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  1. Visiting family for a few weeks in Côte d'Azur right now and some guy in Nice noticed I had a Buffalo Bills waist pack & asked if I was a fan…very unexpected but outstanding! 300+ days of sunshine/year here.
  2. If I recall correctly, the 49ers, Chiefs, and Ravens PSLs can be sold for more than the original purchase price but others are less and some (Jets & Giants) are far less. It correlates to team success and continuing ticket demand and less to do with local population. Many remote fans (like myself) are season ticket (& PSL) holders.
  3. You may not want to consider it as ROI. When I decided to purchase the seats, it was entertainment expense not an investment.
  4. Mr Info

    2024 Concerts

    It was an amazing experience. My recommendation for anyone going to a concert at the Sphere is to get seats in row 1 of any section in any level. If you get tix to see Dead & Co, there is Shakedown Street (amazing # of 3rd party vendors) at The Tuscany Resort and “Dead Forever Experience” at the Venetian Resort. Check the latter before the show and you can walk inside between the Venetian and the Sphere. Will also be seeing the last Goose show of this tour in New Haven on June 29.
  5. Oui…and I will be riding the last stage from Monaco->Nice. Recommend this company for anyone that wants to participate or watch the TdF up close: https://www.thomsonbiketours.com/race-trips/tour-de-france-2024/
  6. Tour de France starts in 10 days. Begins in Florence this year.
  7. Is anyone that has 2 Pepsi Club seats willing to trade their seats for the Fins game on 11/3 for my 2 club seats at another game? Taking another couple to their first Bills game vs Fins. Send me a PM and let me know what game would interest you to swap seats. My clubs are in Sect 212 row 12 (under upper level, heaters, protected from precipitation).
  8. This is one of the gifts I received. It’s a candle.
  9. Just got back from Vegas after being at The Sphere and stopped at MGM Sports Book where I dropped some coin on 14:1 odds for the Bills to win the SB. I received 2 free drink tickets for placing the bet…maybe they felt sorry for me.
  10. Perhaps this has been posted elsewhere but Von Miller joined him on a Ayahuasca retreat. Can’t bash Rodgers for this without including Von. https://ticotimes.net/2024/03/14/aaron-rodgers-spotted-at-ayahuasca-retreat-in-costa-rica-amid-vp-candidacy
  11. Saw Baldacci interviewed by SA Cosby at our local theater. Both are authors from VA. Calamity of Souls is Baldacci’s 50th novel and a different premise than his other books. Cosby’s mystery work can be a bit graphic but if that’s ok then recommend both Blacktop Wasteland and All The Sinners Bleed. Going to read Razorblade Tears next. I believe all 3 have been purchased by movie studios. A couple of other rock bios that I recently read which I recommend: Wild Tales by Graham Nash and Been So Long by Jorma Kaukonen.
  12. Will be Indy for me as I consult for Indianapolis’ largest employer and occasionally travel there. Will try and coordinate a visit when the game occurs in Nov so my travel expenses are covered. Lucas Oil stadium is walking distance from the hotel where I usually stay.
  13. Related to this, plenty of reasonably priced bnb places in historic area homes within walking distance of Gabriels Gate and other establishments if willing to consider places besides hotels. We are staying at bnb places in this area for a couple of games this year.
  14. Mr Info

    2024 Concerts

    Section 302 Row 1.
  15. Mr Info

    2024 Concerts

    Thx for the review & preview. Will be at The Sphere for a Dead & Co show next week.
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