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  1. And they are super pissed with their defense and changing coordinators, no?
  2. Because Jeff George is/was such a douche noodle that team doesn't get the respect they deserve for the offense they put up. Metcalf, Mathis, and Emanuel all had over 1k yards receiving that year, Craig Heyward also ran for 1k yards and George threw for 4100 yards that year when that was still a rare occurrence. 4.1k passer 3 - 1k WRs 1k RB That's silly production, particularly for the time. The player who led the league in passing that year was Brett Favre. He had 1 1k WR and a 1k RB. The Chiefs by all accounts are the offensive gold
  3. If he's a passing game guru, you make him the OC at best. More likely something like passing game coordinator. Byron Leftwich is an ex NFL QB with actual coaching experience coaching an NFL offense right now in the NFC Championship game. But let's give Josh McCown a call because reasons.
  4. There is no easy path. Mahomes, no Mahomes, beat who is in front of you. Win the damned game.
  5. Taron Johnson made the tackle on Taylor in 3rd and goal in the Colts game too.
  6. The wholesale price of crab meat is going to skyrocket.
  7. Things like this are what make people upset about diversity in coaching. Rob Ryan hasn't been part of a good defense in how long? There was NOBODY else who could have done a comparable job?
  8. This is where I'm at. I know if they play well they can win and that's enough. Nobody outside Buffalo truly expects them to win or wants them to win. The pressure is off. Just show up and ball and let the chips fall where they may.
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