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  1. Probably the same reason my sister canceled her daughter’s wedding reception in early Sept. Just only immediate family in Sept. for a small wedding. There are some 60+ aged people & other high risk attendees that do not wish to fly or travel and be placed in a risky situation. The wedding reception has been rescheduled for 2021.
  2. Mr Info

    Name This Person

    Gotta be...I say L->R: Danko, Manuel, Helm, Hudson, & Robertson
  3. Mr Info

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    But it was a drummer responsible for that famous quote.
  4. You could try a company like C H Robinson. https://www.chrobinson.com/en-us/contact-us/get-a-quote/ We have used them for business to business but they may also do residential or point you to some company that will.
  5. My sister & her husband planned a kick-ass (225 guests) wedding on Labor Day weekend this year for their daughter. They live in MN. They told us on Sun that the wedding will still be held for immediate family only & the reception will be next year on Aug 28 at the same place. We already had preliminary discussions this might occur. This seems like a good idea. There are some attendees past 60 and they do not want to fly or travel far until there is a vaccine.
  6. Mr Info

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    Petticoat Junction cast?
  7. https://reasonstobecheerful.world site created by David Byrne
  8. Lotta hate. Have a cocktail & relax. Don’t miss your anti-hypertensive meds.
  9. Tell you what, Mr Cratchit. You can drive with me to the games next year & we can drink the entire way in an autonomous EV. That is the only way I am driving to WNY again.
  10. Another option if time is more important than $ is to use EZPass to get past the DC traffic. You will prob still run into a backup where EZPass terminates around Quantico. Let Waze know you have EZPass and you can relax while moving past traffic in the public lanes.
  11. Check out Twisted Hillbilly Mag where it came from: http://thmag.us
  12. Thanks for putting this out. Seriously considering this one and coordinate it with a visit to fave relatives in Pt Richmond. May only go to the game, though. What is your opinion on using the Capital Corridor to attend a game? Could arrive early for the socially proper tailgate.
  13. it will be interesting to see if he changes this position due to the relaxation of coronavirus restrictions in many states. Perhaps that was based on an assumption of tighter lockdowns & distancing. With relaxation, maybe the C19 downward trends represent a slowly declining plateau rather than a bell curve for the initial wave. Thus, there might not be a second wave.
  14. I am just throwing out crazy ideas while drinking. The second game is home vs Pats*. A few days before the game, a + testing asymptomatic coronavirus mob of Pats* fans declares they are buying tix to the Bills game to deter Bills fans from attending. Bills Mafia gets together a mob of Bills fans testing + for Coronavirus antibodies to meet the swell of Pats* fans.
  15. Even if they could perform the antibody test on everyone right now there could be false negatives either very early (prior to symptom onset) or very late in the recovery stage. If you did test + it might not be a pass to go anywhere. Still undetermined would be whether you could become reinfected. But let’s assume you are immune and you go to an outing and shake hands, mingle like the old times and end up interacting with someone who is actively infected. Even though you are immune, could you pass it to someone compromised later that same evening when greeting them? You assumed you were immune and all is ok.
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