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  1. I thought ‘no way’ when I glanced at the premise. But I read a little mire about it & decided to give it a shot. Two episodes in and both wife & I are hooked...good production, cast, & story.
  2. It appears this may not be true. It looks like the NFL negotiated SB for any weekend in Feb. https://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Journal/Issues/2020/04/27/Leagues-and-Governing-Bodies/NFL-schedule.aspx “Specific conversations have occurred with Tampa hosts about delaying the Super Bowl by one week to Feb. 14, but a source said the last two weeks of February are in play as well.“
  3. The NFL may not be able to move the Super Bowl date but could they possibly move the playoffs out a week and leave one week between Conf championships & Super Bowl. Use this to allow for any rescheduled games?
  4. It is possible that he may not have been shedding virus or shedding enough during the game to infect anyone.
  5. Segway just announced 50 mile range electric moped. https://electrek.co/2020/09/29/segway-c80-electric-moped-launched-affordable-50-mile-range/
  6. “...the Bills (1-0), who batted around the Jets like a cat toy last week...”
  7. My parents, who live in NY recently returned from a trip to MN. However, they connected from MSP to BUF through the Detroit airport. MN was on NYS restricted list but MI was not. When my parents filled out the NYS paper form (they are not esavvy) they indicated MI as their point of entry. This was true and they were not trying to be sneaky. That resulted in no quarantine on their re-entry to NY.
  8. This has good intentions but is not being enforced. This is all based on self-compliance. i just flew in & out of BUF this past weekend because I go every month to visit my parents. My state is not FL but is on the restricted list. I filled out the on-line form and had an ecopy ready to show. When entering the on-line form I indicated I was from an area which did not have C19 restrictions. This is true as my area of VA does not have a high infection rate. By stating this, the e-form returned “...not subject to quarantine..”. When I flew to BUF in Aug,, 2 people met the plane to collect the paper forms from people. Now there is a table outside the passenger exit/TSA entry near the elevator & escalator/stairs to collect forms or view e-forms. Honestly, I just walked past it because I was in a hurry to pick up a rental car. Nobody stopped me asking for my form. I bet NYS will not be checking airplane passenger manifests to see who submitted forms. Now it doesn’t matter as I have completed my trip.
  9. I fly every month from VA to BUF to physically check on parents & visit my sisters. Until Aug, there were no questions. In Aug I filled out a paper form & this weekend I did it electronically. No checks on any of it. I simply said I was not from a hotspot area which is true where I live in VA, though right now VA is one of 37 states on NY’s restricted list. No one is stopping you from entering nor escorting you to a quarantine hotel. But obviously, if you think you have been exposed during your travel then be responsible and quarantine. i have stated in other posts that I find air travel safer than going into a grocery store or home supply store. I only book flights on regional jets where there is a single seat row. I have yet to sit next to anyone on a flight and I have not seen anyone without a mask on any of my flights.
  10. I flew into BUF 2 weeks ago and filled out some form when we landed. But nothing is being checked. I flew back out 3 days later.
  11. Saw this post just prior to my FFL draft. Picked up Josh & Bass as my starters & Moss as a backup. Can’t wait for season to begin.
  12. I can vouch that this is true. But she is in the wrong sector of that hot/crazy graph.
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