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  1. I have a die hard Michigan guy in the office and he loves Gary. He thinks he was hurt more than was let on and rushed back because the team was doing well. That said... He prefers Winovich and thinks he is better than Gary. He's a Lions fan and hoping Winovich goes to them in the 2nd. Said they are both beasts but Winovich plays harder. I take everything he says with a grain of salt though. He is a gigantic homer to the point of naming his son Braylon. He might not be the most objective guy when it comes to Michigan players.
  2. section122

    TSW Mock Draft 2.0 - Completed!!

    Its kinda my thing.... With the 64th pick the saints select charles omenihu dt, texas. That name is too hard to spell for anyone to have already taken him! Payton wants d line and that is what he gets!
  3. section122

    TSW Mock Draft 2.0 - Completed!!

    With the 64th pick the New Orleans saints select Elgton Jenkins, center, mississippi st. With the retirement of Max Unger C is a team need. Yes they did sign Nick Easton but he is returning from injury and has positional flexibility. Protecting Brees and keeping Kamara clean are priority #1 with this pick. Also considered dt here as Sean Payton says that is the biggest team need but what does he know... @JimKellyTryouts you are back on the clock
  4. I really REALLY don't want to trade up in this draft to pick a player at a low value position that is deep. It will reek of Watkins again imo. The cost associated with a move from 9 to 5 is way too high. The Bills still need to build depth and aren't the proverbial one player away that allow a trade up for a non-qb to help them more than it hurts. Again all imo.
  5. section122

    Lyrical Response

    Oompa loompa doompety da Given good manners you will go far You will live in happiness too Like the Oompa Loompa Doompety do Oompa loompa doompety doo I've got another puzzle for you Oompa loompa doompety dee If you are wise you'll listen to me (couldn't resist )
  6. Yeah I think 6 is Q's floor. Giants have a need there and Gettleman has shown he will grab his highest ranked player regardless of position (Saquon). Bosa should go to the 49ers but that might be more what I want to happen rather than what will happen. I see him as more of a sure thing than the other Josh Allen.
  7. If the Jets don't trade down they are getting either Allen or Bosa whichever is left. I think that is the easiest pick to call outside of Murray. That said now I'm sure I will be wrong but if the Cards do indeed go Murray, they are guaranteed an elite pass rushing prospect. I think it goes 1. Murray 2. Bosa 3. Allen 4. This is where it gets murky as the Raiders could go in a ton of different directions. I agree with @GunnerBill they don't avoid Quinnen bc of their current dts. If they don't pick him it will be because they have someone ranked higher (possibly even Oliver at DT).
  8. section122

    TSW Mock Draft 2.0 - Completed!!

    Do you have a link to the spreadsheet you could post again please?
  9. Eh we will see. I think people want a redemption for him more than I see it happening. If they do defeat the WW what becomes of Jamie? He can't stay in the North where he is despised, he is still the General of the Lannister Army, in the middle of last season he tried to kill Danaerys, etc. Once the WW are defeated do you think he bends the knee for Dany? She did tell both of them that she was pregnant but I'm with Sansa that she is fos on that one. One last thing... I was a little annoyed by this whole mad at Jon because he bent the knee. It should be clear to everyone that he is banging Dany (and it is to some including Sansa). Which likely would lead to them being married. Then they would both be king and queen. Who cares that he bent the knee? It seems like drama that wouldn't and shouldn't actually exist. The whole idea that he is the rightful heir to the throne and she isn't doesn't matter as they would likely rule together. Seems much ado about nothing.
  10. section122

    Hottest GoT woman: S8E1

    Must be cold in Holland!!! All time GOT is Margaery. Currently Sansa for me. Doesn't hurt that I think she ends up on the throne too.
  11. section122

    Bills official Top 30 pre-draft visits

    I wish this were true lol. Oliver at 9 is my hope!
  12. I disagree. Jamie is still loyal to the Lannisters and I think his "redemption" is not going to happen. I also think Tyrion and Varys are up to no good. Every time they cut to creepy Bran I think it was him knowing that the person had ill intentions. My favorite from last night: Cersei: If you want a ***** buy one, if you want a queen earn one Also Cersei: Lets Euron hit it for free. I don't think she is going to use Euron to say that the baby is his instead of Jamie's. I think she is trying to actually get pregnant to keep the lie going with Jamie.
  13. section122

    Bills official Top 30 pre-draft visits

    according to Rappaport, Oliver is in Buffalo today.
  14. I stumbled across this when doing the board mock draft. It is a compilation of released big boards. Not saying wrong or right but Metcalf falls in at the 13th highest average (15.5). Sounds like what you are describing with Ward.
  15. How did Hunter Henry and Tyler Higbee end up on this list? I get your point and actually agree that TEs from the 2nd and 3rd round tend to be more successful but that is an eclectic list you've got there! "Listen, I know you guys don't believe me but I'm going to prove you guys wrong," Beane joked when the implication was made that he wouldn't draft a linebacker in the first round because it wouldn't fill a need. Jumped out at me. Everyone is talking about Olsen with Cam but how about the lb group from the Panthers? Thomas Davis, Kuechly, Dan Morgan, Jon Beason, Shaq Thompson. During his time with the Panthers McD always had elite lbs that cost a ton of draft capital..