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  1. That is exactly what I was going to say. Just can't root for Tennessee (because of the Homerun forward lateral still), I could care less about the Niners, and for some reason, I just don't like Rodgers that much. However, I would be happy to see Reid finally win a Super Bowl and KC is an old AFL team with a great fan base, who haven't appeared in a SB since they beat Minnesota in Super Bowl IV, way back in 1970.
  2. I'm sure most of this has already been said, but the thing is no one can say with certainty right now whether Rosen can or can't develop into a starting QB in this league. Let me state first, I wanted Darnold or Allen in the draft and I would have been happy with Mayfield too. The only two I didn't want were Rosen and Jackson. Rosen based on the personality/likability issues raised at draft time (not his play) and Jackson because I was worried that he wasn't a good enough passer. I am thrilled the Bills went with Allen. I think he was the perfect fit for Buffalo and wouldn't trade him for any of the other guys. But there is no way that anyone, except for maybe the Miami staff, can properly evaluate Josh Rosen at this point. He gets drafted by a stripped-down Arizona team with a historically bad offensive line and a first-year head coach (who wouldn't even get a second year). There was no stability at all in the team or the organization and no weapons (except an aging Fitzgerald). That was not a good situation for developing a QB. The whole team was not just devoid of talent, but was also learning a new playbook, getting used to new coaches, etc, like Josh. Then he (a top 10 draft pick) is traded away after just one season. An unprecedented move in the league. That couldn't have helped his confidence. And the team he is traded to is in the midst of an historic purge of talent and full-on rebuild mode. And he has to once again get to know an entirely different playbook, teammates, coaches, and city. None of the other four QBs drafted with Rosen had to do all four of those things. Darnold is the only other one that had to do even two of those things. And Rosen, who apparently doesn't have the warmest of personalities, has to try to win a team over against one of the most loved QBs (personality-wise) in the league in Fitz? And he only had 3 starts in Miami. That may be because he wasn't ready, but under his circumstances, it isn't surprising that he wasn't ready. Plus, you can't extract his long-term potential from those three games. It is absolutely ridiculous to think a QB could develop and be good under those circumstances. Josh Allen, under much better circumstances (except for the O-line and WR talent of last year), has played 28 games and people still say he needs more time before a complete evaluation can be made on him (which is true). Well Rosen has only had 16 starts with two really bad teams having to start all over from scratch in year two. How can anyone give him a fair evaluation right now. I'll just add one stat into the conversation (as far as offensive line play is concerned---understanding that some sacks are on the QB, not the O-line, but...), Rosen has been sacked once every 8.2 attempts. In comparison, Josh Allen had been sacked once every 11.8 attempts, Darnold has been sacked once every 13.5 attempts, and Mayfield has been sacked once every 15.7 attempts. I don't know if Rosen could have or still can become a good QB or not in the right situation, but to evaluate him as terrible at this point seems unfair to me. As to the OP's original question, I would say it comes down to how the Miami staff feels about him. The hiring of Chan Gailey makes me think that they plan to at least start next season with Fitz at QB. Meaning they still don't think Rosen will be ready at the start of next season or don't believe in him at all. The next thought is will Miami draft a QB in the first round this year. It looks like Tua will be available to them at 5. He seems to be the guy they have wanted all along. So, I say Miami does draft Tua, but plans to start Fitz until Tua is healthy and has developed enough to take over the reigns (be that in year one or year two). If they thought somewhat highly of Rosen (even if they think he needs a lot of work still) maybe you keep him as a third developmental project. Wouldn't be bad having two top-10 drafted QBs to develop, to hedge your bets. But the way NFL rosters are now, it is tough to keep three QBs. So, ultimately, I think Miami will look to trade Rosen again (unless they can't secure a QB they want in the draft, in which case he probably would get one more year in Miami). And just as Arizona did not get a return on their investment, I don't think Miami gets as much as they traded for him. I don't think Rosen finds a starting spot next year, as most teams right now either have their QB, are grooming one, or will draft one. But I could see a team pick him up just to take a looksie, to see if they think they could develop him and hope in the meantime that he might be good enough as their number two. I could see teams like New England, Pittsburgh, Indy, or the Chargers taking a look. Teams that have an older QB, who will be in the QB market soon, so why not take a look and see if you can basically get a guy for pennies on the dollar (that is if any of them liked him coming out of the draft). Or maybe Indy if they aren't completely sold on Jacoby as their starter. Bring Rosen in as competition. I bet Frank could get the best out of him. No doubt someone will take a look, but Rosen will probably have to prove that he can at least be a decent backup right now, in order to eventually get another shot at being a starter. I think if he goes to a stable organization and can win a backup job, he'll get another shot some day and at worst will be able to hang around the league for a while as a backup. But if he goes to another bad situation, I could see him being out of the league by the end of his rookie deal.
  3. I would also add Milano (3rd year), Wallace (2nd year), and Neal (2nd year) to your very solid and young list. A number of times this year I felt that this season (although it looked quite different) mirrored the 1988 Bills season. Remember Scott Norwood was the NFL league leader in points that year. Why? Because the offense had most of the pieces in place, but they weren't quite there yet. They had a lot of field goals and a lot of close games that went the Bills way. Seven of their wins were single-digit margins. It's not an exact comparison because I think that '88 team was at least a half-a-step or half-a-season ahead of this team in terms of experience (specifically at the QB position, where Jim was in his 5th year of professional ball, and Josh is only in year 2), but then this team is ahead of that '88 team in culture/chemistry (as that '88 team still needed to go through the bickering Bills in '89). Who knows if this current team will or won't reach the heights of the 90s Bills, but it is exciting to see our team being built the right way again, through the draft and built for sustained success. And my money says that these kids will grow up over the next year or two and become an excellent team.
  4. That is not really a fair comparison. The Chiefs and Ravens were solid franchises with a winning culture already established and continuity in their front offices and coaching staffs. All they needed to do were replace a few old parts. Do you really think if KC hadn't drafted Mahomes and stuck with Alex Smith for a few more years they weren't still an annual playoff team? They might not have been vying for a Super Bowl, but they still would have been a good team. Same with the Ravens, if they kept Flacco instead of Lamar. They'd still be a playoff-level team. No one in 2017 would have been saying they needed a total rebuild from the studs up. On the other hand, the entire Bills organization: ownership, front office, coaching, culture, talent-level, salary cap, etc. had been a complete mess for the better part of 20 years. They had to clean out the entire front office and football administration levels, had to fix the salary cap, turnover almost the entire roster, get the team out of a sustained losing culture/mindset, etc., etc. You cannot compare those two situations and say look how quickly they turned it around. Of course they did, they had a hell of a lot less work to do to turn it around. After a 17-year playoff drought, we have made the playoffs two out of the last three years. No, none of us are satisfied with just making the playoffs, but how can you say it is not a huge step in the right direction. Obviously this is an our staff sucks and needs to be fired because they picked Josh Allen and not Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson post. Those two QBs were placed onto teams that were already built. Josh has had to be part of the build of the entire team here; a very different circumstance for the QB, the coaches, and the FO.
  5. Hey Congrats KitchenerKaizer! Big Win! Tough loss on our end, wish we were advancing with you, but at least your Titans beating the Pats makes the day a little more bearable.
  6. No it doesn't mean that at all. It is like when a family member fails at something; you're there to support them, pick up their spirits, and tell them we believe you'll get it next time. It's being a good fan. A Buffalo fan!
  7. No question...the offense has turned around with Tannehill and Henry has been a beast down the stretch. Would make for a good smash-mouth game. I think our two teams match up well against each other. So let's both get over this first hurdle and see what happens. I'm sure Tannehill has some Patriots demons he'd like to exorcise too (like the Bills---since he played in the AFC East for so long).
  8. Please kick the snot out of the Pats! How about a rematch of our teams in the AFC Championship game? One can dream... Good luck!
  9. Exactly! To use this guy's method (of cherry picking stats), then Gilmore is not an All-pro either: Per PFF's own stats, he is ranked 41st in tackles (by a CB) and he's tied for 25th in receptions allowed https://www.pff.com/nfl/players/stephon-gilmore/7016 And per PlayerProfiler.com, he's 22nd in receptions allowed, 19th in yards allowed, and 30th in yards allowed per reception. https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/stephon-gilmore/ Looking at those rankings alone (41st, 25th, 22nd, 19th, and 30th), then obviously Gilmore may be good, but not an All-Pro (as he stated about Tre)---per similar standards. Now let's look at Tre vs. Gilmore in the stats that actually count (per pro-football-reference.com), not made-up guesstimations by someone on PFF's staff: Player Targets Completions Comp. % Passes Defended Yards allowed Yds/comp. TDs allowed INTs Tackles (solo) FF FR Sacks TDs Gilmore 101 51 50.5 20 582 11.4 0 6 53 (44) 0 1 0 2 White 91 45 49.5 17 626 13.9 0 6 58 (48) 2 0 1 0 They both had All-Pro seasons! From Next Gen Stats: "In 2017, the Patriots signed CB Stephon Gilmore away from the division rival Bills. In the same off-season, Tre'Davious White was drafted by the Buffalo Bills to replace Gilmore. This season, both have dominated with comparable coverage numbers." [Among them defensive success rate: 60% for Tre, 63% for Gilmore; and in yards per target; passer rating; and completion percentage).] "Stephon Gilmore & Tre'Davious White have been in their own league in terms of not allowing a TD given their target volume. They are the only two players in the NFL to be targeted 50+ times as the nearest defender and not allow a TD." How this guy can think that Gilmore is All-Pro #1 CB in the league and Tre isn't even in the conversation for All-Pro, when their stats are almost identical, is beyond me and obviously shows some type of bias. He says there is more to playing CB than preventing TDs. Ok, but I'm struggling to think what is more important than preventing the other team from scoring and taking the ball away from them (which Tre did 8 times to Gilmore's 7 when you add in FF and FR). And he says Tre's interceptions were based on luck and bad QB play, so apparently his 6 count less than Gilmore's 6. Did Gilmore face only All-Pro QBs all year? He mentions Tre getting two off of Duck Hodges, well on the same day Gilmore got two off of Dalton---who was benched earlier in the season because of bad play and doesn't have an offensive line or anyone to throw the ball to except for Boyd. And none of Gilmore's interceptions had an element of luck (like a tipped pass)? Of course not, Gilmore's were all skill and Tre's were all luck. Yeah, right. And he harps on Tre's yards allowed when he only allowed 2.75 yards more per game than Gilmore. This guy is either an idiot or a person with a biased agenda.
  10. I agree that I'd like to see Duke dress over Foster. I'll take a little hit on special teams for more potency on offense. Knox and Kroft will get the majority of any TE targets, so playing Sweeney probably doesn't help much. Smith hasn't had a penalty in a while and is a very good blocker. So... I wouldn't mind seeing Yeldon get more touches, but if you don't dress Gore, who is your short yardage, power back. I'm not saying that Gore has consistently succeeded in that role, but can Yeldon be that guy? I'm not sure. And most of what Yeldon does, Singletary can do. So, as long as Singletary stays healthy, there wouldn't be that many touches for Yeldon.
  11. He was also pivotal in the Steelers game, made a couple of game saving plays!
  12. Poor tackling. You can blame Daboll and Josh and the offense all you want. And yes, Josh missed a few plays that were there to be made and took some bad sacks. But they were going up against the best defense in the NFL. A team that is putting up historical numbers. The Pats have held teams to an average of 12.9 points/game. And we scored 17. Did the offense need to be better, yes, but they weren't the main reason for the loss in my mind. A few notes: Josh is only the 2nd quarterback this season (along with Watson) to throw two TD passes against the Pats D; John Brown's TD in the 3rd quarter is the first and only TD Gilmore has given up this year; Beasley is only the 2nd receiver this year to gain 100 yards against the Pats defense. This just in...the Pats D is really good. And the completely unbalanced time of possession in the first three quarters, didn't give the offense many opportunities or a chance to get into a rhythm. The real reason the Bills lost was unusually poor tackling by the defense. There were so many plays where not just the first guy, but then the second guy missed the tackle. They let Michel and Burkhead look like All-Pro backs. So, if you want to blame something, it should be that. Back to fundamentals this week boys. Still, though I'm not taking a moral victory out of this, for the most part, I'm proud of the team. They went in and played hard for 60 minutes. Had a 4th quarter lead and almost pulled the game into a tie at the end, despite being on the road, against the best in the business, and with the refs, let's say, not being friendly towards them. It's disappointing that the team couldn't get over the hump today, but there is no question that this Bills team can play with the big boys in this league. Take each game as experience. There is a lot to learn from this one, in a playoff-type atmosphere, for their future playoff games. Yes, I said games (plural). And hopefully next week they can gain some confidence and momentum against the Jets, and go into the playoffs confident and battle-tested. Go Bills!
  13. No McDermott? No Beane! No Beane and no McDermott? No good.
  14. Apparently Hughes has been dealing with a groin issue since about mid-season. It has obviously been affecting his play. Jerry is still a top end DE at pressures when 100%.
  15. I really haven't noticed a tackling issue with Levi this year (or last) overall. But on the TD yesterday, yes, he made a poor decision. It wasn't necessarily poor tackling (technique-wise at least), the problem was he took a too-aggressive angle toward Conner, either wanting to make a big play, or because he didn't realize how fast Conner is. The way he tried to tackle him seems to me just a by-product of being a bit too aggressive. As the ball is snapped Levi is at the 6-yard line, he then backpedals to the 5-yard line. As the ball is thrown, Levi makes his break. Conner catches the ball at the 11-yard line and turns upfield. Levi takes an aggressive angle toward the ball carrier, angling from the 6-yard line toward maybe the 8.5- 9-yard line, where he expects to meet Conner. But at the 8-yard line, he realizes Conner is moving faster than he thought. So, he levels off along the 8-yard line, where they make contact. But the problem was, Levi was at the 8 and Conner was already at the 7.5-yard line, so Levi was in a poor position to make the tackle and all he could do was throw his body at him. Had he instead sprinted toward the sideline, along the 6.5- to 7-yard line, taking a wider angle, he would have at least been able to get in front of Conner (to have a chance at a better tackle) or at least slow him down so help could get there (Milano was not far behind).
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