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  1. Phil The Thrill

    Rex Ryan Destroys The Jets For Getting Owned By The Bills

    But you gotta admit...his pompous rant was pretty entertaining Right but Rex was in the same situation then, that Bowles is in now. At least according to area, Bowles knows he’s getting fired
  2. Maybe you forgot how AJ getting owned by 3rd string defenses in the preseason? If you are going to fault Beane, it should be for not having a better plan once AJ and then Peterman weren’t going to work out. But the trade of AJ was actually a good move
  3. Phil The Thrill

    Peterman to Patriots? They always liked him.

    I would love for this to happen . Nate is a good guy. I don’t think he gets signed this year, though I do see the Bills signing him to the PS once he cleans waivers
  4. This is a tremendous video! Rex goes on the attack to rip the Jets for their loss to the Bills. He said no one was playing with passion and they left their “jock” on the field. He says that Todd Bowles is getting fired at the end of the season - and he knows it. Also he alludes to Mike McCagnin Getting axed as well. He says they were supposed to rebuild in 2016, but never did. He also believes that Darnold is not developing or improving week-to-week. This is Rant is exactly why Rex is perfect for segments like this on ESPN. This was classic and very entertaining. Of course, I am also sure that old Rex would love to coach NYJ again. Not gonna happen.
  5. Phil The Thrill

    Bills Release Peterman

    I’ll say it again. Read Tim Graham’s article. The Bills put him in situations where he was guaranteed to fail. Much like drafting EJ in the 1st round, the Bills never should have given Peterman this many chances
  6. Phil The Thrill

    The Best Team in the NFL is......

    Saints will lose in the playoffs again
  7. Phil The Thrill

    EJ Gaines carted off the field in Browns practice with knee injury

    Looks like EJ Gaines has been placed on IR. It’s too bad because when he’s healthy the guy is a player but injuries seem to be a major issue for him. No idea why - but again, EJ couldn’t finish a season. I wanted the Bills to re-sign EJ, especially when he didn’t get the big FA deal, but his lack of availability is probably one reason why it didn’t happen. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/11/07/browns-place-e-j-gaines-and-christian-kirksey-on-injured-reserve/
  8. Phil The Thrill

    Bucky and Sully Blackballed By The Pegulas?

    Funny thing is a lot of fans in this forum have said “Bucky and Sully are always negative” then proceed to complain and over exaggerate about how bad Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott have done this season. I guess it’s ok to be “negative” if you are a fan.
  9. Phil The Thrill

    Who here made this ? Lol

    A portion of Bills fans can be such d**** sometimes. I’d suggest you read Tim Graham’s article in The Atlantic on Peterman.
  10. Phil The Thrill

    Gary Kubiak for OC Next Season?

    Didnt he have some major health problems? I think his family basically begged him to resign in Denver
  11. Phil The Thrill

    Bucky and Sully Blackballed By The Pegulas?

    LOL I think they recycle articles. At least Sal does!
  12. Phil The Thrill

    Gaines released....Wallace promoted

    This is a surprise considering he started just about every game this season after Vontae walked at halftime. You typically don’t cut your starting CB.
  13. Phil The Thrill

    Bucky and Sully Blackballed By The Pegulas?

    Thats what Bucky was saying about influence. The Pegulas are such big players in town owning 2 sports franchises. They have direct influence over a WGR and indirect influence over the Buffalo news, television, or radio through all of the advertising they do. I hope that Bucky’s narrative isn’t right because I personally have always liked Terry and Kim. But if he is right, it’s not a very good look. There could be some truth to this. I have heard that the News actually makes a lot of money as a commercial printing service. Much more than revenue from the newspaper itself I don’t buy it...only because there are a number of reporters in town with a lot of access to players etc. None of the big players in town have reported this, so I don’t think this dude from Rochester is sitting on a major scoop and no one is reporting it
  14. Phil The Thrill

    Bucky and Sully Blackballed By The Pegulas?

    Seriously though....fans are giving them crap for being negative. The stuff in this forum is far more negative and viscious than anything Bucky or Sully wrote. I think they were doing their job - and don’t feel they should be penalized for that