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  1. Damn--- if we signed everyone that gets waived --- we could start our own league. Just say NO to Bernard.
  2. I like it --- this means we dont have to draft a RB in rounds 1 thru 3 this year. Spend those picks on an Edge Rusher, CB and someone to take Morse's spot after this year
  3. Again we dont need a RB,,, we need defensive line and a CB --- then maybe we can think of RB...
  4. great move for the Dolphins... it wont be an easy win even with Tua. Tua just has to manage the game without turnovers and game will be close. Dont estimate them!!
  5. If I am Josh-- no way I am going for anything less then 35 million. Tom Brady taking less money is noble but his wife makes money then him-- they dont need 40 million
  6. If it will be thru free agency-- worry about that next year or better yet -- draft someone this year. Just say NO
  7. Do you have any cheese with your w(h)ine-- I am hungry. I think this is a great signing. This man fits the work ethic needed. He may have come from Carolina but he is more of a Eric Washington pickup then Brandon Beane.
  8. My opinion is that we are set on Offense and we need to grab a stud DE and since FA market has dried up-- looks like we have to take a shot on the draft. QBs -- well it looks like the answer is to get a veteran QB who has a similar style as Josh- Done RBs -- I think we are set- We are not a running team. We dont ask our RBs to carry the ball more then 15x/game. I wouldnt be upset if we grabbed Etienne but our RBs averaged 4.4 ypc -- I will take that. WRs -- I like to see McKensie back or even draft Dazz Newsome. TE -- We definitely need depth here but I am go
  9. HAHAHAHAH,,,, Someone pee in your cheerios. I guess when you become coach--- you can get id of special teams,
  10. Its not a meltdown and they are not in panic mode- they have the money so he is putting his team in a position to win. They have invested in solid players this offseason and the ones that are suspect - can be cut without much cap spending.
  11. Laugh all you want-- that's all they need is a quarterback and they will be good.
  12. Patriots are doing a good job... Might be overpaying but they are getting needed pieces to gain a few more wins AND they have the money. Their defense will be stacked-- and didnt the Bills overpay with Addison , Jefferson and Butler last year?
  13. Great for Roberts. Outside for a few fumbles-- he was sure handed for us and he will be missed but next man which may be Mckenzie or Dazz Newsome.
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