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  1. I completely agree with you. I will ignore the huge massive threads, especially the ones with titles like “Bills interested in Frank Clark (Update he was traded to KC).” Even if the original post is updated you have to sift through dozens of pages until you can find topical commentary on him traded to KC No I don’t....which I Why if the goal is compartmentalize threads it should be done by quarters, not positions. I like this idea
  2. I definitely see the need to discuss this because sifting through so many pages on a Gameday thread is useless. I can get behind the idea of pre-made threads based on each quarter but the titles suggested above like “Week 1 - Offense” are kind of useless and only major find content more challenging. Plus what if there are topics that fit in multiple topic areas or don’t fit in any of the topic areas? Unless we have Bran the Broken as a member, predicting topics is going to be nearly impossible. I don’t mind reading the rapid fire threads on gameday, but if it’s that big of an issue then I would encourage locking new threads until 12 AM Monday morning
  3. “In May” is pretty right. Still I’m cheering for Peterman.
  4. They won’t trade Bell. It makes little sense, plus as you said, they’ve already paid him a ton of guaranteed money. There’s really not a ton of cost savings. Plus, Bell is kind of good, you know?
  5. John Miller playing Guard... think about that statement. I‘d try Cordy at Guard too. Miller is a baaaaad baaaaad Player
  6. Everyone’s favorite ex-ESPN personality turned Patreon NFL analyst beggar Cian “The King Of Twitter Blocking” Fahey has always been a huge fan and defender of Tyrod Taylor as QB. Earlier today he suggested that San Diego should start Taylor over Phillip Rivers for the first 5 games of the season. His argument is that Rivers arm needs rest and that he fails toward the end of the season because his arm is tired. Needless to say he’s getting roasted online and I’m sure he’s blocking a lot of people who disagree:
  7. It’s a conversation between two people that have completely different ideas (aka a debate) and John made a lot more sense that you did. He did a better job of using logic and evidence to share his informed viewpoint. I was commenting on that
  8. McDermott has shown that he can make the tough decision on players. There’s no way that Croom stays with the team. I don’t see the Bills keeping 4 TE’s on the final roster. They won’t cut Tyler Kroft. Lee Smith was signed to a 3 year deal which means he won’t get cut, so that leaves Knox and Croom. They won’t put Knox on the PS and they certainly won’t release him. There’s no other choice than to cut Croom.
  9. It is funny how old man Prisco has turned in the directions of the Bills. For years he criticized the team and always ripped their draft classes. He loves Josh Allen and once the Bills made the pick, he suddenly was high on the team
  10. Gugny is spot on here with his take on Scotty. John schooled you by the way. You lost the argument big time
  11. The Cover 1 crew’s analysis doesn’t hold much weight to me. Let me know when a real scout breaks down film of the Bills draft picks
  12. I disagree.... he was projected as a mid-round QB because he has talent and potential, though he is still very raw. If he has a good preseason, it could reinforce the idea that he can improve the areas of his game. Like I said, if this happens a team may grab him off the PS.
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