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  1. LOL this is a huge stretch. We have many Native American reservations located in Western, NY. I’ve never heard one publicly voice a complaint over the name or the way that the organization has presented it. Also it’s not like Buffalo Bill Cody has any presence in the stadium or relation to the team other than in name Also the Patriots. Because many of our forefathers, including John Hancock in MA, owned slaves
  2. Didn’t they buy the naming rights to the stadium? So whether he likes it or not, New Era is entitled to naming rights
  3. Sure but that was mostly early in his tenure. The decisions that he made during his final 2 decades of ownership were terrible. His legacy is one that’s complicated. As a philanthropist, he did some good things for Western, NY - no doubt. As an owner, he made some terrible terrible decisions that made the football team (and the city of Buffalo) a laughingstock around the NFL. That’s a fact Fair enough, he deserves his share of the blame. You can’t forget about the guy who empowered him and...to quote RB....”tarnished the brand” the most.
  4. Russ Brandon - the second person most responsible for tarnishing they Bills brand. Ralph Wilson is still number one by a long shot. He did some major damage to the team
  5. Sal Capaccio said on WGR this morning that he thought Hauschka would have a hard time unseating Bass. Bass not only had a strong leg but he’s accurately in mid-range FG’s as well. This would have been a big surprise this past Spring but I do think it’s more likely.
  6. not bad and he’ll only get better
  7. Meh, while there always were some fans pining for Sammy, I think that most informed fans took a look at his production and were ok with the trade.
  8. How is this unpopular? Most would agree
  9. There are so many factors that go into playcalling. First we don’t know whether the calls were all Daboll or whether McDermott ordered those safe calls as you would suggest. Also we don’t know whether Josh audibled out of the original playcall into a run. I believe this happened their possession of the half. The Bills ran the ball And everyone lost their mind and said that it was a bad call by Daboll. In actuality, it was a pass play and Josh audibled into a Gore run which was stuffed. He confirmed this after the game. The 3rd factor is the OL. They were improved but overall the unit wasn’t great at overpowering fronts when they needed to. This has happened in short yardage or at the end of games. The line remains intact this season but they will need to play better. I don’t disagree though, if it’s an offensive issue Daboll and/or Allen will take the heat before McDermott does
  10. So because you disagree with my opinion that Chris Brown isn’t a good choice to replace John Murphy, you’re now resorting to personal insults? Wow.
  11. What meds? Calling Chris Brown “the best” is more ridiculous than anything I ever wrote
  12. we’ll have to agree to disagree. I don’t enjoy listening to Chris Brown and won’t be tuning into One Bills Live. As I explained, I don’t feel he offers enough and I don’t care for his delivery. He’s just not interesting. Also with some many nuanced NFL topics, it’s annoying to hear someone so heavily biased. Keep in mind, in the past he sung the praises of moves like hiring Dick Jauron or drafting CJ Spiller. Also fans want reporters to ask the questions they want to know - not about the Bills defensive line rotation. So much for “the best locally”
  13. I don’t see how Dallas can possibly pay Dak, Cooper and Zeke with these huge contracts. Seattle struggled to get under the cap when they signed Wilson to a deal
  14. Seems like more agree with my “unintelligent” take than with that guy who said Chris Brown is “the best locally.” 🤷 What!?!? I thought she was a babe this whole time! I was thinking a Pam Anderson type We bash Brown because he very rarely offers anything insightful. He loves every move and every coaching GM hire. It’s hard to take him serious.
  15. This is probably the most accurate review of Chris Brown I’ve ever read.
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