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  1. Interesting, Etienne thought he was going number 30 to us.
  2. Hamsah Nasirildeen Tyler Shelvin Brevin Jordan Ronnie Perkins - the process will rescue him
  3. I’m Indifferent. Doesn’t move the needle on my give a ssss meter.
  4. We have a complete mental breakdown and trade Knox and our second for Evan Engram in a three way trade with NYG and Detroit. https://heavy.com/sports/buffalo-bills/bills-land-evan-engram-draft-trade/ gross
  5. If DBs could catch the ball, they wouldn’t be DBs, they’d be wide receivers. I watched all of those videos and their definition of dropped interception is very generous to the defense.
  6. That’s exactly what I thought of from just reading the title of the thread.
  7. I could do one. Then I would end up in traction from breaking my old man neck.
  8. I was at that game, Davis put a pretty dress on him and took him to homecoming. You can’t judge the guy on what is arguably one of his worst games.
  9. Hope to God that I never see Mitch Trubisky start a game in a bills uniform that doesn’t include resting the starters. not an indictment on the kids talent level but if we see him unexpectedly, we’re in trouble.
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