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  1. Did anyone give us an A++++ grade after the 2018 draft?
  2. My lord, his Midachlorian count is off the charts! Seriously, I like the pick but if he busts, doesn't it show that the combine is absolutely and utterly worthless, or did we already know that?
  3. I'm guessing the original comment was made because it was a stupid pick for the Bills, not necessarily a stupid pick in a vacuum. The Bills had all sorts of needs, didn't really need an RB and made what was in essence a luxury pick that a team coming off a Super Bowl victory might make. For example, Dallas Clark was available when McGahee was picked. Not a great blocker but he would have gone down as best TE in Bills' history.
  4. If one of the "big four" CB's are available at 30, I think that's where they will go. If one of the four is still around at 20ish, we may even move up. (I hate moving up, always in favor of moving down. Of course, if Bills thought that way, no Josh Allen, so in Beane we trust.)
  5. This is about the one thousandth example of why the draft should be held BEFORE free agency. If the draft was held first and Jenkins was available, sure, make the pick. But you've re-signed Williams (which I thought was an absolute great move by the way) and Feliciano. It's possible we go OL in Round One but doubtful. From what we have done in free agency, if one of the "Big Four" cornerbacks are there at #30, that's the pick. I'm not a big fan of CB's in round one but that's what our moves in free agency are pointing to.
  6. I heard that as well and would have put money on that being chosen as new name. It was perfect. Still had "red" in the name for some nostalgia for old name, plus it would honor WWII heroes the Tuskegee Airmen. That would make some amends for their racist past (original owner Preston Marshall was hard core racist and Washington was last NFL team to integrate). Still believe that will ultimately be the new name.
  7. You know, if I'm JAX, I think I'm going to pass on this deal.
  8. Yeah, but Ryan was a horrible hire. Absolutely horrible. If you recall, we had a very good defense at that point run by Jim Schwartz. I would have been pretty happy to see what Schwartz could have done as HC. Ryan destroyed that good defense. He stunk as a HC.
  9. Is this Jeopardy? I’ll play. “Who are two players the Bills have zero chance of landing?”
  10. I wish we had the cap space for Judon but the way I look at this is: who is a bigger threat to us in 2021 - Ravens or Pats? If you think it’s the Ravens, you should be happy they lost Judon.
  11. Why do I love this signing? Two words. Jordan Mills.
  12. 47? Isn't that George Blanda territory? Can you think of any other non-kicker playing at 47?
  13. No surprise here. Surprise would have been if David wound up anywhere other than Tampa Bay.
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