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  1. Yes I do. In my living room, or my basement, or my friends house, or the bar. Standing cheering. Trying real hard not to yell at the tv for my wife and kids sake lol. As others mentioned the end zones stand and thats where my seasons were when I had them. That was pn purpose so that I could stand. For me a Bills game is a celebration and I dont sit at a party.
  2. I know this is said in jest but.... Edmunds is 24 years old. He is 1 year older than Cook, Bernard, Quinton Morris, and Baylon Spector who are all rookies. He is the same age as Spencer Brown, Boogie, and Damar Hamlin who are in their 2nd year. In fact he is still, in his 5th year, the 14th youngest player on the Bills. That is wild to me. Love to see him playing so well and hope to see it continue!
  3. I have a few self rules when doing survivor. Always pick a home team for one, never pick the colts for another one. They lost to the Jags week 1 for the Jags only win of the year a couple years ago. I don't care how much they are favored. I won't bet them. You only get to pick a team once so a lot of people try to "save" good teams. If you think one of the poorer teams will get a win you try to get cute and sneak through a week.
  4. None of the acts sing live during the sb halftime show that doesn't much matter
  5. If you ever liked ozzy his newest song is a collab with jeff beck and it is way better than I expected. Check it out.
  6. It's all about knowing the market. With the games so far away people can post them for high prices, if they sell great! If they don't sell you lower as it gets closer. Before the games start specifically right now is the worst time to buy tickets. Hype and excitement are at their highest. The best time to buy tickets is right after a loss. Demand is suppressed and supply is increased. Home opener is almost always the most expensive game of the year. Primetime is also something that increases price. The fact that the home opener is primetime and the Bills are the super bowl favorites is the perfect recipe for a very expensive ticket. The most important thing is knowing where to look though. The article states the cheapest ticket is $200. As I write this there are $75 tickets for sale on craigslist for this game. https://buffalo.craigslist.org/tix/d/buffalo-tennessee-titans-at-buffalo/7524342440.html She paid 1/3 last year so tickets are already in line with that she paid.
  7. My review on these: The bbq is a very plain bbq sauce. This was the worst of the 3 but still a passable sauce. The mild sauce is decent. Exactly what you would expect it to be. A little thicker than homemade mild sauce so I didn't mind it. The hot sauce is pretty good. It's a thicker franks red hot with a very similar taste and I love franks. All in all they are cool for the novelty but none of them are must buys.
  8. I've stayed completely away from this topic but I feel the need to correct this. I was a licensed massage therapist for more than 10 years in NYS. We are trained on proper draping techniques. The groin is not an area that is massaged. If you are referring to the inner thigh then yes it can be massaged however the draping is done very tightly under the leg so as to prevent exposure. If Watson is choosing to use a small towel, most massage therapists would decline as exposure would certainly be a risk. I do not know a single therapist that gives clients that option or really any option of draping. We have our own supplies including sheets for draping. Any exposure immediately puts us at risk of the client ruining our reputation or filing a complaint with the NYS office of professions. Licenses can and have been revoked for those situations. I really like your chef analogy in another post, it highlights the biggest red flag for me. Sports massage is a very specific type of massage. Swedish massage is what most people think of when they think of massage. A professional athlete would/should have a specific therapist they like to work with. Most therapists have regular clients as once you find a good therapist, people choose to continue to work with them. On top of that, the Texans likely have therapists on staff if he really was seeking treatment.
  9. I put these elsewhere but I'll put them here: Giants will trade down a couple times from that 7 pick. Maybe 7 to 20 so Pitt can grab Willis and then 20 to 25 so Buffalo can get their guy. Conversely, If a QB NYG likes slides (Willis maybe) I could see Bradberry or Toney and their 2nd getting packaged for 25. I could also see Buffalo trading down if the draft fell with wrs and cbs flying off the board. Something like 25 and 57 for 32 and 34. I think Detroit waits until the end of round 1 but does grab a qb. I think Buffalo double dips on DBs this year like they did with DE last year. Maybe not round 1 and 2 but in the first 3 rounds. I think Carolina trades down from 6. I also think they end the weekend with either Mayfield or Pickett as the qb. I think Jameson Williams is still the first WR off the board. Adding a couple more: If Hamilton falls like Derwin James a couple of years ago the Bills will trade up for him (18 or so for the Bills to pull the trigger imo) I think Pickens ends up on the Chiefs. Character concerns don't bother them and the talent is undeniable. Don't know if this is bold but Tremaine and Poyer are both still on the team at the end of the draft. If anyone gets traded its Moss and/or Epenesa but I don't think any players get traded.
  10. I voted booth if he is there at 25. However if hamilton has a slide like derwin james I see a trade up for him.
  11. Wtf? lol You typed more about how you don't care than I did. I expected her to make more and made a guess that a move to a better paying job was what she was doing. That's it no judgement. I originally looked it up because being a sportscaster is my dream job and I would love to have my job be something like hosting gmfb so I was interested in what it paid. My actual job does involve compensation so what people make is literally my business. Other than that I have no idea what you are going on about but thanks for the advice from an also older Bills fan that hopes you are doing well...
  12. Last one and I am out on this topic as it is silly and I really don't care this much.... can you find any other information other than just assumption? I ask in all sincerity.
  13. As I said I was very surprised by it as well as it was much lower than I expected. We are up to 4 people now that are sure it isn't true and I absolutely agree it may not be. It was what I found in each result and none of you have offered any other information. Could be that the sites are all copying the same wrong information but I couldn't find anything to the contrary. I really don't care that much to keep going back and forth though. If you can find different I would be interested to see it.
  14. I'm completely open to being wrong. I really don't mind. lol Just shooting the ***** here offering what I found as I was very surprised that it was that low. Again its what I saw and don't see anything else reported elsewhere.
  15. I mean you guys could simply google and provide other evidence... lol. I said I was surprised by it but each result has that figure listed. I even went back through before posting to verify I wasn't just misremembering ala Roger Clemens.
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