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  1. That’s odd. Just received my email that single game tix for STHs start May 13 at 12:00.
  2. Even though you cannot go for a stadium tour, you can still stop by and check it out and go to the Bills Store at the Stadium. Just look up store days & hours open. After that, you can stop at O’Neill’s across the street from the stadium for something to eat & drink. Just imagine this place jam packed after a win with fans going wild and tumbling off the deck.
  3. Medtronic is using the Guardian sensors for the 670 & 770 pumps.
  4. I like Tandem but the Medtronic 770g is also a nice closed loop system. It now communicates with mobile devices which the 670g did not.
  5. Imo, Dexcom is the best CGM. Operates with mobile phones, tracking software, good alert notification. Their next CGM will be developed with Google Health.
  6. I suspect I am in the minority but consider Tesla if they are in your price range. I had an outstanding purchase & delivery experience and have not had as much enjoyment driving a car. If Tesla is out of your budget, maybe another EV? If you can wait a bit, there may be rebate incentives forthcoming for EVs that may place some of them comparable in cost to ICE vehicles. There are very low maintenance expenses for EVs. Also, plenty of free chargers around. The only time I pay for charging/miles is when I am on long trips & using superchargers.
  7. This is true but ‘damage other body organs’ exceeds the definition of a side effect.
  8. I am interested in any evidence of this. Would you post the links where this is substantiated? This would be for the sulfonylureas, SGLT2 inhibitors, or other oral medicines for type 2. There are also inhalers for type 2...does your statement also include those?
  9. It may not be that simple regarding the flu and that analogy may not be comparable. The seasonal influenza (flu) vaccine is designed by the CDC to protect against the three or four influenza viruses that research indicates are most likely to spread and cause illness among people during the upcoming flu season. The viruses selected may be accurate...or not. The C19 vaccines were developed specifically for that virus. I was neg for any C19 test yet I had a mild side effect (slight fever) after the 2nd shot. But that is somewhat common & understood why that occurs. But my persp
  10. Was the physician’s opinion that getting C19 again (e.g., 3rd time via another strain) would be preferable to a vaccine? Or was this an educated opinion that having C19 twice (and subsequent antibodies) would most likely protect against another C19 infection?
  11. Very surprised that people would be unaware. Should have left the ‘ad nauseam’ out.
  12. This has been discussed ad naseum here and elsewhere. The antibodies produced by your body due to C19 infection may be short-lived. There is good science behind the recommendation for those previously infected to receive the vaccine. I am unaware of any serious side effects from the mRNA or J&J vaccines and not including the AZ vaccine. Post the evidence you have for any serious side effects. Minor side effects are well known and over within 24-48 hrs.
  13. On vacation in Kauai right now. We both were able to get vaccinated early but not because we met the initial age criteria. But that’s a topic for another thread. Early planning for Europe in the fall but waiting for vaccine passport info.
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