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  1. I got reamed out by a person who couldn't login to a computer because they were misspelling their own username so I'm going to go with yes.
  2. The Eagles have no reason to trade Graham or Robey-Coleman. They are in a playoff race they can win
  3. Not to rain on your parade, but 3 of those statements are probably accurate. Marino was more accurate than Kelly The chronic lack of a nose tackle was a problem for the defensive line and it showed repeatedly. And whether you agree or not I think Levy was and is pretty wildly overrated.
  4. And we are playing a super quick offense today. Seems almost Belichickian doesn't it?
  5. Because you need different solutions for different places. Bermuda grass grows really well in Florida. It doesn't grow well in the north and it goes dormant at the first bit of cold weather. Several teams have domes. You can't roll a grass field outside in Minnesota or Detroit after October. Growing grass fully inside hasn't gone well in several times it has been tried.
  6. Green bay doesn't have grass in the winter. They have green painted dirt. The warming system doesn't make the grass grow it just keeps the ground from freezing rock hard. Pittsburgh has grass, it's terrible after October and it just gets worse because the turf doesn't grow to self heal and you can't re-sod because the roots won't grow so it won't anchor. Also the reality of orchard park is that field needs to be plowed routinely. Run that equipment over grass in November/December and see if you can play on it. Pittsburgh gets 40 inches a year. Green Bay gets 48. Cleveland gets 54. Orchard Park gets 114 inches. The stadium is also below grade and the whole stadium is built to drain into the bowl of the field so drainage for a natural turf field will be interesting. Especially on the sidelines. It's not as easy as just saying I want grass. Hey, I'm just explaining why it could be necessary. I'm not talking about who decides when it's necessary or who pays the bills when it's needed.
  7. What do we need to do to have him leave the country and take his catalog of schlock with him?
  8. It makes sense, every time they have to plow the field they lose some fill as it mixes in with the snow and the fill goes out with the snow in the dump truck. If it's not regularly refreshed it will get low.
  9. Well one is $8 and the other will be $25 before tax so it's more like 3 juices.
  10. Good way to kill off that brand. Make it corporate and uncool. Chet and Muffy in the Bills Mafia club level. I can see it now.
  11. How many of the pass rushers are out because it seems like all of them.
  12. That and their kicker actively boned them when the game was close which then caused them not to kick any more FGs all day.
  13. If they cut him in 2021 he creates 49.9M of dead cap space. In 2022 it's still 26.5M. 2023 is the easiest out at 8.6M. None of that says they can't or won't draft a QB but it does suggest that Ryan will be a Falcon until at least 2022.
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