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  1. How the hell can a league as huge as the NFL not get delay of game right? NE was three seconds late getting the play off and they throw a TD because the referees are either incompetent or complicit.
  2. Barry Sanders can’t play any more, he’s too old
  3. Maybe Rodgers is still dusted from his most recent “experience”
  4. Good thing the packers are wearing yellow pants, because good ole A-Aron is pizzing down his leg
  5. Thanks, I’m going to yell at kids to get off my lawn now
  6. This may be my old man showing, but what the he’ll did he say? Got the good game part.
  7. Yeah but we hired the dolphin neurologist mid point of this week. Everything is a back injury
  8. Holy S$&:t y’all. I was so wrapped around the axle I couldn't post in the second half
  9. Did anyone see that Pickett pick? That was a moon ball, could have timed hang time with a sundial
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