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  1. The Bills should have scored over 50 today. They had the ball NINE times inside the Jets 30. That's a 2 point average on those drives regardless of what happened. Just because I give Josh a D+ doesn't mean I think he sucks. He's our guy and I look forward to watching him for many years. However, I expect more him especially against the competition and coming off two games where our offense wasn't very good.
  2. It is funny too see people give Allen a C or higher. C means average. A franchise QB needs to put more than 18 points on the board against the worst team in the league. A team that probably won't win a game. 18 points is the fewest a team has scored against this powerhouse of a team.
  3. He's a keeper. He will get better.
  4. You have a QB throwing at a 75 percent completion rate and........ Whatever.
  5. The difference from the 1st half to the 2nd half is the Bills have been bringing blitzes on 2nd and 3rd and long.
  6. This game is totally on the offense. Not Bass. Not the defense. On the inability to score points against the worst football team the NFL has seen in a decade. The defense will need to win this game.
  7. Bills need to bring a serious blitz in this 3rd down.
  8. Yes he is. What a difference a half can make, huh?
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