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  1. Why do any of you even care? it dont matter.... what matters is wins, playoff wins and the Super Bowl... let them rank Allen and Diggs outside top 100... I dont give a $!#!##
  2. Stop the whining... Jeez-- so what ?!?! Who cares?!?! Whine about a bad call that changed a game. How do you know COwboys wont win... they were scoring a ton before Prescott got hurt. Right... Correct ... Abso- freaking- lutely
  3. all this from reliable sources? I want to go to New Orleans -- just dont think I will go on Thanksgiving
  4. This topic appeared about perhaps 2 months, not more then 3 months ago on this board and the people commenting wanted to respect his privacy and not give out any details. So you who implied that you also want to respect his privacy and you who mentioned that you cant give out his address did in fact NOT NOT NOT respect his privacy. To give out attributes of the house and specifically mention an aspect of the house for people to think of only tells me you want people to find the house. With the information you gave -- most anyone can google search where he lives. the gist of
  5. He didnt get drafted because he is not that good!!
  6. Doesnt matter if you are sold on what we have--- BB is sold on our RBs and thats what we have going into the season. No FA RB will do anything for us so I am ok with our RB..
  7. 10 picks left and still some good prospects for the Bills--- JOK, Paye, Ettienne , Newsome... I like to see Newsome
  8. I think I seen this post before but with a different title... a few times but what the heck-- we will probably see it again 2 or 3 more times before draft.
  9. Good-- glad to read this as RB would be my least favorite pick in the first 4 rounds
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