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  1. Having the poor teams we play win could potentially help us. Strength of victories is a tiebreaker. You want our division teams to beat the nfc teams because we play them twice. Other than that you want the nfc east to win as much as possible. Same with Tennessee and Cincinnati
  2. Because the Colts beat the Chiefs in a road SNF game and neutered their previously unbeatable looking offense. Jordan Phillips had 3 sacks in a game nobody saw.
  3. I realize there are only 32 HC jobs in the world and, in order to coach at this level at all, these guys have pretty hefty egos. However, anyone who thinks about taking that job without strongly considering the ownership and upper management disaster that team has been for so long is just being foolish.
  4. He can be Mongo if they ever remake Blazing Saddles. (Yes I'm aware that the original Mongo was ex-NFL player and future tv dad of Webster, Alex Karras)
  5. I was sitting in my parents house all by myself as I had my wisdom teeth pulled the day before and the rest of my family was at a function for my sister. I pulled the knot on one of my stitches through the gum I was screaming at the TV so much at the end of that game in my oxycodone induced haze. I don't remember more than 3 plays from that game. Johnson running with 1 shoe on, making the field goal, and the ensuing kickoff.
  6. They are hedging until the Allen decision is made. You can get Titans -150 at Bovada You can get Bills +135 at BetOnline
  7. No problem. Titans -149 on the money line right now.
  8. Can I make a list of posts that are shots in the dark? Supposing that the team won't expose a QB in protocol to rush him back when they could give him nearly 3 calendar weeks to recover rather than 6 days is just an outlandish thing to say? OK. The fact that I think this is a loss whether or not Allen plays is stupid only because you disagree with it. No Allen, No Singletary, on the road after an emotional loss? Clearly, what am I thinking? You could have asked me in August and I would have marked this week as an L. Based on recent events I'm more convinced. This is an 8-8 football team give or take one game on either side.
  9. With the bye the week after there is no way Allen plays. This is an L either way.
  10. He was terrible when he was in and he put himself in a position to get hit that way and not finish the game. He failed.
  11. Playing the way he is playing he simply isn't going to last in the league so it doesn't much matter whether or not you like him as a player. He's going to be on the shelf a lot and those injuries will likely be increasingly debilitating. Unless you really like Matt Barkley, prudence dictates that they take another QB fairly high in the near future
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