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  1. I don’t even know what you are talking about here. It’s not crazy at all. If people bring a prejudice into the jury box the whole case can be decided on that. But we do have what you prefer but it’s called our Grand Jury process to see if there is sufficient cause to proceed with a case. To get back to your point, we’ve had absolute slam dunks of a cases presented before Grand Jury’s where, during the month they sit, there is one person that votes to no-bill all those cases. If that person sits on an actual trial jury, it will result in a hung jury. The process
  2. It doesn’t matter if they’ve heard of the case or they haven’t. What matters is can they be fair and impartial. End of story.
  3. No? Did nobody hear of OJ Simpson? Bill Cosby? You can hear about things all you want before jury selection. One of the questions jurors get asked is can they come to a just and fair decision regardless of who it is on trial.
  4. You should be able to play college football as long as you want as long as you haven't played professionally.
  5. There should be a new word invented to describe Jim Kelly's toughness because nothing I can think of that is already a word seems quite adequate.
  6. Yeah, I don't see how but this is the NFL so who knows? This screams Commissioners exempt list until it gets sorted.
  7. I've done it before. Been a DirecTv, Sunday Ticket subcsriber for many years. Since AT&T took over, getting a discount is almost impossible and not worth the hassle. 300 bucks isn't going to break me.
  8. The 49ers? Nahhhhhhh. Watch out for the Colts. If Wentz plays well, they will be a beast.
  9. Not worth my time dickering with those people. I'll just pay it.
  10. Went to HS in the Binghamton area at Union-Endicott.
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