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  1. Nightmares of "pass interference" being called to benefit certain teams with this scenario. Anytime you are adding the refs to end of game scenarios you are opening a giant can of worms. In theory I like the idea. In reality it sounds terrible.
  2. I know it was cut this way on purpose but I was surprised at just how honest they were in their pre-draft comments. About RB: we need a guy who breaks tackle drafted: Moss - Moss may not have the same elite measurables as some of the other backs in this class, but he has a trump card we’ve seen translate again and again to the NFL — the dude breaks tackles. Whether it’s as a runner or as a receiver, Moss is a safe bet to be on his feet after first contact. In fact, Moss broke at least four tackles in each of the games in which he carried the ball at least 10 times, even though he played through injury for a portion of the year. He had the third-highest single-season broken tackle per attempt average of any running back we’ve charted in our six years of doing college football, and as a receiver, he caught 66 career passes and forced 33 broken tackles after the catch. Those are insane figures that are a safe bet to continue in the NFL. At 5-foot-10 and 222 pounds, Moss has every-down running back potential. About WR: we need a someone to catch the ball drafted: Hodgins - Hodgins has a massive catch radius. While his body control isn't as ridiculous, he has large, strong hands and is not timid when needing to go up and get it. He rarely drops the football. Gabriel Davis - Hands are strong with very few drops present. Routinely snatches it outside his frame with extension. Generally showcases strong high-pointing skills. Does well to establish his frame at the catch point despite not being overly dominant in contested situations. it might be nothing but I will be paying attention next year.
  3. First Hapless thank you for all of the information you have put in this and other threads. It has been clear and unbiased and very much appreciated. I work in human resources in the health care field. I field daily calls about something one of my staff has seen on the news and what are we going to do about it. The amount of fear mongering has risen to a level that I can't abide. As you said they aren't lies but they are stretched truths. I direct all of my employees to visit the cdc and doh websites for information. It is a sad state we are in that I can't tell them to watch the news as well. It became clear to me that this is just another opportunity for ratings without a care for the real life consequences of their reports.
  4. I have been working on the missus for over a year on this game. I have family in the area so room and board is covered. They live a little north and are regulars at a casino near them so I have that covered. Still working bc I am essential so I have the game ticket and airfare covered. She doesn't like the idea of me getting on a plane due to her compromised immunity and I can't blame her or argue the point. I don't even feel good about getting on a plane right now myself. Stupid covid. I was so proud of myself for being proactive for once and all for nothing!
  5. Every single one of your points is valid. If I were a pats fan I would be using a lot of them as reasons to be optimistic this season. I just don't see it (prob because I am a Bills fan and don't want to lol). That said there are a whole lot of hoping instead of knowing in ne for the first time in a long time. Brady has covered up a lot of poor drafting over recent years. Wr - won't have as good of a talent throwing them the ball so I have a hard time seeing them be better with a lesser qb. Te - I agree they should be better but te is a very hard position to come in as a rookie and excel. Ol - can Wynn be counted on to stay healthy at this point? Andrews is cleared but still a very big question mark. Add in that Brady's quick release and Scarnecchia's amazing coachin will be absent this year and I think the oline is a concern. Rb - it will be interesting to see if they do better or worse without Brady. They should see more volume but also more stacked boxes. Defense - another interesting spot. We disagree on the impact of those lb losses but I think we can both agree the schedule won't be as easy this year. I expect the Bill's rankings to drop a bit as well just due to competition level. Kicker - they did win like that but as you state, they will be trying to win grind em out close games. I think kicker will be more important than it usually is for them as they won't be blowing teams out. I see their range as 6-10 to 9-7 and only because BB is their coach and I think he is that good. If anyone else was coach I would lower both of those numbers.
  6. Yep I was agreeing with you sorry if that got lost in translation!
  7. Front offices tank not coaches and players imo. I don't think with as competitive as BB is, that he can throw a year away especially since I agree he is chasing that all time wins mark. Next year has another good crop of QBs so I don't think they need to tank to get their guy.
  8. @Kirby Jackson I won't argue that. In fact I will take the complete opposite side of the fence. I am expecting the Pats* to be in the top 10 drafting next year and getting one of Fields, Lawrence (don't think they will be bad enough), Trey Lance, or a different top qb prospect. 5-11 drafted 5th overall and 6-10 got the 9th pick. Next year they will have a ton of cap room as well as a ton of open roster spots. Even though Brady had a down year he was still Brady. The second Pats/Bills game showed that he still had something left in the tank. His quick release and decision making covers a lot of o-line issues. Scar retiring is another huge loss. They took a huge step back a couple of years ago when he left and I expect the same. The offense already wasn't top notch and lost 2 very important pieces. The defensive losses have not been discussed enough. VanNoy and Collins may struggle elsewhere but they were great pieces for the defense. Special Teams also took a hit losing their coordinator and Nate Ebner to the Giants. Gost wasn't his normal and injured self but still losing one of the most reliable kickers in the league and replacing him with a rookie is a question mark at the least. On viewing it looks like all 3 phases of the ball have gotten worse. I can see 6-10 happening and I only go that high because of how great BB is as a coach. The East has the dreaded west/west combo leading to a lot of cross country travel, and the 1st place schedule to contend with. For the first time in a long time I don't see a guaranteed win on their schedule. Each team they play next year has at least an argument in their favor.
  9. McD and Beane now have their Deangelo Williams and J stewart. I said in 1 of the draft prediction threads that I thought Moss would turn out to be the best rb in the draft and now I really hope that is true! He was exactly the person I was hoping for when they were on the clock! Loving the value so far in this draft!
  10. Really surprises to not see more people really happy with this pick. If you are a bpa person he was clearly in the top 5 bpa according to pretty much every ranking. If you are a need guy, de was certainly a need as the current depth is very long in the tooth. He fills a role in the mcd defense and appears to be a culture fit. There are 6 more picks to go. Plenty of time to find that rb to split the load with singletary.
  11. I was right in my write up saying I fully believed the Patriots would trade back I was just too lazy to try and execute one for the mock lol. It will be interesting to see if Epenesa is still the pick for them.
  12. https://www.businessinsider.com/video-tua-tagovailoa-father-used-belt-interceptions-2018-12 "Because I'm the only lefty in the family, I felt like 'okay, I'm gonna make my son a lefty," Galu said. "If I don't perform well or I don't perform the way I'm supposed to, I'm gonna get it after," Tua said. "Just know that the belt was involved and other things were involved as well," Tua said. "And it's almost the same with school. If I don't get this grade... I'm gonna have to suffer the consequences." Tua envisioned himself playing in the Pac-12, but when it came time to make his college decision, he did as he was taught to do and deferred to his father. "My father is the decision maker within the family," Tua said. "Whether I wanted to go to other schools or not, my dad had the final say with where I was going."
  13. I say yes only because I don't trust Tua to stay healthy. He hasn't shown it in college and they are a bunch of different injuries. He seems to be dinged up even when he isn't missing games. Great player but availability is the best ability imo. Also (and this might not matter in the long run) Tua has one of those crazy sports dads. Got Tua to throw left handed even though he is a righty and allegedly beat him with a belt when he would throw ints. More red flags than I am comfortable with when it comes to Tua. I also don't like Herbert either fwiw. I watched a lot of Oregon games this year (Pac 12 after dark was a godsend for late nights with the baby) and I just couldn't see where the hype came from for him.
  14. Thanks @BuffaloHokie13 @Virgil and @whatdrought for doing this. Always one of my favorite things to participate in on this board! If I get some time next week I am going to try to put something together for the mocks that were done and how they compared to the real thing. Thank you @BuffaloHokie13 and @GunnerBill for supplying you big boards as well. It was interesting taking some time to see where you guys differed from the "pros" and how big of gaps there were on some prospects.
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