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  1. . I am a national YMCA member so can go to one when traveling. I try to go 5 times a week for an hour each visit whether at home or traveling. I work intensely for that hour...not there to socialize. I can understand the convenience of having equipment at home. When I go to the Y there are no distractions. Well, besides fit girls in shorts & spandex but I digress. I disgree with this part of your post because the equipment, sauna, pool at the Y is more varied than what I could afford to purchase. In addition, they maintain their equipment
  2. $15 & $5 tip = $20 but I don’t have a lot of hair to cut
  3. Cowherd’s 2018 NFL Division Predictions https://www.google.com/amp/s/foxsportsradio.iheart.com/alternate/amp/2018-07-17-colin-cowherds-2018-nfl-season-predictions/ Solid except for Falcons & Packers. All the others were in the playoffs & Steelers were a tie away. AFC North Steelers AFC East Pats* AFC South Texans AFC West Chargers NFC North Packers NFC East Eagles NFC South Falcons NFC West Rams
  4. Too bad but I always see Ted Logan whenever I watch a Keanu Reeves movie.
  5. KD is playing amazing playoff ball. Whatever team gets him next year becomes a favorite. Draymond dropped some weight for the playoffs & has elevated his game as well. Triple Ds nearly every game. Yeah, I am a Warriors fan but have been since Barry, Thurmond, Wilkes, etc. I endured a lot of down years.
  6. Congrats but that salary still seems barely enough to live near DC.
  7. All that mascara says: “Keep your eyes up here, fellas”
  8. I will be there with Monique. We are flying in Thurs night & departing Mon. Staying at a nice solo apartment Airbnb close to Vandy
  9. Info for others for game weekend 10/5-7. I found a nice Airbnb private apt for 2 near Vandy for game weekend at $199/nite.
  10. It seems prudent to investigate past transgressions when related to public presentation of said person’s music, art, etc. Kate knew the lyrics to that song were racist. Perhaps if she were around she might apologize or mention that her manager/producer strongarmed her to sing it or she would lose her contract or something similar. If it offends people, then remove it. Some people now feel emboldened to mention a perceived offense where they may have remained silent years ago. It is the world we currently live in and I do not feel it is that hard to understand or comply with. It appears that a lot of people generally object to change. Smith’s GBA started at NYY 7th inning stretches after 9/11 so it has not been a tradition that long. Can another ‘tradition’ begin or just do something different...maybe more fun or ‘basebally’ during every 7th inning stretch? Just because GBA stops at NYY 7th inning stretches does not mean we forget 9/11.
  11. We are in Ashland. RIC has direct flights to BNA (Nashville) which is great but only on Fri & Mon but that is perfect for the game. In Fburg you are closer to DC airports but direct flights to BNA look pricier than the discount carrier, Allegiant, in RIC. We usually fly to Bills games in BUF through IAD because there is a 7:45 pm flight on Sun which leaves plenty of time to get to the airport after a game.
  12. I just booked flights on Allegiant direct from Richmond to Nashville for the game & Music City fun. Flying in Fri & back on Mon. I just saw that flights from DCA - Cleveland are less expensive than my flight to Nashville so I might do that game as well. I live north of Richmond so DCA is not far.
  13. My disbelief is the TNF game is shown as it could be flexed. Perhaps every week >= 6 is shown as flexed regardless if a particular game (TNF) cannot be flexed. I would hope that the NFL schedule makers would be capable enough not to place an * on TNF as a flex game.
  14. This guy seems to think the schedule may come out post-draft due to Raiders delay on stadium decision. See #10 in the article. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2019-nfl-schedule-release-primer-here-are-some-things-we-already-know-about-this-years-slate-of-games/amp/
  15. He seems quite happy in that mug shot...perhaps because they gave him some clothes.
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