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  1. Anyone outraged by Blacks’ reaction to the verdict needs to look at American history. How would you feel if you had witnessed whites being acquitted of murder by all-white juries hundreds, if not thousands of times - Emmett Till, Medger Evers, the list goes on and on - when obviously guilty. The OJ trial didn’t expose the American system of justice. It just exposed it to a different set of people.
  2. Not Princess Bride. Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  3. Not really if you put numbers on it. Preponderance of the evidence you need 50.1% for verdict. Beyond reasonable doubt? No one puts a number on it but assume it’s around 90% - 95% sure person is guilty. So not guilty in criminal case but guilty in civil case, juries believed defendant was between 50.1% and 90% - 95% guilty. Kind of crazy but that’s the system.
  4. Do you mean “you have to create a seal HERE and a seal HERE and run up the alley”?
  5. I’ve been thinking along the same lines. Line him up in traditional FB spot. Lead blocker on running plays, move to the line in 12 personnel, slot, whatever. Could lead to some interesting formations.
  6. I wish I could remember who posted it, but a poster insightfully pointed out that Diggs’ 2022 and 2023 seasons were pretty much the same - great first half, lousy second half. So what the heck is going on? I certainly don’t buy the age thing. Thirty year old receivers don’t fall off a cliff. So again, why the dramatic drop off in consecutive years?
  7. You know what’s crazy? The Draft Fairy went to Beane the night before the Diggs trade and told him that Jefferson would be available when it was the Bills’ turn to pick and that SOB still went ahead with the trade!
  8. We passed on him, presumably because we had Dareus and Kyle Williams. Does that sound right? That’s incredibly bad luck. If only we had needed a DT that year (assuming we don’t trade up for a WR and give away next year’s #1).
  9. It’s interesting that Curtis Samuel is a poor man’s Deebo Samuel.
  10. Someone pointed out that Diggs’ 2023 was a rerun of his 2022. Fantastic first half and miserable second half. No idea what to make of this other than it’s going to be interesting watching him in 2024.
  11. Given my avatar, it’s no shock I’m partial to the 1965 AFL Topps series. It’s oversized cards. Each team has a different color background. Bills are pink of all things. Most valuable card in the series is the Joe Namath rookie card. I have it, but it’s a little beat up. My wife gave me the OJ rookie card a couple of months before the murders. At the time, we lived a couple of blocks away from Nicole Brown’s condo.
  12. Strictly as a hypothetical, could Bengals and Chiefs do a straight up swap of Higgins and Sneed or would franchise tag rules prohibit that?
  13. That’s not a real name is it? It’s more like Mike Hunt or Dick Hurts, right?
  14. Alec Anderson was very impressive last preseason. I believe that they will give him a shot at starting. I’m guessing McGovern is the backup plan. Plus they will certainly use a mid-round draft choice on an interior OL.
  15. Bills eventually recovered from Black Thursday (granted it took 20 years 🥲). Sabres still looking to recover from the day they lost Drury and Briere.
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