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  1. Does it still kick the llama's ass?
  2. I bet if you buy that you get a free bowl of soup
  3. The fact it was an afterthought is the only reason he had a job in the first place. Taking it seriously would have bumped him out sooner.
  4. Watson is more like: https://youtu.be/E5RDEXpc8OY
  5. I was there too. Soooooo hot that day.
  6. This, every time they sack Wilson all day. For Tennessee NSFW
  7. It's not that the standard of reporting has dropped. You are just watching shows that are opinion based shows, which is what most of what is on TV. That's not reporting. You can't report news 24 hours a day, not that much happens. There is the reporting what happened with 23.5 hours of talking about what was reported and extrapolating that into other things. Again, not reporting.
  8. Because they get paid have takes and generate interest. Every time they said something negative you clicked on it retweeted it etc.
  9. I like the Patriots choice. How about Video Killed the Radio Star?
  10. Tre doesn't count until he can play. Elam is a rookie. Johnson is good but he plays slot only. Dane Jackson is exceedingly unproven, Siran Neal never plays defense and isn't an outside corner when he does. It's scary to need a rookie CB or raw UDFAs to come in day one and not get consistently set ablaze or die in an avalanche of yellow and that's basically where we are.
  11. I want to see the numbers about how they do getting balls to stop or go OB inside the 10. I also want there to be at least one windy day for both the punters and the potential returners. Agreed. Some of these guys need to start panning out. Now.
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