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  1. Ditto! Season 2 will be later in 2019. Creative ending to Season 1.
  2. Ditto! Season 2 will be later in 2019. Creative ending to Season 1.
  3. Mr Info

    Live Blues in Buffalo

    Yes, lots of great music in the area. I don’t live on the southside (we live in Ashland) but in the last few months have been to shows on the southside like Crossroads Coffee to see good bands. Also will add The Broadberry in RVA to the other places @plenzmd1mentioned. Going to DAR Constitution Hall in DC fairly soon to see Saucerful of Secrets and Gypsy Sally’s to see Grateful Shred. Have journeyed up a few times in the past couple years to see shows at the 930 too.
  4. Mr Info

    Led Zeppelin - How Many More Times

    @Gugny & @Chandler#81 Just curious - a friend is Lindy Fralin and wondered if you (or your son) use his pickups? https://www.fralinpickups.com/ Lots of well-known guitarists have purchased his hand-wound pickups. I was with him when Derek Trucks called with a free ticket to Lockn Fest to meet with him when he was playing there.
  5. Mr Info

    Man denies syringes in rectum are his

    It’s hard to believe this occurred in Florida.
  6. Mr Info

    What apps do you use?

    I just counted and have 131 apps on my phone. There are some I never use which I should remove and there are some I use infrequently. These are the ones I use fairly regularly: Banks (Wells Fargo, Chase, Citibank, Fidelity) Travel (Uber, Lyft, Airlines, Hotels, Airbnb, Waze, Google Maps, Amtrak, FlightAware, Avis, Mobile Passport) Amazon, AT&T, Directv, ESPN, YMCA, USAA, Pandora, LinkedIn, USB Disk, Twitter, WUndeground
  7. Mr Info

    Geico Commercial Song

    Just FYI since I live near #RVA & have to give the homies a shout out. The Martin Agency in Richmond, VA has been Geico’s longtime marketing partner and has created the talking gecko, cavemen, and many of the ads.
  8. Mr Info


    I work in big pharma r&d but not in the field of insomnia. I use the results of reviewed clinical studies for the basis of recommended treatment. I will also acknowledge that the placebo effect is real. Having said that, the best literature review of CBD & Sleep that I found: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/28349316/ (NIH, 2017). Quoted from the Summary “Research on cannabis and sleep is in its infancy and has yielded mixed results.” Imo, a doctor telling a patient that it works is irresponsible without conclusive evidence. But perhaps he/she knows of results that have not been published. I am aware of more ongoing active studies with CBD & sleeplessness but I have been unable to find these results published yet.
  9. Mr Info

    Pyramid scheme or MLM?

    When the OP did not identify the company, my prediction was Asea. They are selling salt water as a panacea to correct a multitude of health problems. Their marketing group is very careful about the claims they make but their seminars, media, & material is well developed. It is amazing to me that people would believe salt water could cure anything. But they are many desperate people and the placebo effect can be strong. https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/asea-still-selling-snake-oil/
  10. Mr Info

    Is Emma Stone attractive?

    But Milana crushes Emma in boob dept.
  11. Mr Info

    Week 14, 2017 - The Snow Game. Where were you?

    Yep, I was there...wife, too. She took the pic Two things I remember about fans I saw at that game: 1) some guy wearing sneakers 2.) another guy holding a can of beer bare-handed...maybe it was warm?
  12. Mr Info

    If Your Cereal Isn't Crunchy...Beware

    They make Fruit Loops & Apple Jacks @ that Memphis plant.
  13. Tough break...literally. How old were you when it happened and how long until you recovered? Hopefully, you recovered ok.
  14. Mr Info

    When did the French become prudish? (Would ya)

    Speaking of boobs and French women, nice rack on the woman protester who ran in front of Trump’s motorcade in Paris. https://www.euronews.com/2018/11/11/topless-protester-gets-within-metres-of-trump-s-motorcade-in-paris
  15. Mr Info

    Predict Buffalo at Jets score

    Could the Rangers-Sabres score total tomorrow be more than Bills-Jets on Sun?