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  1. Weirdly I went to jordanpoyer.com the site he mentions at the end and it can be purchased from godaddy. Wonder what the real site is. lol
  2. In live in CNY and in my experience it is the Giants, Bills, Cowboys, Steelers. I'm not quite sure about the order but I don't think the Jets are a favorite in the area. If I had to rank I would put Giants as the clear favorite but that is fading with how bad they have been lately.
  3. Those last minute subs did not pay off. We have a very happy house right now but I still don't care for pks after both teams played their hearts out for 120 minutes.
  4. I live in a city with a bread factory and it smells amazing. I've always wondered... Are you hungry the entire shift? Do you hate bread now? Does it still smell as good to you? Help a brother out so I can stop thinking these thoughts every time I drive by lol.
  5. I had a thought today.... I wonder if all of these ertz rumors are just a way to flush out the front office people with loose lips. There were a ton of really negative stories last year from inside the eagles building. I'm sure Pederson contributed his fair share but certainly was not alone. Probably not but just something I came up with trying to figure out why this keeps popping up randomly.
  6. A day later and I just can't get over how well put this post is. Seriously this is the best answer to the who cares posts I have seen. I was going to add to it but I'm just going to say thank you.
  7. Social media allows you to see what they want you to see, in the way they are offering it up. Their perfect cookie cutter version of it. When you go home, do you make it a point to see everyone that you want to keep up with on social media? At one point I had over 800 "friends" many of them I had met once or twice. Those aren't friends, they are acquaintances lol. I will fully admit though that what you bolded was missing a very important word. It should have said generally there is a reason we don't keep in touch. It doesn't have to have negative connotations attached to i
  8. I'll answer this. Social media is terrible all the way around imo. It has ruined journalism. It is now about being first not about being accurate. People use it to spread disinformation. It causes mental health issues. People overshare. Vaguebooking. It has created "influencers" as a job title. I used it for a bit and it made me dislike a lot of people. Whether they showed their ignorance, straight up lied about who they are/how things are going, or beg for attention, it made me think poorer of people I otherwise liked and respected. I told my wife
  9. To save other people I went through the twitter replies... apparently this is a polaris slingshot. Likely a very special edition but the r line which is the top of the line starts at 31k. I was surprised to see it was that cheap as that is really nice looking imo.
  10. Thanks for sharing. It was impossible to watch Josh's Wyoming highlights and miss Gentry. I agree with your later post that he likely makes his living on the PS. He spent a lot of time on the Bears PS and didn't get poached, I think he would be safe there. I have wanted Gentry here for a long time, funny when they finally get him, I don't know if he has a spot. WR went from the dregs to a fantastic and deep positional group!
  11. Legacy fans are people that are fans because their mom or dad or some other significant person is a fan. I am a legacy Bills fan. My Mom's side of the family is Bills fans, my Dad's is Giants. My Mom loves sports my Dad couldn't care less. I chose the Bills specifically because of the familial affiliation. On a side note I had no idea the Cowboys were created in 1960 until you said you were older than the team. I always assumed they were part of the original NFL. Thanks for that piece of knowledge! No argument here lol
  12. There were no players drafted this year that were alive the last time the Cowboys won the Super bowl. Jerry is a marketing genius to have them still talked about as "America's Team". They are the 5th largest market but with 2 teams in NY and LA they are the 7th largest NFL market. Personal Anecdote but I don't know too many young people who are Cowboys fans and none that aren't "legacy" fans.
  13. Just for more piling on... How about these stats: 3 playoff wins since 1997 It has been 25 years since they were in the NFC Championship game Only the Bengals, WFT, Lions, Browns, and Dolphins have gone that long without being in their conference championship.
  14. When that draft season started Rivers was a projected 3rd rounder and I was in love with him. I wanted him badly to go to the Bills. I didn't want Losman but he won me over in the 2nd half of the 06 season and I thought he was close to turning the corner. Then Wilfork had a cheap shot on his knee that made me hate him the rest of his career and Losman never advanced himself. In another Ralph is cheap moment, rumors were that Losman was sat for Edwards so he didn't reach certain incentives. I like that as an answer Schobel is another good one but I think he WAS a ver
  15. I'm really going to miss Astro notes. They were when I knew football was back and it was amazing to soak up the goings on. My oldest is now the age I was going to bring her to tc and hopefully create that lifelong fandom. I absolutely understand the decision and think it is the right one but I am bummed none the less.
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