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  1. What a pansy ass thread by a pansy ass poster.
  2. Seriously, and I mean this…..***** the Miami Dolphins, their players, their fans…the absolute most pansy franchise in all of sports! Our fans will go to Miami this fall and kick the Fish’s ass…..and the Fish will come up here later and the Bills will win again. BIG! The Miami Dolphins…..pansy ass all the way around. Bunch of *****’s.
  3. Much luck to him. Wish he didn’t get hurt while he was here.
  4. You see it right on these boards. The flaky Leftists telling us how great Joe Biden was for the past three plus years. Republican’s get belittled for pointing out the obvious with Biden. “Doctored video” , “President Biden runs circles around me”….and it all comes crashing down on the debate stage. The truth can no longer be denied. The liars have been exposed. Now those flaky Leftists don’t care about Biden one bit. They’ll run over him and then back up over his corpse if they have to. It doesn’t matter that they all are now proven liars. Joe Biden doesn’t matter to them. They are rooting for his demise when 15 short days ago they were all telling us how great he was and lying through their teeth because they felt he was the best person to stop the big, bad Orange man. Truly filthy people. The politicians, the media and the people that support the bull#### going on.
  5. I agree with your last statement. It’s gross.
  6. He walked onto the stage without a folder. He kept looking down at the podium and left the stage carrying a folder.
  7. Now you’re sounding like the Democrats that were well aware but still tried to convince the public that Biden was of sound mind. He’s not and you know it.
  8. Yeah. Vice President Trump was very minor. Your guy is suffering from dementia.
  9. He had a European reporter tell everyone how evil Trump is and how he will turn his back on everyone in Europe. Remind me….how many wars went on under President Trump’s 4 years in office?
  10. The only thing that may come of this is the call for Biden to step aside if he screws up. If he doesn’t I don’t expect some groundswell of support. Everyone in the Democrat party knows there are 4 months left and Biden will step on his limp dick many times over. My prediction is he will fall on his face and the Democrat party will get what they want. Either by Biden stepping down or by force and being removed as President.
  11. Funny how Hollywood is full of Leftists that are anti-gun and yet almost every movie you see has gun violence in it.
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