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  1. Season 4 was great. Excellent writing and a lot of good acting performances. Bateman and Linney are particularly awesome. But man the actor that plays Navarro is not good. I watch shows like Narcos or Better Saul where they Cartel heads are scary. This guy looks like a goof. Not intense. Not scary. Worst part of the show IMO
  2. Why don’t you use your real name? Melancer? Would sound more professional with your name...or atleast a pen name
  3. What’s your opinion of how the Bills needed a QB in 2013 and REACHED to draft EJ - a QB many considered the be a 3rd round prospect and is out of the NFL? Oh and he signed Kelvin Kolb. Ugh. This pick showed me how poor of a job Buddy did managing the most important position in the NFL - QB. Bad GM
  4. Yeah but what makes a player a “bust”’is where you took him in the draft. If you drafted a player in the Top 10 and his career turned out like Spiller’s did, I think you have a right to expect more than a 3rd round pick. This discussion point doesn’t add much to the conversation He gets a pass because he drove OJ in the Ford Bronco (great car) Every Bills GM Post Donahoe was hot HOT garbage including the Bills HOF coach, the guy with the cool Southern accent, and the GM that put the team in cap and couldn’t find a QB that a small portion of the fanbase loves. All bad
  5. The better question is - who was the WORSR Bills GM? So many to choose from: - Tommy Donahoe - Marv Levy - Russ Brandon - Buddy Nix - Douglas Whaley From that sorry group, I organize it like this: 1 Donahoe 2 Whaley (bad GM) 3 Nix (bad GM) 4 Russ Brandon (terrible GM) 5 Marv (sorry he’s the worst)
  6. That’s partly true. Pegula didn’t say this after the 2013 season. But he was a new owner and many believe Doug traded up to impress management and because he wanted to prove that his former selection was a good QB. Either way a lot of ego was involved. He did it to himself. The rumored edict didn’t come until the start of the 2016, three seasons later. But those players that he found to fit a coaches systems were really not that good. His biggest hit might be Shaq Lawson. Not great shakes
  7. You are higher than on Whaley than I am. I believe he’s a below average GM and I think he was alway in over his head. He wasn’t organized. Wasn’t professional. And most importantly, not successful. Not a GM, Director of Pro Personnel yes. That’s where he excelled and where most of his “hits”’are. But that is is ceiling IMO. His record in the draft was spotty and average at best. Doug’s biggest mistake was his ego. He doubled down on EJ since he was highly involved in drafting him (#FACT) and tried to make a big swing at Sammy to impress the new owners. This move was reckless The biggest indictment of Whaley is he had no clue how to BUILD a team. No vision. Every move he made was to go broke to win Super Bowl that season, ignoring the fact that his team was not even close and had no answer at QB. There was never a plan. It was always go for broke and that led the team straight into cap hell without a QB contract. That’s damn impressive. Also Whaley embarrassed the franchise and made the team into a laughing stock. I will say - the dysfunction behind-the-scenes at One Bills Drive with Terry having no clue and Russ being Russ did not help at all. But Doug “dug” his own grave. He’s not a GM as evidenced by the fact that no team will give him another shot as GM. It’s been 3 years and he’s exiled. I can’t understand the love some Bills fans have for a GM that failed to lead the team a record below .500. The best move Terry ever made was firing Doug and bribing in McDermott and Beane. I just wish it happened in January 2017.
  8. Ok but how does that disprove my point, that Norwood was not good enough given the facts that: A. he was not reliable at FG’s over 40 yds B. he was not a good at kicking on grass C. he rarely was put in a position to make game winning FG’s because the offense scored so many points.
  9. Who said anything about thrilling?
  10. Good info...except Lamar Jackson is off the board. He was drafted in 2018 by Baltimore
  11. you aren’t wrong. There were a lot of weak efforts and arm tackles that Gilmore missed last year
  12. I think they will draft a WR but it might not be until round 3 or 4. To be honest, I have seen different evaluations of the WR in this draft. The consensus seems to be that Juedy, Lamb, and Rugg have they potential to be great WR’s. The rest have had mixed reviews from draft analysts. Many gave them the “good...not great” label, and based on the trade for Diggs, it seems the Bills did as well.
  13. Oh they did! Were you not here in 2016? There is an element of this in the fan base for sure. BUT... there’s also some MAJOR hindsight as well. So...nether argument is really perfect. I guess that what makes sports fun
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