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  1. I just want to point out him bragging about going 16-1 picking chiefs games is a funny brag. If you picked the chiefs to be undefeated save for week 17 when everyone knew the chiefs weren't trying and you too would have gone 16-1.
  2. Even if the Bills win, he won't quit. It will turn into Mahomes wasn't himself, the Chiefs had a lot of distractions this week, or the team won in spite of Josh. He then immediately pivot to the NFC champ and how they will win and how happy they must be to be able to play the Bills. Loser franchise 4 straight losses blah blah blah. If the Bills win he will still double down. It's just the formula and not worth getting upset about. I used to love PTI and made sure to watch it each day. Then one day Wilbon said right as the segment began, I'm
  3. I get the second dose of the vaccine on February 8th. I will be at the parade when the Bills win!
  4. I numbered so it was easier to respond. (I do understand it is you rehashing points) 1. That has been lacking all year. That led to 30.1 ppg. The Bills just missed out on being the highest scoring team in the entire league. If last weekend proved anything it is that the league has changed and you CAN win without a strong running game. 2. Lucky? Why lucky? The Bills are now a team that is feared offensively. With that comes teams pressing for tds and giving up sure points to go for it on 4th down. The defense since Hail Murray are opportunistic and returning to
  5. You've got it half right. It is in the Bills best interest for this guy to keep mentioning the team. It is free marketing/advertising. Proving him wrong is even better. Put differently, what is better? This clown talking poorly about the Bills or nobody talking about the Bills? It is an act, he is playing a part for sure, but that act is just as beneficial for the Bills as it is for him.
  6. I think the texans get bienemy as a last ditch effort to keep watson. It looks like mcdaniels is the leader for philly. Consistency for Buffalo and great news for them. Hope Daboll goes on a revenge tour the next 2 games and next season showing everyone what they missed out on!
  7. So nervous ive pooped twice in the last hour lol. Lets ***** go!
  8. Agreed that's too much money. My prediction is something similar to the norman deal in the 6 million range and he follows Saleh to the jets.
  9. This has been an obvious move so much so that I will actually be surprised if it DOESN'T happen.
  10. I quite colorfully made the same observation Saturday. something along the lines of "thats ***** right you tried to ***** cheat us and they still won the ***** game you ***** *****. You can't rob these ***** they don't ***** care they'll still win the ***** game" Hope the language filter catches all that lol. This team is just different.
  11. I agree with most of your post but not the 2 catches. First one there is clearly a green strip of grass visible between his foot and the sideline. Second one you can see the rubber pellets being kicked up. They were close but both the right call. Everything I have seen from colts fans have even agreed that it was a fumble they were lucky to get away with.
  12. Resignation instead of termination is still eligible for Unemployment in some cases. The new employer will have an incredibly small liability for UI. Former employers may perhaps have some liability. In this instance the employee requested time off and it will rely on company policy regarding such requests whether or not they will be eligible. Seems like a short sighted decision on the employers behalf but we are lacking too many relevant details to make any sort of call. Source - am HR guy.
  13. This actually should be a good thing for Buffalo. Baltimore plays like Seattle's LOB. Penalties every play and dare the refs to call it. Hopefully they do.
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