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  1. Yup they do, how often do regular family members form a circle around the person on their way out to prevent the media from approaching them? What exactly do you think would have happened if one of the media people tried a little too hard to get through the circle of off-duty cops? You know, doing THEIR job as the media. Thinking back to all those teachers we've seen get arrested. I can't think of a time where the local teacher's union organized people to come out and do that or the teacher's friends spontaneously came out and did that. I wonder why. I mean it's just friends helping friends, right? It has nothing to do with making a show of force against the public.
  2. You did, and then you dismissed the answer you got because it didn't fit the narrative you were trying to build. Not everyone who thinks police officers overstep their bounds is an aggrieved criminal or family member of a criminal. Many of us are respectful, law abiding citizens, who expect the police force to act within the bounds of the law they are bound to uphold not do as they please. That officer did that in broad daylight in front of a lot of people while he knew he was wearing a camera. How do we think he acts at night when, there aren't people around, and the camera is switched off? I'm sure he's a saint, a model officer, something to uphold and a standard to which we should all hope to hold ourselves. Speaking of true colors showing through....
  3. You can choose to not believe me, I don't particularly care. I'm not bitter, I just walk through the world with my eyes open and work in places and with people who have this stuff happen to them. You can also choose to believe that there's no such things as bad cops and that people who are arrested of crimes all receive exactly what they deserve. Whatever helps you sleep at night. We're all more than happy to believe that a 26 year old female teacher would have sex with a 14 year old and we gleefully run here to post photos and make snarky comments but when there's a question of a cop abusing their authority the room divides and people get upset. Why is that? Why do we so desperately need all people in uniform to be heroes even when they aren't? On this Memorial Day I will stop to remember the valiant Americans who gave their lives in defense of this country, however that honor does not, and should not extend to Americans who committed war crimes in the name of our country. Questioning authority and its appropriate use by the government isn't un-American. In fact, it's one of the more American things I'm able to think of. Wanting the rule of law to apply to everyone, including the people charged with enforcing it, is not un-American either. So yeah, I celebrate Memorial Day and, frankly, I think I have a little bit better of an understanding of what it's supposed to be about than you do.
  4. So, a guy gets arrested for whatever. Gets put in the back of a police vehicle restrained and not seat belted in, the cops then intentionally drives like an ass to bounce the person off as many hard surfaces as possible before they get to lock up. Ok or not ok? And before you go off on Baltimore and how they handled that situation I'm actually talking about Philadelphia and heard similar stories told more than once from cops themselves. One time a guy made them run, another time he was running his mouth, etc. Common thread was they pissed the cop off, cop exacted his pound of flesh outside the legal system. I, like you, am extremely respectful of police officers. My personal experience doesn't mean that others have had the same experience and it also doesn't mean that people who are less respectful but not breaking the law deserve to get their ass kicked with impunity.
  5. None. How does my personal behavior enter into this conversation? If I told you I worked in juvenile justice does that get me enough cred to speak?
  6. Yes, they get paid for in Pennsylvania via state taxes. If you pulled the tolls off the Thruway all of the maintenance costs would be exactly the same you would just be paying them through NY state taxes instead of tolls. As for promising one thing and doing another, that's a pretty naive way to look at it. The Thruway is substantially different today than when it was first constructed. The money for that didn't just come from thin air either. You don't like paying the toll on the Thruway? Don't drive on it. Now it's free to you.
  7. The difference your average jagoff insurance salesman doesn't have authority or the weight of the law behind them. From my work life I've had plenty of occasion to talk to cops and be around cops socially and the things they tell each other and the things they say around "safe" company can be pretty appalling. Again, not all, some are great people, but I've met significantly more jag offs from that profession than others, say teaching or in the medical profession or in service industries. And again, in my experience talking to people (the police themselves) and observing how they interact with others, short cops act like they have something to prove way more quickly than bigger ones. You can gain an insight into how people are without actually being in trouble. For example, play against the local police softball team. You'll be able to pick out the a-holes on the force by the 3rd inning. If a guy is getting into someone's face and being an ass at slow pitch softball I'll go ahead and surmise that he's not a lot better when you give him a night stick, tazer, gun, and a whole load of power.
  8. Your choice, leave the tolls on and tax out of state people and truck traffic or take them off and pay for all the maintenance out of your tax dollars. The road isn't going away and won't stop needing repairs. How would you rather pay for it?
  9. That profession tends to attract more authoritarian jag offs than most. Short cops are the worst.
  10. TIL the Vikings had a QB named Frank Tarkenton
  11. This actually. We've seen that the dead still do decompose. After the initial crush of millions of dead I wouldn't think that there would be enough living to support a continual flow of new dead to make things like massive hordes. Winter dead freeze, desert dead would almost certainly be desiccated quickly, swampy dead grow things and fall apart. Things like floods, tornados, wildfires, and hurricanes are still happening and with no ability or instinct to seek shelter you lose plenty there. You'd see predation from things like mountain lions, bears, and alligators. We are multiple years into this process at this point. There shouldn't be many dead left at all and yet.
  12. I will remind you all that Nathan Peterman still receives paychecks to be an NFL QB, as does Davis Webb and Alex Tanney and a host of other terrible players none of whom could hold Colin Kaepernick' jock.
  13. Yeah but this is what you need if you ever want to put that number back into the mix. Slap it on somebody nobody gives a damn about, let people see it on the field for a little while and get over the oddness of it, cut the guy then 32 is a more real option for the next guy. I'm 41 years old, I've never seen anyone wear #32. It will be odd the first time, then it will be fine.
  14. Google Maps says 575 hours. That doesn't count sleeping or anything else and I'm sure you need to add on a significant amount of detour time for apocalypse related shenanigans. If you triple the amount of time it takes you to actually walk to account for those factors, walking 8 hours a day it will take you a little over 215 days.
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