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  1. This isn't quite right. It is: No. 4 in 2019 2021 pick goes to pels if it is top 8. If not 2022 goes and is unprotected. Pick swap in 2023 Unprotected first in 2024 with the right to defer to 2025. If that happens the pick swap gets pushed to 2026. So the Lakers will still have picks to utilize it will be the pels choice which one they get though. Barring injury I think the draft capital won't be as great as it appears to be now but this has potential to blow up huge in the Lakers face. I'm a Lakers fan and really happy with the deal. This is being on the opposite end of the Shaq to the heat deal for me. We gave up some good players and got a superstar. Make that deall 100 times out a 100 in the nba. I don't buy this for one second. This is some retroactive protect the locker room propaganda.
  2. Wow. I'm at a loss for words. This was ***** amazing. Thank you for sharing.
  3. You are wrong a lot in your postings on this topic but I have to specifically call you out on this one. You do realize that the sanctions had absolutely nothing to do with recruiting? No the success can be traced back to landing Melo, winning a championship, and continuing to recruit strongly. The sanctions crippled the team and they were 6 deep for a few years. Losing Hop has hurt recruiting but not nearly as much as the NCAA sanctions did. Duke consistently has great recruiting classes. Since 2013 they have 1 championship, 1 first round exit, 1 second round exit, 1 sweet 16, and 2 elite 8s. SU was on sanctions with limited scholarships. Since 2013 they have 0 championship, 1 missed tourney (self imposed ban but they weren't going to make it), 1 first round exit, 1 second round exit, 1 sweet 16, and 2 final 4s. So Duke won a championship but has less final 4s. They each have a first and second round exit. They each have been to the sweet 16 3 times. Cuse has been to the elite 8 twice and is 2-0. Duke has been to the elite 8 3 times and is 1-2. The gap isn't nearly as wide as you make it out to be. Simply put the Orange do more than they should with lesser talent and Duke does worse than they should with better talent. I'm not sure how you are the final word on the Orange's national reputation but Duke is known as tourney chokers and Cuse are known as a team that you don't want to play in the tourney due to the zone. Cuse isn't one of the "blue bloods" and never has been. They will almost always get beat out by Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, and UNC in recruiting. That has long been the case.
  4. Is the statute of limitations up? Spanish class vocab tests in HS. Teacher would start at 1 and keep writing on the board through #20. She never turned around. The entire class would just leave their books open to the page in the back of the chapter with the words on it. We all finished our tests immediately after she wrote the last word. I got a 97 in that class. Wrote a paper senior year of high school on the war on drugs and the failure that it was (20+ years later I'm still right lol). I used that class as a Freshman, Junior and twice as a senior in college. Apparently that is self plagiarizing and can get you expelled. I had no idea I was just lazy. Went to a small school, not enough desks so I sat at a table with a cute girl. Let her copy off of me in hopes it would lead somewhere. It didn't but she does still bring it up when I see her and buy me a drink. There are more that I will take to my grave
  5. I've been thinking a lot about this picture and what it could mean. I'm thinking that perhaps Dany wins the throne but it costs her everything. Her dragons and Jon will be dead and everyone she cares about has already died. Ultimately she got what she wanted but it ended up being a Pyrrhic victory Perhaps I'm just grasping at a good finish for this series. The changes of Kings Landing and the excuse of Dany forgetting about Euron (and not seeing him) are getting to be a bit much for me. I'm trying to stay positive but I really wish they hadn't rushed these last 2 seasons...
  6. Excuse me sir but avoiding the language filter is against the TOS... As much as I like Sansa I have to agree with this. Dany is going crazy but she isn't wrong to feel like everyone is being ungrateful for what she supplied and ultimately lost. Dating 101 Jon blew it when they were talking him up and he just looked at her. He should have said something like "none of this would have been possible without Dany." He would have helped her feel a part of it and appreciated. He really does know nothing... I think the change really took hold after Joffrey's murder. When Littlefinger shot the drunk (blanking on his name), then murdered his aunt, then married her to Ramsay, she started her journey to what we see now. She learned a lot from people that were really succesful at playing the game. Cersei even took her under her wing for a bit. She saw how cold and calculated people had to be to survive. Season 7 showed how good she was at ruling and that continues in season 8. (all imo - appreciate the discourse here! )
  7. Funny how we can both watch a show and reach completely different conclusions. To me Sansa is the only one thinking clearly. Dany is drunk on power, Jon is stuck on his honor code, Cersei has lost her marbles, Euron is clearly not right. Sansa knew Cersei was fos when she said she would send her army, told Jon that Rickon was dead and not to take the bait, told Dany to wait and gather strength before pushing forward, caught on to Littlefinger (real late on the uptake I'll admit). She is smarter than any of the Starks for sure. She understands the game better than most. She is also my pick to end up on the throne or ruling an independent north. I have gone from fast forwarding the opening credits to watching intently. I knew someone was getting beheaded last night because of it! Another thing I noticed last night was Dany's green eyes. It almost looked like she was wearing contacts to make it noticeable. Made me think that Arya will kill her instead of Cersei. The whole last scene when they kept cutting to her closeup it was in your face. As an aside, why wouldn't Cersei just waste all of those idiots who were within range of the dragon killing machines. Even the Dragon was there and could have been shot at.
  8. It doesn't prove anything. It is attempting to show that earlier seasons had some of the same "issues" that people are bemoaning about this season. That the earlier seasons weren't as perfect as many of the criticisms of this season pretend them to be. That's all. It's parody. It says in the title it is parody. I posted it as parody. Parody.
  9. This is a pretty funny link about how fans have gone off the rails: This show is suffering from giving fans 2 years to theorize and hype up this last season. It will be disappointing for many when things don't happen like they want them to or how they thought it would go. My friend gave me the best advice this season, watch with no expectations. Just enjoy it because it will all be over soon. People want to blame D&D and talk about how better it was when they were still pulling from Martin but here is season 2 episode 9 being broken down like people are with the long night. Enjoy it as a parody but it does raise some good points.
  10. Married by an Elvis impersonator in Vegas? Guaranteed to be a long lasting marriage!
  11. I read that this morning and thought with all the evidence laid out wouldn't Melisande actually be a better lord of light? If everything has an antithesis as the post states (very Matrix of them lol) then wouldn't her disappearing after serving her purpose of helping defeat the NK be exactly that? If Bran was the lord of light he should have died when the NK did. On a side note I love this series and guessing about it but man there are some fans that do a ton of work with their theories. It has made being a fan so fun. This post was so well done even if it led me to a different conclusion. It is one thing people that watch this show after it is done will miss out on.
  12. That is what I am talking about. If I understand it correctly there was a lack of clean water for Phish and there was no solution if that problem arose again this year which caused the permit denials. So Watkins Glen had an issue last year that they failed to correct in time for this concert. https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2019/04/26/woodstock-50-delay-statement/ Organizers, notably Lang, failed to explain why they pushed back sales for the upcoming event. A separate report revealed that the event had failed to obtain the required mass-gathering permit from the New York Statement Department of Health (DOH). Without a formal permit, or even a conditional permit, organizers can’t sell tickets. In a press release, promoters dismissed the delay. “Woodstock 50 has delayed its on-sale while we refine logistical plans for what we anticipate will be an amazing Festival in August at Watkins Glen, New York.” In a third (and possibly final) red flag, promoters reportedly filed for the necessary permit much later “than [organizers] would have preferred.” Check out my link. They were late with permits and had no answer for the issue that arose with Phish due to the weather. I'm probably just still mad about the train wreck that 99 was and the clear cash grab this is. Don't mind me lol.
  13. And the dead came through Eastwatch right? I figured they were as there would be no other reason for Howland Reed to be at the Tower of Joy with Ned but appreciate the info.
  14. I remember Meera saying she had to go be with her family during this time but didn't know that about the books (will only read them after they are all released - the tv show has given me enough blue balls lol). Wonder if we will see them again...
  15. Watkins Glen with another not so great look. After Phish last year and not being able to get DOH to sign off on permits this year I don't think they can be an option going forward for large festivals... That said, good. This concert was another money grab like 99 was imo.
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