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  1. That's No Moon

    Maurice Alexander (safety) visiting with the Bills

    I'm gonna go have a couple beer while I think about this.
  2. Fox Force Five. The Venture Brothers Rick and Morty
  3. That's No Moon

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    I can handle it but it's not fun to. For a leisure time activity, if it's not enjoyable why am I doing it? I only have so much free time in a week, why am I going to spend any of that time doing something that is much more often than not frustrating, angering, and downright depressing? More time for things that bring me joy, more money to do those things.
  4. That's No Moon

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    Seriously. I got tired of having my balls broken all the time. If it's not fun, why am I doing it?
  5. That's No Moon

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    Yes, which is why I gave it all away. The sticker came off my car after the night Jets game a couple years ago. 130am i'M in my driveway scraping a sticker off the window. The next morning everything went to Goodwill. All of it. Don't miss it at all.
  6. That's No Moon

    Bills showing Interest in Darius Philon, DL

    It's just me throwing crap at the wall but the value chart matches up almost perfectly. We might need to throw in a 7th but it's basically spot on. 1850 to 1851 in value IIRC
  7. That's No Moon

    What about Jay Ajayi?

    Well, his one knee was just put back together. Gore has torn his left ACL twice, in addition to all the other wear and tear. I'm not sure you can say Ajayyi is broken down when you have Gore on the team. That said, it takes awhile to come back from an ACL fully and Ajayyi is probably not ready at this point so unless your plan is to lowball him on a 2 year deal with the plan of putting him on PUP to start the year knowing you may not get anything out of him at all this season I'm not sure it makes much sense right now.
  8. That's the danger of not running in Indy and pinning it all on your pro day. Hurt in Mobile, didn't run at the combine, mediocre time at pro day + tight back? Now you're asking GMs to base your speed off film as much as the watch and you didn't play in a power conference. Ugh.
  9. "If they expect you to cook the meal they ought to at least let you pick out some of the groceries." - Bill Parcells
  10. 4.5 indoors coming off a lackluster senior season. Day 2.
  11. That's No Moon

    Bills showing Interest in Darius Philon, DL

    I think the Packers might be interested in moving up to 9 from 12 to get a WR. Bills receive: #12, #30, and #150 Packers receive: #9 and #40
  12. That's No Moon

    Who got a Bills gift box from the Bills today?

    I think Russ would autograph his balls for you right now if you asked him to. Maybe even if you didn't ask him to.
  13. That's No Moon

    JP Losman impresses scouts at Clemson Pro day

    He was terrible, but without looking I'll bet he had more 80+ yard TDs than any other Bills TD.