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  1. I know most of this has basically already been said, but I just wanted to expand on it from my perspective: I gave up religion more than 30 years ago, but I still try to live my life by the scripture that Fromm quoted (paraphrased), "Love God with all of your heart, and treat your neighbor as yourself." If the whole world tried to do that, this would be a much better place. So, how could it be a wrong answer? He's basically saying with that, I am trying to follow that principle, which would mean I am going to try and not repeat any past bad behavior. I am going to try and love and be compassionate and sensitive to all others in the future ("try" being the key word for all of us, of course). And in fact, it is not just a Christian/Jesus thing. Not only was it the number one advice by Jesus, but it is also the golden rule for almost every culture and religion in the world. It is the one rule to rule them all: “Do not do to others what angers you if done to you by others.” ― Socrates “Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you.” ― Confucius "One should never do that to another which one regards as injurious to one’s own self. This, in brief, is the rule of dharma. Other behavior is due to selfish desires." --- Mahabharata, Anushasana Parva 113:8 from the Vedic tradition of India circa 3000 BC "That character is best that doesn't do to another what isn't good for itself" and "Don't do to others what isn't good for you." --- Zoroaster, Persia (c. 500 BC), Iː36 "That which is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor. That is the whole Torah; the rest is the explanation. Go and study it." --- Hillel the Elder, as quoted in the Talmud (c. 200 CE), Shabbat 31a "None of you is a true believer unless he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself." --- Muhammad, Hadith (Bukhari 1:2:12, Muslim 1:72f, and An-Nawawi 13) "Each one should do unto others as he would have others do unto him." --- Manco Cápac, Inca leader in Peru c. 1200 (Wattles 1996: 192) If Marcel was acting from a place of love and compassion (like the golden rule says to) and not from a selfish need to either get a story or to push his own ideas or beliefs onto someone else, he would have understood that this kid is probably terrified of giving an answer that sounds bad or could be misconstrued, after having had to take the heat for his previous racially-charged comments. He's young and still dealing with the fallout of his previous statements, what did MLJ expect? If Jake started talking up BLM or whatever, then people would say he's just doing it because he's trying to prove/pretend he's not a racist. Seriously, what answer would have been acceptable? Did he just want to see the kid prostrate himself? Is that what the interview was really about? Then that is totally a bad move on Marcel's side, not Jake's. Besides, actions speak louder than words...but actions take time. Anyone can say I'm sorry, I learned my lesson. We've seen hundreds of people do that and we either knew they didn't mean it at the time or their subsequent actions proved that it was just a lie said to get through a difficult moment. Let the kid learn and grow from this in his own time. I like MLJ a lot as a reporter, but I find it extremely arrogant to say that you want another person to respond a certain way or that Jake should be completely on the other side of this already and be able to respond with deep and thoughtful remarks, when he has had, what, 3 months to process it all? I hate to see people I respect, like MLJ, fall into the traps of the misguided righteousness that is so rampant these days.
  2. Is it just me or does Tre look like he seriously bulked up this offseason (see 0:33 in the video)? I think he is about to demand the respect he deserves this year. Beast!
  3. I was at the Cleveland game last year and one of the Browns' fans got mad at me. All I was doing was calling out guys' names who made plays. "Nice Tre," "C'mon Josh," "Yes Tremaine," etc. That kind of stuff. The guy next to me went off on me when it looked like the Bills might win the game..."I'm so sick of hearing you call out players' names!" and then he did a very agitated and bad impersonation of me. No doubt, I do see how it could be a bit annoying to hear a visiting fan constantly doing that right next to you. So, I sympathized and didn't get upset. But then his buddy, two seats over, leaned in and calmly asked me, "How the hell do you know all of their names anyhow?" I always figured that most fans (who are more than just the casual observers) knew the majority of the players on their team, but apparently not. I guess it's just another sign of Bills fans being truly die-hard. I bet if they shot that Jets video in Buffalo at any time during the drought, the vast majority of Bills fans could have named way more than 5 players.
  4. Totally agree. But, if he didn't play conservatively in 2017, they wouldn't have even had those 9 wins for that miracle to even be a possibility. I'm just saying maybe he still wasn't completely confident in the offense last year in every situation, despite them being a far superior offense to the 2017 and 2018 versions. But, then again, maybe because of how he had to play (conservatively) with the lack of talent on the 2017 and 2018 teams, he was still a little gun shy (or in a bit of a rut) last year, and like most of you have said, he now needs to learn to loosen those reigns a bit because his players can handle it. And maybe that will partly come from him being more confident in his offense this year as well.
  5. Yes, that was kind of my original point, not that Murphy was better than Shaq, but just that he was a lot better than people think he was or give him credit for in the second half of last year. But you bring up a good point, I did not equate snap count into the numbers I provided (though it's a bit closer than twice the amount as you guessed). Over each of their last six games (I include Denver for Shaq, but not for Murphy, since Shaq didn't play in the finale against the Jets), Murphy received 66.55% of the snaps to Shaq's 59.56% of the snaps---so Murphy got 6.5 snaps more than Shaq per each game on average, or 39 more snaps total than Shaq over their last six games. If I pro rate Shaq's stats to include 39 more snaps, then that adds to his totals as follows: .52 sacks .08 FF 2.6 tackles 1.45 QB hits Which would mean the comparison (taking an even snap count into the picture---as best I can) would be: Murphy Shaq 6 sacks 4.02 21 tackles 15 8 QB hits 11.45 2 FF 1.08 1 FR 0 So, pretty even in the pass rushing department (overall), with Murphy having an edge in tackles, and a slight edge in turnovers. But the point being that I think a lot of people seem to think that Shaq was the far superior player (and Murphy sucks), but the team got pretty much the same production out of each guy. There was not a drop-off when Murphy was in the game down the stretch.
  6. I will agree that there were some moments that I wish they had gone for the jugular last year. But, you also have to take into account the offense itself and McD's confidence in them connecting on certain plays or down and distance. For instance, in 2017, we would have never made the playoffs if he let that offense wing it. Relying on his defense and playing conservatively on offense is actually what got that team to the post season. And even last year, we were much better, but the offense still struggled mightily in some games. It is kind of like having a kicker that you know is money from inside 45, but struggles over that. Well, if it's fourth down and a FG try would be from 51, you probably go for it on fourth rather than try the FG because you are not confident in your kicker. Hopefully this year the offense will take off and McD will have the confidence in them to sling it around, go for it, and not play too conservatively. But outside of maybe one or two games, I think he has managed games pretty well in that regard thus far.
  7. I think most people would agree that Shaq has outplayed Murphy over the last two years overall. But, if we are talking unpopular takes, I think the following is more unpopular: I wonder if maybe it took until midseason of last year for Murphy to get fully healthy. Yes, I know that's 2 full years, and some guys can get back from an ACL in like 8 months. But, Murphy not only had a Grade 3 ACL tear (where it tore completely in half), but he also tore his MCL at the same time. His game really started to pickup around week 6 last year. And in his last six games of the season (including the playoff game), Murphy had 6 sacks, 21 tackles, 8 QB hits, 2 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery. For comparison, Shaq had 3.5 sacks, 12 tackles, 10 QB hits, 1 forced fumble, over the same six games. Edge to Murphy over that most recent span. Murphy was actually a beast in the Dallas game, the Pittsburgh game, and the Houston playoff game. Go back and watch the highlights. It was only the last 4 games he did not have a sack (not 8). And yes, 3 of his sacks came against Arizona and 1.5 against Washington. But look at any pass rusher. First, sacks usually come in bunches, and secondly, every great pass rusher feasts on weaker competition (Bruce did it all the time...4-6 sacks per season came in the two games against the lowly Jets). Another for instance, T.J. Watt had 6.5 of his sacks against Cinncinati, Miami, and Cleveland last year. Shaquil Barrett, the sack leader last year got 4 of his sacks against the Giants, 3 against Carolina, 2 against JAX (plus 1 each against Arizona and Detroit). That's 11 of his sacks against "weaker" competition. You could pretty much make that claim about almost any pass rusher. It is kind of par for the course. Now, if Addison wasn't feasting on weaker competition, then I'd be worried.
  8. Also, I wouldn't underestimate what he meant from a leadership standpoint in the TE room last year for the young guys (kind of like Gore in the RB room). His contributions off the field may have been more important that his contributions on the field (though as you said, he is still a solid player/blocker, if he could just cut back on the penalties). But maybe the young guys are ready to step up and the leadership aspect of Smith's value won't be as high this year.
  9. Unless there is a significant drop-off, which I don't think there will be this year at least, or he is not getting the same number of snaps as he did in Carolina, then I expect him to do what he has done for the last 4 years (averaged below). He has been amazingly consistent over that span: 9.75 sacks 35 tackles 14 Qb hits 2 forced fumbles
  10. Honestly, I wouldn't trade Josh for any QB in the league right now. I'm not positive he will be a superstar yet, but I feel good enough about him that I want to see it play out. Josh is the perfect QB for Buffalo and this team. I'd rather see our guy blossom, than trade the farm for a different QB. I realize that some of you don't agree with that because you don't think Josh will ever blossom. And while I can understand people not being 100% sold yet, and wanting to see more first, those who are so positive that Josh sucks and always will, well I think you are delusional, and I really wonder what games you were watching last season. And not wanting to trade Josh is not a knock on Mahomes or Watson or Murray or Jackson or anyone else. You can like many QBs and think some or all will be good. Just because you think one will be good doesn't mean another won't be. It's an exciting time for the league with a lot of young QBs who look like they are going to develop into either solid or even franchise QBs (Mahomes already has, obviously). But, whenever these discussions come up, I feel like many (on both sides) are just arguing in a vacuum. To really compare two QBs, like Dak and Josh, you can't just look at win/loss record or a handful of stats. You also have to look at the context. How good an offensive line do they have? How much does the defense help out? Who was more polished/experienced coming into the league? Who's coaching them? What kind of weapons do they have? How good was the overall team that the QB is stepping in to? Who's on your schedule (how many good or bad defenses)? etc., etc. For instance, to compare Dak and Josh's 2018 season, you can't just say Dallas had more wins and Dak had better stats, so he is obviously the better QB. Well, Dak was in his third year, with two full seasons of NFL experience behind him. Josh was a rookie. Dak had one of the best Olines in the league, where Josh's Oline was so pathetic that it had to be completely rebuilt the next year. Dallas was a more veteran team, the Bills were young and had UDFAs starting because of a lack of salary cap. Dak's top two targets were Amari Cooper and Cole Beasley. Josh's top targets were Zay Jones and Robert Foster. Defense was about even (Yards given up: Bills 2nd , Dallas 6th; points allowed Dallas 6th, Bills 18th; Turnovers: Bills 9th, Dallas 19th). Context matters. Having said that, I'm not so sure that Dak is definitely better than Josh right now. But even if he is, Josh has way more upside and is cheap for the next 3 years, so why in God's name would anyone suggest giving up draft picks and paying a monster contract to a guy who at best is a little better than your current QB, but with a lower ceiling? Idiotic (and I assume click bait) post by the "reporter" who put it out there.
  11. As an out-of-towner, I actually listen to the show quite a bit, to feel connected and to hear discussion of our Bills. To be honest, yes, Murph and Tasker are not the greatest talk show hosts. Task often changes his opinions in mid-ramble and Murph often doesn't understand caller's points and isn't always polite to guests. But, I will miss Murphy's knowledge of team history, going back to the old Rock pile/AFL days, and not only do I like when Tasker talks about the 90s teams and his career, but I have a feeling that he (along with money from PSE) really helped to bring on some of the higher profile guests over the last couple of years (with his respect as a former player and his connections from all the years at CBS). Plus, what Bills fan doesn't just love Tasker regardless? So, it will be sad to see them go for those reasons. And even if they weren't the best, they are part of the family. They did bring something to the table, even if they weren't the most entertaining or knowledgeable hosts. I still enjoyed listening to them. As to Brown and Glab, I think some of you are being much too harsh. Yes, Brown works for the team, so he will never be overly negative about the organization. But, first of all, there are plenty of other places to get negative news about the team. And secondly, Brown's position, basically being embedded with the team for the last decade plus, often gives him a much deeper perspective about the team than a regular reporter from the outside can give. Brown knows this team inside and out and he knows football. On his appearances on the show, he would get into much more depth about play calling, personnel, etc. than Murphy or Tasker ever would. I don't always agree with every take he has about particular players or whatever, but the guy knows his stuff. And he has strong, sometimes negative opinions that he shares on players or coaching or whatever, he just won't be the one to say break a Bills scandal or talk about that in a negative light maybe. Also, don't listen to a show paid for by the team if you don't want a generally positive outlook on the team. And I'm wondering how many of you have actually listened to one of the shows where Maddy filled in as host (rather than just hearing one of the more fluff pieces that they would bring her in for). She may not have a full grasp of Buffalo Bills history yet (as some derailed her for), but she is only 27 and probably never gave the Bills a second thought before she was hired like a year ago. So, give her some time to get up to speed. She is learning. But, she is actually very knowledgeable about football. She's not just "a pretty face" as they say. She worked as a reporter and video producer for the University of Missouri, Stanford, and the University of Tennessee football, was an athlete herself (softball), and was an SEC reporter before coming to Buffalo. And on the One Bills Live shows that she has hosted, she actually impressed guys like Greg Cosell with her football knowledge/questions. Yes, her voice takes some getting used to, no doubt. But just because she is a young woman, don't automatically assume that she doesn't know what she is talking about when it comes to football or the current players on the team or in the league. I'm not saying I wouldn't have been down if they had hired from outside the organization, but I just don't think Brown or Glab are as bad as you guys are making them out to be. And before you ask, no, I do not work for the Bills or PSE, and I am not related to anyone discussed above. 😊
  12. Great post...and I think this is exactly what the 2017-2019 Bills have been. But, like BillsVet says, now it's time for the Bills to play with the big boys. In the playoffs, the best teams have depth too, so if the weak links are even, the team with the best talent will win. However, I'm with billsfan89. I think the talent is there on the Bills roster, it's just not known nation-wide yet or hasn't fully blossomed. First, we now have Diggs, who is a top-end/superstar player. Jerry Hughes is a pretty top end talent (if he comes back well from the injuries). Poyer and Hyde, as a tandem, are one of the best safety duos in the league. Mario Addison has been averaging 9 sacks a year for four years straight. Tre is already one of the best in the league. John Brown and Cole Beasley as your #2 and #3 WRs is pretty high-end. So, we have some top-end talent. And, we may even have some more superstar players (beyond Diggs and White) on the team, it's just we didn't buy them---they're home grown---so it's taken some time for them to grow into it. But, I really think that Josh, Tremaine, Singletary, Knox, Moss, Oliver, and possibly AJ, all have the potential to bust out into household names, sooner rather than later. So, not surprising that the Bills weren't well-represented on that list as of now. But, I have a feeling that is about to change, starting with this season.
  13. I agree with your love for Fitz Gungy, but disagree with the career backup label. (And by all means I don't mean this to sound like I'm going off on you...this is just a discussion that I used to have with some posters back at the end of Fitz's time in Buffalo, when some of them would say that he's not a starter, or even a backup, but third-string level.) Fitz has started 139 of the 156 games he has been dressed for. That equates to almost 9 full 16-game seasons as a starter in the league (probably almost 10 full seasons by the end of this year). Or another way to look at it, across his 15-year career, he has been a starter for 58% of his career (and that includes his slow career start, where he dressed for only 6 of 48 games in his first three years; injury time out; etc.). So, he is starting more often than he is not. And when he has started across his career, he has always been a middle-of-the-pack QB stats-wise (like 16th to 20th), rather than a bottom third quarterback. So, for the majority of his career, he has been one of the, say, 20 best QBs in the league at any given moment/season. Since there are 32 spots, that makes him a starter. Also, he's 39th place in career passing yards all time and 38th in career passing TDs all time. That's a lot of starts in order to get that high on the all-time NFL lists. So, rather than a career backup, I would say that he is a journeyman starting QB (someone who is going to play a lot---always find a home, often as a bridge player---but who you are always hoping to upgrade from when you have him starting). But he is definitely a starting-caliber QB (one of the 32 best QBs at any given moment over most of his career), he's just not a franchise QB, or a QB you are going to build your team around.
  14. Loved when he said, "If you want to tackle me, it's going to have to be a business decision."😆 💪🚉
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