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  1. I agree with you but yet you are still listening to him..
  2. Who cares... the Bills passed on Tom Brady --if we had him-- we would always have a guy in the top 10!!!! and I dont give a sh!t about this list. Prove it on the field. When we can do that -- I still wont care about this list!!!
  3. compliments of the Star tribune https://trib.com/sports/college/wyoming/football/the-firebaugh-files-supportive-household-key-to-josh-allen-s/article_dee092d7-0944-5c6d-a182-c460a9297055.html
  4. He wont make the team... too many WRs in front of him and the last two spots at WR will be special teams.
  5. Oliver is the obvious pick but i will go with Dawson Knox-- and i think the reason why is we need someone at that position and this guy could be the answer.. would hate to see him falter this season and hope we do throw the ball his way.
  6. and no one said you have to listen to them... they had many guests on talking about the draft.. tasker does bring a lot to the table and people bash him and Murph once every two weeks on this site... why be a negative person and offer up some decent opinions
  7. You hate to write posts like this but you did anyways-- Give me Tasker and Murph over the morning crew or Schopp and the Bulldog anyday
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