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  1. GreggTX

    Offensive Line Struggles

    We need a stud at LT and move Dawkins to RT. We need a starting C and throw another G into the mix and let him compete with Teller, Miller and Ducasse for the 2 starting spots. I'd say get a stud G, but we also need studs at CB, DT and WR. That's asking a lot for 1 offseason even with $90 million in cap space. We have 10 picks, but all the extras are on day 3. This offseason will be anything but boring.
  2. GreggTX

    Charting Allen's throws vs. Jets

    Unfortunately, Allen's inaccuracy seems to be due to muscle coordination in his arm. He'll never be known as an accurate QB and won't be able to lift a team the way a guy like Brady or Peyton could. If we can put together a strong roster, we can be a playoff team, but I don't see Josh winning any SB's.
  3. GreggTX

    My FA targets

    We could definitely use a big upgrade at DT to replace Kyle and Harry has not yet shown that he is ready to step up. Our DL as a whole needs an upgrade so we can rush 4 more often and still get pressure. Our run D also needs to improve. An outside corner is a must. We'll probably get very aggressive about bringing receiving help due to the limited options in FA and he draft class there. My biggest hope, though, is that we sign a franchise LT and C. A solid OL would make Allen's life so much easier and allow him more time to set his feet properly and make better decisions. I also think we'll see a changing of the guard at RB. I look for a Shady trade to Pittsburgh maybe???
  4. GreggTX

    Bills defense is overrated.

    I agree they are overrated, but they are still good. The letdowns vs the Jets were really bad though. The game was on the line and they blew it. It wasn't all on them, though. We stunk in all 3 phases of the game. No run game. Our passing game was terrible. Defense suffered multiple letdowns and ST were putrid. Hopefully we will sign or draft a lockdown corner to play opposite T White. Lorenzo and Kyle will need to be replaced too. Our front 7 is mediocre, so I'd like those replacements to be gamechangers. That said, we need at least a couple really good receivers added and most of all, we must get a big upgrade to our OL. I've been noticing that Allen is scrambling far too much and that's when he makes bad throws and picks. Give him time and a solid run game and he will be pretty good.
  5. GreggTX

    Is Josh Allen your QB?

    Regrettably, Josh Allen's much advertised inaccuracy has not gone away and probably never will. Maybe, just maybe he'll get smarter about his decision making, but he'll never be an elite NFL QB. How long before the new regime admits he's not the guy and goes after another QB? He runs very well, but his arm, though strong, remains a serious liability. we all should know by now that accuracy is the most important quality an NFL QB can have. Sad but true.
  6. Can Josh Allen continue to ascend? Yes, but his inaccuracy will prevent him from ever becoming elite. He'll be good, but not great. Is this the end for McCoy and Clay? McCoy has had his last 1,000 yard season. He may not even be the #1 next year. Look for the Bills to draft a young power runner. Which receivers will step up? None. Zay Jones will be an average NFL WR. Foster will be a #3 or #4. Is Levi Wallace a starting cornerback? No. We'll either spend big on a replacement or use a high pick on one. Is the offensive line salvageable? Dawkins is an average OT, but he's made no real progress since his rookie year. Teller might be a good one. We need 3 new starters at C, RT and RG. Miller might still be starting next year because we have so many other holes to fill. I'd still like to see us acquire a true LT and move Dawkins to RT.
  7. GreggTX

    Has the light finally gone on for Zay Jones?

    I don't know. He had 4 catches, but was targeted 9 times. He made 3 great plays, but what about the others? Unfortunately, I'm overseas and won't be able to watch the games until I get back.
  8. GreggTX

    Would you take Marcell Dareus back?

    Until Dareus proves that he has that fire in the belly, there will be no return to B'Lo while McBeans is in charge. He'll play well next year so he can get a fat contract then go back into hibernation.
  9. GreggTX

    Bills Release P Colton Schmidt

    Schmidt was certainly not one of the better punters in the NFL and I understand the need to try to upgrade the position, but I can't help feeling for the guy. That said, I'm not sure Darr is an upgrade. I thought we might draft a punter in the 6th or 7th round last year, but maybe there wasn't anyone they liked well enough.
  10. I like Josh a lot, but I'm not all in yet. I need to see a series of games with some solid accuracy -- especially on the short routes. I'm not saying he can't do it, but he's only been back for a week. These next 6 games will be very telling for him and I don't mean that he has to carry the team with this OL struggling and no premier WR's to throw to, but he has to look steady.
  11. How do we know that wasn't the real reason that Richie was released and they agreed to let him retire on his terms while just n ot saying anything about the investigation? Maybe, since McDermott was clearly upset by the accusations, the Bills just decided that he was not a good fit. No one else signed Richie and he was still a probowl caliber guard.
  12. You know, that doesn't sound as completely crazy as it might have a month or 2 ago. Shady for Bell straight up or something like that???
  13. GreggTX

    Andy Dalton Out for the Season with a Thumb Injury

    Darn it! There goes our back door to the playoffs LOL.
  14. GreggTX

    Does Danny Crossman Survive This Year?

    Marone hired him. This is his 3rd regime. I've never been very impressed with him. His record in the NFL before Buffalo (Detroit) was dismal too. I don't think they'll fire him before the end of the season, but he's definitely on the bubble. On a related note, Daboll has a very real opportunity to save his job if the offense continues to improve.
  15. Hackett was a failure here and he fared no better in Jacksonville. Marone was a fool to rehire him. He was also a fool to agree to resign Bortles. Add the huge contract to one of the laziest players in the NFL in Dareus and we have a franchise headed in reverse. The real question is, will these moves save Marone's job? Will they have a new GM going forward or do they stand pat and hope for 2017 to happen again with a new QB under center? If they draft a new QB, they eat that big salary to Dareus whom they signed to win it all in 2018 and 2019 while the rookie develops. The owner has some difficult decisions to make after this season.