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  1. Has anyone seen any specific information about Williams? I am surprised he has recovered to the point of starting at RT again. I suppose the fact that we're not hearing his name is a good thing. He did have 1 penalty, but if he can play like he did pre-injury that would be an enormous boost for us.
  2. How is "[Vague Title]" less vague than whatever was there originally? Why this obsession?
  3. Balance has always been a big plus. It helps keep defenses guessing. When you become two dimensional, you're harder to stop because you're more likely to attack weaker areas of the designed defense.
  4. According to that ESPN power poll, the Rams moved up 6 places and the Bills moved down 3. Who won yesterday? Am I missing something?
  5. Wilson may be a slight favorite for MVP in the early going, but forget their numbers. Allen lead an impossible TD drive with little time remaining. That counts as a huge plus in my book. He got my vote.
  6. I can't suppress a slight laugh every time I see Beasley in the huddle. He looks like a little kid standing amongst all those big guys.
  7. I do think the Cowboys have the talent to bounce back especially since they get to play the rest of the NFCE teams twice. I don't get Philly, though. How are they not playing much better? Maybe Washington will be the team to watch after another draft or 2.
  8. I am not in a position to say, but does this mean Spain's performance is slipping or Ford is getting better? D Williams seems to be playing better. That's GREAT news.
  9. I'm losing faith in Leslie Frazier. Just when our O catches fire, our D is slipping. Let's hope they can pick it up soon because the schedule is about to get a lot tougher.
  10. Aaron Donald is in a class all by himself. What I wouldn't give to have him on our team.
  11. Here's my way too early guess. Bills - 12 Patriots - 10 Dolphins - 8 Jets - 4 I know some are thinking that's too many for Miami, but they are better than advertised. They are a very well coached team and their young talent will get better as the season goes on. Also, bringing in Chan as OC was a great move. He wasn't a good HC, but as an OC, he's excellent. I think BUF-MIA-NE will keep this division very competitive in years to come.
  12. I do agree that Wilson has the inside track right now, but after 17 years with no playoff appearances and even more with no playoff wins, the national media simply refuses to acknowledge this team is legit. They are afraid to go out on a limb if you could even call it that any more. I've been Josh's biggest critic for the last 2 years and he has won me over this season. He still has some things to work out like his inexcusable fumbleitis, but if he can clean that up, he could well be an MVP at the rate he's going.
  13. Let's bring in Dr. Jekyll to replace him.
  14. Let McDermott call the plays for the D and we will be fine. Otherwise, it will be a seesaw battle. How many consecutive games can Josh Allen put the team on his shoulders and pull out a win in the last moments?
  15. I believe Frazier's play calling is too predictable. Someone has picked up on it. Against Miami, having no starters at LB really hurt and Wallace got exposed. Credit Chan for that one. They played OK against the Jets, despite a 3rd quarter lull. Yesterday was a different story. Frazier had no answers in the 2nd half and was unable to adjust to what the Rams were doing.
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