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  1. .....and all of the bottom 15 teams are looking to upgrade and get a franchise QB. That's hardly the bar to clear and not sure would qualify as a smart pickup for Seattle. Maybe Cleveland is still asking for too much to trade for Mayfield, but there does not seem to be much interest....guess that demonstrates what the rest of the league thinks of him.
  2. Hmmm. Thread title says released Thursday....you might want to add "....from jail". I thought he was released from the Chiefs until I read your update! (not that I thought Andy Reid would actually hold him accountable...)
  3. Technically Fox is just upscaling to 4K. The equipment recording in the stadiums is still HD. The NFL has not bit the bullet to upgrade the infrastructure in the stadiums to 4K yet
  4. Indy has a really good run defense. Called runs were one of the key advantages Buffalo has. Go with all advantages in the playoffs
  5. Ha! Actually he’s there to help give Josh confidence in the deep passing game during camps?
  6. I hear you...I’m pretty much in the same place. Anyone hear the draft position impact of winning vs. losing. Is it much different?
  7. Ha, that’s a good one! Not sure we have or will EVER see a 6 & 3 coach canned. Try again rookie
  8. The title made me just pay $19 for Wi-Fi on my international flight as I saw it right before taking off and couldn’t pull up the post before losing cell coverage. Now see it was a bull#### ESPN article. Thanks for that!
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