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  1. Actually, any Punter. Punters. LOL Agree with what you said though it was Polian as the GM in 91.
  2. Still waiting for the apology for Home Run Throw-up and No Goal.
  3. I'm a big fan of Marlowe. I wish we could keep him.
  4. Royale with Cheese's girlfriend is named Kelvin Benjamin?
  5. He should have put a box of condoms in his locker and hid all his valuables inside of it.
  6. When the Bills hired Sean McDermott the team needed to remove all the Clapper lights at 1 Bills Dr., because employees started having seizures in the building.
  7. Right. But pick 50 next year, and all other picks in the next few years, won't matter if they don't get #2 overall right this season.
  8. Is there a happier man on the planet than Sam Darnold?
  9. Great memory! I remember listening to that game on the radio. Pat Haden got his ribs bar-b-qued and had to leave the game.
  10. Not by legal culpability or intent. That’s why a hired gun had to do a second autopsy.
  11. And when the Doctor that performed the first autopsy takes the stand and gives his or hers expert opinion on the cause of Floyd's death, the dog and pony show testimony won't matter.
  12. No, quite frankly, if you do not have a medical background you can not give a medical opinion. That would be struck down. And, again, you are saying that officer said Chauvin killed Floyd. That's a flat out lie. Thanks for playing.
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