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  1. I don’t see it. I believe that Beane wants to draft and retain and I don’t think that’s lip service. I just can’t see them shelling out that kind of money for a DE
  2. I love this pick and the fact that a rush for QB’s at the top (like there usually is) could possibly push the WR group down further. But I would love to have Tee Higgins For real - knowing McDermott, it would not shock me to see an Edge rusher be the pick
  3. Right after the trade went down, it was reported he didn’t he want to go to Buffalo and threatened to not report. But good old Doug Whaley gave him a phat contract to make him happy. To his credit, he did really embrace Buffalo
  4. Honestly, he’s an ultra competitive and very proud athlete so he probably has a lot of mixed feelings. Shady is super conscious of his legacy and he’s always wanted to go down as one of the greatest players to play the position. I’m sure he happy to be in a Super Bowl and happy for his teammates but knowing that he might not dress, and if he does dress it will as RB3, has to be a bit of a bummer. How can you think he’s nothing thinking this? I think he wanted to be THE man in the Super Bowl or at least a contributor, not just a player who can’t make it on the field. But at the end of the day if he can add “Super Bowl Champion” to his resume in the HOF that’s all that matters. Also while I’m sure he’s bummed (at least to a small extent) it doesn’t seem like he’s been a distraction this year. So given how he has handled this and the way he left Buffalo, I think Shady has shown a lot of growth as a person.
  5. In all fairness, why would you not want Shady to win a ring. For most of his career, he played good in Buffalo. He seemed to embrace the city and he wrote a classy statement after getting released. It’s not like he’s Donte Whiter. No reason to hope he doesn’t win
  6. Point taken.... he said Zo played edge rusher. Which he has, but he’s mostly an OLB
  7. Yes the team realized they were much better with Damien Williams and Darwin Thompson. It’s like TJ Yeldon in Buffalo. Instead of activating a 3rd string RB that won’t see the field much, you elect to active players for ST
  8. Lorenzo Alexander is also a strong side LB - not a DE
  9. Beane and McDermott have had 2 drafts which has yielded Josh Allen, Cody Ford, Devin Singletary, and Dawson know. Maybe you can say the jury the still out, but I don’t know how you can say these players “are not promising.” Qualify your response, because I think the output and potential has been promising True...some people are saying they’d rather have Tre White and Josh Allen, which is equally as silly as creating about the past. In both cases, fans need to move one
  10. At some point you just need to quit bitching and stop dwelling on the past. Teams miss on players every year. It sucks when it happens but how long are you going to cry about it? Bills fans, for reason, hold onto the past more than most teams.
  11. I’m with you... I just wish more fans felt this way. And yes, from what I’ve heard Bears fans were pretty miserable after watching this season play out
  12. Sure that’s true, but there were questions about Mahomes. If he turned out to be a Blake Bortles than the team really would have been set back. I think that given the circumstances, McDermott made a high-percentage decision and waited until the GM situation was better to draft a QB. It’s like the stock market, and he played it safe which I think is acceptable given all of the factors In doing so, he missed on an elite talent but I understand why it happened and am not perseverating on it. Yeah I think fans in Chicago are having this same conversation. But it’s worse for them since they did draft a QB. San Fran passed on him but since they are going to the Super Bowl, fans are good with a QB who passes 8 times
  13. I get that fans are upset watching a great QB like Mahomes but I just wanted add some context to a situation that wasn’t as obvious as some make it sound to be
  14. So many people forget this. He was high risk/high reward, but KC had the infrastructure to make it work. Many teams like Buffalo did not
  15. I agree...sorry for lumping you in with that type of fan Ok you knew better but the majority of fans didn’t feel that way.
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