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  1. No problem at all. I don't think a player's politics should be a deciding factor here. He has hurt no one. Same for all Tebow detractors as well. OK, so Tebow sucked, but who cares about his religion anyways? That's his personal business. As far as Colin is concerned, good on him for helping to bring attention to a problem that needs more attention, but again, it shouldn't matter either way. The owners only care about money, so they will never sign him because they are afraid.
  2. He has been our best player on offense thus far. I hope he heals up quickly. We are still a bit thin at WR, IMO.
  3. Personally, I think our HC has some weaknesses in his game management skills, but he has gotten better. As a leader, however, I think he has been excellent. He's got these players ready to run through walls for him. How would you grade him overall as a HC?
  4. Let's just take a dose of reality here. Josh is playin better, but he's still had several fumbles and 6 picks in 5 games. The D has played well to this point, but the offense needs to continue improving. 11-18 is the combined W/L record of our opponents. We lost to the only team we've played that has a winning record and none of the others have won more than 2 games so far. We are definitely playing better, but we still have an awful lot to prove -- especially Josh. If we can go 4-2, we'll be 8-3 heading into Dec. I'd be thrilled with that even with our super easy schedule.
  5. We need elite talent added to this roster at a 'reasonable' price. The best way to do that is to draft well and pay the rookie contract rate for 5 years. IMO, we do very well to add a top 10 talent at OT, CB, DE and WR.
  6. Can we please start putting the title of the thread at the top of the OP so we know what the poster was saying instead of the nonsense that the mods put there? I mean, thanks for telling me that you think something in the title is vague, but I can discern that for myself, thanks. Besides, it's just not that important.
  7. I hope they are right, but I'll be very surprised. There is still a way to go and we do have an easy schedule, but there's no easy schedule in the playoffs. I suspect this team is playing a little over their talent level right now and will come back down a bit by the end of the season as other good teams like the Chargers get their act together and start playing up to their level. I still think we can make the playoffs, though -- Maybe even win a playoff game.
  8. Are you serious? If you are so offended by people with 250 posts or less making a thread, you could stop reading them and at least stop wasting other peoples' time whining about it. That said, I have no idea how good Ford will be in a couple years. Some guys just pick the game up faster than others. When he was moved to RG, he actually played very well there. I wouldn't mind if we drafted a new starting LT, moved Dawkins to RT and moved Ford to RG permanently (unless there is an emergency). Still, I think a longer audition at RT is wise.
  9. It's hard to say. We really don't have that much talent on defense and somehow we still get it done. We have a bunch of pretty good players on D and several more average guys as well. I think the coaching and play calling must get the lion's share of the credit. In any case, I just hope they can keep it up all season.
  10. Punt doesn't get blocked and returned for a TD. Bills win 10-9. Oh wait. They missed the PAT. My bad. Well, we would have won in OT then, right?
  11. I can see us winning 10 or even 11 games along with getting to the 2nd round, but Allen still has a LONG way to go. The OL is still a work in progress as is the WR corps and the TE's. On D, we're solid, but CB and DE could use a boost.
  12. Good idea OP. I would also like to bring back the bump and run. Some day, most collisions in the game will be eliminated. Nearly every former NFL player tested has had some brain damage. You can only do so much to protect the brain because the collision that causes brain damage is the "2nd collision" where the brain hits the inside of the skull.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Bills go OT in round 1 next Spring. I say go OT in round 1 and move Ford to RG.
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