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  1. why do most people think Christian Wade can be on our 53 man roster... He is on the exempt list and our 11th man on our practice squad. Once we waved him and no one picked him up-- we brought him back and placed him on the practice squad as the 11th player.. He is exempt-- no one can sign him-- and we cant sign him to the 53 man roster. this is for the whole 2019-2020 season
  2. Why WHy WHy-- Why should JIm go and visit Pancho? He was battling his own cancer-- do you even realize how much of a toll it takes on you. Pancho was a good story but do we need to visit every fan who has an illness.
  3. he was not stumbling... total cheap shot and if he did this to Brady-- would we be calling him a scumbag
  4. wow.. you know more then Sean... perhaps we will see you on the sidelines
  5. This post and all the comments are what is wrong with society today. Every one loves to revel in other peoples misery and misfortune. I agree that Zays dad should not have tweeted anything but he did--so what?? He bashed our fan base -- who the F cares. its only words but we decide to trash Zay - we trash his dad. We are no better. We sit behind a keyboard and trash talk everyone when we all have something from our past that we would be criticized about.
  6. Incarcerated Bob was the first to report this.... NOT
  7. I agree with you but yet you are still listening to him..
  8. Who cares... the Bills passed on Tom Brady --if we had him-- we would always have a guy in the top 10!!!! and I dont give a sh!t about this list. Prove it on the field. When we can do that -- I still wont care about this list!!!
  9. compliments of the Star tribune https://trib.com/sports/college/wyoming/football/the-firebaugh-files-supportive-household-key-to-josh-allen-s/article_dee092d7-0944-5c6d-a182-c460a9297055.html
  10. He wont make the team... too many WRs in front of him and the last two spots at WR will be special teams.
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