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  1. “The Bills signing Steveson reeks of hypocrisy, more or less. Again, releasing Araiza at the time felt like the smartest thing to do from an organizational standpoint. They didn’t know what would come from the case but wanted to make a stand and statement that behavior of that kind wouldn’t be tolerated. All of that now goes out the window and rings hollow.” A stand and a statement, lol. Not a naïve take at all. Bless his heart.
  2. We are lucky to be watching this kid ball. I will never take this time in Bills history for granted, I took for granted the 90s Bills and I learned my lesson. I will enjoy every minute of this.
  3. My wife wanted Roz’s pizza and wings the day she had chemo, so she could enjoy something before the inevitable happened the next 2-3 days.
  4. I have an empty credit card that is earmarked for travel to Buffalo for the Super Bowl celebration. Had it for 4 years, never put a single charge on it, lfg.
  5. At least I won’t need an extra subscription, my kids won’t ever let me cancel Netflix, I tried.
  6. But I though Hollywood doesn’t put in the work anymore. He’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle.
  7. Can you imagine with old kickoff rules, this guy coming at you with a 40 yard run up?
  8. Jesus that is a big dude. You look at the still photo and his legs are as big as the torso on the guy behind him. My lord.
  9. The video has his comp as Demarcus Lawrence. Good luck kid, I’m pulling for that, lol.
  10. I get the feeling that Beane is out of draftable grades.
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