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  1. I think trading up is definitely a possibility (if there's someone they want). It makes a lot of sense. If you keep all of your picks, some of those guys probably won't even make the roster this year. And you're good enough now and deep enough now that you aren't looking to fill out your roster, but instead for a few select high-end players that can help you take the next step. And there are plenty of low-cost free agents still available if you just need depth. The question is how high up could they go and is there a player there that they would be willing to give up the capital fo
  2. I think he trained Tre White as a goalie though, so maybe that counts. Seriously, Congrats Marv! Well deserved. I think Marv is under-appreciated, even amongst some Bills fans. I have heard people say that with a better coach that 90s Bills team probably wins at least two Super Bowls. But I bet with a different coach, that team of egos and personalities never even comes together into a championship-caliber team, even with all of that talent. Just ask the players if they think they could have done better with a different coach. That team isn't what it was without Marv's leadership.
  3. I think we get two more good years from Cole (but then he'll probably be gone). And, yes, Sanders may be just a one-year rental. So, I wouldn't be upset if they drafted a WR. Probably should have had it at least as a 2nd Tier need.
  4. This is a very good point... Unrestricted Free Agents for 2022 (I only listed players who I expect to have significant playing time and/or are an important backup): Jerry Hughes, Mario Addison, Vernon Butler, Emmanuel Snaders, Mitch Trubisky, Levi Wallace, Taron Johnson, Isiah McKenzie, Siran Neal, Justin Zimmer, Harrison Phillips, Reid Ferguson, Matt Breida, Ike Boettger, Taiwan Jones, Davis Webb. Most of these guys are on one-year deals and could probably be resigned or replaced with a similar player without too much trouble. Obviously the age and contracts for H
  5. I've always said this about punters, but it goes for all special teams as well. You don't care about them (or don't think about their worth) until you don't have a good one. And then it becomes painfully obvious how important they are. Field position is a huge component of the game and when your special teams stink, you will probably be on the losing end of the field position battle in any given game. Does the OP not remember 2018 when our roster was depleted (to fix the cap situation)? Special teams directly cost us three wins that season, imo.
  6. Thanks Matt...you're a class act and we were proud to have you on the Bills! Thanks for everything you did for Josh and the team! Two-and-a-half seasons is not a long time, but you'll forever be a Bill to us. The best of luck to you and your family going forward.
  7. Trying to assess if J.J. still has enough left in the tank (via stats): AGAINST - At the start of next season, J.J. will be 32-1/2 years old. - He has missed 32 of his last 80 games (over the last 5 years) due to injury - Over the last 5 years, he has only had more than 5 sacks in 1 season (2018), which will be 3 years ago at the start of next season. - He has only had one monster season (2018) since he was the best DE in the league (between 2012-2015) FOR - He did play all 16 games last year and played 91% of Houston's defensive snaps - In
  8. Look, KC was the better team and they won. No one is debating that. But I don't see how anyone could watch that game and not see it as anything but the definition of unsportsmanlike behavior. Late hits, punches, unnecessary roughness, taunting, rubbing the opponents faces in it, sheer arrogance. There is a huge difference between playing aggressive, through the whistle, hitting hard, and celebrating a win and then how KC acted. I don't know, maybe respect and sportsmanship isn't important to some fans anymore. Maybe that's the Patriots factor. They have been cheating, arrogant cham
  9. The part I highlighted red made me think about the Diggs trade...some have said that since the Vikes got Justin Jefferson with our 1st round pick, they actually came out ahead in the trade (i.e., we could have stayed put and just picked Jefferson). But not only does Diggs come with more experience and leadership than Jefferson (as good as the kid looks), but we also came away with Gabe, who is being compared to Jefferson (despite not having the massive yardage output that Jefferson had this season). Now I'm not saying Gabe is as good as Jefferson, right now, but he's at least comparable in pot
  10. I think the Bills' RBs have taken way too much heat from fans for the lack of production in the run game this year, especially Devin. I think the issue with the run game was more about scheme/identity, game plan, and the offensive line. I'm not saying the O-line can't run block, there were some games this year where they did it well. But, when the focus is on the pass, you don't take as many reps in practice or in games in the run game to get in a rhythm and get really good at it. And the same for the running backs. How many times have we heard a RB say that it takes them so many c
  11. While it could be fun for the fans...the reason other leagues can do it and football can't is simply because football is too brutal. The risk of injury is way too high. No one (players, teams, the League) wants to risk an injury for what, in essence, is a meaningless game. And like others said, I don't know how fun that game would be. Coaches would sit a ton of starters, the players wouldn't be motivated. It might turn into a glorified pre-season game. In World Cup, the 3rd place game still has meaning. To go home to your country and say we are the third best team in the world (a
  12. Just out of curiosity, I looked back at the 30th overall pick over the last 20 years, just to see what players came at that slot. I don't know if there is anything to make out of it, it's a pretty mixed bag. There are definitely some solid players and some busts, but only a few really top-notch players. The breakdown by position group (of the last twenty-one 30th overall picks) is: 6 DBs selected, 4 WR, 3 RB, 3 LB, 2 TE, 1 DE, 1DT, 1 OG. Busts (not counting Igbinoghone yet, even though his rookie season wasn't great) = 9 players or approx. 43% Red = Stud; O
  13. They obviously didn't want to have to eject a star player that early in the game. No way they missed it, it was so out in the open. Also, in the spirit of the game, why isn't that reviewable? I understand that you do not want to start awarding all penalties due to review, because that could open up a huge can of worms. But if an action is deemed bad enough for immediate ejection according to the rules (to keep the game safe and in control---and for PR reasons), then shouldn't the league want that player out of the game and therefore allow say throwing a punch or similar to be revie
  14. And we thought Robert Woods was F@#$ing crazy! Well, he still is, but so is Cole Beasley! The Dallas game and his reception by his teammates in the locker room last year is still one of my favorite moments of last season. And how can you not love his game, his belief in himself, and his toughness. Another player that was unsure about coming here, but now bleeds the red, white, and blue. A true warrior!
  15. I don't think that I imagined this, but didn't the announcers say at one point that the refs went over to the KC sideline to tell them, in essence, to relax a bit or they would have to start throwing flags on them? Does every team get this courtesy from the refs? I mean, why not make your point by actually calling the penalties you see? Why not call the facemask on Josh's first big sack, or the Jones punch (I think they didn't want to have to eject a star player early in the game---no way none of them saw it, it was so out in the open), or the PI on the pass to Knox near the goal line, etc.. A
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