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  1. I'm predicting that the OL will struggle again and the defense will continue to play well. Bills 17, Dolphins 16.
  2. Josh will play as well as the OL allows him to, more or less. I figured we'd win 12 games including Pittsburgh so now itas 11 wins.
  3. I haven't seen any specific information about his performance week 1. PFF said he had the highest pressure rate in the NFL during the preseason. Has anyone with relevant experience reviewed his performance and published the results? What have you seen or heard? It seemed like Hughes and Addison made all the splash plays.
  4. 1. This is nothing new. We never did enough to upgrade the OL and mid to late draft picks probably won't fix it. This OL will require a massive offseason effort if we're to stay in competition with great teams. 2. Why are so many whining about Singletary? He averaged more than 6.5 yards per carry and no, it wasn't just 1 or 2 lucky plays either. He made several good runs. Only 11 carries and 72 yards. The truth is that he should have had 20 carries to keep the Steelers DL from just pinning back their ears and getting after Josh. Daboll was highly predictable and too clever for his own good. Less focus on trickery and more focus on practicality please. The Steelers were completely ready for that and we obliged them by doing exactly what they expected.
  5. The OP is correct. I don't put all the blame on Josh, of course, but it's a real problem. He has consistently been among the top fumblers in the league. What irks me is the fact that there's simply no reason for it. It's all in his mind. The coaches need to step in and correct the problem, but they don't.
  6. No doubt. Catching is still his issue, but he's just fine after the catch, especially that late 1st down pickup.
  7. Fair point. My emphasis was more like we need these young DE's to take the reins. Daddy Hughes and Grampa Addison were the ones bringing the heat.
  8. Good call on Taron Johnson. He seems to be on an upward trend. He was especially good in run support. That 4th and 1 call was a real head scratcher and they clearly should have given Singletary more carries, and not in bunches, but peppered throughout the game.
  9. What I liked: 1. Run defense 2. Secondary play in 1st half 3. McKenzie's return work. 4. Devin Singletary What I didn't like: 1. Levi Wallace. Need I say more? 2. The OL. I know Pittsburgh's front 7 is among the best, but our guys were getting beat too often. Ford continues to be a real liability. 3. Josh. No, I'm not saying he's garbage, but his accuracy and decision making were off today. Hopefully he'll bounce back quickly. Also, I blame the coaches as well as Josh for all the fumbles. He simply refuses to protect the ball even in heavy traffic. He looks so nonchalant about it. He can do much better there, but there's no reason I can think of that the coaches shouldn't be drilling this into his head. It's entirely mental. He's perfectly capable of squeezing the ball to his body and covering it up. He just doesn't do it. 4. Pass rush: It wasn't terrible, but the young DE's need to start contributing. It's not time to panic by a long shot, but that was ugly. What's your list of good and bad?
  10. Oh well. 0-1 isn't the end of the world. Hopefully we can bounce back. Levi Wallace needs to sit. He'll never be any good lol. I feel for him though. He's getting beat routinely.
  11. Terrible play by Wallace. We need a turnover. This is getting ugly.
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