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  1. I'll go back to this, when the Gunners start playing Prem League matches in the States then I will be ok with playing NFL games in London. If they even mentioned this as possibility the fan base would hit the roof.
  2. It's virtually the definition of plastic. Let's cow tow to the new fans we hope to get rather than serve those who have been through thick and thin with the club and who ultimately end up paying it's bills.
  3. I wonder how Tottenham or Arsenal fans would take to having their home match Premier League against United played in the states. I'm guessing not well.
  4. Kitty! We don't have anything cool like that. Deer out the wazoo, foxes, opossum. Standard stuff. Every couple of years a bear will wander through the area and the whole world loses it's mind.
  5. Assault is a criminal offense, sir. Traveling over 1000 miles to commit an assault would likely meet the definition of premeditation which turns it into aggravated assault which is not only criminal, it's a felony.
  6. I'd like to see Lamar Miller if we can get him on a show-me deal coming off his ACL at age 29.
  7. Yes.....click the click bait...feed the beast that you hate when it says bad things about you and respond with ever more clicks of the click bait...
  8. That just means we punted from midfield a lot. How many did he get inside the 10 to where it was an actual weapon for the defense? I agree. They still can't lineup properly an unacceptable number of times.
  9. Spain was brutal. Absolutely brutal. If he's not one of the top three things that are fixed this off-season we had a bad off-season.
  10. Guaranteed Coleman talks about this guy again, on-air, on Monday whether the Ravens win or lose this weekend.
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