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  1. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/nfl-insider-notes-why-9-7-record-might-win-bumbling-nfc-north-bills-and-ravens-caught-in-crosshairs-and-more/ "The ripple effect of the Rams trading for Jalen Ramsey without a contract extension and the Texans dealing for Laremy Tunsil without a contract is something I have been chronicling for quite a while. Tunsil already hit his grand slam, securing $22M a year from O'Brien, and Ramsey will inevitably crush it as well. Two teams may be caught in the crosshairs of these decisions more than any others. The Ravens – who hope to extend tackle Ronnie Stanley and corner Marlon Humphrey ASAP – and the Bills, who would like to secure the services of left tackle Dion Dawkins and stud corner Tre'Davious White into the future, as well. These dominoes will keep falling, and it will make the terrain more difficult to navigate for other front offices. Actions have consequences."
  2. don’t have the athletic but wonder if dugger and Epenesa were still there that would of been the case https://theathletic.com/1780465/2020/04/29/kyle-dugger-path-to-the-patriots/
  3. Trey Adams to Bufffalo!! Huge get!! Trey Adams.... maybe this is why he fell
  4. let’s goooo. TE with the first pick https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/nfl-draft-mock-2021-too-early
  5. 5th this year, 3rd next year Sorry having trouble posting screen shot from Twitter
  6. Time to shore up that Offensive Line. Considering Josh Alllen was under pressure 33 percent of his drop backs last year. Can’t have that happen again this year .
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