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  1. i had free Sunday ticket for a while thru negotiations with DTV but last year received an email which offered Sun Ticket Max to season ticket holders. My last deal had expired with DTV so decided to use that instead of going thru another call. Perhaps this was a club seat benefit. Not sure, just filled it out form online via email link & got it a week later. Saw only a one-time $100 charge in my bill.
  2. Not sure if you are a season ticket holder but I receive a discount every year for sunday ticket for $100. I just use that and no calls, hassle, etc. i live in VA so want sunday ticket to watch away games & those I cannot attend.
  3. Netflix has confirmed Season 3 for early 2021. The two leads in Season 2 will be returning. The first 2 seasons were based on books by Caroline Kepnes. She is nearly finished with a 3rd book in the series but unsure if the producers will wait for it.
  4. What I said does not spoil anything. I tried to be careful. The two statements I made are unrelated. One was my opinion on the last episode and the other was regarding my impression of a character’s overpresence. Others may think differently.
  5. I liked S2 but not nearly as much as S1. I could not predict the ending but thought there was some shark jumping in the last episode. Imo, a bit too much of Ellie.
  6. I live in central VA and a long-time season ticket holder but this is the first year that I went to every home game. I am an old guy but thoroughly enjoy going to the games. I also have Sunday Ticket so I can view the away games. Watching at home on the big screen is nice but being there in person is always better imo. It is not just the game but the people & antics experienced inside & outside the stadium as well as the other experiences enjoyed in Buffalo while there for the weekend like restaurants, shows, concerts, etc. i also still have family in the area so visit with them as part of a Bills game weekend. I have 4 tix so take my wife and/or grown sons with me to the games. My sons were born in VA but are die-hard Bills fans. i may be in the minority but plan to attend every game next year as well.
  7. A short walk from our house to a nearby restaurant, The Iron Horse https://www.ironhorserestaurant.com which will also have a Dead cover band tonight. Quite happy we do not have to drive anywhere & can walk home.
  8. This is what I have seen for Raiders to make playoffs & Browns game has no impact: Raiders beat Broncos Texans beat Titans Ravens beat Steelers Colts beat Jags
  9. The lower part of this with Browns-Bengals is not true. Raiders in if the following occur in week 17: Raiders beat Broncos Texans beat Titans Ravens beat Steelers Colts beat Jags
  10. Rarely is there an opportunity presented to bring Pink Floyd into a Bills discussion. ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ is played at the beginning & end of Fearless. The Floyd were fans of the Liverpool FC (Football Club).
  11. Slightly off topic but props to the NFL for maintaining an equal salary cap to prevent teams from potentially buying their way to the playoffs.
  12. Mr Info

    Name This Person

    Sure, south SF. The Dead were Frisco band.
  13. ‘eeer [sic] his hemorrhoids’...is his head up his a$$?
  14. By ‘casual‘ I was referring to season ticket holders who have been beaten down by Bills crappy records over the last 20 yrs and are no longer as committed late in the season. But even so, I thought the LJ highlights would be compelling enough to attend this game. Most season ticket holders I know use NFL Ticket Exchange to resell their tix.
  15. I am a long-time season ticket holder with 4 tix living in central VA. Typically, business travel limits my ability to attend all games. However, fortunately this year I worked biz travel around so that I will be able to fly in for all home games (& 1 away game). I understand that Dec holiday events might limit some fans but a bit surprised that even the casual season ticket holder would not want to see LJ play live.
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