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  1. Mahomes contract is going to make all top players, no matter the position, salaries sky-rocket. I can hardly wait to see what Tre White will get.
  2. Good question. My feeling is that he will debate Trump once and he will look so bad the Democrats will them jump on the bandwagon that he has dementia and then hand pick a candidate.
  3. The quicker a cashless society comes about the quicker we will see a one world currency. It will be at that time there will be a world leader. It is coming quick. Look at how much has changed in four short months.
  4. The Big 10 just announced it will now only play Conference games.
  5. My father’s parents came from Poland. My mother has Irish roots. You’re just pissed because Ringlin Brothers and Barnum and Bailey came back on your Ancestory.com profile. It’s OK. Clowns lives matter.
  6. I was in Atlanta for one of those awful losses. Kelly’s first game back after his shoulder injury. The game was won until Nate Odomes slipped.
  7. Next he'll be asking for the statue of Ralph removed because he's dead and no longer contributes to society.
  8. I know better than to argue with a mod. I’m on my last chance for voicing my Conservative views...so, you win.
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