allen was a no-brainer, but the decision to extend Edmunds surprised me. I just hope Edmunds rewards their faith in him by playing much better. I also hope Oliver starts catching on. He also has a lot of room for improvement. That's not to say that theyare terrible, but they are a hair's width above average and they were high draft picks.
  4. I don't believe RB is the huge problem some make it out to be. We aren't going to have a 1,000 yard rusher in this offense anyways. We'll do a high percentage of our run plays in passing formations to keep defenses honest. In any case, I'd like to keep DS and Breida regardless. If we do add a new #1 RB, I'd like a power runner to help close out games.
  5. When asked after the draft why he didn't take a CB sooner, Beane began complimenting our CB's as you would expect. Then he added that there is still a lot of time before the season starts, implying that he wasn't done with addressing the position. The Dolphins have better CB's overall and the Pats have about half a dozen CB's at least as good and mostly better than our CB2. If you were Beane, how you address the position? Do you stand pat and hope the pass rush gets a lot better? Do you let someone at a 'less important' position go to sign a FA? Are there any FA CB's you like? Woul
  6. We need OL help. I'll be upset if they drafted this guy to play TE. That would be a really dumb move IMO.
  7. Too little, too late. We needed a BIG upgrade at CB2. This is more like putting out a 4 alarm blaze with a teacup full of water.
  8. I like the focus on the trenches, but no CB until round 6 doesn't begin to address the problem there. I just hope Beane has another move up his sleeve. We are in very serious trouble if Trae'Davious goes down. As our CB2, Wallace is well below average for a starting NFL CB and it's downhill from there. I don't know that I expect this rookie class to do much for us for another year or so.
  9. I agree OP, but the dropoff in talent at CB after White still needs to be addressed regardless. CB is clearly a very important position in today's NFL aerial circus. We were too soft in the trenches too and that has been addressed. I seriously doubt we'll find our CB2 upgrade on day 3, so unless we unload another veteran to land a FA CB this Summer, we'll get to watch Wallace getting burned yet again.
  10. I have no idea how this class will look in 3 years, but it is the most uncertain draft in my lifetime and guys that opted out may take more time to develop. Necessary? How is any thread in an team's forum necessary?
  11. I didn't think Josh could ever fix his poor accuracy b'gosh. I've never seen a QB make such a complete turnaround and I've never been happier to be proven wrong.
  12. The Jets can't get any worse and the Pats and Dolphins added talent. I don't know how Saleh will fare in NY, but the Bills, Pats and Dolphins are well coached. I think this could be a real dog fight for years to come.
  13. Foghorn Leghorn would be a good coach, but... What's his 40 time? Does he even have hands?
  14. I'm not saying GR will be the next Aaron Donald, but Maybin? How is that comparison valid so soon?
  15. I would have preferred a CB, but I still like it. Rousseau is a high risk, high reward pick, so I guess they just wanted to double down. Epinesa had a weak rookie campaign too. DE is probably the most important position after QB. It could have been worse.
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