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  1. He needs to finish the season with a passing efficiency greater than 100 and cut the number of fumbles down. I won't get into completion rate, YPA, TD's and picks because that all factors into the passing efficiency rating anyways.
  2. If he could play like he did in KC, he'd be the best QB on our roster.
  3. This is ridiculous. No one "hates" Josh Allen. Some of us are just being realistic about his serious flaws and aren't going to see him as a guy that can win a SB until he actually reaches that level, if he ever reaches that level. He still has a long way to go. His passing efficiency rating was a wopping 69.2. He was 2nd in the NFL in fumbles. He does not handle pressure as well as most QB's and he holds the ball too long. In all fairness, he hasn't had a good supporting cast overall and the OL still needs a lot of improvement. Hopfully the mental aspects of the game will improve for him. He has good leadership skills and work ethic, but his accuracy will always be a liability. I like him, but I don't know if he can ever be a great passer. I sure hope so. I'm just not going to say he's a great QB until he plays like one. There is nothing unreasonable or wrong with that. We hold every other player to that standard, yet Josh gets a free pass. I just hope that some day he will be as good as some people think he already is.
  4. They're both very average starters, but LB's are so much easier to replace and OT's are more valuable. I like Milano, but I'd have to go with Dawkins here.
  5. 23rd sounds about right. His inaccuracy, fumbling, inability to handle pressure, etc always get a free pass from his admirers. I'm just hoping he can get it together finally in 2020.
  6. I have bemoaned Josh's poor accuracy since before he was drafted, but he has many other positives in spades so I'm anxious to see what he can do in year 3. If he can put together anything resembling a 4000 yard season with a 65% completion rate and 25 TD's while holding the picks + fumbles total to single digits, he's my guy. If not, all options are on the table. Hopefully he can operate much better under pressure in 2020.
  7. Ah yes. The PK with half a foot. I still remember when he set the record at 63 yards.
  8. Good move. He doesn't get too many snaps, but he makes the most of them.
  9. In spite of all the whining and crying by many Bills fans, PFF has been brutally honest about the Bills and Josh Allen all along. Some folks just can't handle the truth. This is no different, but we still need to upgrade the OL.
  10. I have a better chance of winning a million dollars in the lottery.
  11. Yeldon isn't nearly as bad as some here assume and he played well when he got the chance. Oh and please don't blow a day 2 pick on a backup for Singletary when we still have such pressing needs at RT, RG, OLB, DE, outside CB and in the slot. I know we've signed FA's at those positions, but those guys are all backup caliber. We should be thinking more about getting good and great players now. We've had 2 decades of average already. Time to raise the bar.
  12. Too bad we've only signed 1 guy worthy of a starting job so far. I really hope he can return to for. He played G last year and was terrible. Pre-injury he was very good.
  13. OK depth if healthy, but we need better.
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