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  1. I hope the Bills face him. I'd like to see him get his ass handed to him.
  2. Honest answer. The new TJ Yeldon....though I want no part of Roberts.
  3. I disagree strongly. Not only were they a hair away from 38 points, but they also left points on the field earlier in the game with missed open receivers. Stuff like that happens. If Allen sees thise receivers the Bills score in the 40's and are 5-1 and this thread is even more ridiculous. Some fans expectations are not realistic. They are up against professional football players that make millions. They will not dominate every week. There will be occasions where the defense gets the best of the o-line. I felt the o-line played decent last night and I will stand by that.
  4. The Bills aren’t a good short yardage team on offense is an issue. On defense they just had a real bad night. Not worried there as the game is slanted towards offensive production.
  5. It would have been interference if he didn’t catch it.
  6. The Bills had over 400 yards of offense and scored over 30 points tonight. The o-line had a little something to do with those numbers.
  7. The Bills were a hair away from 38 points on the road. The o-line wasn’t the issue.
  8. Is it important? It sure was last January.
  9. I thought he was clearly short. Half a yard anyway.
  10. Good call going for it. Bad play call. Allen flourishes in the gun from there. Give him a damned RPO.
  11. 100%. Quite honestly it seemed to me that Milano had a bad game.
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