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  1. Nothing some antibiotics couldn't fix
  2. This actually worked for me once!
  3. Looks like Monday is the day.... https://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/SB-Blogs/Breaking-News/2020/07/Redskins-Name-Change.aspx
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/1033fmESPN/status/1282042829813043209 i don't know how to get the tweet to show sorry im no @YoloinOhio
  5. Tommy Shaw is a ***** american treasure! He does not get the credit he deserves as an amazing guitarist!
  6. To add to the further discrediting of @Rob's House anecdotal evidence... There is absolutely no way another Professor was brought in and simply told to grade the paper without that Prof asking why he needed to do so. The "new" Prof would have worked in the same department as the old one and would have been very aware of why he was doing it.
  7. I know this is a Ringo thread but I know you love music so I won't pass up this opportunity to make sure you are familiar with Oysterhead. Stewart Copeland, Les Claypool, and Trey Anastasio. Absolute monster lineup that I hadn't thought of in a few years. Time to pull up Grand Pecking Order and if you aren't familiar with it, I hope you enjoy too!
  8. I know the irony of your posts have already been pointed out but look at your top 2 lines. First stop with the hyperbole it will help your argument out. Everyone did not decide we are living in the 1800s and everything under the sun didn't become racist. That is not the conversation. The conversation is that black people are still not receiving the same treatment and opportunities that white people are. That black people are not receiving equal treatment from LEO's. It isn't every opportunity that isn't equal nor is it every LEO. I will give you some very quick examples that happen so much you might not even blink an eye (which IS the issue): Whenever a black athlete is "surprisingly well spoken" Someone making a racist joke in front of you. A lady clutching her purse when a black man gets on the elevator with her because she is scared. When talking about someone saying the black guy or girl as the differentiation. Have you ever used the inverse? These aren't "major things" but when enough of them pile up you can see that an issue exists and should be addressed. That's what is meant by systemic racism. It isn't that everyone is racist. It is that racism exists in forms many of us don't notice because we have never really paid attention. I'm not afraid to engage in this discussion with you. I am trying to understand your argument. I do wonder if you are being honest about challenging your beliefs as poster after poster has engaged you and been dismissed. To me (I won't assume the rests motives) people are asking to be treated fairly. It forced me to answer some of the questions I posed above and make me wonder why my answers were what they were. I have been challenging my beliefs and ideas and have come to the conclusion that they have a valid point. While I am not racist nor do I consider myself racist, I have allowed racist jokes to be made or racist language to be used and not spoken up. That has changed and that is the progress this movement is about. I grew up in a small town believe me racism still exists in the US. You have been very staunch in your position but have you ever thought to listen. I mean truly listen. Black comedians have been talking about run ins with the cops forever, why is that? Is it something they created? Or is there a kernel of truth? Have you ever spent any amount of time in an inner city setting (the projects if your will)? Have you talked to people about what it is like to grow up in that environment? That is the answer to your last question (how to fix). Instead of thinking that you as a white man know what the black experience is like, listen. Time and effort will fix this. The further we get from segregation the better. Both the sitting president and the dem nominee have some skeletons in their closet when it comes to racism. As younger generations come into positions of power this will get better. Right now we have a president who tweeted a video of a guy saying white power and a challenger who said if you don't vote for me your not black. That is a giant waving red flag that racism is still an issue in this country. In the mean time all we can do right now is try to be better. Challenge ourselves to learn and grow each and every day. Progress and growth is something we should all strive for each and every day.
  9. DC Redskins has a nice name. Changes out the offensive and leaves the history! On a more serious note if they are worried about the history they could go back to their original name of the Washington Braves. From the wiki: RedskinsReport.com revealed on July 4, 2020 that if there were a renaming, team owner Dan Snyder would still prefer to use a Native American name and keep the current Redskins emblem and uniform color.
  10. I have officially lost count of how many times I have started to type a reply to this thread and then thought better of it. The pearl clutching about a team name change is incredible. Did anyone get this upset when the Washington Bullets became the Washington Wizards?
  11. I am snipping for brevity. Saying black lives matter in no way marginalizes or minimizes the struggle anyone else faces. The statement does not have any more to it. It isn't black lives matter and Italian lives don't, white lives don't etc. It is a simple statement. Anyone that can't say that one statement without qualifying it should really ask themselves why? What about that simple statement bothers them? Do they have the same reaction when someone says blue lives matter? We can all say black lives matter and leave it at that. The most recent movement has certainly caused reflection in my actions and thoughts along the lines of waht @Hapless Bills Fan posted. I grew up in a small town and can tell you from first hand experience racism is still an issue in America. Growing up it wasn't uncommon to hear derogatory terms used to describe black people, immigrants, etc. I have realized through reflection that not speaking up and telling people that it wasn't okay to do in front of me I was actually telling them that it was okay to do in front of me. I have made a promise to myself that I will no longer let that be the case. I'm not racist but my inaction was allowing racism to exist around me and that isn't okay. The current protests really got me to stop and think. Hopefully it did for many more Americans as well. To circle back to the topic at hand: At work - no absolutely not. I work in HR and ask people not to discuss things such as these at work At home/personal life - absolutely. My belief is my belief and I have no problem sharing it with people. If people dislike or disagree and are respectful I enjoy conversing with them as I am always open to learning new things and having my views grow/evolve. If they are disrespectful I have no problem ending a conversation.
  12. 1. I am the president of his fan club (not really) but I loved the dude. Loved him wearing the Jersey and loved him representing Buffalo. I know it is unpopular to think he should have got the 10 mill here but I think he was worth it. 2. Addison is the more productive pass rusher but has 1 maybe 2 years left. I don't know that he can be as productive as he was in the past. I don't hate him but Lawson was another one of those guys that I feel brought more than just stats. He also is on the way up in his career. So I see it as even maybe slight advantage to Addison next year then no contest the following 3 years of his deal. 7. I was a foot away from the tv kneeling down and as soon as he kicked it I knew he missed it. Running it with Thurman right before the kick was an interesting move and not one I agree with. That was committing to spiking the ball and kicking no matter where it ended up. What if he got stuffed?
  13. 1. Still the president of the Jordan Phillips fan club. His loss will be felt as he was an emotional leader on the team. Getting guys fired up is an important role on any team and he did it as well as anyone. He was also a productive pass rusher yet somehow a high conversion rate of pressures to sacks has been spun as a bad thing. 2. I would have preferred Lawson at his salary to Addison at his. I don't really buy into the Carolina thing but this and the Butler signings got me wavering. Lawson was another rah rah guy who was drafted and developed. He improved each year and we let him go to a division rival no less. 3. Josh's lateral in the playoff game wasn't the terrible play it gets made out to be. It wasn't the moment being too big. It was Josh trying to do to much and make a play. If he did make that lateral successfully, the Bills win and that play is replayed constantly. 4. Josh was clearly concussed in the playoff game. 3 blockers, a clear lane to at least fg range and all 3 guys blew it allowing Josh to get blown up. 5. old one but I will never not argue this. The loss to the Steelers' 3rd stringers was actually a loss to a lot of guys who led them to a sb win a few years later. James Harrison and Willie Parker both had great games as unknown players. 6. Rob Johnson left the field with the lead. That loss is not on him or the decision to start him regardless of who made the call. 7. Marv Levy blew the end of sb 25. that kick was out of Norwood's range and he wasted time at the end of the game where they could have gotten closer.
  14. absolutely and you will get no argument that both sides have been divisive. What-aboutism doesn't do anything to help solve the issues. All it does it divide. Wrongs can and should be pointed out without a "but look what they are doing." As a parent we don't accept that from our kids and it is met with some version of "it doesn't matter what other people are doing/saying, it matters what you are doing/saying." If Trump wants to start naming domestic groups as terrorist orgs, her should be prepared to name all groups that are terrorist orgs. If he didn't name Antifa a terrorist org nobody would be asking him why he doesn't also name the kkk. He is 3 1/2 years into his presidency and hasn't been asked that question until now. The confederate monuments were still standing because there wasn't enough public support to remove them. The majority of the people are now saying we don't want to see the confederate flag and these monuments dedicated to people with view points that are now out of date to put it nicely. If a majority of people don't support something then it is changed. That is America. That is democracy at work.
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