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  1. McD made an evaluation? Since when was McD the GM. I'm amazed at how frequently people think McD hired and ran the scouting and ran the draft when, clearly D Whaley ran that effort as well as the draft. McD may have offered an opinion, but he's not a scout and has never been our GM or anyone else's. I think this mistake recurs often because Whaley isn't here any more and some people just don't like McD, so they are always looking for any sort of blame that they can to try to pin on him. Never mind that Waley made the pick. Never mind that someone that no longer even works for the Bills scouted Mahomes and didn't see that he would soon be the NFL's MVP. Blame the newly hired HC. The rest of your post I agree with. I have my reservations about Allen, but I hope he exceeds my expectations.
  2. I think Beane knew Murphy was a gamble and is hoping he will return to where he left off. Otherwise, he'll end up like Merriman. I was really pulling for him too.
  3. I kinda agree. I feel they overpaid Star and wasn't thrilled about Murphy, but then I remember that our D was pretty good. Add a couple very disruptive players at DT and LDE and this D could really be special.
  4. This assumes that Allen will make huge strides -- especially in the areas of accuracy and placement. I'll believe it when I see it. I fully expect that he will have some epic games given his athletic ability, but he'll need to master on-target throws on a consistent basis if we're ever going to be a SB champion. Seeing is believing and so many Bills fans, unlike the rest of the impartial country, are giving him a free pass. I hope Bills fans are right about him.
  5. Seldom does it happen and usually only at the top of the draft that there is one player that clearly stands above the rest so that you'd ignore your needs and select the clear BPA. Instead, you're probably looking at several players with very similar scores, in which case you take the one that fills the greatest need. Yes to BPA, but only when it applies. I think the BPA argument can sometimes be overblown, especially after the first or second round. You also have to look at points where the talent level drops precipitously for positions of need.
  6. You look for competitive advantages wherever you can find them and with the relatively weak OL crop in the NFL today, OL is a great area to target. If we're going to overspend a little in FA, let it be for good OL talent first. We MUST reignite our running game if we have any hope of reaching the playoffs in 2019. Pass protection would be nice too, but we can't rely on Allen's legs or become 1 dimensional on offense.
  7. The rest are negotiable, but please extend Jerry Hughes and draft a beast to replace Kyle or sign one of the top 2 FA DT's.
  8. GreggTX

    LeSean McCoy

    Good point and I wouldn't be dissapointed as long as they don't use a day 1 or day 2 pick on a RB. I'd love to see L Bell on the Bills, but for reasonable money. We could even be a tad generous because he's a game changer.
  9. This is not the best FA class or draft for rebuilding an offense, so I am not expecting miracles. I think we still have a couple years before we can get excited -- assuming that Beane makes nearly all good moves and that we can attract the best FA's.
  10. GreggTX

    LeSean McCoy

    We can't just release the whole offense. McCoy has certainly lost a step, but we have so many holes to fill on this roster that we will never be able to fill them all in one offseason no matter how much we spend. There just isn't enough offensive talent available in FA and the draft to upgrade everywhere we need it and to replace Kyle. bolster the CB position and improve the pass rush. We need 3 new starters that are big upgrades for the OL and at least 2 WR's as well as a new starting TE. Ivory may be replaced too. I am starting to think this rebuild will take 2 more years at least.
  11. Nonsense. He's inaccurate. Aside from the eyeball test, PFF did an extensive study and Allen ranked at the bottom of NFL starting QB's. You can fool yourself all you want, but it doesn't change facts. That said, every other aspect of his game is strong except reading defenses, which he'll get better at. If he can improve his accuracy at all levels (short, medium, long) he could be very good.
  12. GreggTX

    Charles Clay Released

    I didn't realize his knees were so bad. He was considered a top 5 TE when we first signed him. Too bad we couldn't get a pick for him. We have so many holes to fill on this roster now! It's ridiculous. I can't see how we can fill most of them in just 1 offseason. I'm thinking we probably won't be competitive before 2020 at the earliest. We need multiple WR's, multiple RB's, multiple TE's, multiple OL, Kyle's replacement, another CB, Lorenzo's replacement, a punter and a few ST aces. 2021 maybe?
  13. GreggTX

    Marcel Dareus’ contract.

    Marcell could be the best DL in the NFL if he wanted it bad enough. What a shame. He'll regret it some day that he didn't get it together when he had the chance.
  14. GreggTX

    Potential FA's

    I didn't realize he was that old! See any other potential targets for us?
  15. GreggTX

    Will we see a Tyrod - Roman pairing again?

    Perhaps not. After all, he has played in a probowl. Even most established starters haven't done that.