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  1. They absolutely are. Those algorithms are pretty good too. They sneak a bunch of stuff into the YouTube Shorts as well. Tons. Watch them and it will give you more and some of it is pretty insidious for a young kid. Watch a couple videos with military anything and see what happens. Even video games with that type of content. If my Google Ad and YouTube algorithm saw my voting record it would be very confused. Doesn't stop trying to convert me though.
  2. Nobody buys cereal anymore and kids don't watch TV like they used to. They are on their phones or I-pads or what have you getting ad content from those sources.
  3. The salary cap is collectively bargained as is the trade deadline and all things governing contracts and player movement. That's what keeps those things from being illegal.
  4. I listen to games rather than watch frequently because I'm driving my son home from hockey somewhere. Murphy sucks. He barely describes the action and is flat out wrong often. In the Dolphins game he called touchdowns twice in balls that were dropped. That's wildly frustrating to listen to. He was a good color guy for Van, he's been a bad PbP guy and as he's gotten older he's gotten worse.
  5. If you put Josh Allen in place of Russ Wilson and date the article about four years from now it reads about the same.
  6. Worst field vision ever. Worst. Runs with the vision of a blindfolded Helen Keller.
  7. 11 games because it encompasses the last two seasons. Thank you for pointing out how much of a front running team this is. You want to beat the Bills? Challenge them and keep it close because more often than not they'll find a way to gift wrap it for you if you can do that. They buckle. Like a belt.
  8. 2-9 in their last 11 one score games. And these aren't just flip a coin, dude hit a 64 yard FG losses. Many of these are crapping your pants with dumb mistakes or blowing leads types of losses.
  9. You take the tie because the tie is not a loss. The tie, though disgusting, helps you. If they took the tie they'd still be a half game up on the Jets instead of behind them. If they'd taken the tie they'd still be a half game ahead of Miami in the loss column. Instead they forced the ball into the end zone and got nothing.
  10. Because this team repeatedly shows us what they are. Soft and mentally weak. People try to tamp that down and shout down people who say it but they keep doing it. Over and over and over again.
  11. Somebody's mom forgot the damned orange slices and Capri Suns again. I'm looking at you Janet.
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