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  1. Don't know that I can trust him anymore. Once you lose trust in a kicker it's really difficult to get it back. He could go 30 for his next 30 and I'd still have that nagging concern in my head if the 31st is a late one to tie or win.
  2. Yeah it's pretty classy of Florida to do that and then also stick their hands out to rebuild them every time nature does what nature wants to do there.
  3. You have hit upon the problem. He has the right to appeal his child support when his income changes just like anyone else. Acting like a scumbag doesn't tend to please the court though. There are also ways to prevent these issues in the first place so, again, not too much sympathy here.
  4. There are only so many things to talk about. Particularly this time of year.
  5. There's no way it's $50 for one team. Maybe per game, but not for the season.
  6. Which is exactly the way it will be pitched, but it won't end up being cheaper than the current Sunday Ticket situation.
  7. Also, what's to stop tiered pricing where good games cost more than bad ones. Bills v. KC is $100 while Bears v. Carolina is $30. A la carte though. Yeah....
  8. This won't be substantially cheaper if at all. You'll pay the same to get less. Why? They know you'll do it. What's the incentive to cut you a break? It's more likely that they'd raise the price of the full shabang and price the one team subscription at what you currently pay for the whole shabang. Additionally it then throws a monkey wrench onto the revenue sharing model and it gives ppl like Jerry Jones an argument as to why they should get more of the pie because more people will subscribe to the Cowboys than the Bills for example. In short, this is one of those things that you think you want, but you really don't. People talk about a la carte too. How much do you think an a la carte game would be? Keeping in mind there's no incentive to price it per game at less than what you pay for everything. They know what you want to watch. There are 17 regular season games, the current price is $450 at full retail. That's basically $26.50 a game (I'm aware there are year to year fluctuations with national TV games, etc but you need to count it as though its a team with none of that). I wouldn't expect it to be priced a la carte at anything less than $30 a game and $50 or more wouldn't shock me. UFC costs $80 an event on top of your ESPN+ subscription. Even if they offer it that way they don't want a person who intends to watch all of the games for their team to just buy it a la carte and give them less money overall. Again, why would they do that? They'll incentivize buying everything and call that your "discount".
  9. Two reasons. 1. Because it can be. 2. The NHL TV deal in the US is a total of 625 million for 7 years. The NFLs deal is 110 BILLION over 11 years.
  10. I dunno, I'm pretty sure Mahomes could get a lawn chair into the top 30
  11. He was decent when he had a competent QB throwing the ball. NGL though, anytime the Steelers actively get rid of a guy it's a big red flag. Big. Don't need him to be spectacular though. It's pretty clear the offense is going through the RBs and Kincaid and that's fine.
  12. It's not a scam, it just changes how or if you pay for a road. Since you didn't drive the NJ Turnpike or GSP in 5 years you didn't pay a cent to support them. Just like I haven't paid a penny to the FL Turnpike or Mass Pike or any of the new toll roads in Texas. Since I pay federal taxes it's likely that some tiny portion of what I pay (along with what everyone else pays) paid for some of the "free" interstate highways you drive on on Tennessee. Taxes don't pay for toll roads. Tolls pay for toll roads. Toll roads tend to be better maintained than non-toll roads and if they need to be expanded it tends to happen faster too. Especially around here, because they have their own revenue stream and don't have to go hat in hand to their Congressman every year. If you drive in PA there is a marked difference between I-80 and the PA Turnpike and then another difference between I-80 and PA state highways. In Jersey, I find the Turnpike and GSP to be pretty well maintained given the amount of traffic they carry (which makes maintenance difficult and wears the road out faster) and the variable weather the roads have to endure. To see the difference drive the Turnpike and then I-295. Different revenue streams and the Turnpike is a MUCH better road even though they basically parallel each other. PA state roads depend greatly on which PennDOT District you live in, they aren't all funded equally or to 100% of need. Then there are local roads which depend on the individual municipality and those can be a disaster depending on the locality. If you live in a really rural place without many people to tax it's hard for the locality to get enough money to maintain all the local roads very well. Especially if it snows a lot in that area. If it were a scam, you'd pay tolls and the road quality would be dog crap and you'd never see them working on the road. The NY Thruway is also pretty good given the weather issues NYS has. The only parts that are truly bad are the parts where the state has to negotiate access to fix the road and the Native people block that access. THOSE parts of the Thruway suck. I don't mind paying a toll. I mind when the state tries to turn a $3 toll into a $53 toll. That's out of line, but that's also Delaware for you. They will do literally ANYTHING to not raise taxes on their own residents. I don't mean that as a positive either. The public schools are a train wreck and everyone with means happily pays 20k a year to send their kids to private school but God forbid they raise the taxes $50. Here's a road example. Most states give you a discount on tolls simply for using EZ-Pass. For example if you have a Maryland EZ-Pass the I-95 toll is $6 I think. If you don't have MD EZ-Pass it's $12. However, you don't have to live in Maryland to have a Maryland EZ-Pass account. I was driving up and down 95 a lot when my son played hockey so it made the most sense for me at the time to have that state's account. Now that he's off to college it doesn't matter to me anymore and since MD pissed me off I'll switch back to PA. In Delaware, the only discount they give you is for frequent drivers. You need to make 30 trips in a month to get the discount. Maryland doesn't care how often I drive the road, just that I have their tag. NJ Turnpike gives everyone a discount based on the time of day you travel. Peak is small, off peak is pretty big. PA Turnpike same thing, you have EZ-Pass at all you get a discount. Delaware? You're from out of state you pay more, no matter what. Why? Most of the people driving on Delaware's toll roads aren't from Delaware. They are cutting through Delaware on 95 or going to the beach on DE-1. If you drive on 95 locally there is no toll. If you exit the state going South there is. If you enter the state from the South, there is. Why no toll going to and from PA to the North? Lots of Delawarians commute to Philly and they'd be the ones paying that, the out of state people usually exit 95 before that point and cross over into Jersey to get to the Jersey Turnpike so they put the toll plaza at the Southern border to snag all of those people instead. If there is a toll road that's a scam, it's that one. The whole road is 13 miles long and the passthrough traffic on 95 is ungodly 24 hours a day. $4 a car last I looked and the bridge has it's own separate toll. About 127,000 vehicles cross through that toll booth every day. Roughly 114,300 cars and 12,700 trucks. Annual revenue from cars is roughly $167,000,000. Add another $51,000,000 from the truck traffic. That's $218,000,000 a year to maintain 13 miles of road virtually all of which is funded by Non-Delawarians. Note: I work in Delaware every day. It's a garbage place. Hate it. North of the Canal, South of the Canal, doesn't matter. The beaches are fine, better than Jersey anyway, but everything else is terrible.
  13. There are plenty of toll roads down South too.
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