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  1. It's at 51:30 of the video. Buffalo had just taken a 10-3 lead. Miami tried to fumble us the kickoff but got lucky and covered it, then Hansen made that play on 1st down. The Bills kicked a FG on the ensuing drive to go up 13-3. This wasn't a pretty game, lots of mistakes by both teams. The outcome was nice though 🙂
  2. Yes, but I think there might be some higher paid players who aren't on the team by then which changes that math. For example, Boettger can be traded or released and you add 2M of cap space with no dead cap. IMO, one of the guards is going to go among Feliciano, Boettger, Lamp, and Ford. Boettger is the one that gives you the greatest cap benefit with zero penalty so he's going to have to significantly out play the other options or I think they could trade him. Feliciano would carry a net cap hit by releasing him so he will need to stink on ice to be the odd-man out. It's a similar
  3. You are correct. There used to be in order to activate your pension, they recently stopped doing that.
  4. Well retiring is sort of like bankruptcy. You can say it, but saying doesn't mean anything, you have to actually file paperwork so Aaron Rodgers can say anything he wants out loud, until he files paperwork he's not retired.
  5. Don't go to Pat's anyway. Or Geno's for that matter. Way better steaks in town.
  6. I know that, but that's not the context in which I saw him so I didn't count it that way. I also met Ed Rutkowski but not as a Bill.
  7. Met Kelly at a promotional event at Anchor Marine. He was nice enough but I was 8 or 9 years old and he was a god at the time so I don't think it really would have mattered if he wasn't. Also ran into Kent Hull buying long underwear for hunting at a store by Eastern Hills Mall. He was super cool. Also ran into Kevin Knox at the Boulevard Mall but I think I was the only one who recognized him and he got a little spooked once other people started paying attention. Also ran into Glenn Parker at a Sabres game. Ran into Bill Polian at the airport one time when I was again about 8 or 9, he was nic
  8. He's running for office in Texas when he retires. Mark it down.
  9. Have the Bills ever covered a TE? Ever? It's like they don't know they exist. They've never had a good one and they've never covered anyone else's either.
  10. If someone does that on a plane I'm on duct tape is going to be the least of their problems. I'll take my chances with a jury of my peers.
  11. I'm waiting for the one who get killed while taking a selfie with a shark.
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