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  1. Levi Wallace is much better than he is given credit for. Each year competition is brought in and each year he ends up being the starter. I don't think skipping cb was done on purpose but was more due to following their board. I echo the idea that Dane Jackson looks like a player. As I have said elsewhere McD is amazing with late round cbs. Josh Norman was incredible with him (5th rounder), Bene Benwikere and Tre Boston were serviceable as 4th and 5th rounders, Siran Neal and Taron Johnson are also 4th and 5th rounders. Further there are still a ton of veteran optio
  2. Here are my thoughts: 1. Back to back DE was surprising but I liked it. Both players can rush from the interior and are huge. The pass rush was sorely lacking last year, is an overly expensive fa position, and the 2 best are old. The hope imo is that the Bills will pile on points and then pin their ears back without giving up beef on the line. 2. Back to back ots is a bit different. First there is a huge difference between 1st and 2nd vs 3rd and 5th rounds. Williams played very well last year but is only a couple of years removed from major injury. These picks a
  3. Steve Tasker made his prediction yesterday on One Bills Live that it would be Rouseau (gonna have to learn how to spell it lol). @BADOLBILZ has been championing for him at least over the last week. Hell even @ScottLaw was happy with the pick which might be the first time ever! I wanted JOK after the Ravens didn't take him. @NoSaint asked another poster where he would play and it gave me pause. Drafting at 30 I wanted a defensive player. I didn't want rb/wr or even o-line through the entire process. I am happy with the pick as he is "toolsy" but also had a year of really good
  4. There is no reason to pick up the option for Edmunds. It costs the same as the franchise tag. They can skip the option which immediately becomes guaranteed and tag him if they want after the year. He won't be tagged AND it won't be an indictment on how they feel about him.
  5. Im here sorry about that With 104th pick the Baltimore Ravens select Jordan Smith, edge, alabama birmingham. Edge is the last of the needs here filled with an interesting prospect with a checkered past. @CNYfan and the Saints are up with the last pick.
  6. Edited down to single players per position. Looks like a clear leader has emerged though.
  7. Going to remove all players with less than 5 votes soon to narrow the field
  8. I always make my polls public. It helps me know who's opinion to take seriously lol.
  9. He was there and among the first cuts as nobody had voted for him.
  10. You asked me to call you crazy so I did that's all 🙂 On a serious note though yes it is only 7 spots but it is the difference of a 3rd rounder by the trade chart. You are giving up the 5th year option and need to have 7 guys you are comfortable with to make that move imo. Going from pick 10 to pick 17 isn't just 7 spots. If it was later in the draft I would agree with you but that high up in the draft that is more valuable than Zach Ertz imo. Zach Ertz of 2 years ago I wouldn't disagree at all and I am not totally against the idea as you said if he reworks the deal.
  11. I removed 3 players who had yet to garner a vote. Will do my next cut down as more leaders emerge. I expect the Bears, WFT, or Panthers to be in on him in the 2nd if they miss on QB in the first round.
  12. yeah I'll add him and 2 others that people requested including Kellen Mond.
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