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  1. Oh ive heard of him but please enlighten me why you are so convinced he will be a great hc? Remember jim bob cooter? He was once a hot oc for the lions that was gonna be the next big thing. Perbaps it was the 14 points johnsons offense put up against kc that convinced you he is better than mcd? Again please tell me what about his ability to lead a team says we should toss the best coach in team history overboard? Dorsey outperformed him last year and is doing so again this year....
  2. Ahh yes the hot coordinator name. He's so much better than Dorsey and of course he's much better than mcd as a head coach even though he's never done it. Oh wait.... the bills average more yards per game, more rushing yards per game, and more points per game (by a full touchdown). Buffalo is 2nd in points and Detroit is 13th! That's the guy we should throw the winningest coach in teams history overboard for?! Strong I've heard of him energy with these posts....
  3. I went for jefferson over 89.5 and godwin over 57.5 receiving yards for +255
  4. No. You are concerned about Murray who showed well last year but want Hunt who didn't. That doesn't really make sense. Additionally improving the rb room isnt the priority improving lb or ot is or at least should be. If Harris gets injured then maybe but I think that would lead to an elevation of evans or mims whichever makes the ps.
  5. Interest in Kareem Hunt is only from the ive heard of him camp. He clearly lost a atep last year and wasnt nearly as effective. Multiple teams have brought him in and nobody has signed him. This isnt the same kareem hunt the Browns originally signed.
  6. Cunningham looked electric running the ball. Have to imagine he will be on a ps somewhere would love it to be w the Bills.
  7. Always lost in this conversation is that benford has played very well. His contain and tackle on fields was a very sound and good play. I think elam found himself in the doghouse after the penalty last week. Hope it works as motivation.
  8. I agree that physical defense gives us problems but run first teams dont really. Its elite qbs that gives us problems imo. The Bills struggling with run defense is an old thing that isnt really true anymore. Buffalo finished 5th against the run last year after finishing 13 and 17th the year before. Look at what kc did to sf last year. I would argue dominant passing games give them fits which the Bills happen to have. See above. Also if shanny had allen he would have 40 million tied up in a qb and not be able to have the roster the niners currently have.
  9. The niners got to stack that talent bc they bottomed out. The Bills didnt have the luxury of drafting bosa bc they were in the playoffs. 3 times they missed the playoffs and got to draft premier talent. They got bosa, trey lance, and solomon thomas. Imagine if Beane went 1 for 3 on top 3 picks! Who in the nfc is as good as kc or even cincy for that matter? The road to the super bowl is way harder in the afc as others have pointed out. Funny you talk about blowing a 10 point lead in the super bowl as the legend of mahomes emerging. Do you say the same about 13 seconds? The op literally shows mcbeane has a better resume than sf lol.
  10. Trying not to overreact as its preseason and game 1 at that. Here are my impressions: I discounted the andy isabella signing but he has a different gear. I don't know if he will make the team but if he doesn't I'm intrigued enough to hope he lands on the ps. I like to think im a knowledgable fan and I pay attention to camp reports and everything Bills related. I had to double check who travon howard was but man that hit! That's football baby! Good clean shot that prevented the 2 pointer. Was a great play and was my official football is back play! I think Kyle Allen lost his spot today and Barkley moved to #2. Allen struggled mightily and Barkley was quick decisive and had a couple of nice throws. Cook look fast! I had high hopes for him this year and it looks like he can be not just a guy but a playmaker! Some real nice play designs today that created some wide open players. Specifically thinking about the td pass to shavers for example.
  11. This is my favorite prince song and an extended version due to technical difficulties. Ive lost count how many times ive gotten lost listening to this version! https://youtu.be/bm03wqLY3Nc
  12. I officiate hs soccer and have for the last 10 or so years. Money is not bad usually around $110 a game. The problem is the parents. No other way to put it. They think their kid is going pro no matter their actual skill level. They think you are out to get their kid and ruin his dreams. I have been approached coming off the field with a cell phone in my face even which is a pretty funny story. (If you want to hear it lmk) I will say though I generally don't have too much of a hard time. I don't listen to anything from the crowds and stay calm when talking w coaches. Don't be afraid to say you might have missed it just doing your best. After 10 years most coaches know me and know how I officiate. I am a spirit of the rule and not letter of the law kind of guy so I tend to let the kids play and only call what is necessary. Most of my board is retired guys and college kids. Im a rarity in my early 40s and there is only one other guy my age who does it. You will likely start as a probationary official which means you will do modified and some lower stress games (think very good team vs bad or 2 bad teams). There is no real way to do the job other than to do the job. Have fun with it though, guys that take it to serious suck to ref with and burn out quick.
  13. This is why I was so in love with the idea of drafting a te. If Kincaid is being covered by a db and the other team is in nickel, he has an advantage blocking, and they can run the ball. If they cover him with a lb, he has an advantage, and they can pass the ball. This move really allows the offense to always be in an advantageous position. Just spitballing but I love the idea of 2 wideouts on the same side, Knox inline, and Kincaid solo by himself. That would really put stress on the defense and make them make some tough decisions. It would also reveal man vs zone and dictate the coverage. Just so much to do with 12 personnel creatively. Now for a 4th and 8, I still love 12 personnel because of Josh's threat to run. If nobody is open he can pick up 8 yards easily with some good blocking in front of him. One side Diggs runs an in route Knox chip and release into the flat where Diggs vacated Other side: Davis goes deep Kincaid in the cleared out space underneath Davis out route at the sticks. Josh tucks and runs if it presents itself. First Down Bills.
  14. As others have mentioned pre 2008 the qb position stats were different. Also it would be interesting to see fumbles added in as I dont recall it being as much of an issue for manning as it is w allen. Hopefully at the end of his career though Allen's thought of in the same tier as Manning especially those super bowl wins!
  15. The NFL is set up to be offensive minded. This year's loss to me was because the offense couldn't move the ball and mustered 10 points. Do you realize that only 3 out of 13 games in the entire playoffs did the winning team score less than 27 points? Sure the defense could have played better, you will get no argument from me. However the loss to me falls on the shoulders of the offense. Allen did not play well but he seems to get a pass. It's hard for me to hold KC lighting the defense up against McD but won't argue the point that the defense has underperformed. It's hard to speak on preparation but execution is certainly able to be questioned especially with the 13 seconds fiasco. add on for Dungy in the playoffs: Dungy had a 21-7 loss to the packers Dungy had a 21-3 loss to the Eagles Dungy had a 31-9 loss to the Eagles 41-0 as you mentioned He wasn't as squeaky clean as you remembered 🙂
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