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  1. Chiefs looking very scary last night. Couldn't believe how easily they ran on Vea and the Bucs. How much better does Pacheco look than Cook? Kelce looked unstoppable. Game in a couple of weeks will be monumental. Need Poyer for sure. Keep everything in front on D and hopefully contain Chris Jones on O.
  2. Two words. Alexander Nylander. Seriously, it's early but it would be nice if he had shown something at some point.
  3. I was surprised going back and looking at play by play of Dolphins game that Bills were perhaps already in Bass' field goal range at end of game. Situation was second and ten on Miami 43 with 22 seconds left, no timeouts. Next play was holding penalty. Was 60 yards within Bass' range? How about a draw, pick up a few yards, spike, FG attempt from 55 - 56 yards. I know that every possible scenario from the game has been beat to death but I'm wondering if 38 yard miss influenced decisions near end of game.
  4. 100% guarantee. Zero chance of this being overturned. He hadn't completed catch and ball was knocked out of his hands. Good play by Dolphins' DB, less than great play by Davis. Reminiscent of drop by Lee Evans in Pats - Ravens playoff game a few years ago. Catch would have given Ravens win but DB knocked ball out of his hands after catch. More Brady magic.
  5. To me, this is a layup. I'm convinced that a relatively healthy Bills team is the best team in the league. Of course, having a #1 seed is nice but as long as this team is relatively healthy (Hyde already gone, maybe another starter at a position of depth, etc.), we'll do serious damage in the playoffs no matter what our seeding. I guess it's another way of quoting Aaron Rogers - R - E - L - A - X.
  6. If the Miami punter (who had an absolutely outstanding game by the way) had gotten the punt off from his end zone, I'm guessing that the Bills would have had the ball around the Miami 40 - 45 yard line with a little over a minute left, no timeouts and still needing a touchdown. Would that have been better or worse than the safety? I think it's probably a coin flip. If a safety was the smarter play, Miami should have taken a safety on purpose. Anyone have the analytics?
  7. Morse for sure but with Hyde out, I really thought we missed Poyer. The D payed well, but I thought with Poyer out there it would have helped, especially on 3rd and 22 play.
  8. A pretty hidden significant play was there punter hitting a 70+ yard freed kick. Crowder didn't anticipate that long a kick and was backing up when he caught it. We barely made it past the 20. Typically, offense usually gets the ball out to around the 40. If that's the case, we end up kicking a winning FG. Reminding me of Super Bowl XXV after the Bruce Smith safety. Giant's punter hit a tremendous free kick and we started at the 20.
  9. It's a travesty that this game was played under these conditions. You want to play in Miami in September? Play the game at night. And how the hell does Miami get their bench in the shade for the entire game while the visiting team is in full sun? Short week. Ridiculous number of injuries. Unbelievable amount of missing opportunities (missed FG attempt at end of half; dropped pick 6 by Milano; blown defensive call on 3rd and 22; missed FG; dumb call on 2nd and goal from the one; Allen missing McKenzie on fourth down when he hits that throw 9 out of 10 times; blown FG attempt at end of game). Any question that Buffalo is a far superior team to Miami? Looking forward to seeing them in December in Buffalo. It is disturbing to continue to lose close games that are eminently winnable.
  10. Didn't the 49'ers start two rookie cornerbacks the year that they won their first Super Bowl? Just sayin'.
  11. You clearly don't know what this team is. You think the Bills are in danger. They are the danger. They are the team that knocks. don't know what this team is. They are the team that knocks.
  12. I agree 100% with all the posters who say "wait for the facts to come out". So I preface this with an admission I don't know the facts and this is hypothetical. One, legal drinking age in California is 21. If he served alcohol to a minor, that's a crime (don't know if it is a felony or misdemeanor). Second, age of consent in California is 18. Doesn't matter if she lied about her age, doesn't matter if sex was consensual. If he had sex with her, that's statutory rape. Would a prosecutor zealously go after a 21 year old who had consensual sex with a 17 about to be 18 year old? Probably not. Probably why there isn't a statutory rape case against Azaria pending. Those two points alone, however, are pretty serious stuff. Really can't see him remaining on the team. Whether it's "fair" or "unfair" is besides the point. Going back to football, the Bills were 13 seconds away from hosting the AFC Championship with probably the worst punter in the entire league. Maybe they released Haack because they knew that they could upgrade over him even if Azaria was released. Not sure that's the right call, going into the season opener with a new punter/holder but it sure looks that way.
  13. If McGee had scored a touchdown on the kick return against the Saints it would be in the running for the greatest touchdown in NFL history. What's really frustrating is that if you look at the field when McGee is around the 15 yard line, statistically he probably has better than a 90% chance of scoring. Total fluke that he went down. Oh well, that was the Bills until Beane and McDermott got here.
  14. I couldn't find it online. Does anyone know if the punt would have been a Bills' record if it was a regular season game?
  15. I believe that the majority of Bills' fans were very enthusiastic about Allen after his rookie preseason. I know I was. Not only the TD pass against Carolina but also an amazing TD against the Browns (and Mayfield) showed enormous potential. Remember that most folks thought Allen would sit his first season a la Mahones. Yes, he looked raw and ragged for much of the first season but again, by the end of season one, I believe the vast majority of Bills' fans were very optimistic about next season and see what Allen could do.
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