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  1. The Bills are nowhere on that list and I don’t expect the, to be there this year either.
  2. I think you’re on to something here. A big national brand gets naming rights at a cheap price. They sign josh to a long term marketing deal. And josh signs a new contract that is team friendly. Everyone comes out even, but the cap hit is less.
  3. I didn’t see a single colts jersey. It was very quite when the colts scored. It was nice to see 100% bills fans. I saw josh ask for quiet on the first drive, but I think it was just everyone’s excitement seeing the. On O for the first time. The rest of the way it seemed quite while the were on offense. what struck me the most was on the Hail Mary play. It was very loud leading up to the throw. And then when the ball was in the air, it got very silent. Maybe it was all in my head, but it seemed like a movie sequence. Slow motion, quite and then An explosion of joy when the ball hit the ground. if you can go, I recommend going. It’s not the same as a full stadium, but it’s one of those things you just have to make sure you experience.
  4. Something doesn’t look right with your scatter plot. It appears that the bills are to the right of 5.0 on th axis. Yet in your table, the bills net points/game is 3.4. Buffalo is also to th right of Tennessee and GB which have higher points/game than buffalo.
  5. Except they replaced cox with someone who never was a manager. Williams lasted 4 years never winning the series. And then when they replaced Williams they won. So your example of Cox is not a great one. And Cox took ATLANTA to many World Series. I think 5. So not so bad.
  6. That output was also against the Dolphins. Which is the same team we had our best output against. And it was on the road. so we did worse against them when we had rest.
  7. I was just responding to what would need to happen this week to ensure we clinch a playoff spot assuming we beat Pittsburgh. That would be our 10th win. Ideally I would want the scenario that gives us home field. But figuring out what could clinch a playoff birth with a win in week 15 is a game I like playing. It’s much better than figuring out what needs to happen to clinch something week 17 assuming we win out
  8. If we lose to Baltimore I think a win vs PITTSBURGH clinches a playoff spot under the following scenarios this week. This scenario assumes we lose the rest of the games as a worst case resulting in us having a 10-6 record and 7-5 in conference. there are 5 teams that can catch us,but two have to have a better record and tiebreakers. the teams are Pittsburgh cleveland oakland tennesee indianapolis Pittsburgh beats Cleveland. This Eliminates Cleveland with 7 losses. Tennessee beats Indianapolis. This give so indy 6 losses and 6 losses in conference and we beat them on that tiebreaker. Eliminated. But Tennessee still has 5 losses. Oakland loses. This gives them 6 losses. Not eliminated yet. No now it gets trickier. oakland and Tennessee play each other the week we play Pittsburgh. if Oakland wins, the. Tennessee has has 6 losses and we would win with head to head over Tennessee and pisstburgh.we still could end up 6th seed, but we are in. If Tennessee wins, Oakland has 7 losses and they can’t catch us. i think the only way it could be delayed is if either Tennessee/Indy tie of Tennessee/Oakland tie. I also didn’t check to see if Houston or kc collapse and another team takes the division. So I would say root for Houston and kc, but there may be scenarios where things can get complicated. So I think rooting for is the way to go. pittsburgh over Cleveland tennessee over Indy KC over Oakland. houston over new england*
  9. Do the cowboys have too much talent for the jets?
  10. It was the right sequence, but why take the time out? Let the extra second run off the clock, take the 5 yard penalty and still kick it out of the end zone.
  11. Abby Wambach the who hold the world record for international goals for both female and male soccer players would have been a better option when she was younger. She is played at 5’11 and 179 and she is from Rochester area.
  12. Well there is this one as well. “Rodgers said that Bart Starr, who led the Packers to victories in the first two Super Bowls, has served as a mentor to him. “It’s a privilege,” Rodgers said. “Bart has been incredible to me — in the last three years especially — with the e-mails and conversations that I’ve been able to share with him. He’s an incredible man and a guy I’d love to model my career after.”” https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/02/01/rodgers-gets-advice-from-starr-warner-young-but-not-favre/
  13. I certainly do. I hate the move to a level playing field. I like the field having a nice big crown. It helps our rushing focused team run down hill. It gives us a competitive edge.
  14. Or you can invest 200 every year for 50 years at 5% and have 41,869.60. It would take 26 years to get to 10,000.
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