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  1. They have arrested the momentum slide, righted the ship and continue to pound on them. That is character. Old bills let WFT back into it.
  2. If there was a drinking game linked to every time they say the word Heineke, I would be on the floor right now.
  3. I didn’t see the penalty but fox doesn’t show replays so…
  4. No contain, backfield has their backs turned. They’re gonna have to either send an extra guy or spy the kid.
  5. Need to answer back here. How about a 8 1/2 minute touchdown drive right now, make it 28-7 at half
  6. If Miami scrapes together enough capital to make the trade, when they intimate Watson will start, does he go to the commissioner exempt list? He’s not accused of murder but the charges are serious and similarly life altering for the alleged victims.
  7. In related news the NFL head office issued participation ribbons to all of the Miami Dolphins to hang in their safe spaces.
  8. I thought Ed Rutkowski had passed, welcome back to the land of the living Ed.
  9. ^^ For me it is this 100%. Different voice, different story. I watched college games in which she has broadcasted, the content is there and she’s pretty smooth, but that voice. Ugh
  10. Ugh, like nails on a chalkboard. The only announcers I dislike more than her than her is Joseph Beninati (Capitals) and Jack Edwards (Bruins). Good god their faces are so punchable.
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