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  1. This is an interesting topic for me. I enjoy stats and numbers. Here are some things about this season you might not know: Josh Allen is currently 23rd in completion %. That is better than Jared Goff, Matt Stafford, Carson Wentz, Winston, Mariota, Baker Mayfield, and Cam Newton among others. Josh is 24th in TD% above Kyler Murray, Goff, Mayfield, and Newton among others Josh is 29th in int% above Winston and Mayfield among others. Josh is tied for 22nd in YPA above Wentz, Newton, and Trubisky among others (first time he has not been better than Mayfield) Josh is 30th for AY/A tied with Mayfield Josh is 23rd in YPG ahead of David Carr, Mariota, and Trubisky among others (2nd time he has not been better than Mayfield) Josh is 29th in QB Rating ahead of Newton and Mayfield among others Josh is 29th in ANY/A ahead of Mayfield and Trubisky among others So by the raw stats Josh is averaging a rank of 26.25. Having him at the bottom of QB ranks shouldn't be surprising right now. Count me in the camp that thinks a lot of these numbers will skyrocket as he has some easy defenses coming up. Having him ranked at 30th right now really isn't that far fetched even if I don't agree with it. What I can't believe is their ranking of Mayfield. He is ahead of Josh in 2 of these stats only. I could see having him in the early to mid 20s but to say he is top 15 right now is ludicrous. At the end of the day though this is all fluff. PFF grades don't matter. If the Bills win the super bowl with Josh playing the part of Brad Johnson or Trent Dilfer I won't be any less happy. I hope to see continued growth from Josh. He has improved the accuracy now his biggest issue is decision making. Tenn was a very encouraging game in that aspect however I think he over corrected a bit. They have to reign in Josh but not neuter him if that makes any sense.
  2. I have secretly been fearing this game since last Sunday. Fitzmagic better not show up to the stadium on Sunday!!! I will be at my first game in a couple years please let it be Fitztragic!
  3. awaiting your return! The worst season ticket pitch ever lol
  4. So before I entertain your thread I have to point out the bolded. How high are you? The 85 Bears played in you know 85. The Steel Curtain was the Steelers and the 70s. My answer would be the defense. A defense can score points. A defense can get turnovers that create short fields leading to easy scores. Seriously the Patriots this year are playing this way. Against the Bills, The patriots got 3 points from a short field after a turnover and 7 points from their ST. That is 10 of their 16 points. Even against the Giants where they scored 35, they had a special teams td, a defensive score, and a 20 yard td drive after an int. Their offense put together 2 td drives all game against a not so vaunted defense. End result though was 35-14.
  5. Part of the issue that I never see brought up as well... The Raiders played in LA for 12 years in the 80s and 90s. The Chargers divisional rival has a lot of fans in that town which makes it even more difficult to gain traction. I know it isn't apples to apples but if the Jets or Dolphins moved to Buffalo I would imagine they too would have a difficult time getting a fan following.
  6. I have a slightly different take from you but also agree with your premise. I think it is because he has "gotten away" with the off balance, crazy throws so much he hasn't learned not to do them all the time. He hasn't paid the price for throwing off of his back foot like Josh did against New England. I think the defense is getting too much heat. The Colts only "hung" 19 on the Chiefs. The Mahomes led Chiefs had scored more than 25 every game he played. Defense did what it had to do to get the win. Yes they have a hard time getting off the field and yes they get gashed in the run game but a byproduct of having one side of the ball be dominant is being weaker on the other side. How many times are the Patriots terrible with ypg ranking but great with ppg rankings. The Chiefs are 19th in the league and giving up 24 ppg which is right under that magic 25 point mark the offense is expected to score. The defense isn't great but this team isn't built to win with defense. Bringing it back to the Bills, if the defense here gives up more than 17 I would imagine they would feel like that was a bad game because they are built stronger on that side of the ball. This issue isn't going to get better when Mahomes signs his monster deal and they have even less money to pay surrounding talent.
  7. I still remember being at the bar during that Cleveland game thinking EJ might actually be the guy. Then he got hurt. He didn't get a fair shot here. I will never believe that Kyle Orton did better than EJ could have that year. Orton's infamous slide will be my counter to any argument for him. It's weird that he would leave off completion % when it would actually be in his favor Josh is at 55% and EJ at 58.4% Josh has a much better arm than EJ and much better running ability. There stats may be similar for 15 games total but when you look at their second seasons it is a different story: Josh: 225.8 ypg, 6 total tds, 6 ints, 6.9 ypa, 60.3 comp % EJ: 167.6 ypg, 6 total tds, 3 ints, 6.4 ypa, 58.0 com % Josh had an increase in ypg, ypa and comp % EJ lower ypg, same ypa, and lowe comp %
  8. Quinnen Williams went #3 and Oliver has outplayed him 2018 Bills Rush D finished #16 giving up 114.9 ypg. 2019 Bills Rush D is #8 giving up 87.7 ypg. The only noticeable change on the dline is the addition of Oliver replacing Kyle Williams. This is a thread about him being #4 in the entire NFL at pass rush wins. What hype are you looking for him to live up to? He hasn't been getting blown up and certainly looks like he belongs in the NFL what more do you want besides the stats I put in my previous post?
  9. Your expectation for a rookie is 8 sacks from the DT position? Last year there were 6 DTs that got to that number in the entire NFL. So you want Ed Oliver to be top 6 right out of the gate? I can see why you are disappointed lol. You want him to be unstoppable in the pass rush and this stat has him at #4 in the entire league? So you are disappointed he isn't top 3? I don't know what you watch when you watch the games but I usually focus on the lines first and he is very disruptive. Ok now I wonder if you are just trolling... if so excellent job if not .
  10. You should really look up week 2. He does a piece on Josh Allen's stiff arm of a lb that is hilarious.
  11. I officiate HS sports and unfortunately there are several guys that I work with that take themselves entirely too serious. There is the letter of the rule and the spirit of the rule. Refs should enforce the spirit of the rule but too many people get off on being in a position of power. Some of you want this to be a "snowflake" issue but this guy shouldn't have been reffing in the first place. From the story: The Courier-Post reported in 2016 that a black referee accused Maloney of calling him the N-word. Maloney told the local paper at the time that he didn’t remember using the racial slur but said he believed witnesses who backed up the other ref’s story. “You know, people do make mistakes and I apologized,” Maloney told The Courier-Post at the time. “I really don’t think this should go any further than it’s gone anyhow.” He should have been banned right then and there. He went with the I don't remember but if other people say so defense then doubled down with the I apologized let it go strategy. I'm in the middle of soccer season and there is a rule where a player with jewelry is discovered during game play it is a yellow card for the coach. Most of us use common sense and send the kid to the sideline to remove it. The guys on power trips stop the game and make a production out of carding the coach. I worked with a guy who tried to do it with a couple minutes left in a blowout game. I won't say this guy is racist but I will call him an idiot. He brought this attention on himself by taking himself waaayyyy too seriously. He wants to be the center of attention? Careful what you wish for...
  12. 2 personal foul penalties equals ejection. Late hit on qbs are personal fouls. Therefore 2 late hits on QBs would equal ejection if I'm reading the rule right.
  13. He was benched for the start of a game in 2010 for breaking an unspecified team rule, and the next year he was suspended a game for arriving late and hungover to practice. The media labeled him immature and problematic, which bothered Davis. "I'm 23 years old," he says today. "Who's never shown up to work hungover once? Only difference is I'm in the public eye." I think a bigger difference is we aren't paid for our athletic prowess. Taking care of our body isn't a pre-requisite for performance sitting at my desk. In a weird way this article made me like his decision less. I'm sure it was supposed to show him as a sympathetic character but I don't really see that. "There's this perception that there's brotherhood in the NFL and we're all fighting for each other and the same things," Megan says. "And then you embarrass one of your first-round draft picks on national television without him knowing there's a camera in the room?" I can easily change that second sentence to "and then you quit on your team at halftime?" "I feel like I was demoted because of my health instead of my ability," he told reporters by his locker, explaining that he felt disrespected by how Pagano handled the situation. Almost like your health affected your ability? I don't even get why he is pulling the martyr card here... bleh. I really didn't care that he did what he did. I would rather have someone quit than give half effort but own it. Don't make excuses for it. Say I was washed and I was a liability out there, sit on the sideline or even in the locker room until the end of the game, and talk to your team mates to explain yourself. Seeing this article actually made me think much worse of his decision than before...
  14. His rushes yesterday: 4,4,1,8,9,4,8,2,4 this is into the 3rd quarter 0,1,1 all 3 of these carries were at the goal line 3,3,9,3,6,-2 all when the giants knew we were trying to kill clock At the start of the game he went 9 carries for 44 yards or 4.88 ypc. For the game when you add in the clock killing runs and the goal line runs his average goes way down to 3.77. 3 carries for 2 yards will really bring down an average but none of us should care since it got a td. Down and short scenarios: He got 8 yards on 2nd and 7 first down He got 9 yards on first and 10, 4 yards on 2nd and 1 first down 8 yards on first and 15 4 yards on 2nd and 1, first down 9 yards on 2nd and 8, first down 6 yards on 2nd and 7 That is 7 of his rushes either getting a first down or creating very manageable down and distance. I even left of the first down rushes for 4 yards which created 2nd and 6 which I would count as a productive run. I stand by my original assertion that ypc won't be a good indicator for him in a lot of games. He was successful at the start of the game and in the middle of the field.
  15. You really didn't go with horsing around? It was right there for you!!! I don't think we can go by Gore's YPC to judge his effectiveness. He is here simply to get the tough yards. He will be in at the goal line, 3rd and 1, 4th and 1 etc. The defense will likely know it is a run play and it will be up to Gore to get that yard or 2. For that role I love him.
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