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  1. I don't understand why Levi Wallace is not looked upon as a legit #2 CB. I think he is doing a helluva job.
  2. Yeah, so we should fire everyone. The more you post the dumber you sound.
  3. No, they aren't worlds apart. The Bills picked a hell of a game to play absolutely flat everywhere on the field. The freaking Chiefs are a damned good team but have won a bunch of tight games. This may have been their biggest point margin victory in a long time. If they played again today I'd feel the same way I did about 14 hours ago...that we definitely can beat them.
  4. I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm just speaking of the likely outcome.
  5. I would have loved to go for it but, let’s be honest with ourselves. The Bills offense was not good in the red zone yesterday....at all. The chance that they made both of those 4th downs is minimal at best. They didn’t make a 2 point conversion and also had a bunch of chances on both of those drives to put it in the endzone but couldn’t. I think going for the FG twice had next to no impact on how the game would have transpired.
  6. Hardly shocking. Did anyone think we had a respectable running game before this game?
  7. Yeah, I mean we just made it to the AFC Championship game. We must suck, huh? Should I add an LOL to make my post sound dumber?
  8. Negative. It was speed. I even mentioned in the post game thread that the speed of KC was the difference in the game....on both sides of the ball. We have a darned good team but the KC speed was able to do things to us that other teams couldn’t we aren’t a physically imposing football team that can negate speed.
  9. I’m not even sure why you would bring up Boomer Esiason as a comparison with Josh Allen since there games are so different. Boomer never got there again, true.....but the guy Boomer beat in the AFC Championship sure made it back again, didn’t he? Again, and again, and again, and again.
  10. He may very well go because he is going to be expensive. I’d love to keep the guy.
  11. Andy Reid is a classy man. Just tipped his hat to McDermott in a big way.
  12. He just loves when the Bills lose. Absolutely loves it. Don’t attempt to talk sense with him.
  13. Failure all season to fix those issues led to this loss? The Bills beat some damned good teams this season. As easy as their schedule was last season, it was that tough this year. They won 11 of 12 going into this game. They were just flat everywhere today and KC’s speed was the difference in the game on both sides of the ball. They got beat by the defending champions. The team that just played their third conference championship in a row. The Bills will be back and will be an extreme force moving forward.
  14. The difference today was speed. Buffalo couldn't match up with KC's speed on either side of the ball.
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