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  1. Jameis Winston? I wouldn't mind hearing your reasoning for liking him more than Cam...
  2. He was injured all last year. They rested him and (imo) wanted to give him some game action while it didn't count and see how he responded. If he sat all preseason and got hurt week 1 it would be that he was rusty and should have played some this preseason.
  3. I don't do it for baseball as the action can be slow at times but I stand at Bills games. I also stand anytime possible at the dome (have SU basketball seasons). I also stand in my living room when I watch games at home. They are exciting and anxiety inducing, I can't help myself . As for the bolded, the social aspect is what makes going to games so much better than watching them at home. The Dallas Monday Nighter was one of the most awesome experiences I have ever had. The Ralph was electric until well you know. I always sell going to a Bills game to people as me and 70 thousand of my closest friends having a 4 hour party before kickoff and a 3 hour party in the stadium. I didn't sit down once that entire night...
  4. Tom Brady sits when he pees is one of my all time favorite sports related insults. So simple yet somehow so elegant.
  5. Yeah it will be a nice test all around since Patricia is the coach and used to seeing the ep system we use. Their secondary is a a little suspect though so quick passing might be very effective against them. I'm definitely excited to see how it goes. I agree and think the NFC might be the best divison in football. That said I think the Bears regress a little with a tougher schedule, Rodgers is getting older and more dinged up, and the Vikings have Cousins who still has to prove he is more than just a stats guy and can elevate his team. As good as the division is I just think it is the Lions turn to surprise (watch them go 4-12 now lol). I wasn't saying that to knock the Bills. I'm really excited for this season my post was more to defend the Lions. I think they will surprise people this year.
  6. The Lions D-Line is amazing. They are going to give people a lot of problems. They are my surprise team pick of the year. They signed Trey Flowers and Mike Daniels to the d-line adding to Romeo Okwara who had his best season yet last year, Damon Harrison who is one of if not the best run stuffing nt in the game, and a couple of Alabama d-lineman in Hand and Robinson. They've got pass rush and run stopping strength. If Kerryon Johnson can stay healthy they should have a good offense and (finally) be able to run the ball to help Stafford out.
  7. section122

    Matrix 4

    1. Awesome news loved the Matrix universe. The first movie is still to this day my favorite action movie and one of the best movie experiences I have ever had. The animatrix and the video game added a ton to the story. I'm a believer that Zion was still in the Matrix and never actually free. 2. The Wachovski brothers are now the Wachovski sisters? No judgement but that is incredibly interesting. I knew the one brother was trans but was confused when I saw a Lilly Wachovski. 3. Glad to see the Wachovski sisters will get to continue the story. 2 and 3 weren't as good as 1 but I still enjoyed them. The world that was created was such an interesting concept. I watched that first movie so many times and think I will again tonight!
  8. Huge Beth Hart fan. If you like Blues she is a must listen. Her stuff with Joe Bonamassa is absolutely amazing. Check out I'd rather go Blind, I'll take care of you , and I Love you more that you'll ever know are good places to start. Really the whole live in Amsterdam record is phenomenal. For her solo stuff, sister heroine, i'll leave the light on, ugliest house on the block, and Caught out in the rain are good places to start. I didn't get a chance to see her last year and was bummed about it but I listen to her a lot at work during the day. Give any of the songs I mentioned a try. She has some that I'm not a huge fan of (nutbush city) but pretty much every artist has those.
  9. Tommy Shaw is an underrated guitarist. He is never brought up when people talk about great rock guitarists and he has some kick ass solos!
  10. OP needs to put in his post not to actually click. I read the story and it is just as bad as you imagine. Every thing that was bad for Murray happened to him not because of him and everything good that happened for Allen was in spite of him not because of him. Clear clickbait garbage. I'm mad at myself for clicking on the link. At least I had my adblock on
  11. I agree that o-lineman aren't perfect especially going against someone as talented as Short. I was just surmising what op was thinking. Regardless of it happening to everyone that was not a good look for Spain. He was tossed like a small child lol! It wasn't every play but I doubt Spain was happy with his performance in that game. The 2 bolded are what I thought I saw. When he tried to shove him Spain had his right arm hooked around and went for the ride. Not a big deal just thought it was a weird play to highlight since it looked like holding to me. He got the job done though and didn't get flagged so no matter what my eyes thought they saw it was a good block
  12. The play where he gets tossed is a really bad look. Short is very good but Spain was manhandled which you don't expect to see happen to a 300+ pounder. How strong is Short!?!?! This probably colored op's opinion as they showed the replay and in slow motion it looks even worse. As for the second tweet, am I crazy or did he hold him when he tried again. Spain has Short hooked pretty good so he can't be thrown and got away with it so it is a positive but I don't know that I would be crowing about how he adjusted.
  13. I would say Micah Hyde, Tre White, and maybe even Poyer have probably the best argument of everyone on the team to be in the top 100. Other than that nobody can really have a beef. To me this is a star driven league so it is a bit concerning that we are lacking in the "game changer" category. I do believe Josh Allen could elevate himself into that category as well as Ed Oliver and Edmunds. All of it is predicated on players taking that next step. As fans we believe it will happen. The media not so much. Not just these teams. Chiefs went out and got Watkins (say what you will but they invested in skill positions), Rams went out and got Goff Watkins, then Cooks to add to a revamped o-line, Eagles went out and got Alshon Jeffrey and a 1st round pick WR (agholor - again at least admire the attempt). I do believe that the Bills plan on drafting WR in the first round next year but that is year 3. The other teams listed did much more to help their young QBs have a supporting cast that could help carry the load. I do think that is why the Bills were in on Antonio Brown though it just didn't work out. A lot to chew on so I numbered to help my responses - sorry for cutting up your post. 1. They did get shredded and it is concerning that it seems to happen to them from time to time (happened the year before as well). However they got shredded by Baltimore, Chicago, and Indy. Baltimore was aided by Nathan Peterman and Indy/Chicago were both top 10 offenses in ppg. 3 games is too many to be considered elite so they definitely have something to improve/correct as you state. I hate using yards to measure defenses. PPG should be the measuring stick and for that the Bills finished 18th. That needs to improve if the Bills record is going to improve. 2. Gotta disagree with you here. 9 wins is not a fluke to make the playoffs. 2 9-7 teams from the AFC made it that year. If that Bengals play happens week 5 nobody remembers or calls that playoff season a fluke. Talent wise? certainly a fluke but not record wise. You have to go back to 2012 to find a year that didn't have a team at 9-7 qualify. That includes multiple teams as division winners at 9-7 (or 7-8-1 but that was certainly a fluke). 3. He may have been polarizing for fans but not for Front offices. Even the day of the draft there was speculation HE would be the #1 pick instead of Mayfield. Arizona was also trying to trade up for him as well. I don't think Allen was making it out of the top 10 if the Bills weren't there to grab him. 4. I also don't think drafting a rb when your 2 lead guys are over 30 is a waste. It seems that is more you don't like the player so you think it is a waste. The 3rd round is a great place to draft a rb. Alvin Kamara, David Johsnon, Kareem Hunt, DeMarco Murray, and James Conner among others have been 3rd round rbs that have had a ton of success in the league. 5. Lastly, they gave up 2 4th round picks to move into the 3rd round to draft Knox. I have not seen 1 pundit say that was an overpay but I may be wrong. Where I don't think I am wrong is saying trading 2 4th round picks for a 3rd is definitely NOT giving up a ton.
  14. Really weird example to use in the Lakers. They were consistently great. In the 80s, 90s, and 00s, they won multiple championships. It is only recently where they commited to a full rebuild that they haven't been competing for a championship. That is until last year when they grabbed LeBron and now AD to again compete for championships. The Lakers have won more championships since 1970 than any other team in the NBA. The Lakers also made the playoffs every year but 2 between 1976 and 2012.
  15. Here is my solution to this and I admit that it probably won't totally solve the issue but would help imo. The media is a bigger culprit in this than probably any other issue. There is so much race baiting and hatred towards anyone who dares to think different spun by "news" networks. Until the media stops creating boogeymen this issue will never go away. 1. Medicare for All. People that are mentally well do not go on mass shooting sprees. Medicare for all would allow people that can't get treatment to do so. It would help parents that can't afford to pay for psych help for their troubled children to provide it. 2. More stringent background checks on all gun purchases. We can never ban guns, it won't happen. I'm left leaning and I admit it just would never work. What we can do though is pay attention to who is getting guns. The issue with this is relying on the background checks to be thorough and actually completed which I don't really trust the government to do. If you buy a gun, you should have to pass a background check period. 3. Ban mentioning the name of the shooter. Stop giving them fame. That is a huge motivator for some of these idiots. It should be illegal to report who is responsible for these acts. Let them be nameless and faceless and forgotten. Report on the incident, report any heroic acts, leave the murderer out of it. These 3 things to me would be a step in the right direction. Unfortunately I agree that this can't be solved. If you ban guns, bombs can be made easily and readily. Addressing the weapon treats the symptom and not the cause. Mental health needs to be taken much more seriously in this country!
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