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  1. I have long held the opinion that this is what Ernie Adams focuses on. The minutia pre-snap of body language, stance, etc... to be used as visual cues for NE defenses to key on. He also identifies weaknesses in players or something akin to tipping pitches qbs may do. All of course imo but I think it explains why NE is always so prepared.
  2. I agree with all of this and want to expand on some of it. Shaq, Jordan, and Lorenzo were not just starters. They were emotional leaders. Philips and Lawson played with an edge that the defense is lacking this year. Zo brought the leadership that also appears to be lacking. Josh Norman had a quote after the Raiders game along the lines of coach kept saying someone needs to make a play and he said I will make a play. After the game it was celebrated but it was a little peak into the team. It took a FA signing on the back end of his career to take charge and bring the edge. Where was it from the "leaders?" Tre and Poyer just signed new deals with plans to be around for a while. They should be stepping up as leaders not taking stupid penalties while the game is still within reach. Agree about the schedule. They are facing a much better group of QBs this year than last. It is what is helping me keep my sanity after the last 2 games. It sucks they lost but the 2 teams area combined 10-1. Those are good football teams. They didn't get beaten up by scrubs. Injuries are certainly a factor. Last year was a really lucky year in that regard and the facilities got a lot of credit so fans expected that luck to continue (I was one of them not gonna lie) and it hasn't. Phillips signed for 3 years 30 million. Shaq got the same. We gave that money to Vernon Butler, Quinton Jefferson, and Mario Addison. Regardless of the obvious Carolina connection I feel like they downgraded. To be fair it is more players, less money, and less years but I feel like both Jordan and Shaq brought something to this defense that I have yet to see from the 3 new guys. I hate to use this word but the defense has been soft. They have been pushed around and physically dominated. I would hope/expect to see some fire when this happens but I haven't yet and that to me is the most discouraging part.
  3. If it was indeed a cursory meeting that happened 6 years ago it would become a got ya game. As vp do you think he would remember every single person he shook hands with? Saying he never met him, someone producing a photo of the 2 shaking hands, and he has egg on his face. Do you think a quick hand shaking would probe something nefarious? Of course not. However a denial followed by a picture would be an incredibly bad look. There is a legally blind gentleman who "is pretty sure" it was Hunter Biden. Have you looked at the information? It raises more questions than answers. Are republicans really gonna fall for the same thing the dems did last election cycle?
  4. That's a dangerous game to play. By that logic, Trump has yet to denounce the russia paying to kill american soldiers info so it must be true. It's october every news story on both sides needs to be taken with a boulder of salt. The laptop story is certainly more than a little fishy and doesn't pass the smell test at all. Doesn't mean it isn't true just means that barring actual evidence, I'm not buying it.
  5. Just refilled my wife's insulin last week. Still the same price as it has been. I appreciate the move but wish it wasn't just a symbolic move and wasn't sold with a lie attached (pennies a day before anyone asks). Insulin cost is a very real issue for millions of Americans. I won't call it a triumph though until there are actual verifiable results. I did some digging and came across this: https://www.factcheck.org/2020/09/viral-post-wrongly-ties-cost-drop-to-trumps-prescription-bill/ “the administration hasn’t implemented any of the executive orders the President issued in July,” she told us in an email. “There’s a voluntary insulin program that’s going to go into effect next year (which is to say that it isn’t in effect now), but it will only assist a subset of Medicare beneficiaries.” That program begins Jan. 1, 2021, and will apply to “a subset of plans and enrollees, and not all insulin products have to be covered by all participating plans,” according to a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis. It does not affect costs for people who are uninsured or have other coverage. The centers already provide a sliding scale based on income, though, so how much the costs would go down for those recipients depends on how the Department of Health and Human Services ultimately defines “low-income.” and this: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/insulin-pennies-a-day-trump/ What's True Trump issued an executive order in July 2020 that was intended to lower the price of insulin for some Americans. What's False Rather than targeting all diabetic patients nationwide, the directive was written to help low-income diabetes patients of certain community clinics, who are uninsured or underinsured, to buy insulin at reduced prices. Also, no verifiable evidence suggests that the lower costs would amount to "pennies a day" for anyone. What's Undetermined Exactly how much money some diabetes patients could save on insulin daily as a result of the directive is unknown because the order did not outline specifics, including when or how it would be implemented. So to recap, in regard to the claim in question, it was true to state Trump signed an executive order in July 2020 that aimed to make it easier for low-income diabetic patients to pay for insulin. But nowhere in the federal document did the presidential administration explain its plan for implementing the change, nor the level to which insulin prices would drop. There was no proof that the order would allow any American to someday pay “pennies a day” on the protein hormone.
  6. This situation has such an easy solution. Right now the league needs to put a bye week in at week 12 where there isn't one currently. All games that need to be rescheduled can be played then. Another bye week added in at week 15 would solve all other issues. Any game without playoff implications from weeks 16, 17, 18, and 19 will not be made up if needed to be cancelled or postponed. An additional week tacked on the end of the season should be a last resort as rest right before a playoff game for some and not others would be unfair but used if necessary. The league needs to stop acting like it can't just add weeks in. Any games that are played will get spotlight and attention. Additional weeks of revenue will offset any losses incurred from extra bye weeks. They are robbing Peter to pay Paul and it is only week 5. No way they make it through without adding extra weeks imo.
  7. If packing the court would make you mad if the dems did it, it should make you mad if the republicans do it.... Put differently, if you disagree with an issue it shouldn't matter which side is pushing that issue forward.
  8. Can't write the obituary for this game yet...
  9. A couple of years ago I got youtube tv and started watching games a second time. It is very interesting how different my thoughts and feelings are the 2nd time around. During the game I am on edge and excited while watching. That leads to me not being able to concentrate as much. Watching a second time gives an incredibly different perspective that is on par with the difference watching in the stadium vs on tv.
  10. Headline doesn't match story lol. Gabbard wasn’t going to take it lying down and did indeed apologize for referencing the Project Veritas story
  11. I kid but seriously step away from the keyboard. This place has been right leaning for at least the 11 years I have been here. DRs banning has nothing to do with his political leanings as stated in the OP.
  12. I'm not portraying that at all. I'm saying there should be no mud slinging period. It shouldn't be tolerated period.
  13. Terrible idea. There is no discussion when there is only mudslinging. The amount of name calling on this sub forum should be embarrassing for any adult. Discussion should be just that, discussion. Name calling has no place. If people spoke on here like they would if they were speaking face to face, DR would still be here. Honestly MORE moderation would make this place better. Sure. As long as you vote Republican and dismiss any other view point as marxist, communist, libtard, snowflake, etc... What has happened (imo) is there have been an influx of left leaning posters coming on to the site now. This has caused an issue because the echo chamber no longer echoes quite as much. Look at how quick things devolve into name calling. I won't absolve either side of the political aisle and say this is only one side or the other but it is a problem on this forum and many times makes it unreadable. People should handle themselves like adults and try to be better. We are still all American at the end of the day but somehow on this site having a different pov means you literally are against America and everything it stands for . I had several good interactions with DR but also cringed with his treatment of others beyond just "trolls" or "bots" (yet another way to undermine others opinions). He shouldn't have broken TOS plain and simple. He should have heeded the warning he received. He should have not gotten into it with the site owner. 3 chances to not get banned. 3 strikes and you are out. Are you serious? How long has this forum existed? How long has PPP existed? How long did the qanon thread exist? How about all of the incredibly long threads?
  14. Exactly what i said... Wallace didn't talk over him. Edt: I also have to add "racist hoaxster" Chris Wallace. Cmon
  15. I appreciate that, finally some sanity lol. I think it did work in 16 bc he was an outsider. However that schtick doesn't work as well when he has been president for 4 years with a republican controlled congress for the duration of his presidency. He can't blame current politicians for the the current problems as he is no longer an outsider. As the president this is now his mess. He tried to drop a 47 years line on Biden but it fell flat imo bc he is no longer able to blame anyone else. I agree the cowboy style worked in 16 but I thought he was at his best last night when he shut up and played by the rules. I think he tried to rile up Biden at the start but it just came across as him being a petulant child to me. I definitely fall into the instant turnoff group. I just can't wrap my head around the person who represents all of America acting in this manner and people thinking it is okay.
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