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  1. This is the tough part of our schedule and we're severely banged up. I wouldn't panic.
  2. Yay! I had to watch the fins game in a sports bar on a small tv with no sound.
  3. I am concerned about Spencer Brown. He's been so bad! They said he was a project, but right now he is a huge liability. He has size and agility with way more foot speed than a man his size should have, but there's just one problem -- He can't block. Ogbah just ate his lunch. On his first sack allowed, he just stood there like a statue. They need to start Quessenberry until Brown is ready.
  4. For what it's worth, the Madden raters have been boosting Rousseau's ratings this season. He's come up to an overall 76 to 80. That's a big jump in just 3 weeks.
  5. We aren't going to win very easily if these injuries persist. Let's hope we get guys back before it's too late or everyone will blame the Coach.
  6. It wasn't the worst officiating ever, but the bias was obvious.
  7. It makes me laugh how so many people talk like we're the best team ever just 2 weeks into the season. We lose 1 game with 13 guys unavailable including 2 all pro DB's and 5 OL down and now they're ready to fire the coaches LOL. Get a grip folks. We'll be getting guys back before the playoffs. We might have to claw our way back, but we will and I wouldn't want to be the Dolphins if we see them in the playoffs in January if we're healthy because we will take our revenge and embarrass them.
  8. Not the worst signing. Murray is an ok pass protector with quick reactions and he can play at G or T. He's no probowler, but for a dumpster dive guy, I'm pleased.
  9. Looks like it will be Xavier Rhodes. I'm ok with that. I know Indy released him, but he was OK last year. He's a solid zone defender and a pretty good hitter on outside runs.
  10. To play as well as they did with so many guys injured was inspiring. I can hardly wait for the rematch with a healthier roster -- especially among starters and that OL.
  11. Injuries were our downfall. Stop blaming one of the best HC's in franchise history. The title of this thread is incorrect and this point does not require discussion. His record speaks for itself.
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