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  1. Funny how the agents don't rush to put the money out there when it's underwhelming.
  2. His comments and behavior always felt a little more important than he actually was. Initially it was fun because it felt tongue in cheek, the longer it went on the more it seemed serious.
  3. I think saying a guy is a number 2 is pretty far from saying he's washed. He's a number two because I don't think he's going to be healthy for entire seasons anymore.
  4. They need a guy who will fight for a contested ball and come down with it. DHop isn't the main guy anymore but boy would he fill a big role with this team
  5. If he can throw even remotely, he would be an excellent backup for us. Edit: you can disagree if you want to, that's fine. I'd like to know which other backup QB is out there that they can use in a similar way that they use Allen. If they had to use Keenum last year the entire offense would have had to change because Keenum can't run. Physically, Newton is what Allen is going to become if they keep using him the way they have been. No he can't throw well anymore, no backup you are signing will throw at an elite level. Newton can at least run.
  6. Well if he's good on FanDuel I feel better about it.
  7. Apparently someone thinks that's relevant and that it means he's fast.
  8. That's 75 of his 419 yards right there. So he had 344 yards on his remaining 29 catches.
  9. I could never talk about Cole Beasley again and be totally ok with that. Pearl clutching Bills fans are getting pretty tiresome too.
  10. IMO the Bengals exploited every weakness the Bills have and embarrassed them. They were on the way to doing the same thing in the earlier game too. The lines are soft. The offense relies WAY too much on Allen. The defense is a joke against quality quarterbacks. I don't see any of this changing. The team is built around a quarterback but they go into every year with jobbers on 60 percent of the line.
  11. We will see. People wanted to argue with me about Tre last year too.
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