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  1. Mahomes stat line Sat vs Steelers 2-5 11 yd 47.9 QBR
  2. I called a couple of days ago because I received a notice that credits were expiring. Talked to 1st level rep & made sure auto renew was not on for Sunday Ticket. She told me my credits expire ($60/month) on Aug 26 so call back then. Those credits were what I negotiated last year for ST Max. Will see what I can negotiate on 8/26. Btw, long time Directv/ST and AT&T customer and expecting same discounts.
  3. Perhaps culture was a thing in MLB in the 90s but not anymore, MLB is all $....7 of the top 8 teams in 2019 MLB payroll are either in 1st place or a wild card spot. https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/payroll/ In the NFL, with a salary cap, perhaps there can be a differentiator. Be that coaching, GM/management, culture or some combination of these that pushes a team beyond the others. The Pats* have seemed to make superior personnel decisions and expert coaching besides the goat at qb to exceed all odds and surpass all others in a parity driven league. Hopefully, the Bills culture philosophy along with good coaching & personnel decisions will be the next model of success in a parity driven league.
  4. My grandmother used that expression and probably have not heard it in 25 years.
  5. I am a bit surprised that ticket sales are down. It seems like a good buyer’s time as the team appears to be laying the groundwork to start heading upward. Perhaps people need to see the winning before investing and that’s understandable. But, equating it to the stock market, when you see a new CEO with a vision appointed to a company, you invest in their stock instead of waiting for the stock to start rising. Sure, there is some risk, but you want to maximize (better seats) your opportunity while you can before demand rises. I picked up 2 more ST seats this year. I believe the Bills stock has a good potential to increase in the next 1-2 years and so will my ticket resale value.
  6. I will never go to another Jets game at the Meadowlands. Ahole Jets fans bothering mellow Bills fans. Maybe Giants fans are better so can’t say for sure whether I would attend another Bills game at the Meadowlands.
  7. Imo, this is a definitive version w the original band performing FB in 75 on UK show Old Grey Whistle Test. Btw, OGWT has a bunch of good performances by great artists just starting out.
  8. National YMCA member so, if traveling, go to the closest one. I am there, on average, 5x/week. I do 45-60 mins of intense workout...no gabbing, screwing around, etc. Our house is a 5 min drive or 10 min bike ride away from a new YMCA so it is really convenient
  9. None...the team appears to be all in on The Process after watching Bills Embedded Season 2.
  10. We’re going there but that will be his 1st game back from suspension.
  11. It appears she may be sick https://apple.news/AFk7PnIYoTaOldGxWt07rFA
  12. It’s unfortunate Andrew Siciliano is so odd looking or he might be on the short list for a top sports anchor.
  13. “...EPS said it considered issuing a public statement in May when charges were laid...” 😂
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