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  1. I think what he is saying is that contractually it leaves an opening if it was undisclosed. Browns management doesn’t care if there was 24, 25 or 250 women. All they care about now is the bad press that they didn’t expect when they made the trade, and potentially having to get out from underneath that contract if the suspension is more than this season.
  2. PFF’s next article: Asked all NFL Coaches “if you were a tree, what tree would you choose to be”. Then ranked them on how effective that tree would be coaching an NFL team filled with 5’1” Filipinos.
  3. ^^^ lol seriously though my IT department says the fix is to reboot it.
  4. While still attached? Asking for a friend….
  5. Playing that game a step further, if he retires and the browns choose to void his contract for cap flexibility, he’s free? Can he Un-retire immediately? it seems too easy.
  6. My kid turns 25 this year. Maybe it is because football still makes me feel like I did when I was younger watching grown-ups playing my favorite sport every Sunday, but it’s not often that I view these kids as kids. I still see them as grown-ups playing a game. A situation like this really refreshes one’s perspective. Rest in peace son. On a lighter but associated note. I had the same type of perspective changing moment when Cal Peterson’s dad come in for training one time. I couldn’t figure out a way to tell him that a bunch of grown men and women ware excited for his son to become next franchise goaltender for the Sabres. So I just shook his hand and said hello. I couldn’t wrap my brain around telling a kid’s dad that a grown ass man was following his son’s college career at Notre Dame.
  7. Let’s put that video side-by-side up against Tua’s duck to Hill. It like they are not playing the same game, but ya know, all signs are pointing towards Tua breaking out this year. LOL🤪
  8. We really do need a sarcasm emoji. For the third time, he made a comment that he wasn’t sure why the girl had tears in her eyes at the end of the massage session. My comment was a shot at the fact that despite all of the deposition content leaking from the civil case that they still couldn’t come to a criminal indictment. Followed by a sarcastic use of an example of a typical sexist defense of a predator that is pervasive throughout a patriarchal society. Well, she must’ve been menstrual. She’s just a fragile female. It must be that time of the month. If she’s there she must have been asking for it. Look how she was dressed, she wants it. She said stop but she didn’t mean it. She said no but it’s not a big deal. As if the above sexist comments must be the reason she was tearing up and not the fact that she was sexually assaulted. Everything else I have posted in any thread on this topic, without the use of sarcasm, has been in support of the women involved in the case and in condemnation of Watson’s actions.
  9. What amazes me was that in the beginning most people that heard it was an unlicensed massage therapist automatically assumed they were whores. in reality, as the truth comes to light it would seem that they were just regular people looking to earn some scratch as an unlicensed masseuse. Sure, probably some pros in there but I bet the bulk of complainants were just average women.
  10. Try using a sarcasm filter. As I stated above the guy literally came out and said he didn’t know why she was crying. great that you jumped to the rescue though
  11. I really hope so, just the things he admitted to makes him look like a predator.
  12. Turn on your sarcasm filter the guy just said he didn’t know why she was crying after constantly pressing his junk onto her.
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