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  1. I basically agree with you on the roughing the passer call, I didn't think they would throw the flag for it. By technical rule, it may indeed have been roughing the passer (it it was late; and it's hard to tell from the camera angle where the defender's helmet hit Josh---possibly on the chin), but most often probably not called. Yet, there is also the visual aspect of a db trying to tackle Josh. It just doesn't look very violent because Josh is such a big dude. If it was another, smaller QB it may have looked worse and been called...it just doesn't look as bad when it happens to Josh. But the real reason for my response is to your post above...to give specifics on the bad calls that went against us. You act as if the roughing the passer call was the only bad call in the game and determined the outcome. There was a lot more going on in this game. In the first half, the first and second Buffalo offensive drives ended on a third down pass play that both should have been called for PI (the first series was to Knox, the second series was to McKenzie). Those two non-calls stalled Buffalo's first two drives, and they were both obvious...a defender arriving too early and playing through the receiver (not bang/bang plays as they often say). And there was also an obvious roughing the passer call (helmet to helmet hit) on Josh in the first half that wasn't called. There was also the defenseless receiver on McKenzie that wasn't called. And then to add insult to injury, the major non-holding call right in front of the ref on a Baltimore third down that ended up going for 20+ yards because of no flag. To me, in the first half alone, we lost 3 first downs and probably 45+ yards (who knows what that would have equated to in points), and the Ravens were given an extra first down and 30+ yards (20 on the pass play, and should have been -10 for holding) all on bad calls by the refs. Plus the refs were letting the Ravens hold and grab a lot in the first half. They finally started calling the Ravens on it in the second (of course on two plays that we converted the first down anyways and declined the penalties). In the second half then, we got two calls our way. Poyer should have had a PI that the refs didn't call, and then the roughing the QB call that was a bit of a gift. So, by my tally (not counting any other possible holding calls for either team), the Ravens still had a 5-2 advantage in bad calls going their way. Overall, a horrible and inconsistently called game by the refs today, for both teams.
  2. It's like the old Bills days...gotta beat the other team and the refs!
  3. I guess the refs are going to keep their flags in their pockets today. The defender was clearly early on that 3rd and 7 vs. McKenzie. The play before, no call on the helmet to Josh's chin. And last series the defender was early on the third down vs. Knox.
  4. Did you really expect this team was going to go 17-0? Tell me how many teams would win against a solid, division rival missing their two star safeties, two starting DTs, starting CB, starting center and then lose their #2 WR in the first quarter (Kumerow was #2 today, Gabe obviously still isn't 100%, but gutted it out when Kumerow went down), lose their backup center and have to start a kid just called up from the practice squad, lose their right tackle, their right guard, and have their two healthy receivers cramping up and barely able to stay on the field in the 2nd half, etc., etc. It was 99 degrees on the field with no wind/breeze. And the Bills sideline in the Sun all day (another big advantage for the Phins). These aren't rationalizations, those are the reality of the game today. Did they make mistakes, execute poorly at key times, etc. Yes, they did. But to not be able to see this as a valiant effort under very difficult circumstances and act as if it should have been an easy win or something, seems to be more in the realm of fantasy to me than any of these so-called rationalizations. I chalk this one up like the New England wind game last year. Yes, we should have still won, but I'm not calling for anyone's head. Just horrible circumstances from start to finish. Suck it up and move on to the next game. I also think a lot of people are underestimating how much the first two weeks took out of the team. Two big, primetime games against two very good teams. The Bills mustered up a lot of energy for those two games. And coming back from that on a short week with as many injuries as we had was a tough ask to get the W, and yet with all of that, we only lost by 2 in their house with a chance to win it at the end. We held their offense in check and outgained them significantly, with a huge disparity in time of possession. I'm not dismissing the mistakes that led to the loss, but I am understanding of them.
  5. Bringing a little positive to this thread. It took half our team being down and 100 degree heat for the Dolphins to win by 2 at home. This team was banged up and tired from two big prime time games to start the season. On a short week. Lost Micah for the year. No Poyer. etc., etc. And still had so many chances to pull this one out. Just didn't have enough in the tank to do it. I'm proud of our guys. They left it all out on the field today, even though they came up short. They literally played their guts out. And I'm not worried about Miami in the long run. It's only week three. Heal up, rest up, and continue the march next week. Go Bills! (And you guys are ridiculous to be calling out McDermott...he's THE main reason we are where we are)
  6. NEXT MAN UP! Here's to all of the young guys showing out today and helping to Squish the Fish! It's your time to shine boys. LET'S GO BUFFALO!
  7. Some of the young'uns don't fully understand Miami week. It ain't what it used to be, but we remember. And having Tyreek and all this hype, makes me want the win even more. SQUISH THE DAMN FISH!!!!!!!
  8. They are all so hyped...after Tua's big day and all of our injuries, they really think they have a chance to win. They will be disappointed. Despite the injuries, we are still the superior team with a far superior QB. It sounds to me like jealousy. I think a lot of other team's core fans wish their fanbase was like the Mafia! And the Miami and NE fans gloating over our injuries is just classless. Let's go Buffalo! And cheers to all of the Bills fans heading down to Miami...take over that stadium!
  9. I mentioned this in another thread. Poyer and Hyde both missed time in training camp and barely played in the preseason games. Jaquan Johnson (4 years in our system) and Damar Hamlin (3 years in our system) both got a ton of work in training camp (with and against the #1s) and in the preseason games this year. They might not be Poyer and Hyde back there, but they should, no doubt, hold their own if called upon. And the rookie corners have played well so far. If the D-line brings it again, limiting the time Tua has to throw, the secondary should be fine. Waddle and Tyreek will make some plays---I can envision at least one or two slants going for big plays, Tyreek has killed us on those when he was with KC---but overall, I don't think it will be enough to go score for score with our offense. And if we get Oliver, Settle, and Gabe back, that should help to balance out missing Dane, Micah, and Jordan.
  10. In my opinion, switching backs (Singletary and Moss) every drive is idiotic. Neither guy ever gets in a rhythm with as little as we run. It started with Daboll and Dorsey seems to be following suit. I like Moss, but Motor is clearly the better back and should be getting most of the touches, with Moss spelling him and Cook in on special packages (not sure he's up for a full 3rd-down role yet...not sure of his pass protection). They seem to want to use Moss as their short yardage back, but he's not an old thunder, bull dozier type of player. He's not elite/special in that role by any means. He should be used to spell Motor and maybe in 4-minute drives at the end of the game to wear the other team out (he does have a bit more pop than Singletary). No, we don't need a bell cow back, as we are a passing offense. But, we do need to use our backs better and more strategically.
  11. I am expecting that Poyer will play, not sure about Micah. But, this is why it wasn't a bad thing that they both missed some time in training camp and didn't play much in the preseason games. Our backup safeties got a lot of extra work in training camp and the preseason. Johnson is a 4th-year guy and Hamlin a 3rd-year guy. They obviously wouldn't be Poyer and Hyde out there, but they should be able to hold their own. Our depth is really being tested early in the season here. Thank goodness Beane and Co. have built a deep team, and hopefully we get the injury bug out of the way and everyone stays healthy down the stretch of the season.
  12. Man, they just aren't ever going to put Tasker in, are they? It's a shame. And I absolutely love Pat McAfee and his show, but is he deserving of the hall? 8-year career, 1 All-pro, 2 pro bowls, 46.4 yard punting average on 575 punts? I hardly remember him in the league and he only retired 6 years ago. This isn't a knock on Pat (as he was very humble about it and said, "Put Lechler in, not me...I didn't play long enough or have a big enough impact on the game"), it's a knock on the Hall selectors. Pat had a real nice career, just not HOF worthy imo. Punter comparisons: Shane Lechler (nominated this year): 18-year career, 9 All-Pros, 7 Pro bowls, 47.6 yard punting average on 1,444 punts. Ray Guy (in Hall): 14-year career, 4 All-pros, 7 Pro Bowls, 42.4 yd avg on 1,049 punts. Sean Landeta (not in Hall): 21-year career, 3 All-pros, 2 Pro Bowls, 43.3 yd avg on 1,401 punts. Reggie Roby (not in Hall): 16-year career, 3 All Pros, 3 Pro Bowls, 43.3 yd avg on 992 punts. Brian Moorman (obv not in Hall): 13-year career, 2 All Pros, 2 Pro Bowls, 43.8 yd avg on 979 punts And so many more. I threw Brian in there just for comparison, there are many others (including some real old-timers) that are probably above Moorman and McAfee. Sure, Pat's yards per punt average is really good, but he only played 8 years. If he played another 6-10 years and punted 500-900 more balls (like the other guys listed above), would his average have held? Lechler deserves to be in, no doubt, but I'd rather a special teamer like Tasker (13 years and 7 Pro Bowls as a STer) make it over someone like Pat. And I think there are other punters ahead of Pat too. The HOF has become so watered down and yet there are lots of guys that are deserving that can't seem to make it. Seems like it is more about names and personalities now than consistent, elite play over a long period of time on the field.
  13. 1. Acorns were our weapon of choice in my neighborhood (not chestnuts). 2. I don't use Blue Cheese, and I hate Ranch...for me, just give me a classic, plain, hot Buffalo wing (not BBQ, or Parmesan, etc.). If I'm using any sauce at all, it would be Boss Sauce. 3. And I keep hearing how the Titans are going to be so motivated for this game because they lost last week and don't want to go 0-2. But somehow I think Buffalo has a lot more motivation than that, losing to this team two years in a row. The damn COVID game that got moved all around and finally played on a Tuesday (when the Titans were the cause of the game getting moved in the first place). And then last year, losing on the goal line on the last play...not to mention that ex-Pat ass Vrabel trying to pull off another Homerun Throwback to rub it in our faces (even though we all know the original was a forward pass anyhow and therefore illegal). Home opener on Monday Night Football with all of the BS mentioned above? Von's first home game. Phils first game back in front of the mafia. Rooks and other free agents first real taste of the home crowd, etc. No way the Titans are more motivated than the Bills for this one. Let's break the decibel record Mafia! and LET'S GO BUFFALO!!!!!!!
  14. Everything happens for a reason. Josh Allen was destined to live his best life as a Buffalo Bill! And we get to watch it! πŸ‘πŸ•ΊπŸˆ
  15. Didn't want to give up a garbage time score. I respect that. He had the defenses back. They wanted to keep the Rams to 10 points.
  16. Yeah, but how many third downs has he converted this preseason? Two tonight so far. It was like 3 or 4 each in the first two preseason games. You aren't going to have a high YPC when many of your receptions come on 3rd and 3 or whatever. The kid is a first down making machine. Super sure hands. Was in college, and still appears to be now. That's a very valuable asset.
  17. People think Tasker isn't great on the mic? Steve Smith is absolutely woeful and the game has barely started. Gonna be a tough listen tonight.
  18. Sorry to jump on an old post, but I'm always surprised by how many Bills fans think Marv Levy is overrated, lucky (due to personnel), or just not that great of a coach. I assume a lot of this sentiment is from younger fans who didn't actually watch those '90s teams and only see 4 Super Bowl loses with a loaded roster. But, you say Marv Levy was fortunate---i.e. he only has a good record because of the talent he coached on the Bills (Kelly, Bruce, Thurman, Andre, etc.). And that "Head Coaches that have had success at multiple locations..." As if Marv never did anything before coming to the Bills. Here is an abbreviated list of what he did before coming to Buffalo. I hope you and other fans who think Marv is overrated read this. - In his first coaching job (2 years coaching football and basketball at a high school in St. Louis), he coached their basketball team to a championship. - He then returned to Coe College (his alma mater) for two years as asst. football coach and head coach of the basketball team. He led the basketball team to a championship. - At his next stop, University of New Mexico, he was an asst. for 4 years before being named head football coach. In two years as the top man, he had a 14-6 record and won Conference Coach of the Year. - Didn't do great in his stint with UC Berkeley, but did hire and groom Bill Walsh on his staff. - In 5 years as head coach of William & Mary, he won a Conference Title and Conference Coach of the Year twice. - Four years in the NFL as Special Teams Coordinator under George Allen. - Became Head Coach of the Montreal Allouettes in the CFL. In 5 seasons, he took the team to the playoffs and the Eastern Conference Finals all 5 years. And made it to the Championship game 3 times, winning it all (the Grey Cup) twice and earning CFL Coach of the Year in 1974. How many coaches can say they took their teams to 4 Super Bowls and 3 Grey Cups? He made it to the big game 7 times with two different teams. - Five years Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. People knock his record here, but he took over a 2-12 team, the worst team in the league, that just had their best two defensive players retire. Not counting the strike year, his record was 28-36. Not great, but there was improvement every year (from that 2 win season before he arrived) to 4 wins, then 7 wins, then 8 wins, and to a 9-7 record in 1981. And remember, this was pre-free agency. Rebuilds took a lot longer back in the day. It wasn't like today where teams can go worst to first in one year with a good free agency class. With the Bills, besides the Super Bowl runs and his record, he was also named NFL Coach of the Year in 1988; and AFC Coach of the Year 3 times (in 1988, 1993, and 1995). And fans really underestimate how he was able to bring that collection of alpha, ego-driven, big personalities of the '90s Bills together as a team. A lot of coaches wouldn't have been able to bring that group of guys together no matter how much talent they had. It took Marv's wisdom, experience, and demeanor to do that. Not to mention how hard it is to coach one team to a Super Bowl, but to keep getting a team back there despite losing every year is a major coaching feat in its own. The character, commitment, perseverance, and fortitude to do that is rare. And Marv did have success in multiple locations with different players---maybe not multiple NFL teams (as HC), but then, he only had two opportunities as HC in the NFL and at least his KC team was improving each year. If anything, Marv is now underrated by too many Bills fans. End of rant. 😊
  19. It's crazy to think that the 2018 draft was touted (at the time) as one of the best QB drafts in decades, possibly since 1983. Well it was for us Bills fans at least 😊...But, 13 QBs chosen overall. 5 in the first round. Four in the top 10 overall. Obviously, it was always about the top 5, but here is where the other 8 QBs chosen that year stand: Mason Rudolph - Trying to hang on as the Steelers 3rd-string QB (if they keep three) Kyle Lauletta - Out of the league, playing in the USFL Mike White - Probably secured the backup role with the Jets due to Wilson's injury. On Wilson's return, probably cut or practice squad. But third-stringer. Luke Falk - Out of the league Tanner Lee - Out of the league Danny Etling - Currently Green Bay's third-string QB. Will he make the roster or practice squad as #3? Alex McGough - Out of the league. Playing in the USFL Logan Woodside - Currently QB3 in Tennessee. Had a chance for the backup role, but not having a great preseason So, at best, four third-string QBs from that group. If those teams don't keep a third-string QB, then Mike White may be the only one on a 53-man roster at the start of the season. And then we all know about the top 5: Allen - STUD Jackson - An MVP season. But can he stay away from the injury bug? Baker - One more chance in Carolina Darnold - Backup in Carolina Rosen - Currently fourth-string QB in Cleveland. Could possibly stick as third-string until Watson's return from suspension, if CLE keeps three for insurance. Baker could possibly turn it around, but that's what I thought about Darnold last year---maybe he just needed a change of scenery (get out of a bad organization). Darnold looks to be a career backup at this point. Rosen is pretty much done. It's still amazing to think that the two most maligned QBs in that draft are the only two of the thirteen to actually hit.
  20. To me it's not about the money (Beane can always figure something out when needed...he's very creative with the cap), or having to find a roster spot (they can make the numbers work and lose one of the end of the roster guys---doesn't have to be a WR). To me it's about targets and attitude. I do not want to see Gabe Davis sit or be put in the back seat this year for OBJ, like they did with Sanders last year. Gabe needs to be on the field. OBJ can play the slot also, but we already have two good slot guys. Obviously, you could move him around (play outside and inside at times). I think this is what Dorsey wants out of his receivers anyways, as many of the guys learn all positions. The team wants that flexibility and unpredictability. But, we have a lot of weapons (Diggs, Davis, Knox, McKenzie, Crowder, Singletary, Cook, Shakir) and only one ball. I do not see OBJ being happy with a part-time or back-up role. And he has never been happy when he isn't getting targets. It was a question going into the Rams last year, but Robert Woods' injury gave him a full-time role. So, the real questions are, where does he play? Do you make him your #2 and put Gabe to the bench? Do you play him in the slot with Diggs and Davis and sit McKenzie and Crowder? Would he be happy in a full-time slot role? If you sub him in and out at different spots, will he be happy with his playing time/targets? Has his attitude changed from earlier in his career (definitely doesn't seem like a McD DNA type)? Will Josh feel the need to force targets to him because he's unhappy? My gut instinct is no thanks to OBJ. Why risk the chemistry that has been building for this offense that is already one of the best in the league? But, if McD and Beane believe they can find a role that OBJ will be satisfied with and that doesn't send Gabe to the bench or disrupt the offense/team in any way, then I guess I could get on board with it.
  21. As I noted in a thread a while back, over the last two years, the Bills have brought in 28 offensive players and 21 defensive players via the draft or free agency. But yes, I don't think there is a question that the defense will be better (even if they don't repeat statistically as the #1 defense).
  22. Not to rehash old news, but I don't think most people have really watched the video very closely. The only part of the incident that led to any type of harm or injury, was when the woman got knocked to the ground. And that part of things was kind of an accidental Murphy's Law moment. The woman pushes one of Kareem's entourage at the exact same time that Kareem is trying to pull away from other friends. And with the momentum of Kareem pulling away, and the other guy getting pushed by the woman towards Kareem, they crash (back to back) into each other. The other guy (having been pushed) is already off balance...and the force of Kareem pulling away was much stronger than the woman's push, so the force of the crash threw the guy back into the woman, knocking her down hard. To me, that part of it was an accident. Kareem wasn't behind his friend facing the woman and threw her to the ground. You can see in the video the two men crash back to back. At that moment, Kareem isn't trying to throw the woman to the ground, he is trying to pull away from his friends. It's just the stupid ***** that happens when people are drunk and angry (on both sides). I believe that if that accidental moment didn't occur, this incident never would have been reported and Kareem wouldn't have seen any suspensions or fines. Because the entire rest of the incident entailed him pushing her in the shoulder once (that made her step back a couple of steps) and then the so called "kick" at the end. But when someone says "kick" we all think of a wind up, hard kick. It was a really stupid thing for Kareem to do at that point, but it was an extremely light kick in the rear. He didn't curb stomp her head as some make it out to be. I'm not saying Kareem is blameless in this situation, no question he let his emotions get the best of him and was acting aggressively, but I do think it got blown way out of proportion because of the political climate at that time. I think people reacted to two things really. How harsh it looked when she got knocked over (which again, to me was an accident and as much her fault as Kareem's for her own behavior---not leaving and pushing the other guy). And two, because of how aggressively Kareem moved towards her a couple of times, even though he didn't actually get near her in those moments. And see the next paragraph on why I think he got so aggressive. Absolutely, he shouldn't have pushed her (the shoulder shove early in the video)...it wasn't much [I mean, he could have thrown her to the ground right there if he wanted to hurt her...an NFL player against a drunk girl), but you still don't put hands on someone else for any reason...no questions. And no doubt that did escalate things. But if the woman walked away right then (or before), this would have been much ado about nothing---of course, Kareem should have just walked away as well]. But speaking of being physical, why does the woman get a pass. Not only did she push the other guy twice (leading to her getting knocked over later in the video), but if you watch the video closely, after Kareem shoves her in the shoulder (basically to say get out of here, not to hurt her), what people are calling the second shove is actually the woman punching Hunt square in the nose, which makes him put up his arms and push her away to defend himself. You can see him putting his hand to his nose twice shortly after the punch. And that was when he became really angry and aggressive. Of course a man should never lay hands on a woman. Ever. Period. But why do we seem to be ok with women putting their hands on someone. Just because they generally can't do as much damage/harm as a man, doesn't give them the right to hit someone else either. And again, why didn't she walk away at that moment. She punched him in the face and his friends had dragged him around the corner, down the hall. She had the best of the situation at that moment. Walk away. But instead she heads back aggressively towards Kareem and then starts pushing the other guy. Why? Because she knows the men can't hit her, so she can continue to be aggressive (and hit) without repercussions (well, she thought anyway). Again, I agree that Hunt never should have shoved her at the beginning. It was wrong and just made things worse. Each party should have just walked away from the situation. But the world acted as if he straight up beat this woman up. He got the worst of things, until she got knocked down at the end (a punch to the face versus a shove...but again bad on him for being the initiator of making things physical). Honestly, I'm not trying to defend or excuse bad behavior, just trying to take a realistic, unemotional view of the situation. Again, because of the time it happened (the political climate) and people not watching the video closely, his actions seemed much worse than they were. Bad situation overall where both parties were to blame, but as others have said, it makes no sense that he got worse punishment from the NFL (and the public) for this situation than so many other players have or haven't got, who have done so much worse. And to me, this was a moment of bad judgement. But it wasn't so bad that the man should have to pay for it the rest of his life. He never even hit her. He shoved her once and then gave her the light kick in the bum at the end. Wrong. Yes. Stupid. Yes. Unforgivable. No.
  23. As someone who also lost his dad when I was young, this makes me tear up every time I see it. Love Diggs---Love this team. Thanks Terry, Kim, Sean, and Brandon for bringing the right type of players/people to the Bills. So much more fun to root for a team of good people.
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