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  1. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, but I have to say, I'm not exactly sure why so many posters are overly-concerned with the run game. Or think that Daboll can't scheme a run game. We have been a pass-happy team all year and we are 15-3 (a hail Mary away from 16-2). Whatever they have been doing, has been working. And at least during the regular season, when they called on it (the first New England game, the 4-minute drive to close out, was it the Chargers game?, the Denver game) the run game has shown up. And in games where the going may have been tough early on---specifically when we have played
  2. First of all, don't forget the Champs from '64 & '65 (as another era of glory days). I'm not old enough to have seen that team, but they are Bills legends too. New legends don't replace the old legends, they just add to the story. Think about the Yankees...did Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris erase Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig? Did Reggie replace Mickey? Did Jeter replace Bucky Dent and Phil Rizzuto? No. And would we take Jim Kelly's name off the Wall when it is time to place Josh's name up there? Absolutely not. Everything this current team accomplishes will only add to the amazing s
  3. Over their last six games (prior to tonight), the Ravens have averaged 262 rushing yards/game and 2.33 rushing TDs/game. Tonight, the Bills held them to 150 yards rushing and O TDs. Kudos to the defensive coaches and players!!! I think an under-rated aspect of McDermott and his staff's coaching is how they manipulate the active roster and game plans to the strengths of their players vs. the strengths/weaknesses of their opponents each week. For instance, Trent Murphy has been inactive for many games, but he was up this week. Why? Because his biggest strength as a DE is
  4. Love the spirit... but if they do it, please pre-break the tables and do it over a crash mat. And if Josh is going with flames, I want the fire department there with at least 10 fire extinguishers.
  5. Bring on the Ravens! Three 2018 1st round QBs advance. It's young guns in the AFC and the old gunslingers in the NFC (except Goff I guess).
  6. If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best. Bring on Baltimore...I would love to see the two most-maligned, first-round QBs of that 2018 draft face off toe-to-toe for a chance to meet the Super Bowl Champs. If the Bills were to get to or win the Super Bowl this year, I don't want people to have any excuses (they had an easy road, etc.). Fear no one, prepare hard, play strong, and may the chips fall where they may. The Bills showed last year that they can somewhat contain Lamar. They proved in the Niners game, the first NE game, and the Pitt game that they can play physic
  7. I think that is why this was a bad matchup for us: their TEs. The Colts 3 TEs caught 14 of Rivers' 27 receptions, or 52% of the catches. They had 136 yards and a TD combined. We usually have Milano to match up against the top TE of a team, and he does that really well. But, they have 3 good TEs standing, 6'6", 6'5", and 6'2". If they put two TEs in and both go out for a pass play, we have a mismatch on the second TE (in height and strength). You can't have Milano and Edmunds both in coverage too often with the threat of the Colts run game. Their Offense just matched up well vs. our
  8. THE game ball for me goes to Head Coach Sean McDermott. He was masterful handling that game down the stretch. To me the difference in that game of two very evenly matched opponents was McDermott's good decisions vs. Reich's bad decisions. Honorable mention: Josh - Outside of the one bad decision on the sack/near fumble, he did what he needed to do to get the W---running and passing. Diggs - These two are automatic game ball worthy every week. Gabe - How 'bout the rookie coming through when the chips were down with two unbelievable, long, toe-drag swag catches.
  9. How is the NFL still employing Riveron. He should have been fired from that position 2 seasons ago. The guy never seems to get the calls correct.
  10. In the draft, I just wanted the Bills to get either Allen, Mayfield, or Darold. I didn't really care too much which of the three we got (only because I couldn't decide who I thought was better between the three). I just wanted the Bills to take a shot on one of those three players, whomever they thought was best. I wanted the hope of a franchise QB. I did not want Rosen or Jackson. Just after the draft, mostly because Allen said he wanted Buffalo to pick him, and because I went back and watched a lot of his highlight reels, interviews, and combine videos, etc. I became a fan...and
  11. You forgot Hodgins. Not only do we have one of the best WR rooms in the NFL, it has to be one of the deepest as well. We have the #1 receiver in the league this year, an above average #2 (1a), the #1 slot WR in the league, the #1 kick returner in the league, a burner to run jet sweeps and gadget plays (can also return), two promising rookies (one with 7 TDs), a vet in Stills, a guy who lit up the CFL, and Josh's go-to receiver in college. We can go 6-7 deep with guys who have skins on the wall in the NFL now. And just think, two years ago, we were starting an UDFA rooki
  12. Josh Allen ended the season: - 2nd in total TDs for QBs with 46 (only 1 behind Rodgers' 47) - 3rd in yards from scrimmage for QBs with 4,977 (behind only Watson and Mahomes) - 4th in QBR at 107.2 (behind only Rodgers 119.4; Watson 112.1; and Mahomes 108.2) (for passers with more than 67 attempts) - Final completion % was 69.2...good for 6th in the league for passers with more than 121 attempts (eliminating Taysom Hill since he only threw 20% of the passes that Josh did) and he helped Diggs to #1 in receptions and #1 in receiving yards A true dynam
  13. Apparently, your first name has to start with the letter "J" to be a first-tier QB in Buffalo: Jack, Joe, Jim, Josh Second place goes to the letter "D" Daryle, Doug, Drew Honorable mention to the letter "R" Ryan
  14. (Disclaimer) I am not a republican or a democrat. I live in a very liberal city, but grew up in a conservative area. I have friends and family on every side of any issue you can think of to debate, and I love them all. What I think this comes down to is that over the last 4-5 years, many people on the left side of the political aisle have been convinced into believing that any republican or Trump supporter is ipso facto a racist. This is sooooo wrong (and shouldn't even be in the realm of consideration). It hurts me to see intelligent, caring people in my life really believe that 5
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