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  1. IPSUN Solar may be servicing your area. I attended a couple of their zooms. it does not make financial sense for us right now despite the tax credits. https://www.ipsunsolar.com
  2. Her next match is Tue, 16 Feb 21:00 EST (Wed 13:00 in Melbourne).
  3. This is not true. I am extremely fortunate for the experiences I have encountered in traveling this wide world due to my jobs. I tried to make sure all were memorable in one way or another. I have been to a few places where there were no dining ‘chains’. All food was at local establishments. These are places I remember specifically because of this and we are actively searching these locations to spend part of the year. These places are international but not remote...but they are expensive. We both speak languages other than English so that helps.
  4. Hmmm...he had some relationships but I believe Jill is his only spouse. Who else did he marry?
  5. I miss his Capt Andrew Luck Civil War tweets.
  6. Yep, got Ancestry kit as a gift from one of my kids last year. Fortunately, nothing surprising surfaced...so far. Though I would not be shocked to be contacted by an unknown offspring.
  7. Announcers just mentioned that Titans will have the most fans. TN allowed 21% or 15k fans.
  8. The account holder has to purchase the tix. However, the account holder does not have to attend the game. But, in that case, one of the attendees must be able to access the acct.
  9. First world problem...it is a Tesla Y. The nearest dealer was 3 hrs away in Pittsburgh. Correct, a mid-nasal swab is what we received yesterday...not the brain scratcher.
  10. Kinda crazy story. Season ticket holder in VA that had enough priority to snag 2 tix. My wife and I left VA ~8 am yesterday morning for our C19 at the stadium at 7 pm Thurs night. New car (< 2k miles) ran into an issue in Phillipsburg PA (~2 pm) and we pulled into a Sheetz. That was it for the car...not going anywhere after troubleshooting with their tech dept. Called a dealer but 2-3 hrs for tow. Spoke with the tow company and worked out where I would hide key until they could arrive since waiting for them would result in missing the test. Meanwhile, my wife is calling r
  11. I was not too pleased with this either as I live in VA but I am working remotely during the pandemic so I can work while in WNY. I was able to procure 2 tix due to seniority. Always enjoy returning to Buffalo so will find some good eats & things to do even during pandemic impact. I have parents & sisters in the area so can stay with them.
  12. That personal info comes later. I did not have to identify the other seat holder. I did not identify myself as a seat holder...just the acct holder. But it appears from the FAQ that all info is coming thru the acct holder. It appears the acct holder is assumed to be one of the seat holders.
  13. I can share what is related to this in the FAQ. Tickets will be limited to one pod per Season Ticket Account. The person who makes the purchase of the ticket pod will be responsible for coordinating all ticket holders within the pod, since the ticket scanning process for entry will be done via the ticket purchaser's mobile device. The person who makes the purchase of the ticket pod will be required to provide the legal name as it appears on government issued identification, email address and certain contact information (e.g., date of birth; mobile number) for all members of their t
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