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  1. I was talking underrated bands, not one hit wonders
  2. Squeeze! Yes that’s right, the UK band Squeeze. I just found out about this group a few weeks ago and wow they are awesome. So many of their songs are excellent. The sad thing, is I’ve never heard of most of their bigger hit. I did hear the song “Tempted” on a commercial but the rest were way before my time. Here’s a few good ones. Anyone have any takes on Squeeze?
  3. I though the smart ones subscribed to the The Athletic?
  4. does anyone actually pay for the Buffalo News?
  5. I said that since before the draft! He would have been a perfect backup. I remember though, Tampa Bay signed him the day before FA in 2018 so the Bills never really have a chance to sign him.
  6. It’s surprising because Chris Brown’s takes are usually so vanilla and boring that no one cares. Im not as big of a fan as you are - I don’t take the time to listen to him. Also he blocks people on Twitter in the same manner as Cian Fahey. If you disagree with him, he’ll block you. It happened to me back in 2013 when He said he thought Chan Gailey was safe as HC. I challenged he and he blocked me. Much like Cian
  7. He was a good deep threat last year. Question is, who do you cut to bring him on board? You can’t have 7 WR’s: Beasley and Brown are 100% safe Roberts is provably safe because they like him as a KR/PR McKenzie is probably safe because he offers something different. That leaves: Foster or Williams And then, who remains inactive?
  8. How anyone can categorize Ed Oliver as anything other than a disappointment, is beyond me.
  9. I’m still going with 10-6....would not shock me to see the team finish 8-8 though. Still not sold on Josh Allen
  10. Im talking about Allen. Fairburn wrote an article about his long ball. Said he was like 3 for 30 in passes over 30 yards. You sir, are wrong.
  11. Such an awesome team. This group deserved a Super Bowl Championship
  12. Probably could sell that on eBay for $30. It’s pretty cool
  13. Yes it does. No it’s not.... it’s calling a player who hasn’t panned our well a disappointment. I guess he deserves an A. A Top 10 pick who plays 30% of snaps and is on the bench in the 4th quarter. Makes sense... I’ll bump it up to an A+ if he plays 15%. Thats reality according to Nick and Nolan. Who listens to that show anyway?
  14. kindness and loyalty? Yes. But it was a bad football move as Norwood was horrible during his last season and almost cost the Bills a few wins. After the Bills dropped him, he never kicked again which is telling to how fast his skills dropped.
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