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  1. I'm sorry to pile on, but how can one person have so many bad takes? I will give you that Fitz was never a "franchise QB' that you want to build your team around, but I can't stand when people say he isn't a starter or a real starter. The guy has started 142 games in the NFL. He has thrown for 34,421 yards, good for 31st all-time (of every QB who has ever played the game), and he has 220 passing TDs, good for 34th all-time. And in all of the years that he has started (which is the majority of the last 13 years), he was never a bottom-third of the league QB. He was always more like middle-of-the-pack. Meaning in all of the years that he did start, there were always 10-16 starting QBs worse than him. So, no, he's not a franchise QB, but he is a legit/solid starting QB by virtue of the fact that he has consistently been (at worst) one of the best 32 (could even say top 20) QBs in any given year for 13 years straight. So, you want everyone fired and a new QB drafted? So what, we can wait another 3 or 4 years for any kind of success? Isn't that exactly why we were in that drought for 17 years. We turned everyone over every 2-3 years. Oh, please. "Hard, historical data"? Taking one stat and extrapolating it out is not science. And in football, there are way too many variables and considerations to take any one stat out of context. You act as if it is a guarantee, when even the stat you point to has 5 exceptions. You would need to look much more deeply into the circumstances of the teams that did make it and did not make it and then compare all of those things (schedule strength, injuries, bad calls, injuries to the other teams---and things like moving game times, etc,, etc.) to the Bills to even come up with something that can hold a little water at least. You throw "metrics" and "hard data" out there like you or someone you read did some extensive scientific study. I know you are disappointed right now, but you might as well stop watching the games if it is already a given that the Bills will be 8-8 and miss the playoffs and everyone will be fired. Like I said in my last post, enjoy the ride. Take pleasure out of watching the players grow and get better. Take pleasure out of seeing Dane Jackson get his first career INT. Or Jerry Hughes of all people getting an INT. Take pleasure in Cole Beasley balling out today. You'll have a lot more fun if you focus on the positive and calmly discuss the areas that need improvement, rather than just giving up.
  2. Dude, just enjoy the ride. Yes, the defense has looked pretty rough and the offense isn't lighting it up like they did the first four weeks (there are obviously some problems that need to be corrected), but my goodness...this is what you have to say after a win? Yes, an ugly win against an inferior opponent, but holy hell...step away from the ledge. Do you really believe this team is as bad as the 2008/2011 teams? And you're obviously done with Josh already (as if he isn't still learning and growing and can't still get better---and obviously no other franchise QBs ever have off days, right?). The standard for Josh is so much higher for some people. Rodgers, Brady, Brees, and all great QBs throw some balls in the dirt, or almost have other balls get intercepted, but we never count those like actual stats. And seriously, the most hollow 300 yard game you have ever seen from a QB? Hyperbole, much? Every single week some team is getting blown out and the team that is winning goes into run mode on offense and prevent mode on defense and the opposing QB goes over 300 yards throwing the ball in garbage time, when it no longer matters. That happens multiple times every week, but somehow, Josh's 300 yards in a win is more hollow than any 300 game from any QB ever? Let the anger go and come back to reality. And you really think the Bills won't surpass 8 wins this year? Do you really think we are going to lose 6 of the next 9 games? Sounds like you have already given up on this season, this QB, and this team. When their record is 5-2? Really? I'm glad you were never on any teams that I played for.
  3. I think his reputation as a good DC is running on fumes at this point, and that reputation far surpasses his results. (I heartily agree though on points # 1 and #2.) I think he has maintained that reputation on the dirty play. He always has his guys head hunting, so they seem like a tough, hard-hitting defense. But they aren't disciplined, they're just dirty. Yes, he had 3 seasons where he had an elite defense. And he had 6 seasons overall with a top 10 defense, but that is out of 22 years of being a DC or HC. So, only 27% of his career did he have a top 10 defense. The rest of his career, outside of maybe 2019, his defenses have been middle of the pack or worse (or for 70% of his career). And he hasn't had a top 10 defense in almost a decade. As I said in another thread. He is way more trouble than he is worth. I don't know why teams keep hiring him. Year Team Title Yards Allowed Rank Points Allowed Rank 1997 TEN DC 22 12 1998 TEN DC 16 12 1999 TEN DC 17 15 2000 TEN DC 1 2 2001 BUF HC 21 29 2002 BUF HC 15 27 2003 BUF HC 2 5 2004 WAS DC 3 5 2005 WAS DC 9 9 2006 WAS DC 31 27 2007 WAS DC 8 11 2008 JAX DC 17 21 2009 NOR DC 25 20 2010 NOR DC 4 7 2011 NOR DC 24 13 2014 STL DC 17 16 2015 STL DC 23 13 2016 LAR DC 9 23 2017 CLE DC 14 31 2018 CLE HC/DC 30 21 2019 NYJ DC 7 16 2020 NYJ DC 20 29
  4. I can only add a couple of photos per post (due to the size restriction), so I'll have to do three successive posts to show the stills of the handoff I grabbed. 1. 2.
  5. https://www.buffalobills.com/video/isaiah-mckenzie-moves-chains-on-14-yard-fourth-down-fly-sweep-bills-at-raiders You're correct Rochesterfan. #26 (who I said was the safety) was indeed the right CB who is following McKenzie across the formation, but way too deep and way too late that he never would have arrived on time (to stop the first down). But McKenzie was his assignment, so makes sense that he would have seen the play the whole way, with his eyes on McKenzie. He does force McKenzie out of bounds, but after 14 yards and the first down. #27 (the player I noted as the CB late to recognize the play), who ends up chasing McK from behind, was the outside left corner, lined up outside of Tyler Kroft at the start of the play. Looks like Kroft is his assignment by his initial reaction. And Kroft does a great job of freezing the corner by taking a couple of quick steps (to look like he is going out for a route) before he turns back to block the LB on the end of the line. The DE and LB on the left side of the defensive formation watch the play run by them. LB lost contain, was slow to react, and gets blocked by Kroft. And the safety (#38) runs down to crash the line, and sees McKenzie too late, so has lost any angle on the play.
  6. Before the 2019 season, I thought for sure McKenzie would be/should be a cut. I thought, he's just a gadget guy, there are other receivers who can do more or who are bigger. I liked him, but didn't see his value. But, I have to say, he completely won me over last year. And this offseason, if someone suggested McKenzie should be a cut, I knew they were mistaken (as most of you did too, of course). He is so important to Dabol's offense, even if he only gets 2-4 plays a game, the threat of him coming on one of those jet sweeps, keeps defenses honest and more spread out laterally. And the reason they have to honor it is because McKenzie is so fast and so good at it. He is more successful than not when they actually give him the ball. That threat makes so many other plays more open. And the kid just makes plays when his number is called! Great call by Dabol and great execution by everyone. I love that still photo that Dr.Sack posted too. What kills me is how fooled the Raiders were by it. McKenzie has already received the ball and run like five or six yards with it (toward the sideline) and turned the corner for daylight, and yet only 4 of the 11 defensive players even know that McKenzie has the ball---two of which he is already passed (hard to miss seeing it when he runs by right in front of you), the safety in the middle of the field (too far away to make a play), and the corner (who was late to recognize it and is now on an island against McKenzie's speed and shiftiness). The other seven players are all still playing the run fake to the other side. The safety was the only defender to see the play as soon as it happened, but as I said, he was never going to get there on time even though he read the play correctly.
  7. I won't go through all of the reasons why, because I and many other posters have done it before. But AT THE TIME, it was the right decision for McDermott to not pick Mahomes. Anyone who says differently is either looking at it in hindsight, or maybe was hyped on Mahomes for whatever reason, but not considering the other factors involved for the Bills at the time. And the guy who has already crowned Mahomes as the GOAT? C'mon man. Yes, Mahomes has been phenomenal and already has a ring, but you are going to crown him over Brady, Manning, Montana, Unitas, Rodgers, Favre, Marino, Brees, Elway, Kelly, Graham, Staubach, Baugh, Starr, etc. after only two seasons of play (40 games total)? For comparison, Brady has played 316 games, Manning 292 games, Brees 279 games, Montana 269 games, Marino 258 games, Elway 252 games, etc. Yes, if he keeps up this level of play for another 12-15 years and wins some more rings, it will probably be a two-man discussion between Brady and Mahomes. But, that's a long time from now. The way I always look at this debate is that it's a win-win for both KC and Buffalo. Mahomes is great and a blast to watch and I would love to root for him if he was my team's QB. But I am actually very glad that all of the cards fell as they did, because I love the team we have now and Josh is the perfect guy for Buffalo!
  8. I live in NYC...and I truly feel bad for Jets fans. They're good people and they have suffered even worse than we Bills fans have. Since 1970 (just after the Jets Super Bowl team), here is what it has been for the last 51 years for each team: Jets Bills 14 winning seasons 18 winning seasons so, 37 losing seasons so, 33 losing seasons 12 playoff appearances 15 playoff appearances only 7 times past the Wild Card 10 times past the Wild Card game 4 Conference Game appearances 5 Conference Game appearances 0 Super Bowl appearances 4 Super Bowl appearances However, the owners and current management and coaches of the Jets do not allow me to have any sympathy for the team itself. I'm glad to see them crashing and burning. Gase is a joke as a head coach (and an offensive coordinator). It was obvious in Miami. Why the Jets hired him after that, I'll never know (kind of like us hiring Rex after everything fell apart in New York). Since those first two years with Peyton Manning in Denver, here are the rankings of this so-called genius' offenses: Year (team)(Pos) Yards Points Team Record: 2015 (CHI---OC) 16th 23rd 6-10 2016 (MIA---HC) 29th 17th 10-6 2017 (MIA---HC) 25th 28th 6-10 2018 (MIA---HC) 30th 26th 7-9 2019(NYJ---HC) 27th 31st 7-9 2020 (NYJ---HC) 31st 31st 0-4 And the NFL should have never reinstated Gregg Williams. He has not changed his ways. He is still a dirty MotherF#(ker and there is no doubt that he still coaches his players to injure other players. I mentioned it in a post after our week one game against them. The Jets were trying to lay out our wide receivers all game. And the idea that he is a defensive genius seems a bit overblown to me too. He has been a defensive coordinator or Head Coach for 22 years. In that time, his defenses have only finished top 10 in both yards and points allowed 5 times. That's it. Five times in 22 years. And he has had 10 seasons where his defense didn't crack the top 15 in yards or points allowed. In 15 of the 22 seasons, his defenses finished 14th or lower in yards allowed (8 of those were 21st or lower, with two 30th place rankings and a 31st place ranking in there too). The guy is way more trouble than he is worth. He needs to just take his air horns and go home.
  9. I hear you. We definitely have not yet seen the dominating type of performances that this defense had last year. But in my thinking, last week was hard to judge with our top 3 LBs not playing, and this week, there still seemed to be a lot of factors that played into the poor second half performance. Doesn't excuse it, but just doesn't have me worried that all of a sudden they aren't good anymore. Plus due to the abbreviated offseason, I'm kind of in an "I'm not going to make too many rash judgements" mode based on the first few weeks for a lot of things in the league this year. But only time will tell if we have something to worry about or not. I'm just not there yet, but I can also understand why you are.
  10. Yeah, the Rams fell flat in that Super Bowl, but they were still good enough to get there (even if it took a bad call by the refs in the Championship game). Just saying, they are obviously a talented team. And I also did't mention the fact that the horrible INT call by the refs totally changed the momentum of the game...and two of those 3rd quarter TDs by the Rams came on short fields thanks to the BS INT call and the Josh Allen fumble (that maybe could have been called roughing the passer, not due to horse collar, but because of the way that he slung him down. A lot of other QBs would have gotten that call--and then to add some salt in the wounds, they give Josh a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty to really set the Rams up...already in FG range). If those two calls went our way, the Rams would not have had that amazing offensive output. They would probably have still been down 10-14 points late in the 4th, rather than up by 4. But, as we all know as Bills fans, we have to live with and overcome what the refs do too. I'm not saying the defense didn't get gashed, they did. But, I don't think its because all of a sudden this defense sucks and we are going to get gashed by any halfway decent team. I just think there were so many other factors today to be too down on the defense. They'll turn it around...but the elite offenses of this league are going to get theirs too, no defense stops everyone all season long. Hopefully this and maybe the Chiefs game will be the worst of it.
  11. These are not excuses, I'm just trying to look at it objectively (with a little of my Bills bias of course). The team we played today is only 19 months removed from being a Super Bowl team and they haven't lost much talent since then. Their coach is well recognized as a great offensive mind. They were also 2-0 coming in. Edmunds and Milano were both coming back from injury...who is to say that they were playing at 100% today. Injuries may have still been lingering. And the Rams play a stretch/zone run offense that is very difficult to defend and often leaves runs up the gut more open, because the defense gets stretched out. And it also tires them out, because it is a lot of running, chasing the motion men and the sweeps, reverses, and screens. The Rams were on the field so much in the third quarter, that our guys starting getting gassed. (And don't forget that their conditioning is probably not up to the level of a normal week 3, because of the crazy offseason.) Plus, the Rams are just one of the best at running that type of offense, due to the threat that Woods is on those runs and all of their team speed. As to the third quarter issue, and I'd have to go back to last year's games to get a full picture, but we were leading at the half in every game (at least this year). So, it is the other team that needs to make significant adjustments at the half. And it is really hard to decipher what those adjustments might be until you see them. So, I'm wondering if it takes them some time in the third quarter to see how the other team changed things and then to address it. Obviously, it would be great if that process could happen more quickly, but the Bills are the ones having to react to the adjustments coming out of the half (when up). You aren't going to change your plan completely (other than adding a few wrinkles), until the other team shows they can stop it. So, is it partially a product of being up on the scoreboard at the half? Plus, even the great defenses (the ones that end up in the top 5 at the end of the year) get scorched by a great offense a couple of times in a season. I still have total faith in this defense and its coaching staff. The Rams offense is just damn good. For anyone to be questioning McDermott's coaching ability seems somewhat ridiculous to me. I mean go for it, be concerned about it, but this man has brought more to Bills football than any coach since Marv. Even if his staff's third quarter adjustments are a little slow in coming, I will accept that flaw for everything else that he brings to the table. As coach said in his own postgame speech, "There's one quality that I take over any piece of talent out there, and that's heart." The only thing that I would say is that the players need to develop a "don't let them up" attitude when they have the lead. That "go for the jugular" mindset...rather than relaxing a bit. But, to me that is on the players, not the coaches. The coaches stayed aggressive...McDermott didn't all of a sudden become conservative as the OP said. They were still blitzing, they were still throwing the ball downfield. Maybe the team is just still learning to be in that position (up big early...it's not a place they have often been until the very end of last season). And then sometimes you just have to tip your hat to the other team for executing their plays.
  12. Allen (WOW) Diggs (WOW---and first (of many) Bills TDs) Dodson (He ain't Tremaine, but the kid played his butt off today and was calling the defense) Daboll (2nd week, 2nd great game plan...went for the jugular late). Honorable mention to Gabriel Davis and Reggie Gilliam for their first NFL TDs.
  13. I mentioned a few times on this board over the offseason that Murphy was a beast down the stretch last year (I told folks to rewatch the Dallas game, the Pittsburgh game, and the Houston playoff game...he had pressures, sacks, turnovers...and was always good against the run). I was surprised that people were overlooking how well he played last year. Everyone was so disappointed with his first season, and the amount that he was paid for it, that I think that sentiment just kept going even when he did start to play well. His injury from when he was with Washington was so catastrophic that even though he was able to play (sparingly) for us in his first year as a Bill, his body obviously wasn't healed yet. He was only 13-17 months removed from a major injury during that season (he tore both his ACL and MCL in that knee). At the start of last season, he was two years removed from his injury and about 1/3 of the way into the season, he finally looked like his old self. So, I think the injury just took two years to fully heal...not surprising with how bad it was. Loved this quote from Beane in that article. One that we fans should keep in mind: "It’s not all stats versus salary with us.” Full quote for context (regarding Trent Murphy): “His leadership is very important to what he brings, and there’s value in that,” Beane said. “A lot of times people get caught up in this number or the stats, but Trent does a lot of the little things and a lot of the dirty work, too. It’s not all stats versus salary with us.”
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