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  1. I don't get how it's like a new conversation. This sort of thing has been going on for more than 35 years. Is there a line where it becomes to much? Yeah. What is that line? I know it when I see it and I haven't seen anything close to it from the Bills this year. The ONE celebration thing I don't like recently is when the whole team runs down to the end zone to have a selfie pose in an opposing stadium. I don't like that specific thing because it feels like they are taunting the people there and if the people in the end zone started chucking beers and snowballs at them they'd cry about it. Other than that? Have at it.
  2. and the meek shall inherit the Earth....after the bold whip every one else's behind and make it safe for the meek to poke their heads outside.
  3. Here. It's all of Bruce's sacks. All of them. Tell me if any of this is different from what you are complaining about and remember that at the start of the video Bruce was on a terrible football team.
  4. Uhm, nope. Go watch some Youtube of Bruce Smith and Cornelius Bennett, it makes anything Oliver and Lawson are doing look tame.
  5. Either Graham Gano or Joey Slye will be available after the season. I'd imagine it will be Gano.
  6. Mom handles most of it but he has to clean his room every Saturday or there is hell to pay.
  7. I'm on the record that they don't make the playoffs. I said it. I stand by it. We will see. 4 very tough games in a row and they can't lose them all. Yeah they did. With their 3rd string qb and backup rb.
  8. They scored 20. I didn't think they would. I was wrong. Good for them.
  9. How'd Baltimore do against New England? I don't remember. They scored a whole 14 points in that game.
  10. That's the pillar of a sound argument right there. AFC Offensive Player of the Week, for a game against the Dolphins. Well gosh. Did he get a ribbon for that or a fruit basket? How about a voucher he can turn in so they can score more than 20 points against a top 20 defense. Any top 20 defense. Any week you don't score 20 points is automatically a loseable game regardless of who you are playing against. It makes it possible to lose without giving up touchdowns. Since the defense is essentially built to hold teams to field goals this makes it a problem and reduces your margin for error to near zero. Your defense has less than a top notch day and surrenders a TD or 2, things are dicey. You miss a FG or 2 of your own, things are dicey. You turn the ball over a couple times, things are dicey. You get a couple poorly timed penalties or other negative plays to push you out of FG range, things are dicey. The Bills have all of these risks today. All of them. If they can put 21 points on the board they have a decent shot. I don't think they can do that against a good defense. They haven't done it all year, I have no reason to think it will suddenly start today.
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