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  1. Drafting players from your own team with money on the line is like mixing church and state. It's just not advisable.
  2. Front butt. Or Vagomach Why don't you just make 10 louder? 🤣
  3. Let's focus on the important questions raised by tonight's game. Such as how do we acquire Caroline Cann and is she the missing piece the Bills need to push them over the top?
  4. There are different ways to go 4-0. We were well into our 3rd string in the 2nd quarter and still rag dolling the Panthers (who admittedly were missing several key players) and FTR if they can win the 4th game with a whole game of Tyree Jackson at QB then their depth on defense and running back is insane because he stinks on ice.
  5. They've been making me look at her every 5 minutes all night. What else are we supposed to do? Watch Ray Ray McCloud let a punt roll for 10 minutes with nobody within 30 yards? Thank you. Crisis averted.
  6. Are we low on corners because of the injuries? Why the F is Wallace on the field?
  7. That timeout is why Ron Rivera is a toolbox. Let the game end.
  8. With the ball in his hands he's legit. I worry about the other stuff. He will be sick with RPO
  9. 1st Quarter: "Hey ref, watch the hands to the face" 3rd Quarter: 2 hand to the face calls...on Carolina...
  10. Bud tall boys and a can of dip, per usual
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