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  1. Jeff Littmann’s IBM 5150 PC will be on display, with access to the “Cash to Cap” spreadsheets
  2. FYI - Kim Goldman was a guest on Howard Stern today and shared her POV about O.J. Simpson’s comments on Twitter. This led to Howard ranting on OJ’s Twitter account: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/howard-stern-wants-oj-simpson-kicked-twitter-1224935 A lot of people joked about OJ being on Twitter. This interview shows the gravity of a very sad situation:
  3. I seriously think they can come close to 10-6. So much will depend on Allen. You know the defense will be good
  4. The degree that Ralph was dedicated to the Bills staying local after his death has always been uncertain though
  5. If anything, MP is debunking the whole loyalty narrative about Ralph and Buffalo. Seems like he maybe didn’t care as much as we thought he did. like you said though, he’s a career politician, so who knows?
  6. They totally need to do a stunt at Niagara Falls where Josh tries throwing the ball as far as he can🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. That is what Fairburn and Joe B said too. I believe he told Reggie Bush after a preseason game in Detroit that he sucked and knew the end was near
  8. Thats an old voice message. From what I can gather....think that plan were well in motion to hire Russ at New Era Cap. Tim found out about it about before New Era broached the subject with the Pegula’s or the press and it was reported in the BN. New Era denied that he was working there, which likely was in response to the Bills not approving, so they parted ways. It seems like Tim plays the VM to almost mock New Era for denying they were hiring him, when he had a voicemail. Just me reading the tea leaves....
  9. As a kid, I used to make fun of him but as an adult I can’t imagine how awful it must have felt when the “not guilty” verdict came down. I feel really bad for families
  10. No doubt. I’m not saying that he isn’t reprehensible. If you look at the evidence in the case, it doesn’t look so good for Juice. I was just noting that he was very charismatic on the phone, and I can see why so many people have been charmed by him over the years. Tim Graham has justified his relationship with OJ before by saying that he plays it straight down the middle. He’s believes he has always been fair and never has been sympathetic to OJ. Also his justification for bringing OJ on the show was because he recently opened a Twitter account that’s been followed by almost a million people. So he could say that OJ is topical and newsworthy at the moment, not a grab for ratings...if anything, it’s a grab for headline. No one listens to 1270
  11. Bills Hall Of Fame RB OJ Simpson was a surprise guest on The Tim Graham Show. He started by talking about joining Twitter including how he deals with Twitter trolls! The conversation turned toward the Bills. OJ says he sees Bills fans everywhere and they always want to talk Bills football with him. OJ sounds very unsure about the Bills this year. He thinks Josh Allen is a good athlete but wants to see him pass more accurately. He doesn’t think the Bills have good enough weapons him. He doesn’t Beasley will do much, unless Allen becomes more consistent with short passes. He also likes Frank Gore and Shady in the backfield but thinks they spilt Carrie’s and will be bad fantasy players. He sees Gore as the short yardage back. No no matter what you think about OJ, he’s interesting to listen to and super charismatic
  12. I found this on my Facebook feed last night. It’s the newest commercial for West Herr a big dealership in WNY that uses Tasker as a spokesperson. Anyway they use Josh in this commercial. I wish I could say it was humorous. It would be cool if it was genuinely funny but this seems like a tired gag from 30 years ago. It would have been funnier if Tasker wanted to play catch thinking he was the Steve Tasker from 1992. But he was too slow and Josh there too hard for him to catch. He then comes back making excuses why he couldn’t come up with the passes, to which Josh has some kind of smart comeback maybe something about accuracy...LOL
  13. I wont say unwatchable... but yes a big step back from the glory days
  14. I don’t think he ever had serious interest and JR said the same thing. I don’t think that in 1998, that Vince had the money or the investors to allow him to purchase an NFL team. I see this as a fun rumor that has very little substance
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